tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAbduction of Steph Ch. 01

Abduction of Steph Ch. 01


The brain fog was clearing; her consciousness returned like a slow moving pile of warm ice cream. Steph immediately sensed things weren't right. Her arms and her feet were restrained to some type of padded sofa or table. She felt this furnishing was taller than most; she felt as if she were posted up in the air, not near the floor. She felt she was still dressed except for her shoes. She tried pulling on the restraints but her hands would come up only a few inches. She couldn't judge how much she could move her feet.

She noted the furniture was comfortable, other than her being tied to it. The room lighting was subdued, coming from recessed panels above her head. She turned her head to look at the strap holding her left hand. It looked to be made of silk and the cuff or wrist part, whatever it as called, was lined and padded. She could just see what appeared to be a brass or gold buckle on the upper side away from where she could ever possibly reach it. Turning her right leg and then trying to lift it up, she was able to surmise that it was the same about the straps around her ankle. Soft and padded, but certainly holding her in place without hurting her skin.

Steph was not mad yet. She was just reaching the curious mental stage of why she was being immobilized. Mad would surely come later, then, she would get severely pissed enough to kick the ever-loving crap out of whomever tied her down. She recalled shopping at the small mall near her apartment. She recalled having lunch at the Chinese fast food place. She vaguely remembered walking back toward her car when someone in a group of people in the parking garage said something in her direction. When she turned toward them - she remembered a small flash, a sprayed mist, and nothing after that. She was sure the spray was a neuralizing drug of some form - the flash a distractor. THAT pissed her off enough to catalog it for future reference.

When she looked to her right, Steph saw a small container and a bendable straw sticking from the top. The printed label said "water" clear, readable letters. She realized she was thirsty so she ventured a drink. It was distilled water with no flavor, just room temp bottled water. One more drink and she decided to start memorizing everything around her for future reference. Hell, what future -she didn't even know where she was or why she was, or anything of that crap. All she knew was being tied to this couch, or sofa, or whatever it was.

Steph focused herself inwardly and began to calm her emotions; settled her breathing, and focused on controlling her thoughts and feelings, she began a self-inventory. Nothing hurt or seemed physically injured. She didn't feel that her undergarments or top clothing were out of place. Other than the fogginess in her head from the apparent drugging, everything else seemed to be as it would usually be. She didn't know whether to be happy or mad - she was obviously kidnapped, but she had not be molested or raped. At least - not yet, was her immediate next thought.

A small noise awakened Steph from her momentary napping. The lighting had changed to be more focused; it was direct, more brightly placed on her than the room. The light now made a halo effect where she couldn't see beyond it. She could hear someone moving near the place she was restrained.

"Who's there," Steph tried to ask in a calm, easy voice. "Could you please tell me who you are, and why I'm here?" Nothing - just a sound of someone walking around.

"Could you at least grunt," Steph said," I'd at least like to know you are from this planet, or maybe human."

Still nothing; and then Step heard the sound of a keyboard being used. It suddenly registered on her she was now wearing a small HUD device - head's up display - like military helo pilots wore just above her eyes. She watched a short phrase appear on the display. "do not intend to harm you."

Steph laughed a little, "sure, not harm me, she heard herself say out loud. "I'm staked out like a friggin' pig for slaughter and you aren't going to hurt me."

"NOT slaughter - pleasure treatment" showed on the HUD.

"What", said Steph slightly stunned, "a 'pleasure' treatment? What the hell are you talking about?"

"You have been selected for pleasure treatment," appeared on the HUD.

Steph was still trying to sort this out when she felt hands on both ankles. Instinctively, she kicked out against them but found they were incredibly strong. It was almost impossible to move at all. As she fought against the grip, she felt a thumb from one of the hands massaging the bottom of her left foot. Instead of being her usually incredibly ticklish self, the motion was soft, well centered, and felt, well, pretty damn great.

She hesitated to see what was going to happen. That caused her to pause struggling against the hands. Almost immediately, the other hand began to massage her other foot sole. This is certainly not what Steph had been picturing in her mind as her destiny. The foot massage was disturbing her chain of thought because it felt so good. Even with her nylons on, she could feel the fingers, especially the thumbs, finding every miniscule spot in the plexus of her arches, her toes, and her heels. That was an "Hmmmm" in the making for sure. At least - Steph thought, whoever her assailant was, they had great hands. Probably a male but she knew her regular masseuse at the gym was female and she had big, strong hands.

Steph came out of her reverie that the calming effect of the foot massage was giving her when she felt the hands move atop her feet and begin working on her ankles. No other motion - just that; but now the massage included all of her feet and ankles. Both feet, both ankles at the same time. She thought that was odd. Most professionals have a favored side to work from. So this wasn't a professional - or not what?? Both feet were getting identical treatment and the motions were exactly the same. Damn, they were good at it. She held her breath as the hands moved away from her feet. The lack of touch was immediately obvious. It was a no-win scenario for Steph. She knew she was a prisoner of some sort - so she should not like the calming feeling the massage gave her. But, at the same time, she could sense no meanness, no violence in the touching. And the massage effort was excellent by any standards.

She felt her legs relax as the hands came back to her ankles, only this time one leg was lifted and the touching was now going up her right shin area. Her leg wasn't very high up, but she knew whoever was doing this to her could probably see right up her skirt. The thought of rape popped right into her mind and she flinched away from the touching. Immediately the HUD lit up again with the phrase "Pain?" in front of her eyes.

"No pain," said Steph, "but I'm sure you're going to attack me because you moved my leg to see up my skirt. That bothers me because ..."

Before Steph could finish her sentence the HUD popped back on with "NO RAPE. Sex maybe later, when you are prepped. BUT NO RAPE" showed in computer green screen letters.

"Wait a minute, "said Steph, "WHAT do you mean NO rape, but maybe sex later? What the hell does that mean" What the hell is the difference - you are controlling every damn thing so why ISN'T it rape?" Steph was trying to not getting pissed and hurt herself, or let this "thing" get the best of her self-control.

The HUD display blinked for a few seconds, and then a slow answer appeared over the eye screen:" RAPE IS NO CONTROL VIOLENCE. Sex is done with person who wishes to enjoy life. When done, you will love life more and you will want more ...." The display blinked at the end

Steph was stunned. No one, not even her mother knew she was still a physically intact virgin at the ripe old age of 22. Well, her vagina was, anyway. She had learned how to give hand jobs when she was 13 from the 17 yr old guy who lived next door in the apartment complex one summer. Amazing what a game of truth or dare could get you into. One misadventure with oral sex her senior year of high school put her off on trying to give any more blow jobs. He should have never forced her head down on his pecker - she would have never bit his dick like she did.

So - okay, she thought out loud, "You -whoever AND whatever the fuck you are - is going to convince me that sex is great by kidnapping me. That's really a crock of shit."

The HUD blinked for a moment, and then words appeared: "1- not kidnap, no ransom request; 2) Human; and then after a moment #3) appeared." NOT crock, statement of fact." And then the HUD blinked off. Steph wasn't sure what was going to happen after that wonderful exchange, but then she felt the hands on her ankles again, but working on the left leg this time.

She thought about it for a while as the hands went up and down the front of her left leg, back to the right, and then back to the left again. She had not been hurt - so far. The hands were very obviously powerful in the way they could hold her and keep her in place. She let herself relax some more and enjoy the massage motions even though the rest of her mind said "NO!"

The HUD blinked on "Calves?" and blinked off

Okay, thought Steph, if you are going to tell me where you are going, then ....and the thought just floated away as the most fantastic touch - no, that was a caress - went up the back of her left leg calf and back to her ankle area. It was so smooth, so tender, it just blew her mind. No pain, no roughness - it lifted, held, and caressed her calf muscles carefully, warmly, and ever so goodly if that was even a word.

Up and back, around, and out, back in, around, to the knee and back to the ankle tendons, again and again. Steph was finding it hard to NOT like this attention. No one had ever been able to rub her leg muscles without hitting a sore spot - her "holder" as she was mentally naming him or her - had zeroed in on her body like a shot of pain killer and there were no hurts, stiffness, etc. As Steph was thinking this revelation through, the HUD clicked on, showed, "Nylons off?" and clicked off.

She thought for a moment, and then responded, "Okay". She had no intention of ever being accused of cooperating with her kidnapper like someone like that Hurst person she had read about. She felt herself tense as the hands slid up her legs, pushed her skirt out of the way, and started to unclip her nylons. The hands lifted each leg slowly and undid the back clips until her garter belt clips were undone. Carefully, slowly, the hands pulled, and then slid the nylon down her left leg. As Steph let her breath come back to normal, she realized that she was beginning to get wet between her legs. The tantalizing effect of the mystery aspects of this venture was starting to kick into her mind. She felt the nylon being pulled off her foot ever slowly until it was all the way off. Then the right leg - it was almost a tease the way things were happening to her body. Steph realized the nylons could be pulled off through the ankle cuffs without removing the restraints.

THAT was it!!! Steph realized she was being slowly, inexplicably - teased by her captor. She was not supposed to enjoy it - but, she did! This was becoming fun - It dawned on her that the hands were holding her legs, slightly above the table, and apart. There was no doubt that the object in view was her body below her skirt. The hands let her legs back down and returned to rubbing her calves on both legs; the feeling, however, was totally different with no nylons to mask the touching. She could really feel the hands now - texture, motions, shifts in muscles, and how they held her leg as they moved. If she had not been getting wet down below before, she certainly was now.

Steph found her self slipping into and out of a light napping sensation as the hands worked up and down her legs. Her knees were now a part of the motion and that was a killer for her. The knees were direct triggers to her inner self as one or two former male friends had discovered while trying to feel her up. The fact that she was "technically" still a virgin was outranked only by her skill at giving a hand job. That was something she knew she was very, very good at doing. Once she had discovered how much power doing that for a guy would give her, she controlled dates by offering one if things were getting too steamy.

She liked making out; but her getting screwed and thinking about some guy sticking his dick up inside her was not on her highlight of the day list. She knew it was a control issue; she wanted to find out about sex but she did not want to give up control of her body. That made her show a small smirk. Control, huh? Laying here getting sensually rubbed by some unknown who was taking off her stockings and looking up her skirt. So much for the idea of control. Steph was not certain how she felt about this but lack of control was bad.

The HUD flickered on and the words "Need pit stop?" came on the screen.

It did dawn on Steph right then, YES - damn she needed to pee really badly. Her nerves and stress beforehand had masked that feeling. Amazing how one simple term - pit stop - could ruin your whole plan. "Yes" popped out her mouth before she realized she was thinking out loud.

"Wait!", said Steph, "you have to take off my panties for me to pee. Are you going to hurt me, or try to screw me, I need to know."

The HUD flickered on and "No tricks when underwear is gone - table will move you." showed on the screen.

Steph wasn't so sure about this when she felt the hands push her skirt up to her waist and start up the outer side of her thighs. She froze as the hands moved slowly on her legs to find the leg hems and waist band of her bikini panties. The edges were found and the hands took a grip on the leg bands on both sides, and then slowly begin to pull. Then the hands stopped and went away.

The HUD blinked on to say "Raise butt" and blinked off.

The hands returned to take same grip, but waited until Steph decided to raise her ass up a little bit. As soon as she moved her ass upward, the hands pulled down and stared removing her panties. She felt an uncomfortable easiness in her stomach as she could feel them slide down her legs. She realized that the ankle straps would have to be removed to get them off her. Steph began to control her breathing and focus on where her captor would stand so she could kick out a strike.

The HUD suddenly blinked "table will move you now" and blinked off. She could feel her panties hanging at her ankles as the table began to literally reorganize itself into a sitting position and start to lower in the middle. Steph could feel the way it was moving that her butt cheeks were being opened up and pulled apart so her crotch would be exposed and open. Even trying to move and clinch her ass shut had no effect. The table surface seemed to know how to hold her ass cheeks apart.

Steph decided to relax; as she did she realized she could feel herself actually being lowered down more ever so slightly downward. Her ass cheeks were spread, her crotch was now sticking down and in the open. Steph knew instinctively that her vaginal pussy lips were swollen and slightly distended because she could feel them slide as the table moved her in to whatever position.

This was interesting Steph thought when she almost had a spasm as she felt a single finger touch her sparse pubic hair and open her crotch slit. She tried to buck up away from the intruding finger but nothing worked. The finger touched her slowly and then moved one of her vaginal lips to one side before the second finger held her crotch open and doing a short probing motion. That motion pinpointed right on her urinary tract opening. Like turning on a water spigot, Steph began to pee like she had not done so in a week. She couldn't stop the flow because she did need to go so bad; she did wonder if some type of drug had been rubbed in her skin to make her pee that fast. She never let a load loose that quickly before.

As the stream of urine leaving her body began to slow, she sensed a hand near her face. Before she could respond, a warm washcloth covered her face. Before she could panic, the hand moved the washcloth - smelled like lemons - over her face, throat, and around the back of her neck. Very slowly, her face, her throat, and the back of her neck were cleansed and a soft towel was used to tamp dry her skin. This was getting really all confusing for Steph. A kidnapper was supposed to be brutal, mean, and sadistic to their victims. This "person" was apparently not like that...................

Steph held her breath as she felt the two fingers touch her pussy lips again. She felt a soft, wet cloth slide the full length of her pussy from the front all the way back to her asshole and back again. No pressure, just a cleaning motion to cleanse her crotch. As she let her breath ease out, the table began to rearrange itself - and her - back into a flat table position. Those strong hands again held her, this time her hips as they lifted her up and pushed her butt cheeks back down in a more comfortable placement.

Steph panicked this time when the HUD blinked on again with the "removing clothing for body bath" message and clicked off again. She began to struggle against the restraints and trying to pull them off the table but to no avail.

The HUD blinked ... "Done now?" and blinked off

"Done what"," screamed Steph, "you're going to strip me and I don't know what else, I can kick forever if need be, until you let me go..." Steph was getting frustrated with none of her usual control in place.

The HUB blinked again.... "Can make you sleep and still do same thing ...and blinked off again.

Steph was in a quandary; she did not want to give in, she did not want to hurt herself, but she also knew she had no control whatsoever. What to do? How the hell did she get out of this and stay alive was all she could think of at the moment.

"Ok," said Steph, "I will stop kicking and fighting if you promise me two things....."

The HUD blinked on... "Those are?" and clicked off.

"One - no more drugs," asked Steph, "and two, you promise to not hurt me?" was her second question but it was more a statement than a question.

The HUB Blinked on... "promise no drugs as long as kicking stops"; it clicked off for a moment, and then a flashing green cursor came on for a moment before "never hurt, only please .... Appeared on the screen and then clicked off.

Steph was mulling that one over when she felt the strong hands move her into the center of the table device. She held her breath when she realized that a pair of scissors was touching her skin near her right thigh, where her skirt was still pulled up. She could hear them carefully cutting through the material of her skirt on that side. Then, on the left side as well. Each cut of the scissors made her stomach twist tighter. The top of the skirt was lifted away ands Steph began to cry. She knew her panties were still down around her ankles so now she was really naked from the waist to her feet. The strong hands rolled her slightly to her left side, moved the skirt under her ass, and then rolled her back to pull it completely away from her body.

Steph just let the tears flow when the scissors started to cut away her blouse and then her bra straps. The strong hands cut up the middle of the blouse, and then out her arm to one sleeve getting the bra strap as well, before cutting out from the center to the other sleeve and bra strap. As she was lifted up by the strong hands to remove the remnants of her blouse, one strong hand held her up while the other unhooked her bra in the back and removed the shredded cloth.

Steph felt completely defenseless - she was almost totally nude and laying out for public display. The strong hands gently laid her back on the table device as the scissors cut through her last piece of dignity - her stocking garter belt. It was removed and she knew she was totally naked now. Then, she felt a warm towel covering her lower nakedness and being tucked in around her sides at her waist. She just waited to see how she was going to be abused. Her skin was getting goose bumps and her nipples were as hard as she had ever felt them. She knew this was no longer a tease - this was an attack that she could not stop. But not like any attack she had ever heard of - this person was messing with her mind as well as her senses.

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