tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAbduction Aftermath Olivia Ch. 4

Abduction Aftermath Olivia Ch. 4


To my horror, Michelle grabbed my arm and pulled me outside the house with her to follow her friend Arnold as he walked to his large sedan. There was a lot of traffic noise and cars were streaming by the front gate at regular intervals. There was a contractor mowing the lawn next door and he was walking away from us at the moment but he was mowing in a circular pattern and he would be turning soon and facing toward us. The hedge wasn't really high enough to hide the fact that Michelle and I had nothing on. I was terrified and embarrassed.

"Oh! Don't worry girls. I'll get you that photo if you like and bring it back for you." His eyes widened in astonishment.

He was as surprised as I was that Michelle was so apparently so keen to see the photo of his heroine that she was prepared to leave the house, where just about anyone could see us, and walk out to the car with him totally naked, as we both were. I could detect the respect in his eyes at Michelle's audacity as she insisted on following him out to the car like this, though.

"It's good training for my young Olivia. She's not afraid to show off a bit too, you know. I bet she could do anything this other young hussy could do after a bit more training." Michelle looked at Arnold defiantly with a wry smile on her face. "You'll see!"

Her pride was hurt and she seemed determined to show Arnold that her and I could easily emulate the feats of this other young girl that he had spoken so glowingly about. My eyes shifted rapidly back and forth, hoping that Michelle might change her mind but it was no use. We were still headed for the car that was parked behind Dárcy's and I knew that it wouldn't be long before the man that was mowing the lawn next door would turn toward us. He was nearly at the end of his straight run, away from us and within the next minute he would be facing back toward us. I felt sick to my stomach with nerves as we approached Arnold's big gleaming car and I wished the ground would open up beneath us to hide our nudity from the young contractor next door. It was bad enough that we were almost at the roadside and the cars all seemed to be slowing down for a better look as they passed.

My prayers were answered when Arnold opened up both the passenger doors of his car and motioned for Michelle to enter the front seat.

"You'd better get into the car girls. You're bound to cause an accident shortly if you don't!" He grinned as he nodded his head toward the adjacent roadside where someone had just stepped on his brakes with a tortured screech. "They aren't used to seeing two lovely young ladies dressed this way, obviously."

I gratefully dived into the back seat and slammed the door firmly shut behind me, breathing heavily as I turned to look out the window at the mower man. He was just standing there in a daze with his motor-mower running, looking straight at me. I lowered down in the seat instinctively as Arnold walked around the car to get in the drivers seat beside Michelle. Michelle just closed her door slowly, waving out to the young man with a big smile on her face.

"Like the show?" She called out the open window. "We're going back inside shortly, Honey. Won't be long!" She added, turning her back to him to wait for Arnold to get in.

I realised that this was not the first time she had flashed her body at the handsome young man. He waved back.

"I'll be waiting, Missus Travers." He yelled back to Michelle as he started work on his lawns again. I hadn't heard anyone else refer to Michelle as Mrs Travers before. She encouraged everyone to call her by her given name, Michelle. I was breathing normally, now I was safely inside the car. Thank God, Arnold could see how nervous I was and invite us into his car like that. I smiled at him as he got in and thanked him for his curtesy.

"Gee thanks Arnold. I wasn't looking forward to standing there outside while you found the photo. It's real nice of you."

"That's alright baby." He smiled at me. "Now, where did I put that photo?" He looked in the glove box and the parcel shelf and then turned back to me. "Ah! There it is! Pass us that brown envelope next to your right leg. You nearly sat on it." Pointing beside me with a big smile. "That's the one."

He indicated the envelope that he referred to and I handed it over to him without looking at it. The car smelt new and the seating was soft and comfortable. I wished I could just stay with Arnold and not have to get back out of the car. It was so embarrassing to know that soon I would have to leave the warm interior of Arnold's flash car and run, assuming that Michelle would let me, back inside the house. I had a sinking horrible feeling that she would enjoy showing me off to him too, the way she had done with Arnold. I looked back at him and noticed that he had stopped mowing his lawn and was fiddling with the motor and looking back at Arnold's car every so often. He caught my eye and I quickly looked back at Arnold, hoping he hadn't noticed my interest in him. God! How bloody embarrassed I was.


It wouldn't be long now and I would have to leave the car and reveal my naked body to that young friend of Michelle's again. My nipples grew and got all hard and tingly, in spite of the way I felt. I was sick with worry at the thought of having to stand there in the open while Michelle made me open my legs and maybe even let him touch me down there, like Darcy did the first time I met him. My nipples were almost bursting with pressure as I considered how it might make me feel. I still hated Dárcy for poking his finger up there and sniffing his finger afterward. Over the last week I had almost got used to it and after all he was 'family' I suppose. I thought it was quite creepy and kinky at first, for him to smell my womanly juices in that disgusting way. It started off gradually enough but these days it happened far too often for my liking. He would call me over and make me stand there with my legs apart until he was satisfied that I was being properly obedient, as he called it. Then he would make me ask him for a check up before he inserted his finger into my waiting vagina. Once he made me stand there for ages and play with myself because I didn't ask him straight away. In the end I begged him for a check up. He reckoned he could tell how hot I was to take his cock up my arse that way. { His words} He was a real pervert but I always put up with it for Michelle's sake. I was just glad he hadn't done it to me while Arnold was there. Too interested in his bloody TV I suppose. As grateful as I was for him getting me work, it was the one thing that I really hated about him. He was so fucking sure of himself. Still, he did get me this neat job?


"Stop dreaming girl!" She smiled. "Where were you?"

I looked up and Michelle handed me a full sized photo of Arnold's young heroine. I was startled to see a naked attractive young girl with pierced nipples and something shiny hanging in front of her smoothly shaved pussy lips, standing on tip toe waving toward the camera. Beside her were a group of well dressed professional looking bystanders looking at her body. I could see that it was somewhere close to the city and there were heaps of people and cars all around the area.

"Christ! Is this for real? You don't want me to do that for your movie do you?" I was startled and the words slipped out before I realised that I was a guest in my prospective employer's car, with absolutely nothing on myself. "I'm sorry-- I mean--" I blushed.

"Don't you worry, baby. She's one of a kind though isn't she?" Arnold was obviously proud of her, whoever she was.

"Is that right in the middle of the city, for real?" I stammered as I handed the photo back to Arnold. "Wow! It looks like it. Did you set it up that way?" I was dumbfounded, but anxious not to blow my chance at stardom. I forced a smile as he took the print back.

"My partner took that shot but it is definitely close to the city centre, baby doll." Arnold smiled proudly. " Her name is Katrina and she lives with my partner. We don't expect anything like that from you though. Don't worry. You'll be meeting her in person the day after tomorrow but we will probably be shooting on a closed set somewhere." He sounded reassuring as he turned back to Michelle. "See you guys on Saturday then." He turned to me. "Don't worry baby, there not much traffic around at the moment. It might pay to run inside now before the next lot of cars come by." He advised.

I looked at the road and saw that there wasn't much traffic so I numbly opened the door. The young man was still waiting for me to get out but it appeared that I had little option but to gratify him. Michelle was already out of the car and she stayed to close my door after she guided me back out of Arnold's car. The moment I dreaded had arrived. I knew that the young guy was staring at me, although I averted my eyes from his interested gaze and covered my breasts as best I could. I edged around behind Michelle and ran for cover.

I was grateful that she didn't scold me for holding by arm over my breasts for both concealment and support as I ran back toward the house ahead of her. I could feel the young man's eyes following me as I ran and heard him whistle in appreciation. It was so embarrassing. I half expected her to call me back but to my relief, she didn't. I scooted up the front steps and hid behind the open front door before I looked back to see Arnold backing his car and Michelle standing in the middle of the driveway waving goodbye to him. He whistled at her too. She acknowledged the handsome young contractor with a brief wave but didn't stop to speak to him, thank God. She seemed to be puzzled about something and walked slowly back toward me. Her mind was obviously somewhere else and I hoped that she wasn't angry with me for running off ahead of her. I felt ashamed that I had left her on her own but it was bad enough getting out of the car in front of that young man's eyes without hanging around to give him a better look at my naked body while I waited for Michelle. I was also relieved that she hadn't spoken to him because I was afraid she might call me back to introduce him to me.

I had visions of her making me take my hands off my breasts so that he could look at them properly. I knew that she was proud to show them off but I just couldn't bear the thought of standing outside naked, while she bragged about how big they were.

In private, I loved to hear her complements but after she lovingly demonstrated how responsive my nipples were to Arnold, I was scared that she might do the same again to me in front of the handsome young stranger next door. I shuddered at the thought as she walked through the door and I closed it again behind her with an audible sigh. She was a million miles away.

"Could you go to your room, darling?" She muttered as she turned to me. She had a strange, worried expression on her face. "I need to talk to Dárcy privately for a minute or two."

"Have I done something wrong?" I asked, getting worried.

"No sweetheart, I just need some space." She smiled. "Just shut your door behind you and I won't be long."

"Just let me know when you're done Michelle." I said weakly.

Obediently I left them to it, whatever it was I was in no position to argue with my lover. My heart was pounding as I sat on my bed and wondered what was wrong. I could hear Michelle shouting at Dárcy but I couldn't hear what was being said. I laid down on my bed and curled up into the foetal position. It was the first time that I hadn't been included in their conversation. It couldn't be about sex. Michelle loved to let me watch them and often urged me to participate in every conceivable type of sex play that she and Dárcy often indulged in. She would always watch as he did those disgusting things to me and usually comfort me afterward. I was part of her family. I was totally mystified about her strange behaviour when she left the car and since she came inside. I closed my eyes and sobbed quietly. I kept wondering if maybe I should have been bolder and even talked to that guy when he whistled, instead of running inside the house like a startled rabbit. What was worse was the way my nipples had hardened up while I was in the car, thinking about him feeling me up. Arnold hadn't really touched me down there but I wouldn't really have minded if he did. He was really cool. Well dressed and suave with a brand new car, he was really nice to me too. I hated myself for thinking this way but Dárcy was really beginning to disgust me with his kinky demands. I would never be able to take that monstrous cock of his and enjoy it like Michelle did. I couldn't help wondering what she saw in him, apart from his penis. When we were alone together I enjoyed sex with her though. It was beautiful and she really loved me. Oh, what could they be talking about. I was losing my mind with worry.

"It's alright sweetheart. You can come out now." Michelle was beaming and happy again. "Sorry if I worried you darling. It's just that I had to discuss a bit of business with Dárcy."

She was actually laughing again.

"I thought you were angry with me." I ventured cautiously.

"How could I ever be angry with you my love?" She giggled. "You mean everything to me. You know that."

She put her arm around me and gave me a kiss and lead me back to the living room. Dárcy was subdued and I gave Michelle a hand to make dinner while he hardly looked at me. Now, he was deep in thought.

It didn't worry me too much about Dárcy's strange mood but I couldn't help wondering what had been said in my absence.

Things were more or less back to normal and the next day Michelle and I went shopping on our own. I didn't even object when she displayed my bare bottom to the people behind us at the supermarket by lifting my dress briefly. It was better that, than standing in front of her husband Dárcy while he made me ask him for a check up. My friends both had their own strange little peculiarities and I was learning to live with them. We stayed away most of the day, enjoying ourselves.

I realised that I was starting to become far more confident and assured in the poised way that I walked and held my head high. Things were going my way. A movie tomorrow and the possibility of further work next week. Dárcy and Michelle wouldn't discuss details about that other movie offer that they thought I would get the following weekend but kept telling me that I would love working with them, out in the country at their friend's studio. They made it sound great and I was looking forward to going away with them at the end of next week. Michelle had made me realise that it was no use being too inhibited about nudity. Most big stars started off that way and if I wanted to get work I just had to get over it. I was buzzing with real excitement at the thought of meeting Arnold again and working with the young girl in the photo. She was certainly one of a kind, like he told us.

Dárcy hardly spoke to me again when we got home and he went out to the bar on his own that night and didn't get home till late. I began to believe that Michelle must have told Dárcy off about the ever increasing frequency of him indulging that nasty habit of sticking his finger up me. I had been a whole twenty-four hours without him doing that to me since Arnold came to see us. However, I thought it best not to mention it to Michelle in case I annoyed her.

Arnold arrived early the next morning and Dárcy and Michelle got into the front seat to make room for Katrina and his partner Monica to sit with me in the back. Arnold told us that he had arrange to go horse-riding and everything was organised. He asked if I had ridden before. I giggled but knew he meant riding horses and I informed him that I had often ridden ponies as a child and I had grown up on a farm.

"No worries!" I told him. "I'm really looking forward to it." I sat in the back of Arnold's comfortable car and listened as he talked to Dárcy and Michelle, gathering that they had known each other for quite some time and enjoyed the ride, stretching out like the film star that I aspired to be. Things appeared to be looking up for me at last.

* * *AUTHOR'S NOTES * * *

The rest of the events that day were covered in detail in my earlier series Ábduction Chapters One through to Chapter Three from Katrina's point of view. I want to thank those that have read my other works and if they haven't read 'The Wilful Exhibitionist' series, urge them to do so. 'Abduction' series followed that and the current series brings everyone up to date. I plan to write more about the events before the trial of the abductors and the setting up of AMKO film company using the same characters as I have developed so far. I know some of you have read the lot so far and enjoyed the various plot twists. Some of you thought that 'Abduction' 3 moved along a bit too quickly but I had my reasons. I hope you will Bare {She laughs} with me while I attend to other interests for a short break. My husband tells me I am spending too much time writing but I do enjoy the comments I receive.

Thank you for reading this latest series, Barbara Anne Adams.

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