tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAbrupt Awakening

Abrupt Awakening


A throbbing pain between my legs woke me up in the middle of the night. I struggled to open my tired eyes and breathe, my lungs short of air from having kept my pulse low for hours, but now I could clearly feel it rising again as my hand searched down to grab a hold of my cock. It was rock hard. The front of my boxers was wet and clinging onto the throbbing shaft as if it was trying to keep it down, but it was pulsating and pushing upwards to peek out from the elastic band. I must have had a good dream but I didn't remember it. All I remembered was falling asleep to the smell of Melissa's shampoo still lingering in her hair long after she showered.

She was laying with her back closely pressed to my chest, her legs pulled up and her chin sunk down towards her chest. She was asleep; her hands were grabbing onto the edge of the heavy duvet as if she was trying to cover herself up and meanwhile I felt it strangling me, leaving me unable to move much while sweat started forming in a layer all over my body. My face was already wet and red by the time I pushed the boxers down and felt my heavy balls. I wondered for how long I'd been asleep like this. I felt as if I was bursting though still partly asleep, my heartbeat only slowly catching up with me as I was adjusting my eyes to the dark room, soon making out the shape of Melissa's figure pushing up the duvet. I could feel her light breathing as bumps to my chest whenever she sucked in air, and the way in which she let go of it again made a whistling sound to her teeth. They'd been all over me the day before; we'd been fucking in the kitchen, her legs slamming to the lower cabinet and her arms desperately wrapped around me as she tried holding still, covering up her screams by closing her mouth tightly around my neck. She left five bite marks which had now turned a deep shade of blue. They stung a little as I turned my head to glance into her hair, the long locks surrounding my face and making me breathe shampoo again. She smelled wonderful. It didn't help on my hard on.

I wanted to go back to sleep, but I couldn't. The pulsation was too loud, sending shivers through ever little vein in my body. I gave the head a light squeeze and could immediately feel the precum slipping out of the tip and into the damp fabric of the boxers. There was no way I could go back to dreaming like this and with a quick glance at Melissa's sleeping face, I started jerking off. My fingers moved up and down the warm shaft, the movement slowly at first but soon quickening in pace. The sound of my palm hitting the base of my cock echoed in the room like small slaps. My balls pulled up at ever jerk. The hairy sack was filled with cum and I tried pulling at it to make it go quicker, but I was left on the edge without relief. It made me gasp and swear beneath my breath. "Come on," I whispered and pressed the back of my head into the pillow, trying to think of something sexy, but my mind was blocked with the drowsy dream from earlier and I was unable to do anything but to stare up at the dark ceiling. "Fuck..." I whispered out of breath and let go of my throbbing dick to wipe my forehead off. The sweat was making my fringe stick to my face. I had to push the locks aside to breathe better. "Fuck..."

The pain got worse. It was like the first time Melissa forced a cock ring on me and held me hard for an hour until I was literally sobbing and begging for release. But this time it was natural; my dick wanted more than a hand and a stupid fantasy, and as I turned my head again and glared at Melissa, I knew what I had to do.

I slipped closer quietly. She didn't move. Her curved back pressed to my chest again as I pressed my groin in between her legs, my hard cock resting on her soft, warm thighs. I could feel now she was sweating too; it was lightly moist here and as I pushed myself in, I gasped to her scalp and bit my lower lip. It was like being licked and squeezed by a pair of tight, pretty lips. I pulled a tad out, letting my cock slip until only the head was held securely and I then pushed lightly forward again, feeling the stroke down the side of my veins, filling me with warmth. She still wasn't waking up - it made me move even closer, placing a big, heavy arm in around her and, as if she was asking me to continue, the pressure made her let go of the duvet which slipped a little down, revealing her small, perky breasts. I was now rocking steadily to her thighs, my gaze resting on the beauties, and I couldn't help myself from grabbing one of them, clenching it in the palm of my hand and making her gasp.

"Mhmm..." Her sounds made me stop for a second, but she kept sleeping, the light whistling telling me she had no idea what was going on. It got me brave; as my cock kept pulsating even more and my pulse rose, I started tugging at her nipple, fondling both her breasts and rocking more quickly, my dick moving in and out between her legs so fast my balls slapped to her skin. And now Melissa started making more sounds; her hands started moving, her lips spread open as she gasped in her sleep, turning her head as if to listen more carefully to what was going on. I reached up and pressed to fingers to her mouth to feel she was still breathing deeply and surely she was still gone. At first I couldn't quite understand it, but then even my lazy memory picked up on the nights events; Melissa had had an headache and taken a sleeping pill to make sure she would doze off. It was working wonders and it left me questioning if I could do anything to her now, play with her body however I wanted without having her wake up. I didn't know how powerful such a pill was. All I knew was that I was hard, Melissa was next to me and, as I slipped my hand up between her legs, I also realised she was wet.

Her labia spread for me and her clitoris rubbed hard to my fingers. She was dreaming sweet dreams too; her eyes were moving beneath her eyelids and soon her lips closed around my fingers, almost sucking them in as if she was trying not to say a word. I could feel a mixture of my cum from the day before and her liquids having dried into her little trail of pubic hair, but with the sweat it almost seemed to melt, helping as a lube as I dragged my fingers up and down her labia, in between them and pushing at her entrance, the ring of muscles opening and closing for me as if she was telling me to go on. My body was alert; everything in me knew this was wrong, but my cock didn't care. I couldn't help myself. With my breath caught in my throat trying not to say a word, I grabbed at my dick and lead it up between her legs to her pussy, all the way up until the fat cockhead slipped between her labia and rested at the entrance. I had to take in a shaken breath. This was getting too good.

Melissa's labia clenched around me and tugged at the cockhead as if she was milking it. As I started pushing inside of her, her lips opened and she gasped. In sleep her whole body had been unprepared, but now it started waking up at the strange entrance, pushing me back while I pushed myself inside with a greater force. I could sense her lips wriggling now as if moaning or speaking, and as I looked down at her face again, her eyes were opening, the hazy green in them confused. I gasped and pushed in further, and her eyes closed shortly and then opened widely. She was about to say something, but I pressed my fingers closely to her lips, soon covering her mouth with my whole hand, and she looked up at me confused and I could only smile lazily and push in even more.

Her legs were moving now, but I was partly inside. Her slick, wet inners were squeezing at me, tugging at me as I forced her open, pushing my fat dick all the way up into her. The whole length stroked across her clitoris making her mumble words to my palm. Her hands had gone up to grab at my arm, but I wasn't moving it; I pressed her back into me with my hand on her mouth and one on her breasts, filling her fully with my cock in a loud gasp of pleasure. Her wriggling only made me hornier; the way she struggled around me was like rubbing, sucking and tugging at the same time, sending me close to the edge and making my balls pull up.

I could feel sweat all over my body, especially now as Melissa was this close to me too, and I took a good hold of her chest as I started pulling out of her only to force myself up inside of her again, making her squirm. But she had no escape; I started fucking her harder, my cock dripping precum deep inside of her as I rocked her on and off my cock, then held her tightly locked up against my body as I moved my hips, fucking myself towards an orgasm using her tight pussy on myself as a toy of release. I could feel her struggling starting to give up as my cock pressed harder and harder to her clitoris, making it impossible for her not to feel pleasure shaking through her body, and soon she wasn't struggling to speak but licking at my hand and kissing it, and I finally moved it, letting her gasp in a much needed breath.

"Fucking.. hell John!" she gasped. "I wanna.. Ah.. Sleep..." And I plunged two fingers deep in between her lips in a breathless laugh.

"And I wanna fuck, babe," I growled to her ear and her teeth closed tightly by my knuckles. It hurt, but I still didn't move, rather it made me fuck her harder, making the bed rock on the floor and her whole body juggle up and down. She was gasping between her tight bite, her eyes rolling around as I fondled her breasts, tugging at the nipples and playing with them. I was so close to coming; her warm, tight pussy was squeezing me towards an orgasm quickly and my balls slapping to her flesh just pushed them more and more up, ready to release. She gasped before I did and I felt her pussy shaking and tightening around me as she came, and it made me let go of her face and push her over, pressing her front into the mattress as she was still whining, trying to come back to reality as she was spasming her release, but I needed it much more than she did.

With myself moved on top of her, it was easy to keep fucking without her struggling anymore; she was pushed deep into the mattress, fucked despite having come already and I could hear her gasp for her breath, almost sobbing at the raw, forced entrance.

"Oh god... damn it John," I heard her whisper and I bit down on her shoulder, making her whine and finally feeling myself sent over the edge. I shuddered as I came inside of her, filling her with three thick loads of cum. She gasped and slammed her face into the pillow as if to hide it while I pulled in some heavy breaths, my lungs throbbing with a need for oxygen. I finally relaxed, slamming my big body down on top of her smaller one as I gasped out in pleasure.

"That was amazing," I mumbled. Melissa only slowly turned her head and glared at me.

"I'll pay you back for that, asshole," she said, but her voice wasn't angry anymore. I just smiled at her lazily. "Are you getting off?" she asked after a minute or two, and I shook my head and wrapped my arms around her as I stayed on top of her.

"Nope. Sleep tight."

"John, seriously. Pull out of me at least."

And I pressed my nose into her hair, smelled her shampoo and mumbled: "This will make the morning fuck easier. Go to sleep." And so I did.

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