tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAbduction Of Passion Ch. 1

Abduction Of Passion Ch. 1


Turning off the water, Ashley wrapped a towel around her nude body, and stepped out of the tub. Drying herself as she walked out of the bathroom and in to her bedroom. She threw the towel in to the hamper, as she walked naked to the dresser. Surveying her image in the mirror, Ashley thought she looked pretty good for a women going on 30. Ashley had wavy reddish brown hair that cascaded past her shoulders. Her face was the color of cream, with large brown eyes and pouty lips. She had a firm body with full up thrust breast and a tight behind, she carried herself on a pair of long and shapely legs.

Pulling out a sheer robe from her dresser, Ashley slipped it on. She enjoyed the cool feeling of the silk against her skin. She walked over to the bed where her husband, Bill, was snoring in a deep sleep. Ashley shook his shoulder in an attempt to wake him. When he didn't get up she shook him harder "Bill wake up, You're going to miss your flight" Slowly Bill rubbed his eyes, and got out of bed. Giving his wife a peak on the cheek, he staggered to the bathroom.

Ashley made the bed, then went down stairs to get Bills breakfast. Today Bill was going out of town on one of those three days business trip of his. Though Ashley had a good marriage, some thing was missing from it. Probably she wasn't as deeply in love with Bill as she had thought, or maybe Bill was to busy, that when they did have sex, the sex wasn't satisfying. She doesn't know what it is, but some thing was definitely missing in her marriage.

A few minutes after Bill left, Ashley got a phone call from her best friend Pam.


"Hey Ash, watcha up to?"

"Oh hi Pam, nothing much, Bill just left for a trip and he wont be back for a few days"

"So did you give Bill his usual good-bye fuck?" Pam ask as she giggled in to the phone

"If you must know, yes I did"

"And how was it?"

"Like how it always is" Ashley replied with a sigh "He would play with my tits for about two minutes, then climb on me, he would fuck me for two minutes, then cum, rolls over and goes to sleep, while I finish myself of with my vibrator."

Pam explodes in to laughter. Trying to regain her breath she replied in a mocking tone "awww you poor baby, I never did know how u can stand to be with one man for so long, especially if he is bad in bed. I told you I can find you a guy that can fuck your brains out."

"Thanks but not thanks honey." Ashley said shaking her head "I am not the cheating type. Bill might be lousy in bed but at least his faithful." Holding the phone between her shoulder and ear, Ashley took off her robe and dropped it to the ground. Then plopping herself on the couch. "speaking of being faithful, how long has it been since the last time you were faithful to your husband Pam?"

"Mmmm for about a week I think" Pam said licking her lips "I tried, but then there was this really cute pool guy that came over"

Ashley rolled her eyes, god her best friend was such a slut. "ok so tell me what happed"

"well it was two days ago" Pam started with a grin on her face as she recall her sexual adventure by the pool a few days ago. "Something or other happened to the pool man that usually clean our pool, so he sent a replacement. And let me tell you this new pool guy is a sight to die for. Tall and blond with a body that would make Hercules jealous. So naturally I would prance around him in my most skimpy bikini. You know the one I'm talking about right? the one with the see through bottom and Just two flowers that barley cover my nipple as the top."

"yeah I know" Ashley replied anxiously "now get back to what happen with you and this pool guy."

"OK OK" Pam said "I was just so happened to be sun bathing while he was cleaning the pool. It was a real sunny day so I ask him to come over and rub some sun block on me, of course he was happy to do it. He came over and sat down one the chair as he began to apply the sun block to my back. I felt his hand linger on my ass as he put the sun block there, then he rubbed some on the back on my thighs and leg. Well, as I was about to turn around my hand "accidentally" touched his crouch and he was so hard" Pam could hear Ashley laughing over the reliever. Though they were best friends the two girls were completely different. For one thing even though they were married, Pam was always promiscuous. As for Ashley though her sex life wasn't all that great, she tries to remain faithful.

"yeah right, your hand just "accidentally" fell on his crotch long enough to feel his erection." Ashley stated sarcastically rolling her eyes.

"Ok so may be it wasn't an accident, but he sure had a big cock. Any ways... I felt him as I turned over, then my top just "accidentally" dropped. I forget was it by accident or was it on purpose, but he sure got a good view of it. I told him that I was feeling a little horny- OOPS I mean tired- and if he would be so kind as to rub some sun block on my chest, I'd be much oblige. Of course he happily agreed. He was massaging my breast with the sun block when he started to play with my nipples, and damn it felt so good. So instinctively I reached out my hand and unzipped his pants, then I took out his cock and started to wank it. And boy let me tell you- it was a huge cock. After awhile he moved his hand lower and rubbed more sun block on my tummy. Ashley let me tell you my pussy was so wet."

"Pam you are such a slut" Ashley murmured

Shrugging her shoulders Pam replied "Yeah I know, but I can't help myself, I just love sex. Let me get back to the story. He was putting sun block on my tummy as I was wanking him off. He dipped his head and sucked one of my nipples as his hand travel south." Pam took out her vibrator as she recalled the memory "I think he added more sun block to his fingers before he started to play with my clit- I'm not really sure. Well he fingered my clit for a while before he climbed on top of me and pull the crotch of my panties aside and started to fuck me, and fuck me and fuck me. It was soooo good. I started to move harder and harder as my screams got louder. He had exceptional stamina. He held back till I came then pulled out and came all over my tits. After that he rubbed the cum and mixed it with the sun block. We jumped in the pool and screwed around for awhile. Come to think of it the pool never really got cleaned that day." Panting loudly as she was about to cum, Pam dropped the receiver and grabbed the vibrator, jamming it harder on to her cunt.

"Pam? Are you Ok" Ashley asked "PAM! what the hell are you doing, Hello?

"yeah.... yeah I'm still here, sorry about that" Pam gasped as she try to regain her breath.

"Where the hell did you go" Ashley snapped

Pam laughed lightly, as she tasted her juices on her fingers "Oh it was nothing, I dropped the receiver. I was masturbating with the vibrator and I was about to cum. So it was either I drop the phone or drop the vibrator and I decided the phone had to go.

"My god, You're not a slut." Ashley laughed

"Then tell me, friend, what am I" Pam ask

"What you are my friend is a bona fide, gold medal, nymphomaniac." Ashley teased as she looked at her watch. "Oh I have to go. Need to pick up some things for my mother at the store. With Bill out of town, I figure I'll spend the day with her. I'll talk to you later."

"ok, bye" Pam stated

"Oh and Pam, try to not cheat while I'm gone." Ashley teased.

"Ok I'll try, but I cant promise any thing. You know how my pussy gets when I see a hansom guy" Pam retorted with a laugh.

I can't believe how fast times goes by, Ashley thought to her self. Its already been three days since Bill left. He'll be home to night and she was making his favorite dinner. She put every thing in the oven and decided to take a quick nap before Bill comes home, it will be at least 4 hours till the turkey is done.

When Ashley finely woke up, she had a pounding headache. Looking around Ashley got up slowly. Her head was heavy and spinning so she had to sit up in bed for a while. That was when she notice that she was naked, and in a strange room. Looking around the room Ashley notice that it was a very sensual looking room. Nicely furnished, with a very large bed that she was sitting on. Ashley reached out to touch the cool silk sheet that covered her lower body. It was soft and shiny, the color of a dark burgundy.

There was a knock on the door and a women came in, carrying in her arms a white piece of cloth and a gold color rope. "The master has instructed you to wear this mum" the women said barring a heavy accent.

"y-your master? who is your master? and where am I" Ashley ask as she stood up from the bed. She had to grab on to the head post to steady her self as the room spin around her. The women came over and draped the cloth over Ashley's shoulders, arranging it so that it was like a toga, and securing it with the gold rope. With out looking Ashley could tell that this garment is very short. It came all the way up her thigh, barely covering her butt.

The women came over and took Ashley's hand, leading her to the dresser. Ashley gasp as she saw in the mirror that the toga only covered one breast, the other was out in plane view. The women motion for Ashley to sit down in the plush chair in front of the mirror, as she started to do Ashley's hair. The women seemed to be very skilled in what she was doing, in no time at all she had Ashley's hair up in a beautiful twist. Helping her up, the woman replied "please follow me mum, the master is waiting."

"where are we going" Ashley inquired

"The master has requested you present in his bed chamber." the women replied courtly. That was the last thing she said to Ashley when the women lead her down the hall and up some stairs. Ashley was lead to the front of double doors, and the women knocked on it.

"yes" came a male voice from inside

"Miss Ashley is here sir." the women stated

"Ok Yvette, please have her come in here please" Said the voice from inside the door. Yvette push the door open and ushered Ashley in, then turned around and walked out and silently shut it.

Ashley stood with her back to the close doors. Looking around she notice that this room could possibly be as big as her house. There was an extremely large four post bed, covered in what seemed like a mixture of black silk and velvet. Ashley's eyes went around the room taking in all the furniture and decorations. Her eyes travel to the ceiling, that was when she notice that the ceiling was covered with mirrors. Wow she thought to herself this is a very erotic room "hmm I hope you like what you see." said a man from the far corner of the room. Ashley looked over to where the voice came from, and there was a man sitting in a hot tub looking at her. Ashley's first thought was damn this guy has a hot tub in his bed room, he must be very rich. Her next thought was that this man is certainly the handsomest man she has ever seen.

"Come in Ashley, please make your self comfortable" The man said from inside the tub

"who-who are you?" Ashley ask as advance slowly to the hot tub. "please tell me where I am?" she said as she reached the edge of the tub. She could see steam coming out of the tub, and Ashley wondered if the heat she felt was coming from the tub or was it from the gorgeously naked man from with in the tub.

"My name is Jacque, and you my love, you are in my home. One of the most erotic manors in the world. Every room in this place was built and decorated distinctly for passion, I hope you find your stay here very enjoyable."

"why am I here" with out answering her, Jacque got out of the tub, dripping wet he walked over to Ashley. He seemed so comfortable standing there in front of a stranger in total nudity. While Ashley, feeling very embarrassed, could not take her eyes from his body. She stood there staring at him with wide eyes, and a slightly dropped jaw. Coming face to face with Ashley, Jacque put a finger under her chin and closed her mouth. "i want to go home" Ashley stated.

"I am sorry Ashley" Jacque said "But I think it will be a very long while before you get to go home."

"but why? y-y-you cant keep me here"

Looking at the breast that was not covered by the toga, Jacque took a finger and trace lines around Ashley's breast. He gave a secret smile as he heard her gasp and saw her nipple tighten and puckered out. "Actually I can. But I so would prefer it if you were stay here at your own free will, I would hate to use force on such a pretty lady." Jacque bent his head in an attempt to take the nipple in his mouth so that he can have a taste of here delicious breast, but Ashley angrily jerked her self away from him. Jacque looked up with a growl on his hansom face.

"Don't touch me you bastard" Ashley snapped coldly. "Who the hell do you think you are? You cant keep me here! Look, I am leaving and I am leaving NOW!." With that Ashley turned on her heals and stomped out the room. She open the door and there was Yvette, with two other guys blocking her exit. The two men that came with Yvette each took a hold of one of Ashley's arm and dragged her to a wall and pinned her there, while Yvette put a pair of heavy steel ankle cuffs around her ankles. Ashley struggle as hard as she can, but to no avail, she could not free herself from the men. And with in the matter of a few minute, Yvette got the cuffs securely around her ankles. The two men dropped Ashley to the ground with a thud and followed Yvette out of the room.

Picking her self off of the ground Ashley attempt to walk to the door, but the cuffs on her ankle were to heavy, she only got a few yards before her leg began to wobble and she had to sit down. "I really hate chaining you down Ashley, but it is impossible for me to let you go right now." Jacque replied sympathetically as he moved closer to Ashley. "So why don't you just make the best of things and try to enjoy your stay here, maybe me and you can have a little fun together." Looking down at here Jacque stroked her hair. Bending his head he took Ashley's mouth between his. Ashley clamped her teeth over his lip, Jacque pushed her away with a low growl, he licked his lips tasting the trickle of blood. Jacque narrowed his eyes when he saw the satisfying smirk on Ashley's face. "don't worry, I wont touch you Ashley, unless you ask me to"

Picking up Ashley in his arms Jacque walked over to the tub, all the while Ashley was fighting with all her might to get free of his grasp. "Put me down you crazy idiot! I don't know who the hell you are, and I don't care. If I ever get our of here I will see you in jail for the rest of your life... you-you blubbering bastard!!" Jacque stepped in to the hot tub with Ashley in his arms, he set her down on her feet. Tugging the gold rope at her waist Jacque undid her toga and let it fall on to the water of the tub. They stared at the cloth floating around on the steamy water.

Cupping his hand, Jacque got some water and poured it on Ashley's breast. He stared as the drops of water dribble from her chest and down to her breast, then resting on her semi erect nipple before it fell back in to the tub. Jacque took the cloth that was Ashley's toga and used it as a wash cloth. He added some soap and began to gently scrub her arms and shoulders, then Jacque lathered up the clothe and wipe it across her breast. Making circular motions around Ashley's tit, taking extra time on clean her nipple. Ashley face remained emotionless as she watched Jacque bathe her, but her eyes and nipples betrayed her expression, they told Jacque that she was aroused as much as he was.

Walking around to stand behind Ashley, Jacque began to lather and scrub her back, giving Ashley a gentle massage. Despite what Ashley wanted, she had to admit that she was beginning to like this bath. Jacque massaged her entire back, then he moved his hand to knead and massage her butt, god this guy has magical hands, Ashley thought to herself. Jacque trailed his hands from Ashley's butt down to her thighs, and moved his hand to the front caressing her soft inner thighs. Jacque's index finger slipped in to the lips of Ashley's pussy, giving her a thorough "cleaning."

Jacque pretended that he doesn't notice that Ashley was getting wet between her legs, and he tried to ignore her when she leaned against him, and rubbed her bottom against his cock. Ashley let out a soft moan signaling that she was about to reach an orgasm. Jacque rubbed his finger around the inside of Ashley's pussy lips for a few more seconds, just before Ashley was about to go over the edge with a powerful orgasm, Jacque stopped.

"Ok... You're done with your bath, Yvette will be in in a few minute to dress you. If you need any thing at all feel free to ask her, she is here to serve you." Jacque picked him self out of the tub, with a satisfied smile on his lips, walked naked out of the room, leaving a trail of water behind him.

Putting a hand on the wall of the pool to steady herself, Ashley was half consumed with frustration and half from anger. Who was this guy. He was the most arrogant man she has ever met, not to mention the most sexy and arousing man on the face of the earth, Ashley thought to her self. A few minute later Yvette come in with towel to dry Ashley and dress her for bed, Ashley climbed in to bed pissed off and horny.

Ashley woke up the next morning a little cranky, but still very aroused. Though she had masturbated before closing her eyes last night, she drifted in and out of erotic dreams, which caused her simmering passion to boil over the top again. She knew what she needed and she knew who she needed it from, but the question is how is she going to get it. so she sat down and tried to figure out how to seduce her abductor. Bye the time lunch rolled around, Ashley had the perfect plane to get back at this Jacque guy- and in the mean time satisfying herself.

to be continued....

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