tagSci-Fi & FantasyAbduction of Stanley Sprocket

Abduction of Stanley Sprocket


Stanley Sprocket woke up wondering where he was, what happened and how he got there. The last thing he remembered was being in his workshop early in the morning, when suddenly everything started to spin around, and he blacked out. When he woke up, he was lying on a couch or bed or gurney of some kind in a dimly lit room. His reflexive attempts to move or get up were futile, because he was tightly strapped in place.

"Hey! Where am I?" he asked of anybody who might be around.

The response was for the lights to brighten and a door in the end of the small room to open. A figure, clad in what appeared to be some kind of uniform entered and, as she neared Stanley, he could see the stranger was a tall and very attractive woman. She reminded him of Lieutenant Uhura of the original Star Trek episodes, with her dark brown skin and short, black hair, except she was slightly older and more voluptuous. The newcomer had a businesslike manner and appearance as she approached him, and she spoke in a manner that was precise and professional.

"Good morning, Mr. Sprocket. I am Medical Officer O'Hara. I'm sure you will have some questions about where you are and why you are here. During my examination of you, I will be glad to answer any of them than I can."

"Thank you, Doctor. First, where am I?"

"You are aboard the observer space ship Centerprize."

"Space ship! What am I doing here?"

"I don't know all the details, but I understand there is a computer malfunction in the controls, and nobody here can repair it. You are well known to us as a computer genius, so you were beamed aboard to perform the repairs."

"Me? A computer genius?"

Stanley was actually being rather coy, rather than truly modest. He was not completely shocked at being so described, because he was aware of his rare talent at working with computers, and how he could get them to do things that most people wouldn't even consider possible. Even so, he was surprised and quite gratified at having this ability of his recognized by people who operated space ships.

During the conversation, the medical officer had unbuttoned his shirt, pulled his undershirt up around his neck and started attaching electrodes to various parts of Stanley's torso. At first, all her movements were crisp and precise and extremely impersonal but, as she continued making the preparations, her hands seemed to be caressing him almost as much as preparing to perform the diagnostic procedures. The doctor's voice, as she spoke to him, was getting softer and she seemed to be breathing harder and more deeply.

"You know," she almost purred. "I think it would be much better for us if we do this in a more traditional way."

Medical Officer O'Hara removed the electronic connections and reached into a drawer to extract a stethoscope, which she rested against her ample chest after inserting the earpieces. She bent over Stanley and listened to his heart and lungs. While one hand held and moved the listening device, the other lovingly stroked the bare skin of his body, and her fingers even explored gently under the waistband of his pants. He had undergone medical examinations before, some of them by female doctors, but none of those previous physicians had ever seemed to get so personal with him, or had touched him in such caressing ways. Because of the doctor being as easy to look at as she was, Stanley didn't object, but he was curious.

By the time she raised her head and replaced the stethoscope in the drawer, the medical officer was breathing rapidly and her smiling face was flushed. She removed her dark green blazer and pulled her white blouse out of the green skirt where it had been so neatly tucked, and unfastened some of the top buttons. Her large breasts seemed to welcome the relative liberty, and they bulged out above the black bra that had become visible.

"Stanley, you seem to be in really excellent shape, but we still need to examine you further."

The "further examination" started by unbuckling his belt, unfastening his pants and pulling them and his underwear down to his knees. He was still strapped to the bed or gurney or examination table, or whatever it was, and could do nothing about it, even if he had wanted, which he didn't. Stanley hadn't been getting anything; he was horny and the medical officer looked as if she could readily alleviate that, and she acted as if that was her intention.

"Mmmmm, very nice," she murmured, breathing more deeply every second, as her hands fondled his cock. It quickly became fully erect under her attentions.

He was aware that checking for a hernia was a normal part of a medical exam, but doctors in the past had usually reached under his scrotum to probe his crotch with their fingers. This one didn't seem interested in that area of his private parts at all. With one hand, she gently cupped his balls, while the other slowly stroked his hard shaft. Seconds later, she started seeming even less professional, as the hand on his cock was replaced by her soft lips and warm, wet mouth. Slowly and lovingly, she stroked his shaft between her lips, before straightening up and grinning at her patient.

"I've been needing this for a long time," she said, and quickly divested herself of every stitch of clothing, from her sensible shoes and white ankle sox to her bra and panties, which were lacy and made of matching black silk.

The naked doctor climbed onto the thin mattress and got to her knees with her legs straddling Stanley. She moved closer, gently took hold of his stiff cock and raised her body above his. It was obvious the medical officer was sexually excited in the extreme; juices were flowing from her and dripping onto his cock. She lowered herself slightly, until the tip contacted her pussy, and rubbed the head in her wetness.

"Don't worry about safe sex," she assured him. "I already know I have nothing contagious, and I've checked and made sure you don't either."

Spreading her lips apart with the fingers of one hand and holding Stanley's shaft in place with the other, the horny doctor lowered herself until she felt the head of his cock wedge into her pussy. She sighed happily, paused for a few seconds, and lowered her body another inch, taking that much of his erection into the place that lusted for it. Doctor O'Hara continued like that, impaling herself on his cock in increments of an inch or so, until the entire hard cylinder was buried inside her, and her curly black bush was mixed with Stanley's dark brown pubic hair.

Having mounted the man who wouldn't have resisted her even if he could have, which he couldn't, the medical eager officer spread her legs back beside his and leaned forward so she was lying full length on top of him. His wrists were securely strapped in place at the edges of the examination table, and she slipped her arms under his and lay still, letting their bodies become more accustomed to each other.

"Ooo, Stanley, your cock is so big and hard and feels so good in my hot pussy," she whispered into his ear. "I've really been needing this."

O'Hara slowly moved her body forward, drawing her pussy from around his cock until just the head was still inside, paused and moved back, embedding the entire hard cylinder once more. As Stanley felt the doctor's wet pussy enveloping his cock again, he thrust upward, meeting her body with a soft, wet sound, which was accompanied by a duet of happy sighs.

"Oh, that's so wonderful, Stanley, and you're so wonderful." She moved forward for another long, slow stroke, just like the first one.

This one produced the same happy combination of sounds as the first stroke, and the third and fifth did the same, as did many more after that. For a long time, O'Hara stayed atop Stanley's body, rocking back and forth and sending waves of pleasure through both their bodies. Her movements started getting more erratic, and she knew she was almost ready to start climaxing.

"Stanley," she whispered. "This is the best fucking I have had for a long time, and I'm going to cum like a crazy slut."

"Me too. I'm almost ready to cum."

The medical officer moved slightly back and started using faster strokes and swinging back as she raised and lowered her body. That made her clit rub more strongly against the top of Stanley's cock as it drove in and out of her, and he could feel his pleasure rapidly mounting toward a climax.

She beat him to it. "Oh! Oh!" she cried joyfully. "I'm cumming!"

She started fucking even faster, moving her body up and down on Stanley and sobbing in pleasure while her body wobbled and thrashed from side to side. He pounded his cock into her tight pussy for as long as she continued, until she gave out with a cry, which was unintelligible, but which he recognized as being of ecstasy. The medical officer stopped moving and sagged forward to lie fully on top of him, and he continued pounding his cock in and out of her.

Stanley felt a great wave of pleasure that seemed to start in the tips of his fingers and toes and concentrate in his groin. He climaxed, spurting a big burst of cum into her tight pussy, but he didn't stop then. Stanley kept stroking up into the soggy pussy above him until he had ejaculated into her three more times. When he was done, he stopped, and lay happy and satisfied under the voluptuous body that had felt so good lying on top of him.

"That was wonderful, Stanley," she whispered into his ear. "I certainly hope we can get together some more while you're working here."

"I hope so too."

He really meant what he said, and he hoped she did too, because the doctor was a very sexy woman, and he hadn't been getting much action lately. She continued to lie on top of him while his cock softened and slipped out of her pussy. While it was lying across his thigh, she climbed off and licked all the semen from it, smiling when it started stirring under her ministrations.

"I'll see you later, Stanley. You are in perfect health, I'm glad to say, especially your cock." She quickly unfastened the straps that held him to the examining table and left by the door she had entered.

Stanley rose to a sitting position and pulled his underwear and pants back on. He climbed off the table and adjusted the rest of his clothing. "What now," he asked himself out loud, and his question was answered.

A tall white man with a crew cut strode through the door with his right hand extended, as if for a handshake. He was wearing a uniform similar to what had covered the succulent body of the medical officer, but with a white shirt, black tie and black shoes. Stanley shook his hand, but he wondered if this member of the crew would want the same kind of action as the previous one had.

"Good morning, Mr. Sprocket. I am Chief Engineering Officer Reginald Wilson. I'm truly sorry we had to beam you aboard in such an abrupt fashion, but our need for your talent is urgent. We can't move from our present location. We are in a stable orbit around your planet, and in no danger, but the time will come when we need to move, and, as of now, we wouldn't be able to do that. I should be able to tell you any details The Ice Maiden didn't."

"The Ice Maiden?"

"Yes, the medical officer who examined you just now. As observers, we have had to learn your language, including slang. Is that the right idiom? I called Medical Officer O'Hara 'The Ice Maiden' because she is so cold and impersonal, even with her fellow crew members. She's a hotty, though." He looked to see if that was also the correct idiom, before continuing. "Hot to look at, that is, but cold as ice otherwise."

Stanley thought the medical officer had been the least cold and impersonal and icy woman he had ever met, but he decided to say nothing to contradict what he had just been told. "That's the correct expression," he said noncommittally. "A frigid and impersonal woman is sometimes called things like that. She's hot too, or a hotty, meaning very good looking and sexy."

"Good. It's a problem keeping track of the current slang, but I'm glad to know I'm on the ball there, at least." Once again, he waited to be told if that idiom was still current, and he smiled happily when Stanley told him it was.

Wilson led the way out the door and to an elevator, which took them to a large, open area with huge windows looking out over a view of what appeared to be nothing. Stanley peered more closely, and realized he was looking at an almost infinite number of stars, much as one would see if he looked into the sky on a dark night. Wilson led him to a bank of dials and gauges where a young woman in loose fitting green shirt and pants was standing.

"Mr. Sprocket, this is Technician Woo. She is yours to command while you are here, and has been told to follow your orders in all things. She can explain the problem much better than I can, so I will leave her with you." Having done his job, he turned and strode away.

The technician clicked her heels and saluted smartly. Stanley realized after a few seconds that he was expected to return her salute, which he did, and she dropped her hand. "What are your orders, Sir?" she asked, standing rigidly at attention.

"I don't know yet. I'll have to know more about the problem. But, relax."

Woo responded by sliding her feet apart while remaining rigidly upright and placing her hands behind her back. "Yes, Sir!" she barked.

The technician reminded Stanley of films he had seen about West Point cadets or Marine drill instructors. "Really, just relax," he told her, and he placed his hand on her shoulder. "Since we're going to be working quite closely together, suppose we get on a first name basis? My friends call me Stanley." His hand remained on her shoulder, which felt soft and womanly, belying her apparently rigid attitude.

She immediately accepted his suggestion, and smiled at him beguilingly. "I'd like that, Stanley. My first name is Jeanette, but my friends call me Jenny." Her stance changed completely; she moved closer to him, put her arms around Stanley's waist and smiled up at him. "I think I'd really like to be a friend of yours." To emphasize how cordial her feelings were, she hugged him tightly against herself while cuddling her cheek against his chest.

Her change in posture and demeanor reminded him of the way Medical Officer O'Hara had changed her attitude toward him, but he didn't give the similarity any real thought. "Okay, Jenny, let's get to work."

She left and returned with copies of the ship's log from the date the problem began and specifications and other details of the ship's computer system. They sat down in front of a screen that was providing information on what was then happening with the logarithms as they should have been working and as they were actually performing. Both Jenny and Stanley were seated on chairs much like steno chairs that rolled on casters, and she moved until she was so close to him their legs were touching. As she used one hand to point out evidence of the evolving problem, her other hand was stroking his thigh and getting closer to his genital area.

Stanley didn't mind, even as he hadn't minded his virtual rape by the medical officer. He was young and still horny and his nose detected a familiar aroma. As with O'Hara, she wore no artificial scent of any kind, and he could smell the sweet, musky fragrance of an aroused woman. When she had put her arms around him and pressed her body against his, he had noted how soft and curvy she was. Stanley wondered if there was some place handy that was softer than the steel floor.

Jenny knew of one. Her questing hand had reached his crotch and was gently fondling his cock, which had stiffened as a result of her advances. "Stanley, why don't we take a break for a while and go to my quarters where we can have some privacy and get to know each other better?" she suggested.

Stanley had absolutely no objection to that idea, thinking it one of the finest he had ever heard. She led him to a small room, hardly more than a cubicle, and sparsely furnished with a narrow bunk and a small table with a single chair beside it. Once they were inside and Jenny had locked the door, she turned to face him and her arms encircled his waist.

She was almost a foot shorter than he, but Stanley had no problem bending down so they could begin to share smoldering kisses. Her tongue was quickly inside his mouth, and his made it welcome. Jenny plastered her breasts even more snugly against him, while her fingers went to work on the fastenings of his trousers. For the second time that morning, the nimble fingers of a sexy woman unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his pants and pulled down the zipper on his fly. They fell to the floor, and both of Jenny's hands avidly explored inside his jockey shorts.

They had no trouble finding what they sought, and she gently gripped his stiff cock, holding it out of the way as she pulled his shorts down to join his pants. Jenny's knees quickly joined his clothing on the floor, and she looked up at him with her dark, almond-shaped eyes and smiled around his cock as she held it in one hand. Her eyes continued gazing adoringly at Stanley, but her mouth became more serious when she started licking his balls.

Jenny crouched down and almost buried her face in Stanley's crotch. Her tongue began just in front of his asshole and licked forward toward his scrotum and, when she reached his ball sac, started to caress its way up one side of it. After she reached the first of his testicles, she held it gently between her lips and licked it. Wherever her mouth traveled, Jenny's eyes remained fixed on him, as if she were worshipping a deity.

She licked the other side of his scrotum and his other testicle the same way, and when she reached the base of his cock, her lips gently kissed their way up to the end. Stanley's cock was fully erect and ready for anything, but Jenny was too short to raise her head high enough to take it into her mouth the way they both wanted. She had an easy solution for this problem.

"Why don't you lie on the bed so I can suck your nice cock," she suggested.

To Stanley, that sounded like another really fine idea, so he stepped across the tiny room to the waiting bed and lay on his back. Jenny followed and, while he was in the supine position, she straddled his legs and leaned forward, one hand holding his stiff cock, and started licking the head. Her tongue traveled in concentric circles, and she covered the head and all around the ridge, before opening wide and slowly engulfing the whole shaft. Once again, her eyes gazed adoringly at the man on her bed.

Both people were having fun, but Jenny had something else in mind. "Do you want to fuck me, Stanley," she asked. "I'm a virgin, if that's alright."

Because of the way she had tongued him and propositioned him so boldly, he couldn't believe she was a virgin. "Yeah, Jenny, that sounds like a great idea."

He moved to one side; she lay where he had been, and he knelt between her thighs and gazed at the enchanting woman who had just offered herself to him. Jenny was no more than about twenty, with a cloud of long black hair that was lying spread out on her pillow. Her face was cute and appealing, rather than being beautiful, and her body was petite, with small, perfectly formed creamy yellow-brown breasts that were topped with dark brown nipples. Jenny's belly was flat, and tapered down to an untrimmed black bush. All in all, the young woman was extremely enticing to Stanley, especially since her legs were spread and her fingers were holding her pussy lips apart for him. As with O'Hara, he was confident that there was no risk of STD or AIDS, and he didn't have any condoms anyhow.

While one hand guided his cock, the other was placed beside Jenny and would support his weight. He leaned forward until he felt the tip of his cock contact one of her fingers. When he moved it slightly to the side, he felt the delicious softness that it sought.

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