Abduction Ch. 1


"You might like to take a few stills if we run into anybody on the way." Arnold called after her as she kneed her horse and galloped off. She was a wonderfully accomplished rider and waved her acknowledgement as she rode off. My toy was still tugging gently and moving seductively inside me and I realized that these contraptions probably didn't have a good range of effectiveness. I turned mine off as soon as Monica galloped off, hoping it had worked but I couldn't be sure until Monica stopped her horse briefly and turned back toward me and the others. Suddenly my erotic new toy stopped and then started again. The signal was clear. I turned Monica's remote back on again and put it back in the saddle bag, smiling knowingly.

With a final wave Monica disappeared around the next bend.

Arnold suggested that Dárcy and Michelle begin to remove their clothing as we rode along and pack the garments in their saddlebacks as if they had decided to match Olivia and I for daring. Michelle had a pleasant liberal attitude and although slightly overweight around the hips, no real reservations about showing off her body in mixed company. She too, was fully shaved with only slightly smaller breasts than Olivia and shorter, easily managed brunette hair.

I had been naturally curious about Dárcy's body and couldn't help being quite impressed as he helped Michelle re-mount and then swung easily into his own saddle, casually adjusting his flaccid penis with no apparent embarrassment and smiling enchanting when he noticed my interest. Even when Michelle's foot had accidentally brushed his member earlier there had been no noticeable reaction. They were both totally at home with nudity and evenly tanned. His size was another matter. He had good reason to be proud to show it off so casually. Michelle must have be a happy lady.

"Isn't he a magnificent specimen?" Olivia whispered in my ear with a smile. I was slightly embarrassed at being noticed enjoying the new revelations and whispered back with a cheeky smile.

"Lucky lady!"

By now we were all chatting among each other in a tight group with Arnold circling around us and stopping occasionally to film our progress. Several other riders passed by and Arnold captured their startled initial reactions followed by their keen interest as some of them asked us whether we were from some nudist organization. All of them were fascinated but friendly and accepted Arnold's explanations, waving as they continued on their way. Not surprisingly, we had no offers to accept our invitation to join us in riding in the nude.

Olivia loosened up and began to enjoy her new found freedom, making no further attempts to hide her genital area when we stopped to talk to strangers.

I was grateful for the opportunity to dismount at the lake and sat with Monica, watching the others frolic in the shallow waters before I joined them.

Earlier on, Monica had switched off my toy and assured me that it was safe to enter the water with "Gilbert" still inside me. She called hers' "Fred". No amount of cajoling on my part could persuade Monica to take part, but I got the impression that she was slowly beginning to realise what fun we were all having. Perhaps soon, she might come around to my way of thinking. The way Olivia interacted with Dárcy in the water, so casually, made it obvious that perhaps I should have said "Lucky ladies!", earlier on.

We dried ourselves off in the sun and talked among ourselves while our horses stood, disinterested, nearby. Arnold filmed and Monica took stills every time other riders stopped and dismounted for a short rest.

It was exactly as our photographers had hoped. We attracted a lot of attention from curious onlookers and, just like the segment at the beach, some of them were happy to be in the background of the movie if it meant they could take a closer look at us. It was a scenic background and not at all demanding for me to spend time displaying myself in this way. Olivia sat discretely, with her legs closed, but the rest of us behaved as though we were fully clothed in all our body movements. Gilbert would move unexpectedly, from time to time for short erotic bursts, and I would look up at Monica. She was enjoying her fun and I would smile sweetly at her. It certainly kept me aware of my delicious vulnerability and maintained the sexually excited state of my body. Not since my nude adventure out on the busy street had I felt so charged up with raw sexual energy. This was exactly what Arnold had hoped to capture on his film today.

Watching Dárcy, with his huge penis comfortably draped over his upper thigh in full view, something about his manner reminded me about my third night of captivity. One of my captors, although I never really saw his face, had encouraged me stimulate his organ until he became hard enough to penetrate me. I closed my eyes and although the memory of the rest of that day, or was it night, was painful, I remembered his gentle reassuring manner almost fondly.


He too, was proud to show me his equipment. He had casually removed my blindfold after all the others left the room and stood there, waving his flaccid member in my face and actually asking me if I would like to try him out for size. At first I kept my eyes closed, frightened at this new development and fearful that once I had seen his face they would certainly kill me. I remembered pleading and babbling incoherently about my perceived danger and begging him to replace my blindfold. After he had assured me that he was masked I remember timidly opening my eyes and being fixated by his sheer size. A perfect match for Dárcy in every way but one. He was about the same build and his penis was exactly identical in every respect but the tattoo that was clearly visible on Dárcy's magnificent member. The other man's pubic area had been completely shaven, unlike Dárcy, and he stood calmly and silently in front of me while I fell to my knees and did everything in my power to achieve a full erection for him. At least ten minutes later, after my best efforts, I had been rewarded by a twitching and pulsating mass of eager but only slightly more enlarged flesh, thankfully. I willingly surrendered myself to his advances. I remembered smiling at him shyly and asking him to be gentle with me. Probably because my tormentors had already brutally invaded every possible orifice in my body with progressively more enthusiasm and vigour, there was something that I had found truly appealing about this particular individual that made me want to please him.


Olivia shook my shoulder and startled me.

"C'mon sleepyhead! I don't know how you can be so relaxed, laying around naked with all these people around." She was kneeling beside me, thinking I had gone to sleep. I looked around and saw Dárcy and Michelle standing up and beckoning me to remount my horse. Dammit! It was just getting to the good part in my latest erotic flashback.

"Oh! Sorry guys." I leapt to my feet. "I was just enjoying a little daydream I suppose."

Olivia smiled.

"It's time we were heading home, don't you think?"

I nodded and walked up to my horse with her. There were a group of riders just arriving at the lake and several others standing all around pretending to be admiring the view. In reality, their eyes kept wandering back toward the four of us 'Nudists' as we were packing up to go back to the departure point. Arnold had obtained enough footage for this segment but he kept his camera rolling as Olivia and I mounted and signalled our readiness to go. To Olivia's evident disappointment her friends dressed before mounting and we were left with being the only remaining 'Nudists' again. If she hadn't been too shy to undress beside her horse and take her clothing with her, she too, could have easily dressed again. This seemed to compound her renewed embarrassment and she was subdued for the bulk of the return journey.

After a little while, with Monica and I both riding on either side of her, we broke her out of her shell. I asked her if she would mind if I stayed naked beside her on the way home. Monica picked up on this theme and suggested that it could be fun if she and I sat on either side of her. We had both deduced that she was bisexual and she brightened up considerably, especially when Monica briefly revealed that she wasn't wearing anything under her skirt. This was the first time I saw Olivia smile and I gave Monica a look of gratitude for being so brave. There was nobody behind us and the others were riding in front of us but I admired Monica's courage. Olivia smiled and waved when the others stopped to allow us to catch up with them.

"Go ahead guys. We're just chatting. Need a nature stop, anyway!" She giggled and whispered. "There's some bushes over there." Pointing to a grove of trees just off the trail. "Anyone else?" She swung off her saddle and scampered behind the bushes and crouched low while Monica and I held her horse. By the time she re-emerged, smiling and relieved, Monica and I had decided to invite her to the beach to meet our other young friends. It was obvious that Arnold was more involved with her other friends and we rode alone for the rest of the way, getting to know Olivia better.

When we turned the last bend and could see the office/stable area the boot of Arnold's car was open and he was setting up the larger camera that he had used on the beach yesterday. Dárcy rode up to meet us and accompanied us back to the office which, luckily for Olivia, was quite deserted by the previous standards. Only the owner's wife and two workers were in the immediate area, producing an audible sigh of relief from Olivia as she dismounted and handed over the reins of her horse. Arnold took more footage of our parting conversations with the staff before he gave Olivia and I the signal that the shooting was over for now.

Now that she was becoming more comfortable with her nakedness she walked slowly back to the car with me and put on her bra, squeezing her large mammaries as she front hooked the cups together. She certainly needed support. I thought she must be at least a D cup. Briefly considering her G string panties, she packed them away into her handbag and simply slipped on her short dress.

"Feels better without them anyway." She qualified coyly as she straightened up her clothing with a smile, appearing decidedly more confident and ready for whatever else Arnold had in mind for future assignments.

Monica and Arnold packed their gear away and we sped off to the next location. Arnold was pleased with all of us and didn't appear too surprised that I hadn't bothered to dress again. I merely placed my single garment on the rear parcel shelf and followed Olivia into the back seat, leaving space for Monica on the other side of Olivia.

To Be Continued...

* * * * *

My thanks to all the wonderful people who have voted and particularly those who took the time to E mail me with all their helpful comments and advice. Those that gave return E mail addresses have all been replied to. Much appreciated. Barbara.

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