tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAbduction No. 08

Abduction No. 08

bychris 44©

This is the eighth instalment in the tale of Tina Featherstone's abduction and training before being sold into the worldwide sex trade. If you haven't already done so, I recommend that you read the earlier chapters and bring yourselves up to speed with the story.

Feedback and suggestions for future storylines are always welcome. Please remember though, this is a work of fiction.


Somehow, knowing she had Henson's cock inside her was a comfort to Tina. Despite her growing conviction that he'd been lying about almost everything, he was still the only one of her abductors who'd shown her any semblance of sympathy. Even when he was fucking her, he seemed to do it with a tenderness that bordered almost on affection. Maybe he was just putting on a show, then again maybe it was all in her imagination, but Tina needed something to hang on to and right now that something was Henson.

With a growing horror she realised her body was close to betraying her again. Though bound tightly across the bed, her hips were lifting and moving in a natural response to the steady driving thrust of Henson's cock. Her movements didn't go unnoticed, and as the cameras moved in to catch the moment in close up, she heard the bearded one's laughter.

"Fuck me," he said, "look at the way she's moving. You're really starting to enjoy this aren't you Tina."

"Dirty little cunt," was the accountant's harsh assessment.

Tina shivered; his comment was too close to the truth for her liking, summing up in three short words the way she felt about herself. A couple of days earlier Snake and Henson had combined to give her the most intense experience of her life. Now she was gritting her teeth and trying to ensure the same pair didn't bring her off a second time. If that didn't make her a 'dirty little cunt', she didn't know what would. Without Snake's cock buried in her throat, she knew her moans of pleasure would have given her away long before now.

Open eyed she stared at Snake's testicles slapping into her face as he slid that long cock of his in and out of her throat. Concentrating on their ugliness and the harsh, sweaty odour of his groin, she tried to take her mind off the need for fulfilment building inside her brain. For some reason she chose to remember the lyrics to one of her favourite songs, Madonna – 'I'm a virgin.' Hardly the most appropriate choice given the circumstances, particularly when her mind kept changing the words. Instead of 'kissed for the very first time' they kept coming out as 'fucked for the very first time.' Only this wasn't the first time they'd fucked Tina, and it certainly wouldn't be the last.

If they'd realised how close she was to cumming, there's no way she could have resisted them. For the moment though they were more interested in their own pleasure and continued to use Tina's body to satisfy their own selfish needs. She felt Henson thrusting harder and lifted her hips as far as the ropes would allow. Alternately tightening and relaxing the muscles of her vaginal wall, she massaged his cock until it began to pulse crazily inside her. As though from far away she heard the long, drawn-out cry of triumph as he finally emptied his balls into her.

A moment later and Snake followed suit, ejaculating his own sperm deep into her throat. The harsh roughness of his pubic hairs ground into her lips as he struggled to force his cock as far down her throat as it would go. Then he too was spent. He pulled out, leaving Tina gasping for breath as she struggled to swallow the cum he'd lodged in her throat.

For a short while her torment eased, but not so that of her parents. Unnoticed by its subject the camera moved slowly across her face. Picking out the string of cum trickling from her lips. The camera tracked it down her face to the corner of her eye where it gathered in increasing quantities until Tina seemed to be weeping tears of human sperm every time she blinked.

Moving across her body, the camera lingered on her breasts, highlighting the savage red welts left by the whip, one of which blazed angrily across her nipple and seemed to have drawn flecks of blood to the surface. Her stomach was criss-crossed by the evidence of her beating; whether deliberately or by some freaky design of nature, the marks left on her belly angled down towards her sex in a series of V's, pointing the way to pleasure. They highlighted her pussy, wide open now, noticeably redder and angrier than it had been in the earlier close-ups.

Tina's body was still shifting uneasily in her restraints. The pleasure of Henson cumming so hard inside her was still fresh in her mind and her open cunt pulsed steadily, until his sperm began leaking out of her with each new spasm. The camera followed the slippery trail down the crack in her arse, watching as it dripped from her body and soaked into the duvet cover beneath her.

Tina's parents thought their daughter's torment was over, but they were wrong. What they'd witnessed so far was merely the opening gambit of a long, long night; a fact that was soon brought to their attention. The camera pulled back to show Tina lying open-legged across the bed, and that nondescript voice began discussing the numerous other pleasures that still awaited her.

"She's doing really well isn't she your little girl?" it began. "I guess you'll have to take my word for it, but she's quite an exceptional fuck. I get the impression she enjoys taking cock and believe me she'll be taking a lot more before the night's over." He paused; his next comment was clearly aimed at Tina.

"You've got cum on your lips sweetheart, why don't you lick it off before we go any further. Shame to waste it."

Her parents watched in disbelief as Tina's pink tongue exited her mouth and licked her lips several times before swallowing. "Good girl," he said, " now we can get on with the rest of tonight's entertainment."

The camera pulled back slightly, and a hand came into shot. The hand was Henson's, and it was holding a hypodermic syringe.

"I think you'll find this interesting," the voice went on, "I know we will. This is something new as far as we're concerned, but it's something they use a lot on the continent I'm told. We've never tried it before but it comes highly recommended by people who have."

The camera pulled back further until it covered Tina's upper arm as well as her face beyond. The room was silent as the tourniquet was tightened. Henson's fingers flicked at the vein in her arm until he felt she was ready. Her parents watched the needle slide into the swollen vein and the thumb press down slowly, forcing the contents of the hypo into her bloodstream. There was a delayed action effect of three or four seconds before Tina's head turned towards the injection site. At first she seemed merely puzzled, but then a brief flash of pain registered the delivery of the drug into her system.

"I can't tell you what it's called I'm afraid; it's still banned in this country. But I can tell you what it does. It should give Tina a new lease of life." He paused. The full dose had been delivered, the needle was withdrawn and the wound wiped with an antiseptic swab. The tourniquet was released and the camera moved in, concentrating on Tina's eyes, watching for the first signs that the drug was taking effect as the voice continued with its explanation.

"They're using it regularly in the sex trade now," he went on, "especially in Eastern

Europe and the Far East. Whores like Tina are big business over there and this stuff gives them an extra boost. It keeps up their strength and allows them to be abused harder, and for much longer periods. That's why Tina wanted to test it for us, to see how long she can keep fucking us before her body gives up the ghost. So your little girl isn't just a film star, she's a scientific researcher as well. Good eh?"

The camera jumped slightly and zoomed right in on Tina's eyes. Suddenly they seemed larger, and the pupils were dilating rapidly.

"There," he said, the hint of triumph in his voice was unmistakeable. "Did you see that? I think it's working already, almost time to put her back to work." The voice paused, "there are some interesting side effects to using this stuff though. It works on her nervous system for instance; it's said to make her body much more sensitive to pain. Why don't we do a little research of our own?"

A large hand reached out and began squeezing her breasts. Significantly he selected her blood-flecked nipple for his demonstration, twisting it hard and tearing a shrill shriek from Tina's lips.

"Hmmm," said the voice. "That sounds promising, I wonder if her clit's as sensitive as her tits; let's find out shall we?"

The hand moved across her body and when two fingers rolled her clit between them and began to squeeze his action prompted an equally extreme reaction from the girl. Even in her ropes, Tina's body twisted wildly and she began to babble incoherently. Her parents couldn't believe what they were hearing.

"Pleeeease," she seemed to be saying, "fuck me again. Fuck me again, I like it, do it to me again pleeease."

Of course that wasn't what she'd actually said. The tape had been extensively doctored and all four of the 'dont's' had been edited out of the original. Unless you were an expert it was almost impossible to see, or hear the join though you could clearly hear the laughter in the bearded one's voice.

"I think she's about ready for the next session don't you? The injection seems to be working nicely, so let's give her what she's begging for. I think we'll string her up in the other room and then she can start fucking us all over again. With that drug inside her, she should be good for another hour or two at least. I'm afraid she's going to find it pretty hard, but in her line of work it's important she knows just how much punishment her body can take."

Tina's parents stared at each other as the ropes securing their daughter to the bed were released, and Tina was dragged, stumbling back into the main room. Over in the corner, where the sofa had once stood, two ropes had been looped through a pair of heavy-duty eyes bolted into the ceiling some three feet apart and hung down towards the floor.

The ropes were fastened round her wrists and the slack taken up, hauling Tina's arms upwards and outwards above her head. She groaned in discomfort as her ankles were similarly secured to hooks embedded in the floor spreading her legs wide. It took them several minutes to make the necessary adjustments but, finally, she was left struggling on the end of her ropes. Her heels were in the air, and she swayed uneasily as she struggled to maintain contact with the floor and ease the pain in her shoulders and arms.

They let her hang there for several minutes, her vulnerability framed large on the TV screen as the camera panned slowly across her body. Her father was praying the police would arrive and put an end to this nightmare, because he didn't have the strength to do it himself. He took a glance at the clock standing on the mantelpiece. The police seemed to be taking an awfully long time to respond.

Tina's eyes were huge. Dark, empty pools of liquid pain, they stared across the room at her tormentors, at the five cocks lined up and eager to make her acquaintance once more. Already hard, they were keen for the assault on her to be renewed and, once more, it was the big man who got things under way. The same man who'd pinned her up against the wall and fucked her to get the evening's entertainment under way.

Stepping forward, he ran his hands up and down her body before sliding his fingers deep into her cunt. It was still slippery from the sperm leaking out of her, and he used it to lubricate her arse. Her parents recognised his intention long before Tina began writhing on the end of her ropes shrieking and trying to keep him away from her.

The ropes restricted her movement less than those on the bed had done, but they allowed her no room for manoeuvre. The frantic twisting merely upset her balance and she began swaying wildly as the big man moved in behind her. Reaching round her waist he grabbed her hips and pulled her back onto his rigid prick. Within a matter of seconds he was driving it into her arse in a series of short, stabbing movements until its full length was buried inside her.

"Oh Tina that's good...so good...so good." And all the while the camera lens continued to record her suffering with utter indifference.

He paused, and for a moment Tina's screaming quietened to a tremulous, whipped dog, whimpering; but it was only for a moment. With his cock secure inside her, the big man leant back slightly, lifting her with him. The ropes around her ankles tightened and had the effect of spreading her legs even wider, making her all the more inviting to the watching men. The big man looked across at them and smiled.

"Right," he said, "would any of you gentlemen care to join us?"

Her cunt looked red and raw even in the dark surround of her pubic hair, but it made an inviting target. Snake was the first to react, stepping forward to take advantage of the big man's invitation. Angling his cock up between her thighs, he slid it deep into her body in one quick movement. Tina's mouth opened to scream but all that came out of it was one long, agonised gasp of despair.

With the big man holding her in place, the pair of them fucked into her with a renewed savagery. It was like riding a seesaw; one going up as the other came down, and, as the rhythm built, their hands roamed across her body like a rash. They made Tina look, and feel, like a piece of garbage, the helpless filling in a slender fuck sandwich. And along with the rape came the pain. The drugs were having the desired effect and as the two men used her, Tina's screaming filled the room, soaking into the walls and seeming to go on forever.

Her dark eyes widened further, and she stared at the other three as they stood in a semi-circle, watching with interest as they waited their turn on the human seesaw. All of them, even Tina, realised that the drug she'd been given had taken their assault to another level. Her eyes locked onto Henson's, and there they stayed. There was something in his face that might have been concern. Tina knew she needed something to hang onto if she was going to survive this latest assault, and tonight he was it.

Her body swung back and forth on the end of her ropes as the two men continued to hump into her, and the sounds that escaped her mouth were more animal than human. The rhythmic swaying of her body, her huge, scared eyes, her whimpering mouth and her arms stretching towards the ceiling made a disturbing tableau. Tina seemed almost to be granting them absolution for the obscenities they were visiting on her, yet still they continued to fuck her. Those final few minutes were a crazy free for all, as the pair of them ravaged her mercilessly in an effort to wring every last ounce of satisfaction from her torment.

When Snake's orgasm arrived, it came crashing over him in waves. His legs buckled beneath him, and for a moment he clung to Tina rather than suffer the indignity of collapsing in a heap on the floor. The extra weight threatened to tear her shoulders from their sockets and she groaned loudly. Slowly, reluctantly, Snake slipped out of her and stepped away only for the accountant to take his place. Answering the bearded one's earlier invitation he took his turn between Tina's legs and sunk his cock into her with relish.

Leaning forward he sucked her damaged nipple into his mouth and bit down hard. Tina's reaction was immediate, her body arched and her scream came bouncing off the walls for a good twenty seconds. Lifting his head he smiled into her face before leaning forward and whispering into her ear.

"You're dirt," he said, "just one more filthy little cunt for me to play with." Tina knew he was right, and the tears began rolling down her face.

For the best part of an hour Tina remained impaled on the bearded one's cock while the remaining three men took her one after the other. Henson was the last, he was her only hope, and though she daren't use her voice, her eyes were screaming out to him throughout her ordeal.

"Help me!" They were saying, "for god's sake help me."

All he could do was stare back at her and watch her being raped. Though he smiled once, it was the briefest of smiles, when he thought no one was watching. The accountant took a full ten minutes to fuck her to orgasm, and again it was his orgasm, not hers. The accountant bit her again as he came, on the shoulder this time, and when he finally slid out of her she was left hanging limply on the end of her ropes. All her strength was gone. Her mind was teetering on the brink of insanity.

Henson was the last to take her, and he took her swiftly, as though eager to get it over with as quickly as possible. As he came inside her he leant forward and whispered into her ear.

"I'm so sorry," he said, making it look as though he was chewing her ear as he did so. This time the big man timed his orgasm to coincide with Henson's. All Tina could do was hang there and stare at the ceiling as they came inside her.

"Oh God," she murmured, "of God...oh God...oh God..."

She was already close to breaking point, in body as well as in mind, yet it soon became clear they hadn't finished with her. Something long and hard was driven into her fiery arse, filling it completely. The accountant stepped in front of her and showed her a vibrator. Only this was like no vibrator that Tina had ever seen before; huge, with an evil looking attachment. He forced it into her cunt, laying the attachment tight against her clit before taping them both into position with a long strip of sticking plaster that ran from her navel, down between her legs and halfway up her back. There was no way these bastards were going to work loose. They were deep inside her body, and there they would stay.

The bearded one was holding some sort of device. It looked like the remote control for an advanced Television and he watched Tina closely as he turned it over and over in his hand, gauging her reactions. Her eyes followed his thumb as it moved across the buttons and, deep inside her, Tina felt the two vibrators hum into life. The remote device controlled both their speed and their power, and as the attachment began to stimulate her clit, Tina could feel her body beginning to twitch on the end of its ropes.

She could feel her stomach muscles alternately tensing and relaxing as he teased her slowly towards her inevitable climax. He took a long time doing it, but when she finally came, her head jerked back sharply and her whole body bucked and writhed on her ropes like some insane marionette. She seemed to be dancing with an unseen lover's cock buried deep inside her.

He persuaded her to dance that way for as long as she was able, and when the orgasm finally died, they let her hang, body trembling, on her ropes while they had a cup of coffee and discussed the obvious efficacy of the injection. They even went so far as to fetch the sofa in from the bedroom so they could sit back and watch Tina dancing in relative comfort. The physical side of their night was over; now it was up to Tina to show them how long she could continue to perform. Her legs would no longer hold her upright and, as her whole weight came onto her arms, she thought her shoulders were going to tear out of their sockets.

A few minutes later it was the mechanic who picked up the remote and asked her to dance for them again. For the first time, without realising it, Tina began to talk to them, though her words were short and simple.

"No," she was whispering, "please no more. No more. Leave me alone, I can't take any more."

But their response to her whispered pleas was always the same - laughter. The remote control would be passed along the line. Deep inside her body, Tina would feel the vibrators hum into life and once more she would twitch and tremble on the end of her ropes. Oh, and how she danced for them that night. Her slim body squirming and writhing to the twin tunes of orgasmic desire the vibrators were playing inside her. Again and again she danced her way to a shrill and shattering climax and, eventually into unconsciousness. As she did so the five men masturbated openly in front of her and decorated her body with their copious seed.

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