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Okay so I've decided to do a bit of an "about me" thing here. Why? Because its currently 4am and I'm awake, bored and editing the latest parts of Tears of blood is presently doing my head in. I'm not exactly sure what category this goes in, but hey- did I mention how bored I am right now. Im probably going for non-erotic or reviews and essays??

Anyway. If Literotica don't like it where it is, they'll send it back right?

I'm guessing none is probably going to read this, but for the people who are as bored as I am right now, well you never know. I'll probably read it back once it's posted, cringe with embarrassment, and then delete it.

Also for the smart people out there, yes I know there is a biography part on my profile but I don't care.


My name is Lana and I'm 23 years old. I'm about 5'5, I'm slimish ( I'm not dodging my weight here I just have no idea what I weigh--no really!) I have long dark brown hair, and green eyes. (although I have always wished I was a redhead) I don't know why. I'm not the best people person. I can be stubborn, hot tempered, and can get quite emotional,. I also be honest, patient (although it depends on the person) and incredibly loyal. I'm the kind of person who hugs you every time I see you. But I do find I'm the type of person that you either love or hate.

I have been living on my own since I was 16 and I suffered quite severe depression through my teens, resulting in 4 suicide attempts, the last of which when I was 20. I'm not ashamed of saying it. I got the help I needed, which in my case was medication, and would urge anyone who feels depressed or suicidal to see their doctor, talk to someone ,and get help. There's nothing to be ashamed about. Depression can be misunderstood. Many people don't even realise it's a disease. I'm in no way a counsellor or medical professional ,but I've been there and I know what it's like to feel as though there's no way out.

Anyway, on to more uninteresting stuff about me.

I would in no way consider myself to be a professional writer. In fact I could safely say that, when I was younger, I loathed writing. My idea of the worst ever English lesson started with the words " I want you to write a story on... ". That said, I have always been interested in reading a good story, and after a misspellt search on Google one night, I landed on a story from Literotica.

You could say I was inspired and after a little encouragement from my best friend Jason, I decided to have a go.

I am currently 10 weeks pregnant. To the very same best friend Jason- soap opera material I know. But that's what you get when you mix a cold late night, an attractive male friend, and a shitload of vodka. That said, my baby is the best thing that's ever happened to me, and no matter how much I complain, I love everything about being pregnant. Bring on the stretch marks!

I'm currently working on my story Tears of blood. Its had its ups and downs, which doesn't help when you're an emotional, paranoid, frustrated, crazy pregnant woman permanently feeling like she's PMSing complete with 24 hour morning sickness. It also doesn't help when your pregnancy puts you off sex, which makes writing an erotic/romantic/literotica story pretty hard. The lovely comments and eamils I get keep me going.Aslo thank you to the wonderful people who have favourtied me. It really is an honour and I 'm hoping to have the next ToB chapter out asap!

I have to say I wouldn't have gotten anywhere without my editor LokiKarameikos A.K.A thee best, most patient, understanding, helpful, laid back person ever. He has helped me out so so so much. I don't think he realizes how much. If it weren't for him , I would have given up with it a while back. He helped me out a lot.

Anyway, I have I few more story ideas in my head. Hopefully, after ToB (which for the people who have asked, I will be continuing--I was working on it not 2 hours ago) I can get started on them. I have started with a new story. It's called Aria at the moment, but it'll probably change by the time I post it. Its another vampire story, Although I am debating whether or not to change it to a plain romance. Probably not.

Okay,I think that'll do for now. I'm starting to make myself cringe. =)

Any questions/story suggestions email me via the CONTACT tab on my profile.

Questions I will always answer. Story suggestions, well I might take them on board, you never know.



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