tagBDSMAbused at the Spa

Abused at the Spa



Cindy is a stunning oriental girl with a body that is nothing short of magnificent. She is petite, with shapely legs, a beautiful ass and mouthwatering tits. She lay on her bed, her smooth, firm legs raised over her head and tied to either end of the headboard. I ran my fingers down the inside of her sensitive thigh until they reached her fully exposed pussy. Her body shook as I began to tease her most intimate flesh.

Actually, Cindy liked being tied up and abused. She wasn't really into pain but she did like to be controlled. She was also a willing agent to find sweet, young women to satisfy my desires. She even enjoyed dominating them when the opportunity allowed. We'd had many a long and mutually satisfying session together.

I lowered my mouth into her soft, dark bush and began to tease her open pussy. Cindy's body began to shake as my tongue flicked across her sensitive clit. I felt her hands grasp at my head in an effort to guide me to her most responsive flesh. Cum just oozed out of her love hole as I probed deeper and deeper with my tongue.

Shifting positions, I raised myself up and let my ramrod brush against Cindy's soft, brown curls. Her eyes riveted on my shaft as I began to tease her open pussy with my cockhead. She moaned and purred, trying to position her juicy quim onto my cock. I kept just out of reach, driving her crazy.

"Now, what was that bit of interesting information you said you had for me?" I teased as my cock slid briefly between the folds of her oozing pussy.

"You ask me that now?" she screamed.

"Sure, how else do I know that you'll tell me?" I laughed.

"Oooo!" she screamed. "You know damn well I will, and if not, you know other ways to get me to talk." she hissed. "Now fuck me damn it!"

"You asked for it." I teased and, dropping down hard onto her luscious, young body I filled her seething pussy to the hilt with one thrust. Cindy gasped as her eyes bolted open.

I began to gently rock in and out of her sweet pussy as her talented, inner muscles massaged my shaft. I reached over her to the headboard and bracing myself, began to fuck this oriental beauty with deep, penetrating thrusts. Her huge, creamy breasts rolled on her chest and her dark nipples got even harder, if that were possible. Cindy's head rolled from side to side as her body gushed with cum. I increased the rhythm and really pounded into her warm, wet flesh. The young beauty gasped and groaned with every penetration as her face was filled with lust. Feeling my own cum about to explode, I raised up off of my feet, bringing my full weight crashing down into her bubbling quim. I exploded deep inside the folds of her warm, wet pussy. I wasn't the only one cumming.

I lowered myself onto Cindy's panting body and she wrapped her arms around me, kissing me deeply. "Now, what were you going to tell me?" I asked.

"I'm not going to tell you." she teased.

"Good." I said as I climbed off of her body. I sat down hard on her chest and my cock, covered with our cum, touched her chin. I knew that sucking cock was one of Cindy's favorite activities but she was never big on doing it when her own juices were involved. I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her mouth to my sticky rod.

"Suck or talk." I hissed. As she opened her mouth, I decided not to give her the option. I pressed my shaft between her soft lips as her eyes bolted open in surprise. Cindy tried to talk to me but she only succeeded in tickling my cum-covered cock. I gently pumped into her mouth until I felt her tongue begin to work my shaft. Was she ever a talented lover. When my shaft got so rigid it was hard to keep it in her mouth, I pulled back, letting it slip from between her soft lips.

"I was going to tell you but you didn't let me." she grumbled. "Now I don't want to tell you at all."

"Not a problem," I teased as I slid my hips forward and straddled her beautiful face. I slid my knees apart as my ass descended onto her face and lined up with her mouth. I looked down at her beautiful, dark eyes, framed by my thighs as my ass touched the satiny skin of her face. "Talk later, lick my ass now." I said as my crack straddled her mouth. Cindy never liked licking my ass, though she did like having her own licked. She refused to comply. Not surprising.

"Lick mine or I'll fuck yours." I teased as I reached back between her thighs and ran my fingers lightly over her smooth asscheeks. As I pressed my finger into the crack of her ass, Cindy knew it was time to reconsider her previous statement. She looked up at my swollen shaft and though she didn't mind anal sex, she knew how painful it could be to be fucked that way with no foreplay to loosen her tight asshole. Usually I would lick her pussy and ass for a long time, slowly prodding her tight asshole with my fingers and tongue to gently open her up. She knew that if she didn't lick my ass now that she was going to walk funny for a few days. I felt her talented tongue slip between my cheeks and prod my tight asshole. This was by far one of the most exquisite sensation I have ever enjoyed. I let my bound and beautiful, young partner pleasure my ass as my cock once again began to harden. As she began to lick my ass, I eased my fingers from her own tight asshole and first caressed her oozing quim and then untwisted my body as I began to stroke her soft hair as she pleasured me.

Looking up from between my thighs, Cindy could see my cock stiffen until it was ramrod hard. Her hands came up around my shaft and she began to stroke it as her talented tongue probed deep into my asshole. Exquisite. Raising my body slightly I looked down at her with a smile.

Placing my hand back on her upturned and spread ass I smiled down at her as my finger ran over her very tight sphincter. "Well, do you tell me what I want to know or do I see how deep I can get into your tight, little ass with one thrust and then how many thrusts it takes to empty my balls into you?" I taunted her. She knew it was time to tell me what I wanted to know or she would feel my cock ram straight into her tight and dry asshole and she wasn't into that kind of pain.

"I'll tell you, I'll tell you!" she gasped. I withdrew my hand from her ass.

"Lisa Graham has been coming into the gym a lot lately. And I'm not positive, but I think that she and Suzanne, the tall blond you always comment about, are having a lesbian affair. But they do try to be discreet." she informed me.

I smiled down at Cindy as I climbed off of her body. I sat beside her as I untied her legs and helped her to spread her body out on the bed. She stretched her lithe body and then felt my arms wrap around her as I pulled her close to me and turned her so she lay on her side with her back pressed against my chest. I caressed her fabulous breasts as my cock slid gently between her soft and very moist thighs. I held her close to me as her arms wrapped over mine as I held her. She clung to my body as I nibbled on her back and neck. Cindy felt fulfilled. She knew that she had given me important information and that I was pleased with her.

"Is what I told you that important?" she asked, a bit taken by my reaction.

"You have no idea." I answered as I kissed her and then sliding off of the bed, I lifted her up and carried her out to the hot tub on the deck. My mind was racing a mile a minute as we descended into the steaming water.

Lisa Graham had been involved with a man named Jim Barnes and together they pulled off a bank heist that netted just under a half million dollars. They were never arrested because there wasn't enough evidence but they were the only ones who could have done it. I was a reporter at the time and covered the case. I remembered my interviews with them - together and separately. They were a bit of an odd couple. He was older and very quiet. You could see his mind working when you spoke to him. She was much younger, then about 18 years old and gorgeous. She was a tough cookie - wouldn't give an inch.

I wasn't sure what the connection with Suzanne was, but it did bear further checking. I let my hands slide up Cindy's body to massage her firm breasts as I nibbled on the back of her neck.

I pulled out my notes and reviewed all the details of the theft. It had been almost seven years since the heist and the statute of limitations was almost up. None of the money had ever been recovered and my best guess was, that Jim was smart enough to keep a low profile and live modestly, not spending any of it until the statute ran out. In checking around, I found out that he was still living with Lisa and living the quiet life of someone not wanting to be remembered. I still wasn't sure where Suzanne fit in. I began to trail her.

Suzanne lived alone but she and Lisa would spend a lot of time together. Whenever they were alone, they seemed very close but when Jim was present that all stopped, except for a periodic eyeing they gave each other. Jim seemed to spend no time at all with Suzanne unless Lisa was there.

A plan was formulating in my mind and I took some time to work it out. Basically, it called for having the three of them together and trying to get one of them to tell me where the money was hidden. I figured Suzanne didn't know but Lisa might talk to save her. If that failed, Jim might talk to save Lisa and lastly Jim was shrewd enough that he might have kept it from her.

When Cindy came over, I explained my plan to her and her part in it. She was very excited. She had been around both of these women for some time at the spa where she worked and I knew that she had some fantasies about each of them.

The spa is closed on Mondays and Sunday nights are usually pretty slow. Suzanne worked that night and Lisa was a Sunday night regular. We were set for the next Sunday.

To be continued....

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