Abduction Aftermath: Olivia Ch. 3


"I'll put the three of you in at say, $30-00."

"Make it Forty, no funny stuff though? We don't mind, but the price might have to be looked at." Dárcy was rubbing his chin.

"You got a deal!" Arnold smiled as he shook Dárcy's hand again. "Forty each, just straight nudity, all day and maybe a couple more next week if it all works out."

"As long as it's done by the following weekend. My friends in the country want us on set next weekend. I promised them I would bring Olivia to try out for a part. She's almost ready."

Dárcy was grinning with delight as they made the deal. I was thrilled to be part of this movie of Arnolds. It couldn't be too bad to get forty bucks an hour all day. The other thing was that Dárcy reckoned I was almost ready to act in this other movie for his friends in the country movie set.

I jumped up as Arnold turned to leave and walked with Michelle to the front door, totally forgetting about my nakedness now. I knew that I would have to get used to that, sooner or later, I guess. I was excited by the fact that I would be earning enough money to pay my way in the family and I figured that I was finally on my way to stardom. I was curious about this other girl and wondered what she looked like.

"Is this other girl big, like me?" I gingerly lifted my breast toward Arnold with a coy smile.

"Hell no!" Arnold grinned as he checked out my tit with a delighted expression. "Bloody small compared to you two." He smiled at Michelle. "Make hers look like ant hills compared to you guys." He stood at the open door as if trying to think what she actually looked like. "Hang on! I might have one of her photos in the car. Do you want to see it?" He was looking at me with a relaxed expression. "The main thing that she has going for her is her bloody willingness to show off everything she's got. I mean everything, ANYWHERE." Arnold was getting more excited, just talking about her. "Main street, downtown, office building. She'd probably spread them out on the police chief's desk if we wanted her to."

Michelle was interested too, now.

"Really! You say you have a photo of her?" She was curious now. "Likes showing off more even than I do?" Looking hurt.

"She's been busted before but she doesn't seem to care. She just keeps right on going. I'll see if I've got that shot and you'll see what I mean. Right out on the fucking main street no less." He excused himself to go to the car.

To Be Continued...

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