Reaching up with both hands Abigail held her hair up on top of her head and waited for the teacher to undo the clasp.

The teacher found himself confronted with Abigail's slim back, able to count each rib except where the extremely broad body band covered her rib cage. To each side of her rib cage a swelling crescent moon of bra encased breast was visible inches beyond the width of her body.

Reaching forward with palsied hands, he quickly undid the seven catches, finding it easier than he thought it would be. As the last catch was released the ends sprang apart and Abigail spun back to face him.

"Thank you, kind sir," she said with a quick curtsey and a small grin. She had crossed both arms over her chest to keep the bra in place.

Abigail kept her eyes on his as she leaned forward and gently shook her shoulders to allow both shoulder straps to drop free. His eyes never left her chest as it quavered and shook. She grinned to herself as she confirmed to herself that this man at least was very interested in her gigantic breasts. Perhaps her school chums had misled her after all.

"You know, you will be the first man to ever see my breasts." Her voice had a new, husky sound to it.

"All my school chums told me that men like small tits or, maybe, as large as a D cup, like Hillary's were. But you told me your last girlfriend was a Double E. Are there some men that like girls with figures like mine? So much bigger than just a Double E?" she asked with a twinkle in her eye. She thought that she already knew the answer for this man.

"There are several magazines devoted to the extraordinarily well endowed female figure." He responded. "Score, Gent, Max, Hustler's Busty Beauties...." he ground to a halt, afraid he had revealed too deep a knowledge of this area.

"Well , that makes me feel real good," she said. She allowed the bra cups to slip down the slopes of her breasts. "If there is that much interest in top heavy women like myself, then maybe my school chums were just jealous as you said. After all, none of them had anything near as large as my breasts!"

"I hope you like them," she whispered as she allowed the bra to drop unnoticed to the floor. Coyly, she kept her hands and arms over her breasts for a teasing moment. It was as if she was trying to hide two mammoth beach balls. Flesh was everywhere! Despite the fact that her arms covered her nipples and areolae, vast bulges of white breast flesh were squeezed above and below her arms.

Then, with a quick squeeze, she let her arms fall to her sides and thrust out her chest!

With a whoosh of released air the teacher collapsed backward against the desk. Never in his life had he imagined...

Gargantuan boobs shook and trembled just a couple of feet in front of him. For long seconds the titanic breasts bounced and quivered, slowly jellying to a stop. Their owner watched as the teacher slowly regained his composure. There was now a smile of exultation on Abigail's face. She had something special she now knew. Something that few if any other women could match. A pair of incredibly large, extremely firm breasts which had captivated the man in front of her.

"My...God!" gusted the instructor.

Now that they had shivered to a stop, rising and falling gently with Abigail's breathing, the instructor could see that the bra had been designed, not to uplift, but to hold her abundance together. Unrestrained as they now were, the outer sweep of Abigail's bosom reached far beyond her shoulders. The tops of these awesome boobs were no longer mounded up and together as they had been in the bra. Instead they were much flatter and stretched from armpit to armpit. The vastly broad upper slopes very gently slanted outward to magnificently pink areolae that could have just been enclosed by the teachers wide open mouth. These were perched about one third of the way down her breasts. Her nipples pointed jauntily up and away from their resting places at a ninety degree angle on a line to each side of the teacher. None the less, such was the colossal volume of the spheres occupying Abigail's chest that a playing card placed in the cleavage of her unfettered breasts would have been firmly held in place.

The immense lower slopes of her majestic boobs rested firmly just above her navel. Although they had dropped six or eight inches when Abigail removed her brassiere, "I don't usually go with out a bra," she explained. "I find that, as large as my breasts are, they are sometimes in the way. For example..." As she spoke she slowly raised both arms straight up in front of her. Within a few inches her upper arms made contact with the sides of her massive breasts. As she continued to swing her arms up, her breasts bunched together, forced inward by her arms. Her cleavage surged upward toward her chin while both breasts rode upward. Continuing up her arms pushed her breasts closer and closer together. When her arms were almost at right angles to her body her nipples were squeezed so far out that they were closer to her wrists than her elbows. Her cleavage seemed to be several feet deep and over two feet in length. Great masses of breast flesh were compressed above and below her arms which had almost disappeared from sight. Suddenly both breasts dropped free of her still rising arms. As she reached up to remove her head band, her breasts bounced ponderously several times before coming to a rest.

"You see, I sometimes have to reach around my boobs, they are so large. Does that bother you? That they are so extravagantly oversized?"

"Not at all. You should not have any shame regarding your body."

"Thank you for teaching me that. I like to see that look in your eyes. It makes me tingle all over, feeling your eyes on my body. Particularly my breasts!"

She turned sharply and tossed the headband onto her discarded clothes. Her profile was so dramatic that the instructor's breath was again taken away. Quickly pivoting back Abigail luxuriated in the enraptured gaze of the teacher. With a smile on her face she watched him watch as her breasts once again shivered to a stop on her chest.

Gently smiling still, Abigail placed a hand on top of each boob and laced her fingers together. Gazing into the teachers eyes she flexed her elbows together. Her breasts immediately surged together and forward in response. Two, three, four times she did this — enjoying the look of entrancement on the instructor's face. When she released her breasts again it took long seconds for their movements to come to a halt. The teacher never took his eyes off Abigail's chest.

"Oh, sir! I find that I am really enjoying showing myself to you! Is that bad of me?" She wondered aloud.

As she said this she found herself gently shaking her shoulders, sending her massive balloons into convulsions of movement. Slowly she shifted her weight, bending backwards slightly at the waist, holding her arms slightly out to the sides so that the outer curves of her boobs gently slapped at her upper arms and each other as they rocked back and forth.

"It feels so good," she squealed. "I love the tingly feeling and knowing that you are watching me! Does it look good to you? Do you like to see shy little Abigail shake her huge titties for you sir? Do you like it as much as I do? Wheeee! Look how they rock and shake, sir!"

Faster she went, her breasts shaking wildly, the soft slap, slap, slap of her tits seeming to echo in the classroom.

"It turns me on knowing that you are watching!"

She stood up straight again and lightly pressed her hands onto the tips of her breasts compressing them slightly against herself and holding them in place.

"Do you want to see something that the girls at the school told me was really gross? Now I think they were lying about everything. Watch!" she commanded.

Using just the tips of her index fingers, Abigail very lightly caressed her nipples which had been only slightly erect from the tit play she had indulged in. Within seconds her nipples started to become more erect. Less than a minute later each nipple was larger than the first joint of the finger that was caressing it.

"The girls always told me my nipples were too large. Do you think so, sir?"

"Uh, no." The teacher was in shock. One of his students was half naked in front of him. Abigail had been a plain, shy, somewhat mousy young lady. Now she was joyfully exposing to his eyes a set of tits larger than he could have imagined. And she was not shy! If anything she was enjoying showing herself to him as much as he was enjoying watching! She had the most enormous tits! So firm! So incredibly large! He had always been a tit man, the bigger the better. This was phenomenal!

Abigail was playfully pushing her now fully erect nipples around with her finger tips. Each nipple was thicker and longer than her index finger tip. She pushed them toward each other, away from each other, up and down. She mashed them into her breasts and giggled as they popped right out again!

"Ohhh, they just feel so good!" she exclaimed. "It makes me feel all warm and tingly inside! Why did I never realize how much pleasure I could get from my big titties? This feels too good to be wrong!"

Abigail cradled her tits in her arms and hugged them against herself. Her boobs surged up strongly so that she could nestle her face between them. Quickly she gave each a small kiss. Gazing coyly at the instructor she allowed them to drop heavily back down on her chest. Both of them watched as they bounced and shook heavily.

Gently Abigail ran her hands over the massive swells of her breasts, caressing every inch of rounded, porcelain skinned flesh. Using her finger tip she traced several of the faintly visible blue veins that coursed across her spheres.

Regretfully, then, she reached for her bra.

"I have to study this afternoon before dinner. But thank you so much for speaking with me, sir. I have truly learned to appreciate myself in a way that I have never been able to before."

Sliding both straps up her shoulders, she bent over at the waist and shook her massive breasts into the gigantic cups. Allowing the teacher to watch every move she took care to tuck her overwhelming breasts into their cups and then turning her back to him asked: "Could you do me up again, please?"

With shaking hands the teacher did as requested. As he finished Abigail turned so quickly that she brushed his hands with the cups of her bra.

Cooing gently she stepped away from him and slid her arms into her shirt. The tip of her tongue peeked out of the corner of her mouth as she concentrated on matching button to button hole. As when she took it off, she worked from the bottom up.

She then tucked her shirt in to her skirt, in the process managing to raise the hem of the skirt to several inches above the knees. The shirt was, as before, an extremely tight fit. But this time, Abigail did nothing to de-emphasize the massive shelf her tits made under her shirt. On the contrary, looking down at herself Abigail unbuttoned the top several buttons. And placing her hands firmly on her hips, she inhaled deeply while thrusting her chest forward. The reward for this effort was a noticeably deep and shadowy cleavage.

Slipping into her blazer Abigail prepared to leave the classroom. She buttoned the middle button on her blazer, which joined together beneath her prodigious bosom and served only to emphasis how large her breasts were. And how far they extended in front of her.

Moving toward the teacher's desk to retrieve her books, Abigail's hips had a decided side to side rocking motion that was entirely new. And before the instructor could react Abigail had flung her arms around him!

To his surprise, Abigail was only an inch or so shorter than he was! As she mashed her immensity against his chest, allowing him to feel the hard dig of her aroused nipples even through all their clothing, she planted a kiss on his startled lips.

As she continued embracing him she twisted her torso from side to side, crushing her massive bosom and erect nipples against him.

"I want to be sure to thank you for spending so much time with me this afternoon," she whispered into his ear. "I learned ever so much, and I feel so much better about myself!"

Her tongue darted into his ear, producing a shiver of excitement that rocketed through him.

She continued to rub herself against him.

"And next time, sir, maybe you can introduce me to this!" she murmured as she ground her pelvis against his rock hard erection!

With another flickering tongue in his ear and a quick peck on his cheek she had her books and was at the door.

"Abigail," he croaked before she could open the door.


You never really told me. What your, um, that is..." he was floundering. When had he lost control of this encounter?

"My bust measurement, sir?"

"Yes. Your cup size."

"Well, when you get to be my size," she grinned down at herself as she gently rocked her shoulders allowing her bra encased breasts to sway ponderously, "when you grow to this extent, cup sizes have no real meaning, I'm afraid. All my bras are custom made, you know. The last time I bought an off-the-shelf bra, I was almost 15. It was, as I recall, an H cup. I have not had a cup size since then, really. But I'll tell you a secret, sir, if you promise not to share it."

"I promise."

"Well, if you were to wrap a tape measure around each of my breasts at their fullest..." she demonstrated by tracing a line around her right breast with her right hand. "it would be just about as large as my waist. For each breast!"

"Good Lord!" was all he could say. The sheer size! Incredible!

"And my total bust circumference, when I'm braless,sir?"

"Yes," he breathed.

"Eighty-three inches!"

And the door clicked shut behind her.


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