tagBDSMAbigail's Prize

Abigail's Prize


This story explores lesbian submission, a favorite subject of mine.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, merchandise, companies, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. All characters are 18 years or older when in sexual situations.


Chapter One

"Damn it! Where are my keys?" I asked my cat, King Charles. My spoiled feline looked at me with a bored expression before curling up to go back asleep. I was frantic because I was late for my dentist appointment. I had taken a half day off of work just so I could go to it and now I was going to miss it. Then my phone started ringing. When it rains it pours.

"Hello?" I uttered breathlessly.

"Ms. Larson ... Abigail Larson?" a female voice asked.

Damn. It was a phone solicitation. I needed to run.

"What is it?" I blurted both rudely and impatiently.

"You've won an all-expense paid trip to Hawaii for five days."

Great. Another time share solicitation. I wanted to hang up, but the hook was a bit too tempting to let go just yet. "Is this a time share solicitation?" I asked, this time more politely. I resolved to hang up if the answer was yes.

"No, it's not. Are you Abigail Larson of GHC Software?"

"Yes." This was not a run of the mill solicitation. I'd only been at my new job for a couple months. "I'm late for an appointment. Can you tell me quickly what's up?

"You put your business card in a fishbowl at the Computer Symposium last week. You're the grand prize winner."

I'd never won anything in my life. Was this for real? "I'm sorry. I'm a bit skeptical. Is there a catch?"

"No, all you have to do is sign a form acknowledging receipt of the prize."

Thankfully I found my keys while we were talking. The woman took down my e-mail address and promised to send me the form and the details.

The dentist appointment took my mind off of my phone conversation. When I got home there was, to my surprise, an e-mail from the fulfillment firm with the form and the details of how I could claim my prize.

It was in fact an all-expense paid trip to Maui. I'd never been west of the Mississippi, let alone to Hawaii. At age 25, I'd barely travelled, and certainly not to a destination as exotic as Hawaii. I'd just broken up with my girlfriend so the only hurdle for me was getting the vacation days from my employer.

As it turned out, being in the dead of winter in Philadelphia, I got a sympathetic ear from my boss and two weeks later I was boarding a 757 to San Francisco with a two hour layover before my flight to Maui. I was beyond excited. I'm a good swimmer and had scheduled snorkeling trips to the best coral reefs in the area. I went out and bought a new white bikini that flattered my well-toned body (after I broke up with Allison I went to my spinning class three times a week) and new snorkeling gear. According to my weather app it was going to be 85 degrees as a high every day I was there.

I was glued to the window on the approach to Kahalui airport, which was on that windward side of the island. I could see heavy surf just off the beach and gently swaying palm trees on the sun drenched land. Paradise awaited me.

I took a prearranged shuttle to my resort hotel in Lahaina, marveling at the lush surroundings and the warm ocean air pouring through the van's windows. There were billowing clouds above foretelling the usual afternoon shower. By the time I exited the van there was a downpour that did nothing to dampen my spirits.

The hotel lobby had a stunning view of the sky blue water. I got my room key and found my ocean view room. It was breathtaking. I opened the sliding glass door to my small balcony and stepped outside to witness the end of the shower. There was a rainbow visible through the mist.

I couldn't wait to get out. I unpacked one of my older one piece bathing suits and my flip flops, slathered on some sunscreen, and was out of my room in 5 minutes. It was a short walk to the beach. By then the rain had stopped, the only evidence of the showers being puddles in the hotel parking lot.

The beach was magnificent; an unbroken stretch of white sand beach as far as I could see in either direction. Beach towels dotted the sand. There were plenty of people wading in the mild surf. I wiggled my toes to feel the hot sand between them and straightened the sunglasses on my nose. I dropped my few things on the sand so I could test the waters. The water lapping at the beach was very warm, warmer than my health club's pool. The ocean was a brilliant azure blue and the tropical breeze was seductive. I couldn't believe my good fortune.

I ended up body surfing for most of the day, jumping into the waves and then riding them back in. I felt as if I were a dolphin, playfully swimming through the surf. It was great, running through the hot sand to my towel, drying quickly in the sun, and then when it got too hot, back in the water. A girl could get used to this. The people watching was first rate as well. There were a number of nubile females roaming the beach, any one of which I would have been happy to entertain as an island vacation romance. I had always wondered about the allure of the islands, and now that attraction was all too evident. It was going to be hard to get on the plane back home.

After a day at the beach I went to the hotel restaurant for a quiet dinner for one. The food was fine, but I knew that it was a mistake to eat at the hotel when there was so much of the island to explore. I chalked it up to fatigue. After a day of travel and an afternoon of beach time I just wanted to eat a quick dinner and get into bed, fresh for the next day.

Chapter Two

"Please, please," I whimpered.

The woman above me was pulling hard on my nipple, twisting it in a way that produced indescribable pain and pleasure. I looked up, trying to see her face, though the bright overhead lights made that effort virtually impossible. Her nimble fingers manipulated my breasts, then returned to my cunt, begging for her touch, to bring me the orgasm she so long denied to me. I struggled against the ropes she had used to bind my wrists and ankles to the bed. I was so close ... so close ... "Yes ... yes ... yes ...," I cried.

I felt a warm, slightly humid draft of air on my aching, wet pussy. My eyes snapped open. I was in Hawaii, alone in my hotel room, watching the curtains billowing as the ocean breeze came into my room. It was the same dream I've had since I was a teenager. The nameless, faceless woman toying with me, playing with me, denying me my release. And every time she would edge me closer I would wake up in a cold sweat.

There was already bright sunlight outside, with a distant sound of the surf pounding the beach. Without thinking, my hand drifted lower as it always does after this recurring dream, sliding fingers on each side of my clit, closing the space between them to place my nub in a delicious vise, my sticky sweet essence allowing my fingers to glide back and forth with almost no friction. I wanted to put a face on my imaginary lover, to know her and love her back. My fingers went faster as I used my free hand to pull and twist my hardened nipple.

"Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit," I screamed in a voice loud enough to wake my neighbors, as my body tensed and an orgasm surged through me like a tidal wave. Panting, I dropped my head back on the pillow. A deliciously wicked thought entered my mind as I took my hand, tasting the juices clinging to my fingers, and imagining I was lapping the cream from her wet cunt .

It was a wonderful way to start the day in paradise.

All right. Time to get my ass out of bed. I needed to explore paradise, wallow in it, and hopefully get fucked in it.

I decided to hit the beach early and then explore the island in the afternoon on a moped. What to wear? Easy, my new white bikini. "Not bad," I thought to myself. I pushed my hair behind my shoulders so I could admire how the bikini top accentuated my breasts, with the tiny bits of fabric barely covering them. And the bikini and leg waxing I got worked out perfectly. My legs looked smooth and there was no stubble to mar the look of the bikini bottom. I looked and felt like I could be Queen of the beach.

It couldn't have been later than 10 a.m. when I arrived at the beach. I was one of the few people there and staked out a strip of sand that was near the outside shower. The sun was already baking me and the sound of the crashing surf was soothing. I took out an old fashioned paperback and sat on my towel to read. I was fairly engrossed in my book when I realized I was completely in shadow. I looked up to see the tall dark figure of a woman towering over me.

"Can I help you?" I asked politely.

"You're sitting in my spot," the woman said matter of factly.

"Excuse me?" I asked in a more serious tone.

"You heard me. You're sitting in my spot," she repeated.

I looked on both sides of me. There wasn't anyone within 100 yards. I was flabbergasted.

"I'm sorry. I don't see assigned places on the beach," I said with confidence.

"That may be. But I sit where you are every day. Ask anyone who's a local here."

"I don't see anyone here."

"There will be," she stated with confidence. " I'll tell you what. If someone who is a local comes by and backs up my story, you'll need to buy me a drink and if no one shows up in the next fifteen minutes to vouch for me then I'll buy you one."

Without hesitation I said, "Deal." That was an easy bet. I was thinking about what kind of drink I was going to order.

"Lokelani," the tall dark haired woman said as she extended hand down to me. "My friends call me Lani."

"Abby," giving her a firm handshake.

I could have sworn Lani had x-ray vision. She scanned my body as if my swimsuit was transparent. I returned the favor noting her long straight black hair, her bronzed skin, the finely chiseled features of her face, the generously sized breasts and the long athletic legs. She was exotic and gorgeous.

Lani spread her towel on the sand next to mine. I felt compelled to watch her unwind her body on the towel as she stretched out on her belly.

Lani pushed a bottle of suntan lotion to the edge of her towel. "Honey, would you mind putting some lotion on my back?" She reached behind herself to untie her bikini top.

I reached over to take the bottle, squeezing a generous dollop of sunscreen on the palm of my hand. I leaned over and used both hands to rub the lotion into her back. Her deeply tanned skin felt like silk. The well-toned muscles in her back were rock hard.

"Where are you from hot stuff?" the exotic Hawaiian asked.


"You mean as in cheesesteak?"

"That's the one."


"Tourist trap. Try John's Roast Pork. It's the real deal." I may not know a lot but I know cheesesteaks.

"Hey Maleia!" Lani arched her back and propped herself up on her elbow to wave.

I thought Lani wouldn't notice me looking at her voluptuous bare breasts and chocolate colored nipples as she lifted her torso off the towel. I was wrong. Lani saw me sneak a peek. A wry smile curled up on her face.

As Maleia approached us Lani asked me, "Like what you see little one?"

I felt my cheeks burning. I was a little girl again who was caught with her hand in the cookie jar. I had no snappy comeback. I did like what I had just seen. Lani retied her top, as if to emphasize that there were going to be no more free looks.

Maleia approached us. Another Amazon beauty. "Hey Lani."

"Maleia, where's my usual spot on the beach?

"It's where your new girlfriend is parked."

Crap. Lani was right. Now I'm out a drink.

Lani signaled to one of the beach attendants, a cute curvy blonde, pointing to her mouth. The attendant gave her a thumbs up sign. Obviously Lani was a regular and I was crashing the party.

Moments later the attendant returned with a Bloody Mary.

"Thanks Miki. It's always a Bloody Mary before noon hot stuff. Now pay the lady."

Double crap. I didn't bring any money with me. I didn't think I was going to buy anything at the beach and I sure as shit didn't think I'd lose this bet. "Um, Lani, I'm a little short right now.

"Short? Are you welching on our bet? Is that the way things are done in Philly?" Lani acted perturbed, with her hands on her hips, glaring at me with those hypnotic brown eyes.

"Of course not!" I proclaimed. "I'll go to my room to get some money if you'll spot me now." I was certain this would work.

Lani gave me an exaggerated frown. "Miki, this girl was supposed to pay but she didn't bring any money."

"Well that won't do. I'm going to have to pay for the drink out of my own pocket." Miki gave me a sad puppy look. God she was cute. Is that why they call this paradise? I wanted to fuck everyone here.

"How about if we all meet at my apartment at 7? My girl here can pay you then," Lani said decisively. She was nothing but sure in everything she said.

"My girl?" I thought. "I just went for some quiet time on the beach and all of a sudden I'm going to Lani's apartment to pay a debt? ... well, at least I'm on vacation and these girls are super cute." They were, but I was too naïve to think about what how persuasive and controlling Lani might be.

"So I'm going to your apartment tonight?" I asked, probably foolishly.

Lani glared at me. That look would have stopped a bull in its tracks.

"Right, I'll be at your apartment at 7. Now where is it?"

Lani made a writing motion with her hand. Moments later Miki produced a pen and a piece of paper.

Lani took a long draw from her drink and then scribbled her address on the paper and thrust it into my hand.

"Don't be late, and make sure you wear this sexy bikini," she said in a surprisingly assertive tone of voice, touching my bikini top and letting her finger linger a bit too long to be just a friendly tap. The Amazon Queen took another sip of her drink, turning her head away from me and resuming her prone position on her towel, her top again untied.

I of course couldn't resist continuing to ogle her body, staring a bit too long at the side of her breast. I was afraid a wet spot would soon be showing on my bikini bottom. In the meantime Maleia went to the other side of Lani and tossed her towel down.

Perhaps it was the jet lag, but I dozed off and when I woke up Lani and Maleia were gone. I was still a bit woozy from falling asleep in the sun and I felt a prickly pain on my back. I signaled for Miki and caught her eye.

"Hey Miki, do you know what time it is?"

The comely blond first scanned my back.

"Ohhhhhhh," she exclaimed. "You've got a bit of a sunburn, but it's probably not too bad."

I pressed my hand against my back. My skin was hot to the touch. It hurt. I had forgotten to put sunscreen on my back. It was an amateur mistake, and on my first full day out.

"And the time?"

"It's close to noon," she replied.

I sighed. I must have been asleep over an hour. Well, there was still the whole afternoon.

I filled out that afternoon with a moped tour of the island. I was great to bypass all the traffic with the small scooter. I was able to see a good number of the sights and also sample the great poke and other local delicacies. This was an island paradise and I didn't have a care in the world.

I returned to the hotel to take a shower, the hot water stinging my recent sunburn. It was welcome, though, rinsing all of the dried salt that remained after my quick rinse under the outside shower at the beach. I remembered to wear my bikini, but modesty forced me to wear at least a sheer cover-up before I left for Lani's apartment. The time must have gotten away from me when I realized it was 6:30 p.m. I found Lani's address and went out to the street to catch my favorite ride share service. I was surprised at the traffic in the early evening. It was a strange experience being gridlocked in traffic but being comforted by the warm ocean breeze through the open window of the car. I was a half hour late but I was certain that my new laid back Hawaiians friends wouldn't notice or care. I couldn't have been more wrong.

I found Lani's apartment building. It was a two story walk up with an open exterior staircase. I found apartment 2C and knocked. The shades were drawn on the window. I knocked multiple times. I waited for what seemed like an eternity until someone opened the door.

The door was cracked open but no one greeted me. I tentatively pushed open the door, peering around the edge of it.


A voice from the back of the room stated firmly and clearly "You're late." I was certain the voice belonged to Lani.

I suddenly felt guilty, very guilty, even though my offense was slight.

Lani came out of the shadows of the room. Like me, she was still wearing a bikini. If anything, she looked more stunning than she did on the beach. She walked towards me with purpose.

"What do we do with a slut that willfully disobeys a direct command?"

I was completely off guard. What happened to the laid back Hawaiian beach bunny?

"I was talking to you slut."

My defenses kicked in. I tried to muster the best righteously indignant voice I could muster. "What gives you the right to ..."

" ... to call you a slut?"


"What right do you have to question me? You welched on a bet and then you're a half hour late to pay. Miki already left. She has a shift to cover starting at 8."

I was able to get my footing. "But I'm not a slut."

"Is that so? Was I imagining it when you were leering at my naked tits on the beach?"

"No," I sheepishly admitted.

"You're into girls, aren't you?"

"Yes," I whispered.

Lani slowly lowered the cup of her bikini, exposing her bronzed right breast. My eyes must have looked like saucers as I admired the perfection of her body. "You want this, don't you?"

My mouth went dry. I opened my mouth but nothing came out. I didn't realize it but I was staring at Lani's breast. I did want it. I wanted it badly and she knew it.

"Come here kitten." Lani signaled with her finger.

I walked towards her, almost as if in a trance. Lani pushed down on my shoulders, easing me into a kneeling position in front of her. She leaned over, dangling her erect nipple inches from my lips. I leaned forward, stretching my neck, to capture her nub in my mouth. She pulled back, making me miss.

"Uh uhhh. You need to be punished first, don't you?" This tropical Goddess was clearly experienced at taking control.

I had never experienced anything like this before and felt completely helpless. On my knees, I looked up at her, totally bewildered and bewitched.

"So tell me my sweet, what kind of girl is on her knees, waiting for her punishment so she can suckle on my nipple?" Lani pushed me admit this immutable fact out loud.

"I ... I don't know," I sputtered.

"You do, now say it," Lani commanded as she pressed down on my shoulders with her hands.

Reluctantly, I said what we both knew. "I'm ... I'm a slut." Lani was breaking down all of my defenses, and quickly.

"That's right. Now put your head on the floor and wait for your punishment."

It was if my feet were encased in concrete. Any thoughts of running away were banished from my mind. I lowered my head, pressing my forehead into the plush carpeting. What in the devil had I gotten myself into?

I heard footsteps as Lani left the room. There was rustling in another room. I tilted my head slightly to peek, as Lani reentered the living room holding what looked like an oversized ping pong paddle with holes drilled in it.

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