tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAbduction Aftermath: Olivia Ch. 2

Abduction Aftermath: Olivia Ch. 2


During dinner, on Dárcy's first night home, I was constantly sensing that both Michelle and Dárcy were gazing at me and didn't have their minds completely on merely eating their dinner. I wanted to ask Dárcy about the tattoo I had noticed on his penis earlier on but I was too shy to ask. Talk was minimal and polite during the meal. Plagued by an uneasy feeling that they had a need to be alone for a while, I decided to ask Dárcy and Michelle If I could do the dishes for them while they had a chance to talk as soon as dinner was over.

"That was a lovely meal, Michelle." I said cheerfully as I gathered up the empty plates. "Can I do the dishes for you tonight. I would love to do something useful for you two guys. Perhaps you would both like to be alone for a while?" I suggested helpfully.

"If you're sure you don't mind, sweetie? Michelle brightened up and smiled. "It would be nice." She looked at Dárcy. "Tell me all about your trip, darling." She led him off to their room as I expected.

I realised that it might be awkward for the two of them to discuss my future with them, while I was present. I also wanted to show my true appreciation for their decision to make me part of their family and hoped that once they had had a chance to talk we could discuss their expectations of me and map out what sort of work opportunities they might steer me toward. When Michelle and I had been alone she had stressed the need to overcome my shyness if I was ever to make it as a movie star. Living without clothing was merely one of the many training techniques that she recommended, to loosen me up and increase my self confidence as she put it. It must have worked for her. I admired her confident manner and I was beginning to form a great relationship with her. I could never have gone outside toward the street completely naked to fetch Dárcy's briefcase, with my body on display to anybody passing by, without her training.

I took my time doing all the dishes and carefully drying every item and putting the pots away in the cupboard. I put the kettle on and relaxed on the sofa while I waited for the kettle to boil but I could still smell the musky sexual odour of my earlier excitement.

I turned on the shower and got the water temperature just right and hopped under the cascading water. Humming happily to myself I soaped myself up and washed my hair, determined to smell fresh and clean when my two friends came out of their bedroom. I douched my genitals with my hand before drying off with my favourite fluffy towel. I couldn't help wondering about Dárcy's huge penis and how Michelle managed to accommodate his entire member within her tiny frame as I prepared to leave the bathroom. She certainly loved him dearly and I had been surprised at her willingness to share his attention with me.

I made the decision to let the evening unfold as it would and be available to both of them as they saw fit. There was no denying that I had begun to enjoy the attention of both of them earlier on. With a final dab of perfume and a quick check in the mirror I opened the door and went back toward the kitchen area.

Dárcy and Michelle were sitting in the living room sipping coffee and talking. They looked up and indicated that I should join them.

"You look lovely, sweetheart. I've made you a drink." Michelle was beaming and happy. "Dárcy has agreed to take you to meet his friends in a couple of weeks. Meanwhile we must continue your training and perhaps we can pick up the odd job along the way. Dárcy knows about a bikini contest next week and even though there's not a lot of money in it, perhaps it might help to get you noticed by the right people."

They had placed my drink on a table opposite where they were sitting and it seemed they wanted to help plan my future. The coffee had a strange bitter taste to it, possibly because the milk was old, but I drank it and listened attentively as they both outlined the sort of work that they might find for me. Some of their ideas were very appealing and I relaxed, convincing myself that they really did have my best interests at heart.

It turned out that Dárcy had only recently had his penis tattooed and it was still too sore for him to get an erection and make love. They told me that they had tried while they were in the bedroom. In a way, I was glad that he was out of action and thought nothing of taking his place as Michelle's lover, meanwhile. Normally, I would have been far too embarrassed to make love to another woman in a man's presence but that night we put on an exhibition for Dárcy and I surprised myself with the intensity of my lovemaking as he watched and sometimes caressed and played with both of us. It was as though we were all one big happy family. My doubts disappeared as we enjoyed each other with Dárcy watching every detail and smiling contentedly.

Over the following week Michelle and I continued to practice our lovemaking together as often as before, sometimes with Dárcy present and sometimes without, but Michelle started to put her entire hand into my vagina, giving me some idea what Dárcy would feel like inside me. She and Dárcy showered me with complements and made me feel special. I always tried to relax for them as they gradually prepared me for the day when I could enjoy Dárcy's lovemaking without any pain. Gradually I became accustomed to his presence in the bed with us and even looked forward to the day when I could have full sex with him, in a strange sort of way. By now I was sure he would be gentle with me and hopefully patient too.

The only times we went out and I was allowed to wear clothing during that week were once for the weekly shopping and once for an assignment that Dárcy had earlier organised with some friends of theirs. On both occasions they picked out the clothing that they wanted me to wear and dressed me. I was too excited to object when Dárcy insisted on putting on these uncomfortable see through G string panties he had bought me. They irritated my bottom and pressed hard against my clit when he pulled them up. I may as well have left them off because of length of the short white dress that he picked for the trip to their local supermarket. It barely covered my pubes and rode up when I sat down or leaned over slightly. Michelle told me that dressing this way would assist my poise and not to worry about all the people that stared at me.

"It's just because you look so lovely, my darling." As she walked arm in arm with me. She never wore panties herself and her dress was nearly as short as mine. She was a real show-off and she was determined to loosen up my inhibitions. I allowed her to display my naked backside to the people behind us as she rubbed my cheeks and patted my bottom. I was glad when we returned home and I could take those uncomfortable panties off again at last.

Just two days later Dárcy dressed me up again in much the same way and we all drove across town. I was wearing my highest stiletto heels and stockings. No panties this time but a longer, almost transparent dress that billowed in the slightest breeze and lifted to reveal my lack of underwear unless I held the sides down together. Dárcy just laughed and threatened to take the bloody thing off to teach me a lesson if I kept holding it down. He introduced me to some friends of his. Dárcy described me as his next new leading lady and the men laughed but I knew Dárcy meant every word.

I modelled some lingerie and swimwear for them at a plush private home in an rich upmarket neighbourhood. The atmosphere was fairly raunchy, like the strip joint, but with Michelle and Dárcy's encouragement I made it through two hours of showing those skimpy revealing garments to the largely male audience. The last garment that I showed was so sheer that I was acutely aware that the noisy audience could see every detail of my body, especially when Dárcy insisted on playing with my nipples and making them all hard and prominent just before he pushed me out on stage. I recovered quickly and did my best to appear nonchalant as I slowly walked onto the runway and showed the garment to it's best advantage. It was probably the hardest thing I had done to smile and imagine that I was decently covered when I knew that the audience was only interested in what they could see of my body. The audience cheered wildly and made all sorts of crude comments that caused me to blush, but I maintained my poise and decorum as Michelle stood up and encouraged me to stay on stage while they got their money's worth.

At least the money that Dárcy received on my behalf paid for my first contribution to the family finances. Michelle was pleased with me and said that modelling garments was all good experience. She pointed to many fashion models that later became film stars. Dárcy told me that I had surpassed his expectations and promised to reward me as soon as we returned home. The atmosphere was electric as he hinted that 'Top Gun' was almost back to normal again. I didn't want to seem ungrateful but the thought of indulging in his favourite position still filled me with a degree of uncertainty. Michelle had often bragged about her ability to accept the entire length of Dárcy's magnificent member into her ass. She had told me that Dárcy loved this method of lovemaking above all others. Certainly Dárcy had an unhealthy fascination with this area of a woman's anatomy and had often caressed my bottom during my lovemaking with his wife. Occasionally he inserted his fingers as well, once I was well lubricated. It was painful enough, but I made out that I enjoyed it for fear of upsetting them both.

They had introduced me to enema's as part of our sex play and Dárcy used to love watching as Michelle filled me up with warm water until my tummy swelled up so much that I thought I might burst. Only after I begged them to let me release this unwelcome intrusion to my bowels they would watch as I expelled the entire contents into the toilet bowl. I always found it embarrassing to be watched like that but afterward they would both praise my control and make me believe it was good for my health. As part of their family I felt powerless and unable to refuse this odd, unusual and kinky pleasure of theirs. I felt it would only annoy them if I refused so I forced myself to get used to it. They always reminded me that they both loved me and would never do anything that might hurt me in any way.

I was thoughtful as we went inside the house and I undressed again in my room. I could hear giggling in the next room and realised that my friends were about to make love. I was in two minds, whether to join them or to wait and hope like crazy that they wouldn't notice my absence. I was still keyed up with such anxiety after my fashion showing and on top of this my fear of failure to please Dárcy only made the way I felt even worse. In the end Dárcy called me into their bedroom where Michelle was busily coaxing 'Top Gun' into life. She looked at me and pointed out that Dárcy didn't seem to be having any pain there now.

"Come on sweetheart. What are you waiting for?" She licked her lips. "Let's see what you can do to make him hard."

I tentatively licked at his penis before opening my lips and taking the knob of his manhood into my mouth. Michelle lubricated my virgin rosebud and pushed three finger into the aperture at once, circling her fingers around before inserting the fourth. I was busy trying to coax some life into 'Top Gun' but I opened my legs wider so that she could get better access. Dárcy's member began to twitch and I felt that he was almost ready. Surprisingly, it hadn't grown much larger but he was certainly hard now. The tattoo was quite clear now and I could read the writing that had been explained to me on his straining mass of flesh and veins. It was no use to protest by now. Michelle had meanwhile managed to work her entire hand into my anal opening and I expected that I was as ready as I was ever going to be to try anal sex with a man for the very first time. I only wished that the man had been a lot smaller than our beloved Dárcy. Even vaginal sex would be better than what he proposed to do to me. I trembled as he positioned me across the bed and asked me to relax my muscles as he pressed his pride and joy against my anal opening. I bit my lip as he pushed and Michelle comforted me and whispered words of encouragement into my ear. The tears began to form in my eyes as he finally popped the head through my sphincter muscles and I felt his shaft driving deeper inside me.

"Christ! She's tight darling." Dárcy grunted as he pushed it even further in but by now the pain was overwhelming and I gasped.

"No! No--No more! Please take it out. Please Michelle-- Make him stop. I can't do this. Please Dárcy--It's too fucking big." The tears were rolling down my cheek and I was in agony. I could barely breathe and it felt as though my intestines were being crushed. I was relieved when the pressure stopped and he rested while Michelle asked him to let her show me how it was done.

"Come on darling. Do it to me. You know I want you." She grinned sexily. "I need my 'Top Gun'. You can shower your missiles into my ass anytime my love." She paused as if thinking about it. "Come on love. It's only her first time remember. I'll ride 'Top Gun' your favourite way and Olivia can lick my clit at the same time. It might be fun don't you think?"

To my relief Dárcy gently extracted his penis and lay back on the bed whilst I honestly thought that my ass was on fire. Tears were flowing from my eyes and I was sobbing quietly as I realised that I had realised my worst fear and disappointed poor Dárcy. I had done my best to say nothing and accept it, but the pain was just too much.

I was distraught and ashamed.

Michelle had no trouble swallowing that massive penis into her anal opening. She positioned herself above Dárcy and lowered herself over him with no apparent effort until she was seated on his hips with her legs wide apart. She smiled at me and indicated her engorged clit, fully erect, glistening and wet above her vacant love hole. Her beautiful smooth labia was stretched wide apart and her dreamy eyes revealed the bliss that she experienced at being fully impaled on Dárcy's member in this way. She wriggled her generously padded bottom sensuously and mischievously and Dárcy sighed with delight as my sobs desisted and my eyes opened wide in disbelief.

"Oh yes! You don't know how great it feels, sweetie. We'll have to practice some more but I'm sure you can do it." The strain of talking was showing on her face but there was no doubt that she loved the sensation of having her man's penis buried deep inside her bowels. I had a new respect for her and I eagerly moved up between Dárcy's massive legs and nuzzled against her waiting pubic area. The heat from their two bodies was comforting and I gratefully kissed her waiting clit and stimulated it with my tongue as she held my head and moaned softly.

"Never mind, sweetheart. Just stay with it and keep practising. One day you'll be able to do it and when that happens you'll look back at this and laugh. Now dry your tears and let's enjoy ourselves properly." She cooed reassuringly as I pleasured her.

I tantalised her nerve endings causing her to wriggle and shudder as she climaxed and grew wetter. Occasionally Dárcy would lift her hips almost to the end of his shaft before releasing her to slither back down to her original position. It was an awesome sight from my perspective and the sound of the two of them moaning in ecstasy made me wish that I had been able to stand the pain just a little longer. It had been a weird sensation, unlike any other to have his hot flesh sliding past my muscles and invading the inner depths of my bowels. With a smaller penis I could almost imagine the enjoyment that Michelle was now experiencing. Perhaps she was right, as she usually was. I had given up too soon. I made my mind up to try again, if Dárcy would only let me control the speed of entry as he had with his wife. It was probable less painful that way. I could feel Dárcy's leg muscles tense up against my body as his back arched and he lifted Michelle's steaming vagina away from my mouth and spoke for the first time during this latest encounter.

"Incoming Missiles!" He raised his voice joyously. Jerking and shuddering, he pulled Michelle's body hard down against his body and writhed in pleasure. I was quite carried away by the moment and ignoring both of their sensuous movements, re-inserted my tongue into Michelle and tasted the sweet juices of her creamy smooth love canal. I felt privileged to be part of this experience. My clit ached with unfulfilled desire but I cuddled into both of them, attempting to be as close as I knew that they must be feeling at that moment.

"Ohhh, My darling Olivia!" Michelle moaned softly. "If only you could know how beautiful that felt." She opened her eyes and looked at me. "You helped to make that one of the best experiences ever." She was reluctant to move off Dárcy and raised my head toward her with such love written in her eyes. "I'll do the same for you when you're ready to ride 'Top Gun' like I just did. It won't be long. You'll see, real soon sweetheart."

Her voice was reassuring and confident, making me love her all the more. At least they weren't angry with me and I nuzzled back into her hot pubes in gratitude, doing my best to thank her for being so kind and understanding. All our previous encounters during the week had not been as fulfilling as this one had. The two of them had taught me so much about love and pleasure and on top of this they were helping me to realise my ambitions to be successful and earn lots of money. My bottom felt good again and the physical pain had subsided completely. I vowed that I would try again, as soon as an opportunity presented itself.

I cooked dinner that night and watched the two of them as they cuddled and played on the couch. When I came close to them Dárcy reached out and played with my breasts. He loved it when my nipples responded and grew at his touch. When I first met him I had recoiled from his touch and been ashamed but now, after only a few days, I had become used to it and moved in closer so he could play with my eager bottom. It seemed to make him happy that I co-operated with him and allowed him to stimulate me this way. Being naked with them all day and sleeping with them each night had reassured me that Michelle was sincere in her desire to share his attention without any resentment. She often encouraged me to make myself available to her husband in a way that I still found rather unique. I was learning to love both of them although still preferring to make love with Michelle, of course.

The next time we went out was to the bikini contest that Dárcy had mentioned. Michelle and I looked through a selection of swimwear that Dárcy had bought and decided on a really revealing white suit that barely covered my nipples but could be considered adequate these days. The bottoms were more like a g string at the back but covered my pubic area quite well. I would never have bought something like that for myself to go to the beach but Michelle told me that less was better for this particular sort of contest. She instructed me on ways to catch the judges attention and reminded me about her lessons before that fashion show.

"Sway your hips as you walk and look as sexy as you know how." She told me with a knowing wink. "You know what I mean. Remember the judges are usually men. Make it look as though you would like to make love to them. Give them the old 'Come hither' look as you turn toward them." She paused as if she was remembering her youth. "Gets them every time. I wish I still had your figure. I'd show you a thing or two." She sighed. "I expect you'll win first prize with those two babies." Adjusting the top so that my nipples were almost showing. "That's better sweetie. Just like that! Winning is everything. I don't want to see some other little hussy beat my baby."

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