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About the Other Night

bykinky shy girl©

Subject: About the other night

Date: 1/10/2004 2:12 AM Pacific Standard Time

To: j******@yahoo.com

From: k*******@aol.com

Dear J.

Sorry I haven't called you back or answered any of your emails. Yep, you're right...I have been avoiding you. Every time I pick up the phone to call you, I panic and I can't do it. I thought I would write you instead, since I communicate a lot better with writing. I also want to avoid the awkwardness of a real life conversation. I hope you're not reading this at work or anything like that. I'm about to spill my guts and would rather that you be alone while reading it.

Don't worry. I know you think I'm mad or upset about what happened. In your messages, you keep apologizing. Well I just want to say that I am not sorry about what happened. You shouldn't be either. I don't regret the other night at all. In fact I regret that it had not happened sooner. I don't know if you knew this, but I have still had a crush on you for the past few years. All that time that you thought I was just your ex-girlfriend/best friend, it was all a lie. Even when I was dating R., all I could do was think about you. When you went back and forth between T, I couldn't help but feel annoyed.

On second thought, maybe crush is the wrong word. From the first moment we met, I have been in lust with you. There, I said it, lol! Your body alone drives me insane. During the summers, I watch you surfing and I just want to melt in a puddle right then and there. You know that I've always had a fetish for blue eyes, and I especially love yours. Didn't you ever wonder why I dated guys who looked a little like you? Fair skin, blue eyes, the All-American type. I always thought about your dating preference. I wondered if you were thinking of me when you dated the next petite, dark haired girl. Ah, but that's not the point. The point is that I've been thinking of ways to seduce you for the longest time. The other night I found my chance and went for it.

Anyway I don't regret what happened and I hope you don't either. I hope this wasn't a one time thing, but if you're not ready for more, then just tell me. If you don't want us to do this again, I won't say anything more about the subject. You'll always be my best friend, and I don't want to do anything to risk that. If you want to take some time to think about it, that's fine, too.

write back soon....*hugs*



Subject: Re: More

Date: 1/12/2004 3:10 AM Pacific Standard Time

To: j******@yahoo.com

From: k*******@aol.com

Okay, I wasn't expecting that response, but I'm glad that you enjoyed that last email. If you had been more open-minded about things, maybe we would have stayed together. In any case, I'm glad that we can be honest and upfront about everything. I was a little worried about your reaction. First things first... I know you probably think that you seduced me, but it was the other way around. I feel bad about this, but I planned for us to be alone at your place. I never invited D and C to watch a movie with us. They don't even know about what happened. Not yet anyway. I saw you admire that tight outfit when we went out shopping a few weeks ago. I knew I would look good in those short-shorts and white halter top. I remember that time you said I look good in white, because it contrasts with my dark hair and eyes. You see, I remember these things! I decided that I wouldn't wear a bra that night, and I noticed you staring. You tried not to, but you couldn't help it.

I won't embarrass you with the details (you better stop reading *now* if there's someone around your computers) but I loved every moment. I remember the surprised look on your face when I leaned over to kiss you. (btw you've always been a fantastic kisser.) Your mouth tasted so good that I knew I made the right move. When you thrust your fingers into my hair, I knew that there was no turning back. I don't know who undressed whom, but pretty soon I was sitting there wearing only my shorts. You had your shirt off, and I was running my hands over your hard chest. I think I surprised you again by straddling your lap. I knew it was a bold move, and I even surprised myself.

Should I continue? Am I getting too graphic? Let me know, hon.




Subject: Re: re: More (please!!)

Date: 1/15/2004 11:03 AM Pacific Standard Time

To: j******@yahoo.com

From: k*******@aol.com

That was quite a naughty response, mister! I didn't know you could be so ahem, kinky. *grin* Anyway where was I? I wish someone would have taken a picture of us right then and there. It was too perfect. My bare breasts rubbing your face, your lean torso exposed, my bottom grinding into your groin...I still think about that moment. I suppose we could have stopped and come to our senses. You know I was almost afraid that you would stop. If you didn't want to go further, I would have understood. It might have been humiliating, but I would have gotten over it. Thankfully you put your arms around my waist and asked if it was okay if we went to your bedroom. It took a lot of restraint not to yell out "oh god yes!"

You were so gentle when you lay me down on the bed. You literally peeled my shorts off me. I think you were a little shocked to discover that I was bare down there. I wasn't sure if you would like the shaved look, but it seemed like you did. When you ran your tongue across my bare wet lips...damn, I can't even describe it. To be honest, the memory of that still makes me wet. I saw your blue eyes peering up at me, your mouth buried between my legs. When we kissed, I could taste myself on your tongue. It turned you on when I licked my juices off your chin, I could tell.

Is this making you hot right now? I bet you're getting hard as you read this. (When is your conference over anyway? wish you were here!) You know, I never really liked receiving oral sex before. You are the only exception. I wish you would have let me go down on you, because you looked good enough to eat. I'll be blunt, but damn you've got the nicest cock I've ever seen. Good length, thick enough, nice head...gorgeous! I would love to lick and suck you off next time (yes, next time!!) =)

That night was a little rushed, but it was still good. You touched me and kept saying wow you are so wet. I usually get wet during foreplay, but it was your tongue that got me really worked up. As you rolled on the condom, I lay back on the bed and spread my legs as wide as I could. You felt so warm stretched out on top of me. I felt your cock rubbing against my bare lips, and I felt tingles all over my body. When he pushed your entire cock inside me, I knew that it was going to be as good as I had anticipated. You knew it had been a while since I'd been with anyone, so you were really gentle. You slid in and out of me in long, slow strokes. I could feel the tip of your cock rubbing back and forth against my opening. I wanted you to pound me hard and deep, but I was too shy to say anything. Like you said, we have always had a really good fit. Your cock felt so warm and it filled me up so nicely. In case you were dying to know, yes, I really did cum, and yes, it was good.

I'm looking forward to our next time. Just so you should know, you don't have to be that gentle. I promise I'm not that fragile.

Miss you,



Subject: Re: Tomorrow

Date: 1/22/2004 6:12 AM Pacific Standard Time

To: j******@yahoo.com

From: k*******@aol.com

J, I hope you get this email before you leave. I'll give you a call when I get to the hotel room, but I thought you'd like a nice preview. Your last few emails and IMs made me so hot that I can't wait to see you. I never thought that you'd have such a naughty side. You were so shy when we were dating. Then again, so was I. What a difference a few years make. You know you could probably do well as an erotica writer. =)

I think it would be better if I meet you in your room. We could always go out to dinner afterwards. I made a stop at Victoria's Secret last night, and I think you'll like what I got for you. Yes, I have been fantasizing about what I want to do with you. Yesterday I read over that last email you sent and my panties got so wet. I rubbed my clit thinking about your hard cock rubbing against my lips. I would like to get down on my knees and try to take your cock all the way into my mouth, maybe down my throat. I never told you this before, but I always loved going down on you. I love how crazy you get, pumping your cock in and out of my mouth, grabbing handfuls of my hair.

I'm going to suck you until you beg me to stop. When you can't take it anymore, I strip and climp atop the big bed. I get on all fours, exposing my round ass to you. Your cock is still wet from my mouth and you know you want to be inside somewhere warm and slick. I rub my clit while you roll on a condom. You approach the bed and admire the way my ass looks. You reach down and fill me with one, then two fingers. I squirm against you as you thrust your fingers into me. You spread my pussy lips with one hand and use the other hand to guide your cock towards me.

Yes, you love how slick my pussy feels and you want me right away. You push your cock into me with one hard stroke. I moan, and you love hearing me. You grab my hips tight, and you pump your cock deep inside me with fast strokes. I feel my tits bouncing with each movement, and my thighs are getting so wet. You're slamming into me so hard that I'm moaning louder and louder. Your cock is so deep that it almost hurts but feels good at the same time.

You love watching my body bounce with each stroke. You watch your cock enter me over and over again, much better than any porn flick. My pussy feels tight, but you love how I can take all of your hard cock. You love how you can stretch me out like no one else could. You feel yourself getting closer, and you start thrusting so hard that I feel like I'm going to fly off the bed. You can feel my muscles gripping your cock as I reach orgasm. You can't hold off any longer, and you thrust into me deeper than before. You pump into me, and you cum so hard that your knees are shaking. You collapse next to me, and we're both trembling from the aftershock...

You like that? Yes, this is how I imagine our fantasy fuck. I think the reality might be better than any fantasy. At least I hope so. Look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Kiss kiss,


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