tagSci-Fi & FantasyAbduction Ch. 01

Abduction Ch. 01

byAda Stuart©

First of all I want to thank all of you who have read this series and sent me all the nice comments and votes! Hope you will enjoy the next chapters as well, and please continue sending me suggestions on how to improve my writings.

A special thanks goes to my editor Smy3th for providing such useful suggestions and corrections on the text. Thank you so much for all your patience when dealing with my countless mistakes when deciphering the English language. If not for you, these chapters would still be filled with errors.


Earth, present

The annual Christmas parties were on. The worst part of the season, as Teri considered it. Tonight's party was an absolute low point in her career as hotel manager. The hotel was flooded with party-goers in all kinds of outfits. The only thing they had in common was ridiculous clothes and too much to drink. Way too much.

Already she had been abducted by a pirate and clubbed in the head by a caveman. The evening could not get any worse. And it was still 3 hours left before her shift ended and she could return home to her cosy apartment and put her feet up. She could not wait for that to happen, she thought dreamily.

"Excuse me, Miss?" She turned around. Oh no, not another one. This time a member of the Star Ship Troopers had landed.

"Are you Miss McKenzie?" he asked politely.

Almost soberly. But, he had to be totally drunk, she concluded, especially considering the way he was dressed. Talk about skin-tight clothes, she thought while giving him a bottom-to-top look, noticing all the bodily contours. Very nice, she thought while contemplating a fit set of muscles, variously placed all over his otherwise slim body. Good-looking fellow. Polite, but still a bit young looking for her taste.

"Yes, what is it? she replied instead in a businesslike tone. "Have you lost your room?"


"Yes, I assume you're part of the group?"

"Uh, no. I was told to bring you along," he replied weakly.

"Along where?" she asked suspiciously.

"If you don't come voluntarily I've been allowed to use force," he said majestically.

She just laughed. "Another abduction? Not again. This is only my third this evening. Originality is an art form fast becoming extinct, it seems. Maybe you should think on that once you've sobered up?" The guy must be much more inebriated than he looked, she thought. "So, what's your room number, then?" she continued.


"Your room number," she said slowly, emphasising each word carefully. "This is the reception. You tell me your name or your room number. I give you the key. You go and sleep it off. End of story." This one was particularly dense, she thought while stamping her left heel in the pavement with impatience and awaiting a miracle dropping some brains into this fellow.


"Have you got her yet, Private?" Captain Hamilton's voice beamed into his earphone. He sounded impatient – as always.

"No, not yet. But I'm getting there," the young man replied hastily.

"Well, get on with it then!"

"Uh well, she's not very cooperative."

"Just beam her up and be done with it," the Captain replied disinterestedly.


"Talking to yourself?" Teri wondered. "Or is your space ship wrongly parked?" She just laughed at the lunatic so involved with living out his role. "By the way, was Captain Picard all right?" she asked.

He just stared at her.

"Man, you've seen way too many sci-fi's," she concluded. "Maybe you should try for the vampire style next year. No, wait a minute. Perhaps not. It would be a bad idea since you get so involved in your roles. We can't have a guest running around sucking blood from other guests, now can we?"

Confused, he just continued staring at her before finally reaching a decision and pointing a flashlight at her. Immediately her entire body was frozen stiff. What the heck? she thought, before loosing consciousness.


"What took you so long?" the Captain asked. "I said to just beam her and be done with it. And what was the lecture about anyway?"

"Uhm, I think she did most of the lecturing," the Private explained nervously.

"Saints!" the Captain swore. "Don't let the females run all over you. Women prefer a firm hand. Not all this gentlemanly behaviour. How am I ever going to get something useful out of you when you continue to walk around saving damsels in distress," he growled at the rookie.

The woman was starting to rouse. A few moans were heard before she tried to stand up, and almost fell down again.

The rookie jumped to prevent her fall. He led her by her arm to the nearest chair and made a lot of soothing noises while doing so.

The Captain just looked sky-high and sighed. This young man would never be a good soldier. That was for sure. Morgan, his second in command only laughed at their familiar display. The Captain shook his head at the misfit that was supposed to be one of his most trusted crewmen. The rest of the squad had remained home due to the secrecy of this mission. Hopefully they would not have to do more than just travel leisurely back home. Otherwise they would never get out alive, he sighed.

Now the victim had awoken completely. She quickly dragged her arm away from the rookie and stared at the three large men towering over her. They were all dressed in the skin tight suits the drunken guest had worn. The suits did not leave any details of their bodies to the imagination, and she shook her head as if trying to clear her eyes.

Staring at their enlarged crotches and the massive amount of muscles bulging on their chest and thighs, she must be hallucinating, Teri thought. No man looked like that – at least none she had ever come across before. It must be the angle that created a false impression she thought and raised her body up to a standing position. Nope, it did not help at all. They were still bulgy and hard looking at all the right places. She rubbed her eyes to check if she was really awake, or if this was just another wet dream featuring her and three hunks having a hell of a good time. If that was so she was not sure she cared much for waking up.

Hmm, they were still there. Strange. Very strange. Maybe she was awake after all? She peered more closely at the man right in front of her. That must be some chest plate, she thought while contemplating the texture of the bulges on his chest.

She looked upwards. He towered above her and a very nicely chiselled face was looking down at her. High cheekbones and a broad face. Very male and comforting at the same time. Probably some calendar boys out to earn some extra cash, she thought. Well, she would not mind having them plastered on her wall for the rest of the year.

Maybe she should buy two calendars and one for each of her friends as well. They seemed in great need of some cash to spend on some extra fabric for their uniforms. She was sure they would tear if they flexed their muscles too suddenly. The thought made her salivate even more.

She looked right into the chest of the nearest man again and noticed his suit was more expensive looking than the others. Also, he had some strange finery on his shoulders. Stripes, of course. This must be the Captain. Of course. The tallest and meanest was always the captain. He had such a wonderfully gruff expression plastered on his face that she could not help herself from smiling at him. He was just perfect, she thought. Perfect for the wet dream she planned to have very soon. As soon as she got away from these loonies.

"Captain Picard, I presume?" she asked with a sarcastic voice. "Of course. I should have known." Then she turned to the man on his left. That face she knew. The jerk that had shot her with his flashlight.

"What did you do to me, you fucking creep?" she said angrily to the young man.

"I'm sorry, but I tried to be gentle," he pleaded with her.

"Gentle? Is that what they call kidnapping these days?" she snarled at him, before suddenly noticing the strange room they were in.

It looked just like the Star Trek episodes her former boyfriend had enjoyed so much. Very authentic looking for just being a bunch of stage settings, she thought. Anyway, she did not enjoy any reminders of the jerk that was her ex. Still, this seemed to be a really cool place if you happened to like sci-fi's. The room was full of strange buttons and small screens. So many details it would have had to take a long time to create such a stage setting.

"Man, you guys really take your playing seriously. This really looks like a space ship. But, I would have changed those uniforms," she pointed at them. "They are so seventies. You know, women prefer tight clothes, but you should leave some things to the imagination."

She glanced again at their enlarged crotches. They must be wearing many socks down there. Not surprising. Those tight clothes could fret anyone's self-confidence and induce them to insert an extra sock or three. She sneaked another peak at their crotches. Man, they had to be unreal, she thought. Very unreal. No man was that big, unless he had a fake crotch. Wonder what they would do if she decided to do some testing. Perhaps a test to estimate how many socks they had put down there? No, it was probably best to leave these lunatics alone and save the testing for that wet dream of hers.

"By the way, are you selling any calendars?" she asked as casually as she could so as not to portray how she wanted their pictures plastered on her wall where she could drivel in peace.

"Calendars? No, what makes you think that?" Captain Picard asked gruffly. The voice was just as dark and gloomy as the rest of the manly figure.

Oh my, Teri thought and almost purred when the dark voice resonated through her brain. She had better get away from these Stars Wars wannabes, before they decided they needed someone to play Leila. She would rather kill herself than wear those ghastly braids around her ears.

"Okay, I've had enough of this Star Trek episode. Where's the exit? I'm getting off this bus." She stood up and started walking around the room, looking for anything resembling a door.

"Bus? What's a bus?" the rookie asked.

"Here," the Captain replied, guiding her to a portion of the wall.

She looked for a handle but could not find anything. "And how does this thing work? I don't see any handles?" He put his hand against a small frame and the wall opened up.

"Wow," she said, looking for the wall that had disappeared.

"But.....," she heard the Private behind her. The Captain quietly ordered the rookie to shut up, before giving Teri a hard push in the back so she stumbled into the room. She heard the door slam shut behind her even before she managed to get to a grip on what was going on.

"Hey, what are you doing? Let me out of here, you bastards!" She banged the door loudly several times using both her arms and legs. "You won't get away with this! I'm suing you all for kidnapping, you sons of bitches. Just wait till the cops come around!" Teri shouted at them. The voice sounded like mumbling through the door.

"Just settle down, Missy," the Captain replied. "And be quiet in there!" he added as she continued to slam her fist into the wall.

"Why did you put her in there?" the rookie asked.

"Go and get yourself some rest," the Captain ordered, looking hard at the young man, inviting him to disobey the order right now and have it out with him.

After a short pause the young man came to his senses and backed down with a quick "Yes, Captain," before he retreated.

Morgan, his second in command and his long time friend, came up to him. "You care to explain that little stunt, Connor? That was your cabin. We still have some vacant guest rooms, as far as I know. And I'm sure we could have dealt with that little wisp of a female if she decided to become difficult," Morgan said jokingly.

As always laughter was shining from his eyes. Morgan could always be trusted to see the humour in everything around them.

Connor just shrugged his shoulders and said, "That's the only place the rookie doesn't have access to. He's stupid enough to try something so stupid as to rescue the damsel in distress."

"What distress? So far we only have orders to take her to Alpha Centauri. Or have you received some more orders from the elders?"

"No, nothing yet. They haven't sent word since they ordered us to shut down the tracking signal and grab that woman."

"Really strange. I've never had anything like this mission. When I signed on I never thought I would be involved in woman-napping," Morgan said jokingly. After a pause he continued. "By the way, where are you going to sleep since you've done the gentlemanly thing of giving up your cabin?" Morgan asked suspiciously.

"In one of our guest rooms, I suppose," the Captain replied calmly and turned to check out the space maps for the quickest route back to Alpha Centauri. He couldn't wait to finish this assignment and get rid of both the rookie and the shrieking woman.

"She is quite young," Morgan said thoughtfully. Connor didn't answer and tried doing his best to avoid his friend's sharp eyes. "And not so bad looking either. I even noticed a pair of well formed breasts underneath that blouse of hers, and a shapely body to match it. What a pity to let such an opportunity slip away from you, my friend," Morgan beamed on.

"Then be my guest and go ahead and woo her. Only stop drooling all over the maps," Connor said gruffly. "Let the rest of us get on with more important stuff."

"Ah well, I knew you did like her. I didn't think you would give up your cabin for anyone, but a good pair of boobs is a definite exception to the rule," Morgan said and laughed heartily before moving out of Connor's range.

If he was not his best friend, he would have sacked his butt a long time ago, Connor shrugged. That guy could be really irritating. Good for morale, but his sense of humour could be really annoying from time to time. Especially when he was right.

The woman was shapely, with a nicely rounded figure, full breasts and a curvy waist. He had noticed every detail about her body, even the fact that her nipples had been slightly erect and visible through her white blouse. His cock had made an answering jerking motion to that discovery and it had not escaped his attention that she studied his crotch carefully.

He had been too long without a woman, he thought. He would have to do something about it as soon as they arrived back home. He could not become aroused by every female captive they brought on board. Talk about a bad career move, he contemplated even though he could not completely erase the thought of stripping their captive naked and plunging his erect cock into her tight cunt. And now she was in his cabin. He really didn't need this distraction.

So why had he put her there in the first place? As Morgan had been so polite to point out they had plenty of cells and empty cabins. There was no need for him to give up his own private space for an earthling. He didn't have a good reason for putting the female in his own room. It just felt like the right decision, and he had learned to listen to his gut. It had saved his life too many times to ignore.

But, in contrast to his second in command, he had a strong suspicion why the female was taken. Alpha Centauri lacked women, as did many other planets. This one was probably selected as a breeding mate. But, since the intergalactic law forbade anyone of kidnapping mates, the assignment had to be kept a secret. They had even switched off the tracking signal, and were almost navigating blindly through space. All necessary precautions to avoid detection. But why this annoying female was chosen he could not tell.

Usually they were very selective in bringing in females from other races. He could still hear her shouting and cursing through the door. She would not make a very obedient mate - that was for sure. He chuckled. He pitied the man who would be shackled to that female aggressor. Thank the saints he could rid himself of her in only a few days.

Still, he could not completely shake off the sight of the female's breasts. Her entire figure was burned on his retina. Her slim figure had just the amount of curves to give the impression of an adult female in her prime. Her clothes had only emphasized a tiny waist below a pair of high and rounded breasts that tempted him to touch and feel her smooth skin.

He liked women to have breasts that would fill his hand and still have that sleekness that betrayed a fit partner. She would probably feel both smooth and warm beside his naked body as he felt her up and down and discovered all the hidden passages and the moistness of her excitement.

His breath hitched at the same time his cock gave an unwilling jerk against his stomach. Where had that thought come from? He shook his head as if trying to empty his head of the erratic thoughts clouding his judgement. This was not the time or the place for daydreaming over a woman he had just met, and would probably never see again once he completed this mission.

He tapped the com above his seat. "Plot us a way home," he ordered the navigator.

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