tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAbigail at the Boar's Head

Abigail at the Boar's Head


After a prolonged absence I have decided to return. I had stop writing due to failure of some readers to respect the exclusivity. My work is copyrighted and is published here with my permission. Please do not copy and post to other websites.


Abigail could not believe what she had found in Dave, her husband's drawer. She was not looking for anything, just trying to sort and clean up some of the hundreds of socks that he kept stuff inside the small drawer. When she first found the papers, she thought they were just receipt or old napkins. However, it was obvious from the words on the napkins that Dave was or had an affair with someone named "Vicky." The scrawl on each of the three napkins was in a woman's hand and each was signed with "I love you, Vicky." Abigail noted the logo on the napkins, "The Boar's Head." She knew the place. A "dive" on the outskirts of town that she and Dave had never visited.

"Well, at least Dave has been there, several times," she thought.

Abigail and Dave married eighteen years ago and had two wonderful children. At 38, and after two children, Abigail was still a very attractive woman. Her 5 foot 8 inch frame and 130 pound weight made her look much younger. She worked hard after the birth of their second child to get back into shape. She was most proud of her full, 38C breasts that even after breast feeding both children did not have a single sag or imperfection except that her nipples ended up being about an inch long. Dave found that to be very sexy, so Abigail did not mind. Although she dressed modestly in public, she and Dave always had a robust sex life and Dave seemed very happy.

This is why the notes found in the drawer were so unbelievable to Abigail. But there, on the three napkins was proof that Dave was unfaithful.

"I want your hard cock buried inside me," were the only words on the first napkin with the exception of the "I love you, Vicky."

Abigail's eyes were stinging with tears as you looked down at the words. She carefully replaced the notes in the drawer, closed the drawer, and slumped to the floor weeping.

"I won't give him up without a fight," Abigail said to herself although she had no clue on what to do.

When Dave came home later that evening she tried to act as if everything was alright. Abigail cooked supper as usual, helped the kids with their homework, and listened as Dave talked about his day.

"And I will have to work late of Friday," Dave finished.

Abigail took the words in carefully and asked for clarification.

"How late will you be Honey," Abigail asked trying hard to hide the hurt.

Dave explained that it was a new client and he and his partner were going to take him out to dinner and discuss business.

"Probably pretty late," Dave said, "I would not wait up."

"Friday," Abigail thought as she watched her husband climb the stairs to the bedroom, "this will be my chance to catch him and this Vicky."

This was Wednesday night, more than enough time for Abigail to ask her Mother to take the kids and go to the bar where she was sure she would find her husband with Vicky. Abigail was not sure what she was going to do when she found them, but she was determined to catch her husband with this other woman.

In bed that night, Dave rolled over and began to stroke Abigail's breast. Abigail knew this was his way of initiating sex. She had no desire to have sex with this cheating man.

"I'm tired," she said and moved out of his reach.

Abigail did well hiding her feelings for the remainder of the week. When Friday evening arrived, she was ready. She had tried on several outfits, from jeans and a sweater, to evening wear. She wanted to look good, but not overly dressed for the confrontation. Abigail did not want this "Vicky" to have any opportunity to criticize her. She finally settled on a black skirt that was about two inches above her knee and a white sweater that made her 38C breast look that much bigger. She wanted to avoid panty lines under the skirt, so she had slipped on a string thong. She felt disgusted when she first pulled it over her hips. She pulled her shoulder length auburn hair into a pigtail.

"The only time she worn a thong was for Dave and that would not be happening again," she thought.

Abigail chose a plain white bra that would not show through the sweater. Her breasts were so firm and large, padding or push-up was not needed. A pair of black panty hose and some medium heeled pumps were the finishing touches to her "just a little more than business attire." Abigail glanced in the mirror as her Mother rang the doorbell.

"Good," she said to herself, "I look good enough for 'Vicky' to be jealous, but not like I am desperate."

Abigail's Mother was excited to have the kids and even suggested that they sleep over.

"You can pick them up Saturday," her mother had said.

"This was perfect," thought Abigail.

Not knowing her plans for sure, Abigail knew when she found Dave that the remainder of the evening might not be too pleasant. This way the kids would not be at home in case things turned ugly.

Abigail watch her kids leave with her Mother grabbed her purse and went to her car to head out of town to where the "Boar's Head" was located. Her stomach was full of butterflies and she tried hard to keep her anger at bay as she left the city limits and headed toward the bar.

Just as she thought, it was about two – three miles out of town. It was about seven o'clock in the evening and Abigail noticed that the parking lot was nearly full. There were several motorcycles, pick-up trucks, but no sign of Dave's car. Abigail thought perhaps she was early and decided she would just go inside the bar and weight.

Abigail opened the door and the smell of cigarettes came rushing at her. The Boar's Head was dimly lit but she could see mostly men sitting at tables drinking and some playing pool. There were several that appeared to below to a motorcycle club. Abigail saw the patches for "Satan's Servants" on the back of their jackets. She could not believe Dave would be in a place like this not to mention being with a woman her. She saw a few heads turned toward her and felt their eyes on her body, but they turned away and she walked to a bar stool about half way down the bar and sat down, tugging at her skirt to make sure it had not ridden to high.

"What'll you have" the bartender barked at her as he wiped the bar in front of her.

"Shot of Jack," Abigail muttered, just barely loud enough for the bartender to hear.

Abigail did not know why she ordered Jack Daniels, she barely drank beer. The cigarette smoke in the bar was making her head hurt. She could hear the loud music from the junk box in the corner and the shouting and laughter of the other patrons. The bartender brought her a shot of the whiskey and sat it in front of her.

"What are you doing in this place?" the bartender asked, "you don't belong here."

Abigail did not reply and slowly took a sip of her whiskey.

"Suit yourself," the bartender growled and walked to the other end of the bar where two men from the motorcycle club were drinking beers.

Abigail could see them talking, but was not concerned. She sipped her whiskey and would glance at the door each time it opened. Her husband had not arrived.

After about 20 minutes a man sat down on the bar stool next to Abigail.

"Buy you a drink pretty Lady?" the man said to her.

Abigail glanced at the man. He was large, over six feet and over 250 pounds. He had a vest with no shirt and his arms were covered in tattoos. His breath stank of whiskey and cigarettes. He had about 10 days growth of a beard and Abigail noticed his hands were dirty.

"No thank you," Abigail replied politely, her voice with just a tremble, "I'm waiting for someone."

The man who sat down next to Abigail was not just any man, he was the President of Satan's Servants and was called Lucifer. He had been watching Abigail since she entered the bar. His eyes had undressed her and imagined what those huge tits looked like without that sweater. After being assured she was alone, he decided to find out.

"Well, maybe I'm who you're waiting for" Lucifer said and placed his hand high on Abigail's thigh.

Abigail did not realize her situation. If she had, she would not have been so quick to push Lucifer's hand aside and try to leave.

"Excuse me," Abigail said and stood up from the barstool. She had decided that she was no longer safe and was going to leave. She would confront Dave at home.

"No so fast, pretty Lady," shouted Lucifer. He motion with his hand and two other men wearing the same vest blocked Abigail's path.

"Please, let me leave," Abigail pleaded.

At that moment she felt a hand grasp her pigtail and jerk her back to the bar. Abigail started to scream but it was cut short by Lucifer's dirty hand clamping over her mouth.

"Lock the door boys," Lucifer commanded, "we're going to have some fun."

Abigail tried to struggle as Lucifer held her tight with his hand clamped over her mouth. His other hand ran up her leg to her crotch. Abigail winched as he tried to shove his finger into her through her panty hose. Abigail began to sob and Lucifer asked the bartender for some tape and quickly taped her mouth closed.

"Get these clothes off her," Lucifer shouted to several of the men standing around them. He held Abigail's arms tightly behind her while his men began trying to strip her clothes off. Abigail tried to kick out, but the men just thought it was sport. Someone grabbed her skirt and ripped it from her in one quick motion. Her eyes were large as saucers and she froze when she saw another man with a large knife approach her. Abigail was terrified she was going to be killed. She dared not move. The man placed the blade of the knife at her sweater and cut through pulling it open. Abigail felt the air hit her breasts and as they heaved up and down.

Lucifer spun her around and before she could react, Abigail found herself standing nearly naked in the bar with at least 20 men around her. Her bra and sweater laid in taters on the floor. She tried to cover her breast, but Lucifer kept slapping her hands away. She tried to run through the men, but they just laughed as they pushed her back to the center of the group.

"Now," Lucifer began, "do you want to remove those pantyhose, or shall we."

Abigail shook her head no as tears streamed down her face.

"We 're going need that mouth opened," another man shouted, "let her scream."

"Last chance," Lucifer offered.

Abigail shook her head violently back and forth hoping that these men would stop. Without any additional warnings, hands were all over her. Her breasts were being mauled, nipples pinched hard. She felt thumbs in her pantyhose and thongs and within seconds those last bits of clothing were pulled down and she was lifted out of them.

"Look at that bush," Lucifer laughed as Abigail tried to cover her crotch.

Abigail never shaved and the hair between her legs was thick, black, and stark against her white thighs. She felt hands grabbing at her everywhere, pitching her breast, finger probing between her legs, squeezing her ass cheeks. She slapped that the hands and tried to fight her way free without success. Suddenly the gag was ripped from her mouth. Abigail stood, naked, already with red marks on her breasts and thighs in front of 20 men from Satan's Servants. She looked pleadingly at the bartender, who just smile back and shook his head.

"Please, please," Abigail pleaded as the men pushed her toward the bar.

"Bend over, bitch," Lucifer spat as he pushed Abigail's back and pressed her breast onto the bar.

Abigail felt her legs being pulled open and a fingers tugging at the lips of her vagina. She jerked upward and began fighting again as more hands searched her body. Abigail fell onto the floor at the feet of the men abusing her. She covered her face as she heard their laughter. Lucifer reached out and grabbed her ponytail again jerking her face upward. Abigail gasped as she saw his cock pointed at her mouth. She had never seen such a large cock. She thought it must be a foot long and at least three inches thick.

"Now, open that mouth," Lucifer ordered.

Abigail tried to twist away and slapped at Lucifer's crotch striking his hard cock.

"Make her open her mouth," Lucifer said to the others.

Suddenly, Abigail felt hands on her breasts, her nipples were pinched between two different hand and pulled outward dragging her 38C breast outward. The two men abusing her breast, twisted her nipples and the pain caused Abigail to cry out in pain. The moment her mouth opened, Abigail felt the hard head of Lucifer's penis in her mouth. She tried to spit it out and finally bit down hard on his dick. Lucifer cried out in pain and slapped Abigail so hard across the face she was knocked to the floor.

"Bitch is a fighter," Lucifer said, "softened her up for me."

Abigail tried to clear her head from the slap. She felt her arms and legs grabbed by four of the men and she was pulled spread-eagle onto the floor. She could taste the blood in her mouth and she tried to struggle, but it was useless. As she was held down, the men were on her. Hands pulling and slapping her tits while others probed her cunt and ass. She felt two, three fingers shoved into her cunt. Fingers were pulling her pubic hair from her cunt and she felt another finger probing her ass. Abigail bucked her hips up and down and tried to escape the intrusions into her ass and cunt. A big man sat down on her stomach effectively pinning her hips to the floor while the abuse continued. Abigail could feel three maybe four fingers sawing in and out of her cunt.

"She's dry as a prune," Abigail heard someone say.

Abigail screamed again and again. Two fingers were now plunged into her ass and a third was trying to be forced inside. Someone placed a clamp attached to a chain on each of her nipples. The chain was being pulled upward to the point Abigail thought her breast were going to be pulled from her chest. Her cunt and ass were full of fingers just jabbing inside her dry holes and her breast were pulled outward by the clamps on her nipples. Her nipples were now numb, but her breast ached. To add to her humiliation, there was someone or something yanking her pubic hair from her cunt in large clumps. Each yank sent another wave of pain through her entire pelvic area. Spread-eagled, with the big man sitting on her chest Abigail finally worn out from the futile struggle and just laid still moaning at the abuse.

Lucifer had sat at the bar and watched his men have fun with Abigail. He was stroking his hard cock the entire time and was about to burst to drive it into this bitch.

"Looks like she's ready," Lucifer said, "get her up and bring her to the bar."

Abigail was released and helped to her feet. She could hear the laughter all around as she tried to walk. Abigail felt her breast being pulled downward and saw the clamps still on her nipples. She felt no pain as her nipples were numb. She could also see that her thick bush around her cunt was now just tufts of hair here and there. There were big red marks, bite prints, and whelps all over the front of her body. She was stood in front of Lucifer who reached out and removed the clamps. As the blood rushed back into her nipples Abigail winched in pain but did not cry out. She tried to pull back as Lucifer reached out and gently grasps each of her nipples, now hard and erect from the torment and pulled her toward him.

"Now, let try it again," as Lucifer pushed Abigail onto her knees in front of him.

Abigail was once again eye to eye with Lucifer's hard, 12 inch cock. He was attempting to push it into her mouth and Abigail kept her lips tightly locked and tried to push him away. When her nipples caught between his fingers, the pain shot through her breast and she stopped, but she refused to open her mouth. Lucifer pinched down harder of her erect nipples and then twisted both of them. Abigail whimpered but refused to open her mouth. She was not going to be forced to suck this vile man's cock if she had to die first.

"Well then, " Lucifer stated, "let's see if this will persuade her."

"Get the hammer and nails" Lucifer shouted at the bartender as he pulled Abigail to her feet again.

Abigail was unsure what was going to happen and her fear was reaching the panic states. Lucifer pushed her over the bar, her breast flattened against the countertop. Two men grabbed Abigail's arms and held them tightly behind her back to the point her shoulders were burning. Her legs were dragged apart and both were belted to the rail below the bar leaving her cunt and ass exposed. The bartender pulled the hard, erect nipple of her left breast outward and placed a nail in the center.

"Noooooo," Abigail screamed in pain as the hammer came nail and in one blow the nail went through her nipple and tacked it to the top of the bar. A small stream of blood flow from the top of her nipple. Abigail started to struggle, but any movement brought searing pain into her nipple. She watched in horror as the bartender did the same to the nipple of her right breast. Abigail almost passed out from the pain. However, she was now immobile, her nipples nailed to the bar and then released her arms. Abigail stretch her arms out and her hands grabbed the end of the bar to release the pressure from her nipples. She felt two hands pulling her cunt lips open and then three fingers plunged deep inside her. She released the bar from just a moment and felt the tearing pain in her nipples and quickly grabbed the end of the bar again.

"I guess she'll cooperate now," Lucifer gloated.

Abigail to feel the head of his thick cock at the entrance to her hole. She felt the pressure and hung her head and began to sob as her cunt lips parted to allow Lucifer's huge cock to penetrate.

"This hole is dry as a desert," Lucifer said to the other men standing around. Each had their cocks out and were stroking them as they watched later leader buried all twelve inches in the helpless woman's cunt with one thrust.

"God, please stop, I'll do whatever you want, please let me go," Abigail pleaded.

Lucifer advised that it was too late and began to pound her cunt without mercy. Each deep thrust forced Abigail to slide on the bar and she felt her nipples would be ripped from her breast. Abigail held the end of the bar tightly, trying not to move while her cunt was pounded. Her head lying on the bar and her chest heaving as she sobbed.

"She's getting wet boys, slicker than hot butter," Lucifer stated as he continued to pound Abigail.

Abigail could not believe her ears. Though all the pain was her body betraying her? Lucifer continued to thrust in an out, she felt him stiffened and then Abigail could feel his sperm bathing the walls of her cunt. His cock slid out of her hole dragging cum with it. Abigail could feel the cum dripping down the insides of her thighs. Abigail collapse on the bar thinking that her ordeal was over. Then she felt horror as she heard Lucifer announce that for a dollar, anyone could have her cunt.

Abigail clutched the end of the bar even tighter as she felt another cock enter her quickly. This man also pounded her without mercy. He quickly dumped his load and was replaced by another. Abigail turned her head to look behind her and saw at least fifteen men lined up, cocks out and hard ready to fuck her. She was helpless to do anything about it. Each man took his turned ravaging her cunt. The cum was collecting in a puddle beneath her out stretched legs and Abigail was now raw and sore for the savage fuckings. Her nipples were now numb again and the pain was in her cunt and she could not block it from her mind.

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