tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAbduction of Steph Ch. 03

Abduction of Steph Ch. 03


Steph felt herself being rolled over, and then pulled ever so slowly into a position where her legs were back up in the stirrups and she was flat on her back on that wonderful bench. She just relaxed, there was no reason in fighting the strong hands that she knew would come to hold her, touch her, do things to her body that she had only imagined in her wildest dreams. How long had she been held out, how many orgasms had she had, how many ways had "someone" – her captor – touched her inside and out? There were no hints, no clues that she had been able to figure out. Only the insistent sexual intrusions into her body, the drawing out of her mistrust into mind-blowing orgasms, and the ever-constant lack of communications that she could use to focus, think, and figure out who her captor might be.

She felt comfortable lying there, feet in the stirrups and her legs pushed slightly back toward her body. She knew her entire genital area from her pubic mound to the area between her rectum and tailbone was wide open to the public. This was a regular position for her now – she thought to herself that she was waiting to feel the ever present finger begin to rub the warming oil around her rectal ring. Never in her life would she have ever thought she could look forward to someone fingering her asshole; now she intensely wanted that touch. She really wanted that insistent probing because it felt so good. Was this part of the trust her captor was looking for her to demonstrate, to learn?

The HUD clicked on." Feel rested?" it displayed.

"I guess so," said Steph, "I'm still alive, and my pussy to my asshole is wide open to public view, so how should I feel?"

"Peaceful," the HUD showed, "pleasure treatment will be completed this time around."

"So," mused Steph," you just gonna fuck me silly, bleed me slowly, and then kill me, right?"

"Actually," the HUD blinked slowly, showing a faint smiley face, "pleasure treatment will begin with a warm oil bath, new shave to assure skin to skin contact, and then slowly build to intercourse in all openings."

That last piece of information caught Steph by surprise. She had figured, yes, she'd get really get fucked a lot in her pussy, and probably be forced to suck off whoever this was, but fucked up her butt hole? That scared her; she could only picture the finger in there, and only that little bit she had recently gotten introduced.

Steph felt the bed begin to warm up and slowly start to vibrate – that was a clue something was going to happen. As she moved her head to drink from the straw near her head, she felt the strong hands touch her inner thighs so she automatically spread her self more open – fighting was useless. The strong hands had become a point of reference for her to judge what was going to happen to her body. This time she felt a warm, wet cloth touch her skin close to her stomach. Slowly the hands were cleansing her body around her stomach and lower abdomen.

As the hands made a pass, then a soft terry cloth towel was used to pat her body dry. At least her captor preferred her clean and presentable. The strong hands slid the warm cloth up and across her breasts, taking time to let the warm cloth lay on each nipple until she felt the heat on her chest. Nothing there to scare her, Steph thought. Her shoulders were done and then her sides to her thighs were wiped with a warm cloth. She felt there was light oil in the water that the cloth was being dipped into, it made her skin shine and she did feel better.

"Hold very still," the HUD displayed, and then clicked off again.

Steph felt herself tense up, and then she forced her self to relax as the strong hands carefully shaved the back of her thighs right down to the curve of her pussy lips into her body. She felt one hand move and then pull her left ass cheek outward a little in order to shave some of her curves. She felt the movement in an exaggerated sense – her pussy lips were so puffy and sensitive that any motion was literally amplified in her mind. Her own wetness was obvious to her as the fingers touched her skin, and then she just let her self relax into the table's warmth.

Slowly, she felt the hands push her legs together and slightly forward a little more until her pussy lips were together and sticking out into the air. While one hand held her knees together, she felt the other hand massage her pussy lips, pull them just down enough to make her pussy skin become tight, and then let go. Three or four times of that, Steph felt her pussy lips become tight. When the hands let her knees go, she kept her legs up in the position the hands had placed her; she felt the razor slide very slowly around her entire crotch. One stroke inside, one stroke outside, one stroke down and then a stroke back up each lip. Steph knew she was so wet with her own lubrication that the razor was gliding on her skin.

Steph took a long, deep breath when she felt the fingers begin to pull on her ass cheeks, tightening around her asshole. She forced herself to not move when the razor was moving around the bottom of her cunt lips, the place between puss and asshole, and around her rectal opening. There were no memories in her mind to describe the sexual tension she felt at the moment – her body was beginning to resonate with a humming she was doing without knowing she was making the noise. She knew her clit was sticking out like a red, sore thumb, begging for attention instead of avoidance. It was so swollen that the hood was totally pushed back – it was almost double in size, super heated and throbbing with her heart beat pulse.

The HUD came on, "Are you ready to trust?" was displayed on the screen, and then the cursor just sat and flashed like someone waiting.

Tears forming on the corners of her eyes, Steph stammered "I-I-I think so" ...... "you're su-su-sure I am not going to be killed when you are don-don-done fucking me?"

The HUD blinked, and then slowly displayed. "Yes, a part of you will die....." it said, "The part that does not trust, the part that does not believe, and the part that does not love without need," and then clicked off.

"Okay," said Steph in a small, scared voice, "as if I have a choice in this."

The HUD blinked twice, and then "Close your eyes and enjoy..." displayed on the screen.

Steph felt the HUD being removed from her head and her hair being pulled back into some type of clip holder. As this was happening, she sensed the lighting was changing around her and the table was moving to let her legs down. Her head moved to the right where she saw the straws again. She took a drink from the one with lemon water and pulled long on the malt straw. As soon as she let go of the water straw, that part of the table moved away form her and another smooth surface section took its place.

Steph felt the hands touch her thighs just above her knees so she let her legs open up again. The fingers gently stroked the tendons behind her knees until she felt herself relax one more level, letting her butt sink into the softness of the table. As she relaxed, the table warmed up again, letting her ass and lower back feel the pleasing heat. The fingers rubbed the outside of her knees and down her lower legs, one muscle at a time until her legs had a lighter than air feeling. Steph just let the hands gently move her body until her legs were down flat on the table and she felt all of her lower back on the table surface.

A moment of no touching caused Steph to hold her breath; she felt herself do that and immediately forced herself to breathe slowly and normally. Then, she felt the fingers on her stomach, softly, carefully, caressing her skin like a soft piece of silk. Around her belly button ever so slowly, two times, three – and then down the center of her abdomen to the very top beginning of her pussy slit. Not so much as like a tug to pull the hood of her clit across that supercharged part of her body, but rather a gentle sliding motion that made the hood massage over the tip of her supersensitive clit. Again, and back, again and back, Steph was trembling with anticipation. Her body betrayed her fear by her crotch slowly bridging up and down to meet the fingers playing the symphony on her skin. The slowness, the softness of the touch was exquisite – and it was excruciating at the same time.

Just as Steph thought the fingers would tease her clit one more time, she was jolted right into an orgasm when the fingers caused the hood to slide back, and then flicked her clit back and forth 4-5 times very fast. The electric shock was all that was needed to make her bridge her ass right off the table, clench her legs together trying to capture the fingers, and then cause her legs to go rigid, pulling the crotch tendons tighter and that forced the hood even tighter over her distended clit. She was literally humping into the air, trying to get off once more. Her humping efforts began to slow as the pleasure passed; finally resting her ass back on the table.

Steph was breathing like she had just dashed a 220 sprint, rapidly, short gasps. he power of the orgasmic moment put her into a euphoric state. As her body begin to relax, she sensed the fingers of one hand pulling on her cunt lips. Teasing her a little, but not much; it was still a tease. It almost tickled as the pads of the fingers slid up and down the crown edge of her right pussy lip. No pushing or penetration, almost like someone feeling the smoothness of a piece of fine cloth. She was so wet she felt her natural lubrication running down between her thighs and onto her ass cheeks. The finger slid up and down, pushed in and pulled back on her right pussy lip until she felt her self rolling herself toward the finger. As soon as she moved, finger pulled the right lip back and began stroking the slickness near her vaginal opening.

That sent her over the edge again – only this time it was slow enough that she just stiffened her legs, her muscles shuddered as the emotions waved over her again and again. Tension seemed to flow out – leave her body as she peaked, letting her feel very, very pleased all over. Tingly, smiling, and satisfied, Steph laid back and let her body enjoy the table warmth. The hands seemed to let her lie back and not force her to do anything at the moment. As Steph relaxed, she wondered when the "real fucking" was gonna happen. She knew this was all prep to get her into the mood for intercourse – she had pretty well decided that maybe she could trust whoever "owned" the hands, she had no choice regardless.

She sensed rather than felt one of the strong hands was just below her breasts; she bent her shoulder blades back to raise her chest; the hand softly cupped the lower half of her left breast. Steph heard her breath come sharply as the fingers held her rock hard nipple, and then slowly massaged it while leaning on her breast. She pushed her chest into the hand and it responded to her efforts by cupping her fullness, pushing it around and around, teasing the nipple into becoming harder, more sensitive. Teasing it upward with a pulling motion, Steph stopped breathing when she felt the lips latch on to her nipple and begin sucking on it. She was so hypersensitive to sexual touches now that every suck on the nipple seemed to go right to her clit. Suck, relax, suck, relax – Steph was pushing her chest directly to the mouth and lips and the lips were pushing back with increasing intensity. The hand holding her breast was kneading the fullness of her breast and that seemed to be going directly to her vaginal muscles. Each sucking motion was sending waves on increasing intensity right through her cunt.

Steph knew she had her eyes closed –she didn't want to open them and risk seeing yet who her captor was – the captor who was fast becoming her sexual teacher. Steph knew things were going to heat up quickly when she felt the fingers of the other hand begin to tease her pussy lips again. This time it went right for the middle and slid between her lips in the wetness pooling between her legs. The sucking on a breast was driving her crazy – she hit the overdrive button when the finger between her pussy lips flicked her clit and then pushed right on it. Again and again, the lips sucked hard on her nipple, the hand squeezed her breast, and the flicking of her clit was pure heaven to her body.

Steph felt her legs jerk and then squeeze the hand tightly as she went over the edge again. In rapid circles, the fingers rubbed Steph's clit as she humped the arm, squeezing more and more until the fingers suddenly slid right into her pussy opening and began rubbing the inner walls. The motion drove her even farther up the humping activity scale. She could not stop trying to get off more and more – she could not get enough. The fingers curled upward and into her pussy opening, rubbing against the inner lining behind the pubic bone where her G-spot was centered. That simple rub put her into orbit; she was banging her ass on the table and back up in time with the finger stroking and the nipple sucking until her legs froze, shuddered, and held her in place as she flooded the table with her fluids. Exhausted, Steph finally slowed, each flick caused her to twitch into another mini-orgasm. The fingers flicked her clit 2-3 times, her entire body twitched with her.

Steph felt herself being wiped off, cleansed, and oiled again. She was floating in a euphoric haze that was just wondrous; her entire body and being felt warm, both in a physical and emotional sense. The strong hands were all over her body smoothing, rubbing, touching, holding a part, moving a part, teasing some sensual aspect of her person. Alive was not a comprehension – glowing was a better description. The oils made her skin feel slick and warm. The hands held her breasts together as the fingers played with each nipple, rubbing around the dimpled areoles and slightly pulling on her distended nipples. She pushed her chest into the hands and again she was rewarded with a most wonderful massage of each breast and a mouth sucking on each nipple until she didn't think they could get any harder or more sensitive. The mouth literally fed on her body heat by teasing, pleasing, tugging, and letting of the left, then the right nipples. Steph felt another mini-orgasm slide through her legs and crotch. This time the strong hand only held a finger against her clit while she felt her body shudder and become ever wetter between her thighs.

The strong hands slid down her torso, around her belly button, and as each cupped her pubic mound she opened her thighs wider and was rewarded with a finger sliding in and out of her pussy ever so gently, around her pussy lips and the cleft in the muscles between leg, thigh, and crotch as the hands rotated the tops of her thighs outward. This pulled her clit hood and pussy lips tight again across her body. Again, this teased her clit into being ever more sensitive; Steph already felt like she was sticking out like a sore thumb as it was. She sensed, and then felt something on her clit. It took a moment for her to realize that her captor was blowing their breath directly on her clit in hard, short puffs. This was .....was .... was amazing!!! It gave her a short lived thrill than got her attention, slacked off some to let her almost relax, and then the next hard puff of air. She wanted so-o-o-o-o-o bad to wrap her thighs around whomever this was and use the squeezing-pulling motion to help get her off even more but the strong hands were holding her thighs just enough that she could not move. It too Steph a minute to realize that she had bridged her ass completely off the table trying to get to the mouth that was teasing her body so well. Her ass slammed into the table and back up 4-5 times humping into the air seeking release from the orgasm that hit as the tongue flicked out and literally bathed her clit 5-6 times, putting pressure on it and sending her into another leg shuddering orgasm.

Steph took long, ragged breaths as she felt the hands slowly leave her body and let her relax. Her breasts were heaving up and down as she sought to get control of her emotions and her body. No self-service and no dream had ever reached this level of satisfaction. Steph found herself wondering if there was any way she could feel more satisfied, more complete as a woman than she felt right now. Her body was aglow with energy from having the most wonderful orgasms, the surges of being teased and then pleased; her perspective of not ever wanting to engage in sex was shifting toward the attitude of what more is there to do??

Steph sensed the table had changed so she looked and yes, the straws and the bottles were there for her to get something to drink. As the table began to very lightly hum and the warmth came on again, she realized the table had literally molded its surface to the shape of her lower back and ass; this was like a very comfortable bucket seat. The light began to shift slowly toward her left side so Steph flowed with the light. And then stopped to stare at what was about 3 feet away from her.

A nude male body was coming into her view. She had to look up and to her left slightly above straight away. This was no ordinary body – well muscled, in proportion between legs trunk, and arms. There was a hint of a pronounced six-pack but not so that it distracted from the overall symmetry of the entire body. The body was not someone that she could immediately place a name and identify. Steph's eyes zeroed in on the male equipment hanging down in front – she noted no pubic hair any place as she looked at the flaccid penis and scrotum now directly in her line of sight. She had jerked off enough guys on dates to recognize a "nice" size, say 6-7 inches full up, and that's what this looked like it would be once the owner got it up. This one, hanging limp, was probably 3 inches. The head was retracted back under some of the foreskin, and hung down over the right nut. Steph was sure that whoever this was, they were circumcised. She wondered why that thought had just popped in her head. She thought she should be very afraid right now but she wasn't. After having so many orgasms, oils rubbed all over her body, a finger as well as a butt plug up her ass, and the constant erotic touching – seeing a penis hanging out for public view was just one more to see.

Steph realized that the penis was beginning to lengthen and thicken. She had always seen them rigid and ready to shoot by the time she got her hand on one to jack a date up to shoot off. This was a lesson in male sexual motivation. As she watched, the penis was now about 5 inches long and was beginning to look fatter. She watched as the skin of the nut sack actually retracted the balls upward closer to the body. At that moment, Steph saw the penis being to get rigid and start sticking out more than downward. If nothing else, this was new to her; she never saw a guy's dick get hard, only after they were already hard.

Steph blinked her eyes and watched this "no-name penis" begin to throb with each heart beat of the owner behind it. The veins along the shaft were becoming pronounced, the head getting a colour of warm purple she recognized. This was going to be more than 6-7 inches she thought to herself as the penis started to lift upward and point at her face from its own rigidity. Steph began to feel that same old sick feeling in her stomach about letting anyone shove one of those up into her body. As she watched, Steph felt a tear come from her eyes and slide down her cheek. All the pleasure she had been given was fast draining from her body, being replaced by the same fear of no control.

The modified voice shocked Steph from her thoughts, "Are you afraid that having this pleasure will kill you?" asked a very calm, peace-filled male voice. Steph kept watching the penis become more rigid, longer and slightly bigger around. Then, almost unnoticed, she saw a drop of seminal fluid begin to form on the tip end of the head. She watched as the penis seemed to flex and ripple from it base and the drop got even bigger before it fell like rain drop out of sight.

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