tagSci-Fi & FantasyAbduction Ch. 15

Abduction Ch. 15

byAda Stuart©

Teri was staring at the colony they were gradually moving further and further away from. She was going home. Finally. The message had been given her the same morning by one of the servants and she had received the news with a mixture of shock and sheer joy. She was finally going back home to Earth, to her apartment where no one bothered her or told her what to do.

To her job, where she was the boss, and there was no problem she could not fix. And to fresh air, green fields, blue sea and high mountains. Oh, how she longed for something resembling nature for once. And the city with its neon lights and many stores. She was going shopping, that was for sure. She wanted to feel the freedom of going where she wanted, buy what she wanted and wear exactly what she wanted.

The colony was now only a small dot now. Soon she would be closer to Earth than to Ziota, and the enigma of a man she had come to know. She had not seen Connor at all since their bitter argument the night before. She thought it strange that he had not even bothered to say goodbye this morning, but he had given the orders to allow her to leave. It was almost as if she had won the lottery, or been given a new chance at life.

"You couldn't give him a chance, now could you?" Morgan asked angrily behind her.

"He agreed to let me leave, so what is your problem?" Teri replied just as angrily, her happiness suddenly vanquished. She did not want to have Connor's friend as her company right now, but it seemed she had no choice. After all, he was the Captain of the space ship now. Thank god she only had to tolerate him for a few days.

"Yes, you left him to conquer years of loneliness, with no mate around. You must be a really cold hearted woman to treat him like that," Morgan concluded icily.

"Ha! He could easily get another mate, I'm sure. I've seen the way the women flock to him. I also vaguely remember interrupting him with that mistress of his," she said while trying to sound as if the memory did not trouble her at all.

"Yes, he told me about that."

"He did? Well, of course. Bragging about sleeping around is what a man lives for, isn't it?" she asked icily.

"That was not a real woman. It was a hologram."

"A what?"

"A three-dimensional image. Did you not see who the woman was?"

"Why should I care? He sleeps around. That is all I need to know, and I won't live with anyone who screws around."

"Oh god," Morgan said, staring sky-high as if she had sprouted nonsense. "You didn't recognise yourself, then?"


"Yes, he told me it was an image of you."

"But..., but..., it didn't look like me at all," Teri said hastily, trying to conjure what the woman had looked like. It could not be an image. She had seen so real, and the sight of her doing the exact thing Teri had dreamed about doing had made her so angry. "Besides, I still saw him fuck her," she added as to back her case.

"For god's sake," Morgan said exasperated. "Didn't anyone tell you about holograms being memories that could be displayed at any time? It's almost like dreaming, and it's quite normal to see them when your mate is not around - or has one of her tantrums," he added after a short pause while looking at her.

"What?" Teri just stared at him. She had been so sure. The woman had seemed so real. Still, this society had proven to be so advanced in some areas, she had to admit to that. Even so, she had made her choice, and she was sticking to it. She shrugged her shoulders again. "Anyway, there are still plenty of other women around. He will not be lonely for long," she said.

"That's not mates. That's slaves. We can only have one mate in our lifetime, and you're leaving him."

"What? He can't have another mate? What's this nonsense? On Earth we can marry as many times we like to."

"In our culture, there is only one person who can be our mate, and very few are likely to find that person. Only when your mate dies, you might get another. But it hasn't happened as far as I'm aware off."

"But, but... Can't these wise old men find another for him?"

"No, only fate and a higher force have decided who will be your mate, and when that mate is as cold-hearted as you, he doesn't stand a chance."

"So what happens now?"

"He will live alone for the rest of his life. But the worst will probably be that he will not have any offspring."

"How primitive your customs are," Teri said briskly. "I'm sure he could easily find another breeder if he cared to look for one. In fact, I'm sure he won't have to search long either," she said gruffly as she turned to leave the room.

"And what if he doesn't want to?" Morgan asked behind her.

"Well, why wouldn't he?"

"Perhaps because he always follows the law?" he said enigmatically.


That last remarks was pounding in Teri's head for hours afterwards. The man she had come to know didn't shirk away from his responsibilities. In fact, as long as she had known him, he had followed the law in all he did - even when that meant seducing an unwilling captive.

She shrugged her shoulders in the attempt to empty her thoughts and replace them with something nicer. Like, what was she going to do first when arriving at Earth again? Perhaps eat a whole box of ice cream, she concluded. She had missed the taste of some real ice cream for weeks now. At least it felt like weeks. Hmm, typical food for getting over a man, she thought vaguely.

No stop that, she tried to tell her thoughts. She was going to throw out every thought about Connor. Oh god, there she went again. Would she never be able to forget the creep that had kidnapped her, and given her the best sex she had ever experienced? Perhaps she did care about him after all. Nah, she didn't. She was sure. Very sure. She could not care about this scoundrel, now could she? She thought about the sweet way he had held her close after they'd made love.

How, he'd ignited her body with just a heated stare in her direction. How sleeping next to him had made her feel cherished and so very safe, and finally how he had risked his own life to save her from the rebels. Okay, so he was probably a good catch, despite his arrogance and his tendency to order her about as if she was one of his recruits. And he had let her go. Let her go back home even though he knew it meant giving up his mate. His chance of children. What man could do that?

The answer was obvious. Only a man that cared more for her feelings than for his own wishes. A man who loved her as much as she loved him.

"Oh no," she groaned out loud. Of course she loved him. How could she not. She cursed loudly. How could she be so completely blind to all his actions and what he really felt about her. It didn't matter that he had never said the words - just called her his 'mate' as if stating his ownership over her body. The thought made her tingle somewhat. He made her angry, but she felt more alive than ever when he did so.

What would the next years be like if she would not have him around? She tried to imagine what life on Earth would be like once she got back to her old life. She would possibly meet with many men, each would be compared with Connor, but none of them would be able to measure up. Perhaps she would have been content before, but now when she had experienced so much she knew exactly how good it could be to make love with the right man. To wake up next to him in the morning. To feel his strong arms around her when she slept. How would she be able to find another man like him?

It was impossible, she was sure. She should know that, since she had not met anyone like him before. So why had she not given him a chance once she had the opportunity? Okay, he had kidnapped her, but why had she not simply lived in the moment, forgiven him the kidnapping and then enjoyed what she had? Enjoyed the handsome and strong man that wanted to share her bed? Damn, she was not good at forgiving and living - and her own stupidity had perhaps ruined her chance of happiness.

She had to admit that she had not acted rationally about the situation. Instead she had hated Connor for making her feel so much, for feeling so vulnerable that even a hologram had made her risk both hers and the lives of others - and all because she could not bear to face her own feelings for Connor. This had got to change. She had got to change. She had to learn to appreciate what she had when she had it. Not reaching for all the things she could not have, and as it turned out, did not want when it came to it.

She was not sure she believed in this soul-mate stuff, but this man was definitely good for her, and she wanted him. She had made the decision. She wanted him. Now, how to accomplish that? They were closing in on Earth in order to evict her to her old life of taking care of guests and drunken stupidos trying to club her or kidnap her. She would probably miss that, but her own stubborn man could probably engage her temper once in a while, she thought laughingly. She felt better all of a sudden. The decision felt like the right one. Her gut feeling told her this was the right thing to do.

"Morgan!" she yelled, before running across the ship, shouting for the annoying Captain.

"What?" he answered and looked out from the control room.

She gasped while trying to collect her breath after the running. "We need to turn back."

"What?" he repeated, his expression one of total confusion.

"We need to turn back right now!" she barked at him.

"And who's the Captain on this ship?" he asked suspiciously. "I thought I was the one giving orders around here."

"Oh, don't be such an ass!" Teri intervened. "There'll be plenty of time to thank you later. Right now I want you to turn back and head full speed back to Ziota. I'm going back to Connor."

"You are? And for how long?" Morgan said icily. "Haven't you tortured the man enough?"

"I love him!" she screamed at him. "Now I just have to prove it."

He just stared at her. His mouth was still open. Then he seemed to have made up his mind. "Okay, you'll get another chance," Morgan said reluctantly. "But, one more trick from you and I'll personally kick you back to Earth."

"Ha, only my mate can punish me," she said triumphantly. "Get your own mate to harass," she said smugly.

He glared at her. "Connor should definitely spank you more often," he replied before ordering his crew to turn the ship around.


As they were closing in on Ziota, Teri was gradually becoming more nervous. Her nerves were on the edge, and she practically jumped every time somebody passed her. How was she going to meet Connor? What should she say at her change of heart? How to do this? She was getting edgier every time she looked out the window and saw Ziota coming nearer.

"Morgan, can you do me a favour?" she asked quietly.

"Depends on what it is you want," Morgan said suspiciously.

"I need you to get me some equipment and sneak me into the palace. And, don't tell Connor I came back, will you? I want it to be a surprise."

"Hm, will this be a good surprise, or a bad one?" he asked.

"I'm not trying to give him a heart attack, if that's what you're asking," Teri said bitingly. But in her mind she hoped his heartbeat would increase a few notches.

"Okay," he nodded reluctantly. "I'll help you this time. But you better be thinking on his welfare or else...," he threatened.


Connor stared out of the window. It was almost dark outside. The dinner was on the table but his appetite was not up to scratch. His mate had left. He wondered how many years it would take to forget her sweet scent, her soft skin. Her. Too many, he thought. Still, it was the right thing to do, although it did not give him much comfort yet. Now, she was back where she wanted to be. On her own planet.

He hoped she was happy, and winced when imagining her finding another lover. Another man to take his place. No, he would not think about this now. He sat down at the table and tried to eat a few bites. He had too much to do. He needed sustenance. The rebel leader was still out there and tomorrow he had another load of responsibilities to take care off. He drank some more wine instead. He would allow himself this evening to sulk. Then he would get on with life.


He looked up as the door opened. A woman covered in thin veils came toward him. Possibly a gift from Morgan, he thought. She moved slowly across the room, each step revealing light skin underneath. A prized possession, he thought and looked at her proud stature. This dancer could not have been cheap. It was typical of Morgan to come up with something like this to cheer him up.

"Come here," he said to her. She came up to the table. Her face was covered with a veil and he could barely see her features behind the thin fabric.

He reached into his pocket before handing her a few credits. "Here. Something for your trouble," he said. "Now, please leave."

She stood looking at him. "I'm pleased with you," he assured her, "so please keep the money. You can take the evening off, and tell Morgan to save his money the next time, will you?"

She dumped the credits on the table, and started to remove one of the veils as she started to dance in front of him. She hummed a tune as she moved her hips and started to dance seductively in front of him. He just gaped at her. She removed another veil, and he could see her tight stomach and her navel as she moved closer to him, seductively moving her hips as if she was participating in love making.

He could smell her fragrance as she stepped closer. He leaned back on his chair, watching spellbound as she danced to the soft tune. She gave him the end of a veil, and moved backwards as he enclosed it in his hands. He could see her legs now. Strong and slim and covered with cream coloured and soft skin. He swallowed passed the lump in his throat as he stared mesmerized at the woman slowly undressing in front of him. She glanced his way as if making sure he was paying attention. She did not have to worry. He was spellbound as she removed another veil and bared another part of her body.

Suddenly he noticed there was something remotely familiar about the mark on her left hip. He bent his head closer, and collided with the next veil as she threw it in his face. He removed it and saw that the dancer had bared her legs. Only a thong prevented him from seeing her womanhood. She removed another veil and her breasts were bare to his look. Her nipples had tightened and she seemed to be as aroused as he was. He glanced upwards. She still had a veil covering her face, but that body he would recognise anywhere. It was her. But it could not be. Teri had left him, and right now she was probably enjoying her freedom at Earth. This dancer must be a hologram. He must have projected another hologram without being aware of it.

It didn't matter. The hologram was seductively moving her body in front of him. Presenting her lovely body to his starving eyes. He noticed her nipples had tightened so much that her breasts was almost pointing upwards. She stroked her hands around her breasts as if portraying a lover's hands on her body. Connor stopped breathing for a few moments, before catching a deep breath when she slowly moved her hands down along her body and stopped them both at the front of her thong.

She cupped herself and moved her hands along the edges of the thong, before moving them back toward her centre again. He stopped breathing again as she moved her hands slowly up and down the front. Stroking herself with her hand. He gasped and collected some necessary gulps of air as he continued staring at her. She moved her hand over the fabric again and groaned as she massaged her cunt. He felt his cock make a jerk and harden even more, and he adjusted the pants that had become painfully tight.

She was breathing deeper now, but suddenly stopped rubbing herself just before she had reached her peak. She moved closer to him and noticed the large bulge in his pants. She reached out and touched his front, moving her hands slowly along the outline of his cock and balls, copying the stroking she had just given herself.

She rubbed him slowly. He gasped again and widened his legs to allow her to move between his thighs. She reached out with her other hands and started to open the zip and moving his pants downwards, freeing his swollen cock to the fresh air. He remained leaning backwards as she leisurely fondled and stroked up and down his length, coaching his cock to her touch and gripping around his swollen member.

She moved a finger directly around the cock head and he almost jumped as she fondled around the sensitive fold on the underside. His cock hardened even more and he felt blood surging through his veins and collecting in his member. He groaned aloud as she continued stroking him so slowly he was aching for her to grip him harder.

This was the best hologram he had ever created, he thought. Or perhaps he had simply drunk too much wine during the evening. His thoughts vanished as she gripped around his cock and moved her hands up and down his shaft, rubbing hard. He groaned aloud. Then she leaned forward, sitting herself on the floor between his legs, and darting her tongue out from underneath the veil.

She enveloped his cock in her mouth and sucked greedily. He felt a stirring going straight through his body and he moved his hands to lift the veil away from her face. He gasped as he saw her familiar face, but all thoughts vanished as she continued sucking one of his balls into her mouth.

She shifted and stroked her hand along his shaft and fastened her grip at the base, before moving slowly upwards. He watched as she moved her mouth onto his cock again, and dropped small kisses all along the shaft as she moved from base to head and then back down again. He was fully erect now, and he knew he would not last long as she took as much of him as she could into her mouth, then sucked him lightly.

He moved his hands and held her face as she continued moving up and down his cock. She reached out her tongue and darted it directly at the sensitive fold under the head. His body and cock jerked as she continued darting her tongue around his cock. He moaned loudly. Holding her face close to his cock, wanting her to suck him harder.

As she continued stoking his fire by pressing small kisses along his cock, he could not bear to wait any longer. "Suck me!" he growled and held her head tightly, directing her mouth to suck him tighter.

She complied and took his cock into her mouth again, sucking him as hard as she could while stroking her hand slowly up and down the rest of the shaft. She took him further into her mouth, until he could feel his cock touching her throat. She moved upwards again, before taking him inside another time and fastening her lips around him.

He felt himself starting to spurt inside of her mouth, and soon he screamed out and erupted inside her willing heat. She continued stroking him slowly as she swallowed all the semen unloaded into her mouth. He relaxed into his chair and felt the strain releasing his shoulders as she continued stroking and fondling him.

He reached out for her, and stroked her warm arm. In his stupor he didn't catch the fact straight away, just thought it strange that the hologram was still there. They usually disappeared as soon as he reached his release. In a daze he moved his hand toward her breast. It stiffened as he moved his hand over the nipple and the sight was slowly telling his foggy mind what was wrong here.

Now he registered the warm skin on his lover. The holograms were never warm, and they did not have a fragrance either. Still, he could smell her flowery perfume, mixed with female excitement. He knew that smell. He reached out and lifted her into his lap. Removing the last pieces of her veil, he saw into the face of his mate. His real-life mate. Not some cold hologram portraying her body.

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