tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAbduction Ch. 1

Abduction Ch. 1


A descent into the depths of obsession


* * * * *

Naked in bed with Monica after a well cooked dinner, courtesy of Sally and Sheryl who welcomed us to join them in a home cooked meal before we both excused ourselves for an early night, I did my best to please her. She moaned contentedly as I promoted a well deserved orgasm for her. I relaxed and asked her to listen. I had decided to explain the real reason for my early curtailment of her experimentation with my new toy while we were in the car. I had noticed the disappointment that was written on her face and I felt that I owed her that much, at least.

I told Monica details up to the point where my captors entered that room during that two week period of captivity. Monica was intrigued by the flashbacks that I had been experiencing recently. She cradled me in her arms and soothed me while I continued recounting the events of the second night.

"I was mindful that these people enjoyed watching me humiliate myself for their amusement so I made a point to take pleasure in my approaching orgasm, putting on a command performance for them and doing my best to appear delighted to know that they were watching me. Afterward, two of them began to lubricate my anal passage with a slippery oil-like substance, probing deeply with their fingers and instructing me to relax my sphincter muscles if I didn't want to be hurt."

"They all raped you? Monica breathed sharply.

"If only it were that simple, darling. The fact is that those monsters forcibly introduced me to a whole new world of sexual depravity that I hadn't previously been aware of. Although I was terrified at first, I began to enjoy their attention. Rough and uncompromising to begin with, they seemed disarmed by my willingness to please them and became more sensual in their touch. Once I was thoroughly slippery and wet they guided me toward a man laying on the bed. They assisted me to mount him. It was the weirdest feeling, being used and handled by so many people and not knowing what or who was lying there underneath me. They pushed me down until he was fully inside me and then some guy pushed me over the top of him and someone else forced an even bigger penis into my bottom. Christ! I thought they were going to split me in two. They both came inside me, grunting away like pigs all the while. It was horrible but I did still my very best to please them, expressing both own satisfaction and praise for them, milking both men dry with my internal muscles. After that they both wanted me to lick them all clean. I was still in ecstatic shock and all I did was shake my head. I forgot where I was and I only meant to tease them. Two of them got angry with me and the woman said I needed to meet Vladimir."

I composed myself before I carried on. The memory was still fresh in my mind. "Monica, they put this thing inside me and left the room. I begged them to come back."

I shook and sobbed as I remembered that night. It was the night the bastards had introduced me to Vladimir. Even now I dreaded that name. Monica soothed me and I continued to tell her about it.

"After they left me the male voice instructed me to take off my blindfold. There was a soft plastic sheet on the bed and a mixture of sperm and oil was running down my legs but I was quite alone again. I was told to get up on the bed and lie back in the middle of the sheet. That was when I noticed the two thin leads running from near the headboard of the bed and into my vagina. My blood ran cold as I numbly obeyed and waited for their next instruction."

"On the table next to the bed there is a rubber ball with an elastic strap on it my dear. Do you see it? Just to your right. That's it." The voice was softer now, more soothing and seductive somehow.

"With trembling hands I picked it up and looked at it, looking back at the speaker and asking what he wanted me to do with it."

"It's a gag, my dear. Please put it in your mouth and adjust the strap around the back of your head."

"I won't say anything. Do you want me to be quiet? I won't yell out. I promise."

By now I was shaking uncontrollably in Monica's arms as I relived the conversation with the commanding voice from the speaker. Monica could only hug me and she whispered in my ear soothingly.

"It's all right now darling. Don't put yourself through this." I looked at her and smiled bravely.

"No! I have to carry on now, Monica. Just hold me." I was determined to explain my ungrateful reaction to her present. I owed her that. I steeled myself to continue;

"You're not going to disappoint us again are you, Katrina."

"Without further argument, I crammed the rubber ball into my mouth and adjusted the strap before nodding my head in the direction of the speaker."

"Good girl! Now just make yourself comfortable and lay back with your head on the pillow and wait for Vladimir to visit you."

"I reached for my blindfold and was about to put it on when the voice stopped me."

"Did I tell you to do that? We want to see your eyes when Vladimir instructs you. He'll be very gentle with you---This time."

"Monica. I believed him." I was sobbing and I felt the tears running down my cheeks as Monica kissed me. "The bastard had me believing that some guy was going to explain what they all wanted from me or something. I settled back on the bed and waited. I kept my legs opened up toward the camera so they could see my face and played with myself again. I thought that might amuse them and this Vladimir character might be more gentle with me. The metal thing that they put inside me was uncomfortable but I was really wet and juicy. I spread my lips to show them how aroused I was and everything." I took a deep ragged breath and blurted it out to Monica. "I'll never forget that dreadful agonising pain as my entire body jerked spasmodically for a few seconds and I lost all control of my bodily waste functions. Just as I was ready to orgasm again the bloody cunts turned it on. It was a fucking electric shock device! The pain was unbelievable. I can still feel it even now."

Monica was shaken. The expression on her face was a mixture of wonderment and disbelief, giving way to one of tender devotion as she looked at me.

"The frigging animals!" She caressed me and did her best to calm me down. "Now I understand why you wanted me to turn the toy off darling. I'll never let anything like that happen to you again."

It took ages before I calmed down enough to explain a few of the following events after Vladimir's lesson. How, with some pain, I bore down on the device and yanked the object from my vagina and threw it on the floor, covered in my own excrement and filth. Ripping the gag out of my mouth and gasping for breath as I pleaded helplessly with the unseen captors, telling them I would do anything they wanted from now on. Worse still, how I was humiliated beyond belief as they made me beg for them to come back so that I could prove that I had learned my lesson.

"I had to clean up all the mess myself, mostly with my bare hands, before they told me to clean their device and hang it back where it belonged. They said to make sure it was clean because they might have to use it on me again sometime, if I was naughty. It took ages to clean that mess up. I had a shower afterward so I could go to sleep on the bed." I paused briefly.

"Did they?" Monica's soothing voice jolted me back.

"They trained me to serve their every desire after that by threatening the use of this device they called Vladimir. Hanging on a hook on the headboard, where I could always see it, Vladimir was a constant reminder of how cruel they could be if I displeased them in any way. It was capable of being inserted into any body orifice and provided more than enough incentive to comply with any filthy or outrageous demand that they cared to make of me. It carried variable electrical current though two thin wires and on this occasion the device had apparently been demonstrated to me as a means of ensuring my future compliance. After that I was ready to do anything at all to prevent a repeat performance. Later on, they assured me that they had only used it on the lowest possible level. They calmly told me that it could be adjusted right up to a fatal setting. By then, I was loath to call their bluff and blindly obeyed their every passing whim, to the letter." At this point I became incoherent, sobbing my heart out as I looked wildly at my lover for comfort.

"Don't say any more for now my darling!" Monica brushed my lips with her fingers. "I'll go and make us a nice hot cup of cocoa if you like?" She got off the bed and went to put on her dressing gown with a solemn and troubled expression on her face.

"You won't tell the others?" I looked at Monica with a tear-stained face. "Please don't tell them about that horrible disgusting night. Darling Monica." I shook and shuddered. "I only want you to know about that, nobody else. I'm so ashamed."

I was crying openly now and Monica spent the next hour soothing my nerves, almost like a mother. She kept apologising, as if she was somehow at fault for my shattered state. I realised that she was completely devoted to my well being and I loved her all the more for it. Even my own Mother would have been really disgusted with me, perhaps even more than she and Dad were already, anyway. I hadn't known how much to tell my friends the other night, but I could never have mentioned that particular incident to anybody but Monica, I'm quite sure.

The next morning I was fully recovered and, determined to show Monica the trust that I placed in her judgment, I inserted her erotic gift inside me and confidently handed over the remote control device. I had faced and conquered my fears by telling her all about Vladimir.

Wordlessly, she smiled and handed me her own remote. She was already wearing hers and, as per our implicit understanding, no underwear at all now. I understood the private agony that she must have endured in making the decision to dress that way and so prove her commitment to me. We were both excited at the prospect of going out with Arnold to work on his project whilst we were in such a high state of sexual awareness.

Monica had lengthened the strap on her camera bag to assist in her in managing her skirt but she looked vibrant and flushed as we waited for Arnold down on the street below the apartment. Even Monica had no idea where Arnold was intending to take us on Saturday morning but I was glad that we would both be earning money and hoped to make his movie successful. I was feeling elated for many different reasons but primarily because, for the first time since Nana was torn away from me, I had a sense of belonging to someone again. Not in the same way that those bastards that abducted me took possession of my body and abused my trust, but with a strong emotional bond already beginning to form between us. It must have been fairly obvious to my other friends this morning when Monica and I joined them for breakfast.

I respected Monica's wish to be discrete but I longed to tell Sally and Sheryl that I had finally found true love.

Radiant and cheerful I suddenly squeezed her arm.

"Look, here he comes now!" I pointed toward the car pulling into the kerb to pick us up. Monica had been expecting his approach from the other direction. Arnold had two other ladies and another man in the car with him. We squeezed into the back seat of his large car after he had helped Monica load her gear into the boot and he had introduced his friends to us. They worked as extras with the film company. Dárcy, Michelle and Olivia were all looking forward to a day out horse riding on a Dude Ranch over an hour away from the city. Arnold explained that he had arranged for us to take a scenic trail around the ranch and cleared it with the owners for some filming to take place around a small lake at the head of the trail.

The documentary intended to show aspects of leisure activities which could be enjoyed without clothing, among ordinary members of the public. We talked among ourselves on the journey and it became apparent that two of us were expected to leave our clothing behind and encourage the other extras to join us in a nude ride as we progressed around the trail. Olivia and I would begin the ride totally naked and the others would be persuaded to part with their clothing along the way. Arnold told me the rushes of yesterday's film had been so encouraging that the bosses had extended the budget to include at least ten other activities among the general public.

"You won't have to worry about being busted by the law, Katrina." He smiled disarmingly. "Except the last set of filming, maybe? We want you to do something like you did for Monica on your first day. That's alright with you, isn't it?"

"Like I said. As long as the budget will pay any fines that I get afterward------ If I get caught of course!" I gave him a cheeky grin and we all laughed.

This was going to be a fun assignment. I would be paid to follow my life long passion, and with no legal penalties either.

"You are going to be the star, Katrina. Even Michelle here wouldn't be game to walk through the streets, naked, like you did!"

"Christ, No! I saw that photo where you were talking to those people on the street, Love. No way would I do that!" Olivia laughed nervously. " Arnold asked us a few weeks ago." She looked at me with genuine respect.

"I might work myself up to that one." Michelle turned toward me and confirmed. "But definitely not on my own! That's for sure!"

"We'll do that one during the week sometime, whenever you're ready. That's the beauty of it." Arnold turned toward me. "Any time you like. As long as there's heaps of people around of course." The enthusiasm that Arnold projected was infectious and obvious to everybody in the car. He was looking forward to filming that segment of the movie. "There's another movie planned." He turned toward me again. "I hope you guys will----" Suddenly A car tooted it's horn and Michelle narrowly avoided disaster by grabbing the steering wheel, just in time, reminding Arnold that he wasn't paying due attention to the road.

"I'm too young to die, just yet!"

"Oh! Sorry guys." Michelle's timely rebuke reminded Arnold to keep his eyes on the road, causing him to lose his train of thought.

"Lets just get the first film in the can before we worry about that!" Monica chided him. "God almighty! I'm sure Katrina and I don't want to die either. She'll probably do whatever you need her to do. Let's talk about it later!"

Arnold drove more carefully after that until we turned into a country lane while the rest of us got to know each other with more subdued conversation.

Our driver returned to his buoyant mood as we pulled up among the other cars at the entrance to the office. In the flurry of activity as we unpacked the camera gear and the owners brought out six horses, ready for us to use and assured us that they were older, more sedate animals, Arnold forgot to mention his other idea.

In the excitement of slipping off my dress, leaving it in the car and meeting the owners of the business, I even forgot about my internal toy. The owners had been forewarned but still watched closely as I expertly mounted the most appealing old horse, swung my leg over the saddle and settled easily into the contours of the soft seat.

The owner's wife was awestruck by my readiness to display my smooth pubic region, clearly showing my moistened and semi-aroused labia, with no apparent embarrassment. She pulled her equally fascinated husband away from me roughly, muttering her displeasure in his ear.

Monica leaned up toward me on tip toe.

"What about--" I smiled serenely at her, cutting off her words and showing her my remote.

"Just remember to take your control too!" I whispered and winked at her with confidence. "It might be fun."

Monica nodded her head with that same wicked grin that I had grown to love.

"Say no more!"

She walked her mount away from all the others and discretely mounted her animal, away from the other people, re-arranging her skirt so that her naked bottom made contact with the comfortable saddle but it wasn't obvious to the others in our group. Her good camera was slung casually around her neck and her other gear was tucked safely in the saddlebag.

Olivia appeared disinclined to get undressed and mount her animal in full view of those present. She led her horse quietly over to the car before she reluctantly parted with her clothing and hoisted herself into riding position from the far side of the horse. Olivia's shapely buttocks were untanned but firm. Her full bikini trimmed bush hid her nether lips from view but her large milky cream breasts bounced invitingly as her horse cantered back toward the rest of us. She was blushing slightly and holding her reins so that her hands covered her pubic region while she waited. By now there were other people watching us from a distance and moving toward our group, nonchalantly eying us over and pointing. I was sure that they had business elsewhere but were clearly coming over for a better look. Olivia, still flushed and appearing really uncomfortable to be seen naked among them, bravely straightened her shoulders displaying semi-erect nipples as she smiled coyly at me.

"I don't mind, once we get going but it's awful with everybody ogling you like this, isn't it? She said softly, nervously glancing toward the newcomers as they stared at us.

"To me, that's the best part!" I grinned happily. "Gets me all wet and tingly inside." I lowered my voice. "You look lovely! Just be proud of your body. I wish I had larger breasts sometimes. You're really so lucky to have such a neat figure."

I liked Olivia from the moment I met her and desperately wanted to reassure her. She nodded thoughtfully and smiled.

"That's just what Michelle says too. I'm only doing this for her and Dárcy you know. We all live together. I normally do fashion modelling but they told me I would get used to this sort of work." She looked awkwardly at me. "I hope so! They tell me it's really good money."

Just as Olivia spoke I felt a tingle and my new toy moved inside me. I looked over at the rest of our group and they were waving toward us, now ready to go. Monica had something in her hand and she was looking quizzically toward me with a hint of a smile on her face.

"Are you two ready to go yet? I hope you don't mind if I interrupt your conversation." The ultimate double entendré.

" You can interrupt me as often as you like, darling. You have such a compelling way of doing that. I'm really learning to love it." I let her know that I wasn't being sarcastic by smiling lovingly at her. "It's actually very enjoyable."

All the others were gazing inquisitively at both of us and Monica went bright red and giggled like a schoolgirl but she warned me, with her eyes, not to say any more. She had been overcome with petty jealousy and had no wish for anybody else to know just how she had attracted my attention. I caught up to the group and rode alongside of her and whispered to her.

"How about you? Comfortable are we?"

The flushed expression and wide smile gave me the answer as I switched my remote on while I was talking to her. Indeed the sensation of our unadorned genitals touching the saddle was erotic enough but as my sweet Monica replied in kind I felt my lower stomach move again and my clitoris grow fully as I shivered with delight. Giving Monica's hand a reassuring squeeze, I moved my horse back a few feet away from hers, just as Arnold suggested that Monica ride ahead to warn any approaching riders about what we were doing and ask them not to look directly at his camera. Arnold had a small, hand held unit and he was intermittently filming as we rode along.

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