tagNonHumanAbove an Alpha Ch. 06

Above an Alpha Ch. 06


Leah took a break and played with the links of the chain with her toes while lying on her back. She hadn't seen metal-work like this in ages and ages. It wasn't unbreakable, but it would take some work and focus. She quickly realized how stupid she had been not to have been focusing her energies on just one link from the start.

Ugh. There were quite a few things she wished she had planned better from the start.

Why did she give Mark Mark Masters an entire week to release the women? Three days would have sufficed. It wasn't a huge request. He had the man power, er, wolf power, whatever.

Oh yeah; he was cute.

Leah was nothing if not a sucker for a good looking man.

Adria always said it was her worst trait.

-As if Adria was one to talk.

Leah hadn't planned on the women being rescued until Sunday, so she didn't have any backup planned before then. If she was going to really save Trent, that meant she'd have to stall things until at least Sunday.

She threw the chain off her toes.


Leah reviewed what she had to work with.

-A whole lot of chain and a lot of ruined shirts.



That old woman knew what Leah was. She had a book.

Books were good. Books were almost always good – there wasn't any problem that couldn't really be solved with a good book. And that old woman, because she knew what Leah was, was afraid of her. Fear was smart. –And quite a useful trait for Leah to take advantage of.

Leah also had the story.

She smiled to herself as she remembered the faces of the people listening, all looking at her as if she had the most interesting thing in the world sitting in the palm of her hand. They were putty. –Especially Mark Mark Masters' sister. She was young and imaginative and probably damn sick of this compound. Leah had, for just a little while, taken her to another world.


-Books, old woman, story, little sister, chain, ruined shirts.

Leah got up.

She crossed to the dresser, chain dragging behind her and over itself, clinking like coins pouring into a sorter. She found another shirt and put it on.

She went to the door. Time to collect her supplies.

Kate was sitting in the tradition ring when the monster came out the front door, dragging chain behind it. She didn't turn to look, but she knew it was there – the damn abomination that was going to be the ruin of this pack. She could hear when the chain didn't give anymore and the thing couldn't come any closer.

Kate, still not looking, called out, "They made sure the chain was long enough that you could come see Mark kill the omega. But not long enough for you to interfere."

"Ah," Leah said. "Good to know."

Kate finally turned to look at her, and about fell off her log.

Leah was standing on one foot, balanced with her shackled leg held in the air parallel to the ground, which she was appearing to pull at with some persistence, though it would be impossible to go any further. She was leaning toward Kate, arms folded over her chest, like her stance was normal and not totally awkward looking. She was even nodding at Kate solemnly, as if deeply contemplating her words.

"What are you doing?!" Kate demanded.

"Ah, well I needed to talk to you."

"To me?" Kate asked. "You going to turn into a bear?"

"Not today," Leah replied. "Um, you seem to be one of the few people who really understand the gravity of the situation, so I wanted to discuss some things with you." Leah suddenly paused in her speech, noticing several thetas and betas hanging about and listening in. "You all want to sit down?"

None of them moved.

"Don't mind them," Kate said.

"All I was wondering is if I could maybe have access to your library – and maybe that book you had out earlier."

"Nope. Your chain won't make it to the library. They moved it on me. –Out where no one can hardly find it on account of those damn Kindles. The ancient aliens won't find it either. And you, I don't need you destroying the evidence."


Kate stood up, pointing a gnarly finger at Leah. "I found record you killed a pack of wolves, and now you want to see that record? You're one of those ones that go around killing things and then destroying the evidence so no one ever knows you exist or even what to expect."

"One of those ones? Is this something that happens? Regularly?"

"You're older than you look. You're saying you haven't noticed a few races gone missing?"

"I'm very self-centered."

"Monsters usually are."

Leah smiled. She liked this old wolf. "But yes, now that you mention it, I have noticed some things have gone missing."

"Was it you?"

"Mmmn, I think you have the wrong idea about me."

"I don't think so," Kate replied.

Leah looked away, staring at the chain she pulled with her leg. "What you think of me doesn't matter. We both have the same goal."

"Same goal? I don't think so, Monster. I just want to live long enough to see a werewolf president, try all the kinds of candy I haven't tried yet, and maybe meet mate number four."

"Fair. Still, you must want me out of here."

Kate paused. This was true. But what she wanted and what was possible were two different things. Packs were run by alphas after all, not the oldest living female werewolf.

-Not that she couldn't have been alpha. Hell, she could have married into it a dozen times when she was a young thing. And she could have killed her way into it when she got to be a little older than that. It wasn't impossible.

But Kate had always been less than ambitious. She liked having fun, and she didn't want to handle other people's bullshit. It had been speculated, throughout the years, that this was why she had lived so long.

"Not for me to decide," Kate finally said.

"That's true. It's for me to decide," Leah replied. "So let me explain. I'm leaving. Plain and simple. I don't want to be here. Every minute I'm here, in fact, is another minute I'm going to spend in deep shit because I was never supposed to get wrapped up with weres in the first place. I have to go." Leah stopped, watching Kate and letting her words sink in. She ignored the other wolves who were listening intently.

"Obviously I'm not leaving without the women. The women are coming with me. I already have that part figured out with Mark in fact. I gave him a week to set them free himself, and then whoever's left I'm taking with me."

"He'll never agree to that," Kate said.

"Call me a monster, Kate, but I don't really give a shit," Leah said. "That's the deal I offered when he and I first met. It stands. Now the only problem is Trent. I like Trent. No clue why, only saw him for about twenty seconds before they dragged him away. But the idea of him getting killed at all, let alone so that some alpha male model can bang me, makes my heart freeze. I can't let him die, Kate."

Kate's eyes narrowed. "Do you love him?" she asked.

Leah smiled. "I only saw him for twenty seconds."

"You want him," Kate said, serious.

Leah shook her head and said, "Weres. Can't I want to save him out of justice? Can't I want to save him because it's not fair he's going to die?"

"Life's not fair," Kate said. "You're old enough to know that."

"I'm also old enough to take the responsibility of making it fair when and where I can do so."

"You mated a were before. You should know your mate now," Kate said.

"You read the story. There were no mates. Their brains had gone haywire."

"You were bitten and you changed." Kate turned away. "And all we have to do to prove it is wait. Full moon's in two days. You'll have to change to your true form by then. Mark will see what you are. And hopefully kill you. Maybe... maybe just send you away. Then all the wolves will be able to smell their mates, and everything will go back to normal."

Leah sighed. "That's a great plan Kate, except for one thing... I don't transform into anything!"

"You're the same thing that came before," Kate said, her voice making the statement a question before she could stop herself.

"Oh yeah. But I've... heh... since changed back. –To what I was."

"No such thing."

"Oh, the things that mythological beings don't believe in," Leah laughed.

"How?" came a voice from behind Leah.

Leah smiled. It was Sarah.

"Well, Leah began, "That's a long story."

"Sarah, ignore this thing," Kate said. "It lies!"

Sarah took a seat in the tradition ring and got ready for the story.

Lucy was sitting in the big bay window in the hallway that served as the back exit to the main gym. The sun was low in the sky, about to set. She had never sat and watched the sunset from this window before, but she had found herself in the hallway, and recognizing the quiet and soft color of the calm, sat down.

Lucy's mind was doing things it had never done before. Her life had always seemed so simple and fun. She was an omega, but she was happy. She looked forward to meeting her mate. She looked forward to seeing her pack live and grow. She had been glad that she had been granted a life of little responsibility. The fact that she got so much in return – a roof over her head, a pack to protect and be protected by, basic cable, had previously made everything she didn't have to worry about even better.

But now...

-It terrified her so much that she had done everything to avoid actually thinking it. But she wasn't used to suppressing her mind. So the thought still came-

You love the alpha.

She fell off the bay window's seat.

She crawled back on, telling herself, "No, no, no. That is wrong. You are an omega. You are Lucy the omega. It's like Kate and Earlene were saying. We're confused right now. We're all confused right now."

"You too?" came a voice from the gym's exit.

Lucy froze, simultaneously breaking into a cold sweat. It was the voice of her alpha.

Mark gingerly entered the hallway and crossed over to the window, taking a seat opposite Lucy. It wasn't until he was seated that he noticed her half-crouched, perfectly still, looking like she was about to climb onto the seat, but not there yet.

"Uh, were you going to sit here, or...?" he asked.

"Yes," she said, finally finding the ability to make it onto the seat again. She looked at Mark – Oh Luna! He was gorgeous! She looked away.

"Were you watching the sunset?" Mark asked.


Mark looked at Lucy. She was clearly not looking at the sunset; she was staring at a patch of carpet in the hallway off to his right. "It helps if you look out the window," he suggested.

She looked back at him then; she had a startled expression on her face, but then she looked out the window and seemed to settle.

"It's beautiful, but I never looked at it before."

Mark shrugged. "They're always telling us we'll live for centuries. Not like we have to be in a hurry for commonplace experiences."

"I know; I feel... exactly the same way, but... lately, I um. I think maybe I..."

"I know; everyone's been confused since the rogues came, like you said earlier. Everyone's a mess. But at least you know it." Mark leaned his head against the wall behind him. "-Seems like no one understands. It's all so difficult. Earlene knows everyone's crazy right now, but she doesn't recognize she's crazy too. Kate's crazy. And Trent..." Mark was looking out the window. Lucy's heart broke a little at the sight of him.

She put out her hand.

She took it back before he could notice she extended it.

"I always liked Trent," Lucy said.

Mark looked at her now. "Wait; could he be your mate?"

"Oh! Oh no, no. No. I always liked Trent, but I liked him because he was like, like so... weird. He wasn't like a wolf. He was like something else, you know?"

Now she leaned back against the wall. "He's... so scared... of everything."

Mark smirked. "He is an omega. –Kind of like someone else who's always belly up."

"No. I know. But no. Trent's scared of other omegas. He's scared of not having a schedule. He's scared of loud noises and running out of soap. I mean, what an idiot. At the same time, I guess, it's nice to know that we're not all the same."

Mark sighed. "He doesn't seem to be very scared of me. –His alpha."

"That's the most confusing thing of all," Lucy lied. "I almost feel like he must have switched places with someone else. There's no way he would challenge you, Alpha. No way if it was the same Trent I know."

Mark was thankful for Lucy, but he could barely see her. His mind was too full of Leah, Trent, and how everything had gone wrong because of them. –It only took two people to totally screw everything up.

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