tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAbduction Aftermath: Olivia Ch. 3

Abduction Aftermath: Olivia Ch. 3


As I watched my main rival sashaying her way slowly down the catwalk, showing her body and waving out to the crowd I realised that Michelle was right yet again. This was obviously the only other girl with the training and the beauty to take that coveted first prize away from my grasp. I gulped in dismay as she shook her delicious young body at the end of the makeshift catwalk and pirouetted around daintily as the crowd noise got louder and some spectators began to cheer her on. She was quite obviously giving them more of what they really wanted. Wearing tiny micro bikinis that showed off most of a girls body was only a small part of what they had come here to see. Most of the other girls had been too shy to show any more than they already were but my main rival had no such qualms. I could imagine that she was smiling as one of her boobs popped free of the tiny triangular fabric that held it in place and she slowly replaced it, leaving it exposed for just long enough to cause a massive roar of approval from the largely male audience. This girl knew how to please them. I looked at the judges table and saw them smiling and making notes on the paper in front of them. Somehow, I had to do better.

I was grateful to Dárcy and Michelle for teaching me how to play to spectators at my earlier 'fashion' showing and I had so much more confidence about showing off my body than when I first started at the strip joint two or three weeks earlier and ended up making a complete fool of myself by running offstage in tears.

Meeting Michelle had been the best thing that had happened to me. In just over a week they had taught me how to draw attention to myself by showing off my naughty bits and made me realise the importance of making an audience happy. The young lady walked slowly back to take her place among the girls that had already been out and held her card aloft toward the judges with a satisfied smile.

"Number TWENTY!"

A nervous young girl stepped forward and shakily made her way out to the end of the catwalk. She had no chance at all, with a full bikini that completely hid her ass cheeks and most of her tiny boobs totally hidden behind the generously cut top. I was holding my card number twenty-three. Just two more girls and I would be out there. I couldn't see my friends from where I stood but I knew they would be watching me. Discretely, I pinched at my nipples and checked that my thong was still securely nestled in between the cheeks of my ass. The other girls were far too quick to have any real chance of winning. The audience had barely murmured during the short time that it took them to reach the end of the catwalk and scamper back to the line-up of other girls.

By the time my number was called I had only just barely enough time to prepare myself so that a hint of aureole was showing and my erect nipples were straining against the white fabric of my top.


Remembering everything that I had been taught, I launched myself forward making sure that my cheeks wobbled seductively. I was wearing my most alluring smile as I waved out to the sea of eager faces in the audience. A gentle murmur became louder and before I reached the end of the catwalk I knew that I was getting the young guys excited. Hoarse shouts of approval spurred me to shake and shimmy at the end of the catwalk and rub my hands up and down my body. Predictably, My boobs fell free of their flimsy constraints when I leaned forward and I made a fumbled attempt to replace them as the crowd became even more animated and demanding. The atmosphere was encouraging and I turned to face each side of the stage, smiling and trying to detect the whereabouts of my friends. Suddenly, without any warning I felt ice cold water spraying all over my body and I looked in the direction of the water. Dárcy was holding a water pistol of some sort and wearing an evil smile as he aimed the streams of water at my tiny swimsuit. I looked down and my lover, Michelle was standing next to him waving excitedly and revving up the crowd's response. I could tell by the look on her face that she was doing her best to make sure that the judges could see that the large crowd was indicating their pleasure at my performance. I stayed at the end of the catwalk, lapping up the comments as the crowd urged me to take off my top and show them my tits. I smiled and shook my head, giving them a quick flash before putting them away and making my way back.

I wasn't aware, until I joined the other girls and held my number up, that the fabric of my bikini had become almost transparent and to all intents and purposes I was practically naked now. All the judges were smiling at me and feverishly recording their score cards as they looked in my direction and took note of my number. Thanks to Dárcy's efforts I felt sure that I would get a good placing and be very well placed for a prize. Strangely, I felt so comforted by all the good natured cheering and encouragement from the audience that I made no attempt to cover myself up as I waited. I could tell that my pubic hair was showing through the thin fabric and the erect state of my nipples was on display but the judges didn't seem to mind at all. Just a short week ago I would have been utterly horrified to be seen this way but the sun was out and my suit was drying off quickly again before the last girl had been out on the catwalk.

With the show ended and the judges busy deciding on the placing's, I readjusted my suit as we waited for the outcome. There was a roar of approval from the crowd as I won first prize and the official placed the winner's sash over me. I did the normal victory walk with the two other placegetters amidst loud cheering. I enjoyed the envious looks from all the other girls as I received the winner's envelope and I made my way back to my friends.

Michelle kissed me and walked me back to the car while Dárcy motioned me to sit next to him.

"How does it feel to be a star, Olivia?" He was smiling his approval. "I might have a small part lined up for you next week. A friend of mine is shooting a special interest documentary and he might be coming around to see us about appearing in it." He was getting excited now as he told me that Michelle and he were likely to have a part in the film too. "You're on your way to stardom, darling. We knew you could do it."

"I'm so proud of you sweetie. I knew you would win!" Michelle got in beside me. She kissed me again. "We love you so much."

Michelle had a way of making me feel special to them that boosted my ego and made me try even harder to please them. As we drove home I was happy and contented and I hoped that one day I would be earning enough money to pay them back properly for all their support and encouragement. I cheerfully handed her the envelope.

"It's not much but I couldn't have done it without you guys."

I didn't object when Michelle undid my bikini top and buried her head into my ample breasts. At first I was afraid that the other motorists might see what she was doing so I slid down in the seat but the time we pulled into our driveway I was so carried away by the love that I felt for my friends that I had lost the bikini bottoms as well. Dárcy had put them in his bag. I was writhing and moaning with delight as they both played with me, bringing on a delicious orgasm. It was as though Michelle couldn't get enough of me and it wasn't until it was time to get out of the car that I realised that I was now totally naked again. Gritting my teeth I crouched low and ran into the house, determined to show Michelle that I had lost much of my earlier fears of being seen this way by the neighbours. I was fully aware that Dárcy wanted me to try making love with him again and I was so wet and juicy down there that I was perfectly willing to try again. Each time it got easier to get him past my tight sphincter muscles but I still failed to swallow all of his length anally.

I really wanted to try him out the normal way instead. I pleaded with them both, once he was hard again and to my delight he agreed to let me mount him vaginally, just this once. He said that it would be my special reward for winning the contest. I lowered myself gently onto him until I felt his testicles nestling against my bottom. I had never felt so fulfilled as I realised that I could take all of his huge penis, this way at least, and make it disappear inside me. Facing him, I smiled and kissed him as I moved around and milked him with my vaginal muscles the way I had practised on Michelle's wrist. The heat of his throbbing manhood felt great and even though it still hurt me slightly the pain was bearable when he pulled my hips down each time.

Just like I did in the car, I closed my eyes and orgasmed. This time loudly vocalising the joy of being part of their unique family and increasing the speed of my movements, no longer afraid that I would fail to please him yet again. I desperately wanted to show him how much I appreciated the trouble he had taken in furthering my career. Michelle steadied my breasts as I rode him faster until he tensed and I heard his welcome voice boom in my ears.

"Incoming missiles!"

He flooded my womb with his hot seed and for the very first time I realised that I had actually succeeded in pleasing him properly. It was a proud moment as I felt the pressure subside within me as his penis returned to it's normal flaccid state. Michelle hugged me and helped me off him as his creamy ejaculate dripped slowly down my legs. We both went to work licking him clean and left him resting after we had finished our task. He was smiling contentedly with his eyed closed while we went off to shower.

Three days later Michelle heard a knock on our door and ran to see who it was. I was horrified to see her bring a fully dressed man back inside the house. I looked at Dárcy laying on the couch watching a programme on T.V. He was naked as usual and made no effort to cover himself as the man came toward him. I instinctively ducked down behind the kitchen servery out of sight and hoped that he hadn't seen me as he came in. Michelle had been naked as usual when she answered the door and I had been pleased that I hadn't been closer to the door at the time he knocked. It was the first time that some stranger had come to the door and I couldn't believe that Michelle would answer the knock without covering herself up like that.

"Where are you Olivia? Come and meet our friend Arnold. Come on sweetheart, he won't bite you, darling."

With my arm covering my breasts, I gingerly rose up to see Arnold standing next to Michelle with his arm casually draped across her shoulder and shaking Dárcy's hand. I must have looked as startled as I felt as Michelle spotted me and laughed.

"Oh, there you are sweetie. Don't be shy. Come over here and meet Arnold. He makes movies and he might have a job for us soon." She smiled warmly and turned to her friend. "This is Olivia, the young lady that Dárcy was telling you about."

I was trapped. I straightened my shoulders and rose to full height, dropping my arm at my side as I put on my best smile and advanced toward them. I was keenly aware of my nudity and held out my hand as I approached, desperately trying to avoid his eyes. I was totally embarrassed to be caught like this, without a stitch of clothing on, but I didn't want to upset my chances of being in a movie. My voice shook embarrassingly as I felt his eyes rove over my body.

"What sort of movies do you make?" I shook his hand and pulled my legs tightly together. I hoped that he wouldn't think I was being too forward but I really couldn't think of what else to say. "I'm sorry to---" I was interrupted thankfully.

"Wow! You've got nothing to be sorry about my dear. You look to be everything that Dárcy told me you were. You're quite gorgeous and if you can act a little as well, so much the better."

Arnold was tall, charming and had a lovely reassuring smile as he complemented my looks and held my hand a little longer than usual. I suddenly felt slightly more at ease and stood away when he let go my hand. I raised my eyes to thank him, nervously shifting my feet as he gazed at me.

"Naturally large breasts too, for a change." Arnold continued to appraise my exposed body. "You certainly won't have too much difficulty with my latest project if you want a part in it. You guys too." He beamed, forcing his eyes away from my tits to speak to Dárcy again.

"Wouldn't miss it Arnold!" Dárcy acknowledged. Day after tomorrow isn't it?"

Michelle joined into the conversation with a smile.

"It will be nice to work with you again."

"I'll pick you up early on Saturday morning, all three of you. I'm hoping to have another young lady and one of my partners to join us for the day. I'll be meeting them tomorrow, at the beach I think. Could I just get a few shots of Olivia before I go?" Arnold turned back to me. "That is, if you don't mind love?" He was running his eyes over my body again, seemingly fixated by my large breasts, like most men. I just wished that I was dressed. I felt stupid like this.

I was about to reply when Dárcy interrupted.

"Take as many as you like. She hasn't done any camera work yet. Should be photogenic enough though. Might have to shave her fur off though, to get a decent close-up of her little pussy." Dárcy sneered in a meaningful way. "Can't see all of her pretty little details." Laughing as he pointed out my naked genitals.

"This isn't that kind of a movie, my old friend." Arnold was quick to interrupt Dárcy. "You can keep your fur on for now, love." he turned back to me with an easy smile. "I don't usually do that kind of movie, sweetie." Almost apologetically he added. "This one's just an ordinary documentary type thing. None of that nasty close-up stuff. What do you say, baby? Give us a few shots?"

"Anything you say, Arnold. What! Just like this?" I smiled.

"Yea. It's just to check up on how you look on film, nothing too fancy or special."

I was still blushing at their pointed reference to my pubic hair. I kept it trimmed neatly and wanted to keep what little I had. Dárcy, and even Michelle had mentioned that I might have to shave it all off one day soon, but so far I had put it off. As much as I loved the silky smooth look of Michelle's pussy, I enjoyed the fact that my own secret entrance was hidden from view most of the time. I was too ashamed to show my sexual excitement in the same way she did. Even now, with Arnold in the room she sat with her legs apart, noticeably demonstrating every detail of her pink love button with her engorged labia lips barely concealing the entrance to her pink pleasure house as she called it. I was alway amazed by her boldness in showing off her body that way. When she sat in the car she always made sure that she lifted her skirt around her hips before sitting down so that her pussy made contact with the velour seat of her car. She was a real sex maniac, they both were, but I loved Michelle for the way she had trained me to be more like her. Now, I was seeing some results. I had a job at last and I was beginning to get excited.

Arnold had a small expensive looking camera with him and he was getting it out in readiness to take my photo. Dárcy went back to watching his TV programme while I looked to Michelle for guidance in striking a pose for Arnold.

"How do you want me to pose for you?" I felt awkward and embarrassed. Arnold came to my rescue. He smiled over at me as he checked his camera.

"Oh! Just give us a smile and sit on the servery table. We'll do a couple in here and one or two outside in the natural light. Don't worry about your hair. Just run your fingers through it and follow my instruction and we'll get what we need."

Arnold took charge and helped me up on the breakfast bar. His touch felt warm and sexy and I allowed him to place me and arrange my body for the first picture. His thumb brushed my nipples and they reacted immediately at his gentle touch. I was tingling with excitement. Standing back he focussed the camera.

"Just push out you chest and smile like you want to take me to bed, baby doll." Click "Legs apart!" Click "Play with your hair!" Click "Lift your left leg and spread it, sweetie." Click - Click.

I followed his instructions and smiled but I was acutely aware that I was opening myself up completely to Arnold and was embarrassed by the subsequent tension in my nipples. I was actually getting turned on by showing off my body for Arnold this way. I had known him for only a few minutes and I was behaving as though I was inviting sex with Michelle. She was smiling at me and encouraging me to spread my pussy lips, demonstrating what she wanted me to do with her own body just behind Arnold. I blushed and lifted my other leg, running my forefinger through my lips and parting them for Arnold, preparing to hold my lips back so that he could see my shiny pink clit in all it's glory. I bit my lower lip as Arnold turned around to see Michelle demonstrating what I should do.

Click-- Click He took two of Michelle as she pouted her gorgeous pussy lips at him unashamedly. I got the idea.

"That's the way." Arnold was getting excited now. He turned back to me. "Just give us a quick flash darling." Click -Click.

By the time we went out into the back yard I was thoroughly familiar with the routine and posed without blushing anymore. I was amazed as I brazenly bent over and showed him my ass, holding my cheeks apart so he could capture my little rosebud. I had often been asked to do this sort of thing at the peep show and I remembered hating every minute but there was something reassuring about doing this for Arnold with Michelle watching over me.

"That's a wrap!" Arnold was out of film. "Jeez Baby! You sure know how to make me keep taking shots."

"Was I alright?

"Better than that, darling! You have star quality there." Arnold was smiling broadly as the camera rewound and he looked at me.

"That was just sensational!"

I ran back to join him as we all walked into the house again. My titties jiggled uncomfortably but I didn't care. He liked me. Wow! things were really moving along for me now. I was wet between the legs and eager to hear what he had to say about the movie that he was going to put us all in. My days of moping around the house with no prospects of a job, when my friends weren't having sex with me, might be over at last. I congratulated myself on my good fortune in meeting Michelle and accepting her unusual training methods. Even meeting Arnold in the altogether had paid off, just as Michelle had promised.

"Now look! I'm not making any wild promises, you understand. I have this project for one of my regular clients. They want something unusual and a bit spicy for a late night slot on the pay channels. My partner has this girl who hates wearing clothes by all accounts and likes showing off in public."

Dárcy pricked up his ears at the mention of some free spirited young lady and turned off the TV to listen more closely.

"Like I was saying, my client is so keen to produce some footage of this girl that they have given me free rein to put something together for them. My idea is to go somewhere, probably on a closed set, and shoot a few hours of film with a few members of the public around and have two or three other people accompany her as she goes around naked." He paused and looked at Dárcy. "You guys should be perfect and young Olivia here has certainly got what it takes to make it more interesting."

I sat on the arm of the couch, next to Dárcy, all ears now. I was a bit worried about what he was saying but it sounded like he might have a bit more work for us.

"Look, I'll get it all together tomorrow and get back to you as soon as I can. All day on Saturday alright by you people at this stage?"

"Sounds alright to us." Dárcy spoke for all of us. "Usual hourly rate is it?"

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