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Abduction Fantasy


Not long ago, you & I were talking about some fantasies we hadn't played out yet. Abduction was one of them, and if we were going through with it, we'd make it as real as possible. This is what we did.

I started following you about two weeks ago. I would get up very early, dress in dark, almost military-styled clothing (concealed on my body was always a big, black military fighting knife), and drive to your apartment. I would park a block or two away, never on the same corner. This way you wouldn't see my car. I would take the canvas bag out of the trunk. In it were a roll of duct tape, about a dozen "zip-ties," a Polaroid camera, and lots of rope.

I would arrive at your apartment at 6 a.m., every day, and hide myself in some nearby foliage. Next I would get the camera ready, and wait for you to wake up. Every day I would take one photo of you sleeping, and watch and wait. Sometimes I was able to photograph you in the shower. And I would watch. Once I managed to photograph you masturbating. (I know you were thinking of me, about our little game). You are so beautiful. Last Wednesday, when you cut yourself slicing a bagel, I saw that too. And Friday, when your car wouldn't start, I wanted to help, but it wasn't part of the game.

You've known, since our game started, that I was somewhere nearby. But you didn't know where, you didn't know what I was doing. And you didn't know where or when I would strike.

When you were ready to leave for work, I would make my way quickly back to my car, and follow you. The first two days, I stayed, and watched for you. I learned when, where, and for how long you took your lunch break. I followed you home, and watched you for another hour. Then I would go home myself.

On the fifth day, I broke into your apartment. I could have used the key you'd given me, but I wanted this game to be as authentic as possible. So I broke in. I was in your room. I opened all your drawers, I searched for anything, everything. I took a pair of your panties, and a lacey bra. I put them in my bag. They would fit well into the "shrine" I had started. I found a diary, opened it. It read:

I know he's been stalking me. It's part of the game, I know, but ... It's a little scary. I thought that I would have seen him by now, figured out how he's playing the game, but he's too good at it. I never know where he is, if he's watching me. This is so exciting! I've started wearing less at home, maybe it will tease him into finishing the game soon. I don't know what he's going to do, the suspense is ...

Grinning, I put the diary back. I went into the living room. I folded the leg of one of your framed pictures, and laid it face down. I didn't want you to know I'd been there, but I wanted you to wonder.


It's now the thirteenth day of our little game. I know you've been wanting to ask me what I've been doing, but it's against the rules. This is the day I end the game.

In preparation, I've cleaned out and vacuumed the trunk of my car, and laid a thick blanket inside. I've shaved myself clean, something I've never done before, to add to the strangeness of what you're soon to experience. I've also gone to your apartment (again, breaking in, to continue in the spirit of the game) and packed some clean clothes and some toiletries. I had secured the uninterrupted use of a friend's cottage a week ago. You've never been there before. Today I've gone there, and cleaned all the furniture out of one of the bedrooms, and replaced it all with just a cot and a chair. I've also set up a rented video camera in one corner. I've dressed all in black military clothing, picked up my bag and knife, and gone to take you.

It is the first day of a long weekend, but you've had to work. I drive there, and wait. Just as the sun is setting, I see lights turning off in the building. I know you're coming out soon, so I get out of the car, take my bag and knife, and move quietly to a good hiding place near the door. When you come out, I follow you to your car. I notice that (fortunately) you're not dressed in expensive work clothes, but in a cheap T-shirt and jeans. When you reach into your purse for your keys, I make my move.

Masking the sound of my movement with the jingling of your keys, I draw my knife, and place it against your throat. You stop moving.

I whisper: "Don't move, don't scream, don't talk. Do exactly as I say. Do you understand?"

You nod.

I continue: "Good. Drop your purse. Drop your keys."

You do. I toss my bag onto the ground in front of you.

"Kneel!! ... Open the bag ... Tape your mouth ... Take a pair of the plastic loops ... tighten one around your wrist ... hands behind your back now ... good ..."

You do all of these things, and I pull the second zip-tie tight around your other wrist. Your hands are now quite secure. I can feel you shaking. (Is it excitement? Fear? Both?)

Again I whisper: "I'm taking the knife away now. Don't turn around, don't try to run. We're going to walk over there."

I direct you around the corner of the building, to where I've parked my car. I press you up against the trunk, lean you over it, and draw my knife again. You shudder a bit at the sound. "I want to see you," I whisper, as I bring the knife under your shirt, and cut it away. The tape on your mouth stifles a gasp as I cut away your bra as well. I sheath the knife. Your shirt becomes a blindfold.

Leaving you leaning over the trunk, I undo your belt and zipper, and pull your jeans and panties down to your ankles. I stand you up, turn you around, and open the trunk. Taking a length of rope out of my bag, I tie your legs together just below the knee, and force you into the trunk. Your shoes, jeans, socks, and panties I remove the rest of the way, and taking another looped pair of zip-ties, secure your ankles. I close the trunk.

I go back over to your car, and retrieve your purse and keys, make sure it is safely locked. When I return, I can hear your struggling, your muffled cries. I smile, knowing you're just playing the game. ---------- The drive out to the prepared cottage usually takes about a half an hour. I take my time, take some back roads, and arrive in about 45 minutes. I back right up to the door, get out of the car and go inside. I put your purse and the bag I had packed into the second bedroom; in the prepared room, I turn on the lights and video camera. When I get back to the car, I check to make sure no one is around, open the trunk, and sling your excited, frightened, beautiful body over my shoulders, and carry you into the room I've prepared.

I throw you, roughly, face-down, on the cot. You lay there, shaking a just little, for a moment. I smack your ass - HARD. Your cries of surprise are still muffled by the tape over your mouth. I lean next to your ear and whisper: "I'm taking the tape off your mouth now. There's no one to hear you." I pull the tape off, roughly, and quickly smack your ass again. I love to hear you whimper, in both arousal and pain, when I do this.

I grab your hair, force you to sit up. This stage of the game has been going on for nearly an hour, and you still haven't seen me, or heard me speak in a natural voice. You ask who I am, perhaps uncertain if this actually is our game, or a real abduction. I reply by smacking you across the cheek - not hard, just enough to sting. I unzip my pants, and place my very hard dick at your lips. "Open your mouth," I whisper. When you do, I begin to fuck your mouth. Slowly at first, but deeper and a little faster at every thrust. Before long you are deep-throating me. When my unusually hairless groin hits your face the first time, you try and cry out, in dismay, certain that this not me. You struggle, but I have your hair. Your struggles to breathe, cry out, escape, only excite me more. Grabbing your hair with both hands, I thrust deep in your throat one more time, and cum.

I quickly tape your mouth again, and push you back, face-down, onto the cot. Taking some short lengths of rope, I tie loops around each wrist and ankle, before cutting away the zip-ties and securing the ropes to the corners of the cot. Another loop of rope goes over the back of your neck, to ensure you don't try to turn your head, before I remove the blindfold and tape. I am still behind you as I take off my clothes, and straddle the cot. You have no choice, as I take you from behind. You are so wet, I impale you totally on the first stroke. It isn't long before you're trying to push back against me, fucking me back. I can hear your breathing. your moaning, getting louder. You cum silently, but your whole body shakes.

I stop, and place the head of my dick against your ass. THIS is something we hadn't talked about. You tense briefly, then relax, knowing I could do it to you whether you wanted it or not. Before I know it, I'm all the way in, fucking your ass slowly. I can't hold out much longer, I lean forward and begin lightly choking you. It is enough. Between the fear, the excitement, the new sensations we've shared today ... we climax nearly simultaneously.

In a few minutes, I get up, and let you loose. You see the video camera and grin devilishly.

I spend the rest of the evening pampering you; we fall asleep together in a hammock in the yard, watching the stars.

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