tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAbused at the Spa Ch. 03

Abused at the Spa Ch. 03


Lisa stumbled into the gym and saw Suzanne suspended from the high bar. I pushed the bound beauty over to a single bench press and forced her to straddle the narrow bench. Lisa faced Suzanne's hanging body as I lifted her slightly, forcing the weight cradles under her arms. Her thighs were forced apart by the uprights of the cradles and her beautiful ass, though covered by her sweater, was suspended just above the padded bench. Her huge breasts thrust out firmly against the loose-fitting sweater, her arms pinned securely behind her.

I stepped up to Suzanne's suspended body. "You know, for years, I've enjoyed abusing women's bodies. It's one of the greatest pleasures of life. Most of the women I've tortured, were either whores who enjoyed and needed it or were willing to endure it for the money. In both cases, they were usually pretty over the hill. Then there are women like lovely Cindy here, who would only submit to mild forms of bondage and punishment.

"I'm really looking forward to what I am going to do to the two of you. I rarely get the opportunity to torture two such beautiful women, who really are victims." I said as I ran my hands up Suzanne's beautiful body and began to stroke her massive titflesh. She squirmed as she tried to pull away from me.

Taking a firm grip on her huge tits, I pulled her forward until her magnificent ass slid off the edge of the pommel horse. Her body arched beautifully over the side of the horse and her huge breasts were pulled tightly against her chest. Her hips were thrust forward as her long legs barely reached the floor. I traced my hand down her body and rubbed the gentle rise of her pubic bone. Suzanne squirmed as she felt my fingers tease her beautiful, young body.

My fingers teased the front of Suzanne's body from her full, firm breasts to the protrusion of her pubic bone as her body squirmed in an effort to get away from my probing hand. As my fingers slid down the front of her taut body, the slid off of the sheer spandex of her leotard and onto the sheer nylon of her tights. I could feel the warmth of her thighs under my fingers as they slid along the narrowing V of her crotch. Then curling my fingers I slipped my fingers under the front panel of her leotard, the backs of my fingers pressing firmly agianst the soft down of her pubic thatch as the soft material bunched up in my fist. I pulled her hanging body away from the pommel horse and then sliding my other hand around her firm thigh, flipped her body around. She now hung with her flaring hips pushed back and her ass sticking out invitingly. I traced my hand over her firm asscheeks and then slid it down between her soft thighs. Suzanne bucked in her bindings as she tried to get away from my probing hand.

Lisa watched as I teased her lesbian friend. Cindy sat down on the bench behind her and watched also. I picked up a leather whip and gently drew the leather strips across Suzanne's magnificent ass. Cindy's hands slid up under Lisa's sweater and as she slid forward on the bench, her pussy pressed against Lisa's ass and forced her thighs to press against the metal uprights of the bench and split even wider. Cindy's fingers scraped gently over Lisa's firm tits and then she closed her fingers around her hardening nipples. Lisa squirmed as Cindy kissed the nape of her neck. Cindy teased and pinched Lisa's titflesh and her sharp nails excited Lisa's hardening nipples. Once she had Lisa's nipples really hard, she pulled the front of her sweater up and over her head, baring her huge chest and placing a slight arch in the young beauty's neck.

"You know pain isn't the only kind of torture." Cindy whispered into Lisa's ear as her talented hands returned to Lisa's magnificent breasts. "He'll beat you and fuck you until he gets what he wants but he may give me a shot at you." she taunted the bound woman as her hands slid down over Lisa's firm stomach and then pressed between her spread thighs. She teased her captive's sensitive skin and then slid her hand into Lisa's wet panties. As her fingers entered Lisa's love channel, they were bathed with warm wetness. Cindy began to arouse her captive and Lisa felt herself succumbing to Cindy's experienced touch.

"How many hours do you think I could keep you on the very edge of an orgasm, without letting you cum?" she asked softly as Lisa felt Cindy's experienced fingers tease her oozing quim. The bound woman broke out in a cold sweat.

I leaned back and let the leather lash hit hard against Suzanne's' sculptured ass. She screamed into the gag as Lisa's attention was riveted to her lover's beaten asscheeks. I lay three more firm strokes across Suzanne's quivering cheeks and then pressed my hand against her magnificent ass. Again she squirmed to get away from my hand.

"You know, that your thighs are much warmer than your ass." I commented as my hand rubbed the back of her leotard. The leotard offered a bit more protection than the sheer tights she wore. I pressed my fingers under the back panel of her leotard and pulled the material up into the crack of the tall blonde's ass. Her cheeks were now fully exposed under her tights and the folds of the leotard pressed between her beaten cheeks and would make it hard for her to clench her golden globes. When I hit her again, her screams were considerably louder and her pain even greater. The redness in Suzanne's asscheeks was dark enough to show through her sheer, white tights. I beat her a few more times and then again pressed my hands to her warm cheeks.

Lisa didn't know what to do as she watched her lover being beaten and felt Cindy's fingers excite her as she teased her erect lovebutton. Lisa started to curse at me, calling me everything she could think of. When she got to "cock-sucker", I stopped.

Walking over to the bound beauty, I reached down to the top of her sweater and pushed it down under her breasts, exposing her magnificent mams to view. Her nipples were hard and as I stepped to the side, Cindy withdrew her hands from between Lisa's open thighs. Walking over to the bound beauty, I stood beside her, the whip dangling from my hand.

"You called me a cock-sucker once before." I said. "But you are the one who is going to suck cock." I taunted her. "And right now!" I hissed. Lisa clenched her jaw shut. I lashed hard at her tits with the leather whip and an angry red welt appeared across her creamy, white tits as she howled in pain. Before she had a chance to say or do anything, I struck again at her magnificent tits. Dark red marks appeared across the soft, firm flesh of the woman's breasts.

Wrapping my fingers in her dark hair, I pulled Lisa's face to the crotch of my jeans. I rubbed her smooth cheeks over the rough denim of my jeans and she felt the hardness of my cock as it pressed against her face. As I unzipped my jeans I looked down at the bound beauty and whispered in a menacing voice, "Bite my cock and I'll whip your breasts until they bleed," and then I forced my cock between her lips as Cindy's fingers dove back into Lisa's open pussy. I forced her face along the length of my shaft until I felt the tip press between her tonsils and into her throat. Lisa gagged as she felt the tip of my cock ram into her throat and her pert, little nose pressed into the wiry hair of my crotch. She was overwhelmed by the double assault on her beautiful body as she felt Cindy's fingers tease her creaming twat as my cock rammed in and out of her mouth.

Cindy withdrew her fingers from Lisa's dripping pussy and walked over to Suzanne. Taking a pair of leather cuffs, she knelt and buckled them around Suzanne's slender ankles. Then taking a long, wooden pole, she first tied Suzanne's ankle to the end of the pole and then running a piece of rope from her other ankle through the shackle at the other end of the pole, cindy releasied the blonde's other ankle binding. As Suzanne began to thrash and kick, Cindy pulled on the cord and the leggy blonde felt her legs being pried apart until her ankle touched the end of the pole. With another clasp, Cindy clipped her captive's ankle to the bar, spreading her long legs wide apart. Having split the beautiful blonde's sleek thighs, she slid her hand between Suzanne's trembling thighs and began to tease her spread womanflesh. Suzanne felt Cindy's gentle fingers caress her beaten asscheeks and then dip between her spread thighs and fondle her sweet pussy through the sheer material of her leotard and tights. She moaned softly and Cindy removed the gag as she continued to tease her pussy and her beaten ass.

"Now one of you is going to tell me about the money." I said as I forced my cock all the way into Lisa's mouth. Suzanne was whimpering, partly from the pain of her beating and partly from the excitement of Cindy's caresses.

"I don't know anything about any money," Suzanne cried out as she felt Cindy's fingers slip into her dripping pussy.

"I hope Lisa loves your ass enough to tell me about it then." I taunted her. I pulled Lisa's mouth off of my ramrod for a moment.

"I don't know anything either." she spat at me.

"Too bad." I teased her as I pinched her cheeks tightly. "Perhaps if I work on Suzanne here for a little while it will loosen your tongue." I said as I released my grip on Cindy's face.

Walking over to Suzanne, I stepped between her wide-spread thighs. Her ass was level with my cock and I let the tip of my ramrod brush against her warm thighs. Her body shook. I ran my palms over her still warm ass the then around her body and up to the beautiful swells of her magnificent chest. I squeezed her huge tits firmly in my hands as her suspended body squirmed. Then reaching down between her open thighs, I took hold of the wooden bar and pulling her body upwards, flipped her back over. Her body arched beautifully over the pommel horse as her beaten asscheeks came to rest against the leather pommel horse. She screamed in surprise and a bit of pain as her hips were thrust forward and her huge tits were drawn tightly to her chest. I could see how her massive tits were pulled up and together by her bra and her hanging position. They looked fantastic. Again I stepped between her open thighs and pressed my cockhead against the sheer material that barely covered her pussy.

"You keep that thing away from me!" she screamed. Suzanne looked to Lisa and the helplessness of her situation was written all over her beautiful face. Cindy handed me a knife and then went to sit down behind Lisa again.

I pressed the point of the knife against Suzanne's' massive tit and she winced in pain. The tall blonde's face contorted with fear as Cindy pressed Lisa's hands between her own thighs as she slid forward on the bench and then pressed her own hands between Lisa's open thighs. As she caressed Lisa's open pussy, she felt Lisa's fingers begin to caress her own dripping quim.

I leaned hard against the suspended blonde as my cock stuck out of the front of my jeans and pressed firmly against her sheathed pussy. I could feel the heat that emanated from her pussy as my cock stood up and pressed between her open thighs. I pressed the knife between her pendulous breasts and the point of the blade slit through the soft, sheer material of her leotard. She felt the cold steel of the blade as it slid into the deep ravine between her warm breasts. As I pulled upwards, the material cut like butter. Reaching between her breasts, I pulled the top of her leotard open. I cut away her bra and feasted my eyes on an absolutely magnificent chest. The elastic material of the leotard pressed her huge, white tits together. I rubbed my palms over her pink nipples and watched them harden as my cock pressed against her spread snatch.

"How many lashes do you think these tender tits can take before they start to bleed?" I asked Lisa as I slid the knife down into the bottom of Suzanne's leotard and brought my hands up to her taut nipples. I started to maul her magnificent tits, pinching and pulling on her nipples and shaking her tits violently. Suzanne screamed in pain as I abused her magnificent tits.

"Don't hurt her." Lisa screamed. "She doesn't know anything." she pleaded. Lisa bit her lip as she felt Cindy's sharp fingernails pinch her throbbing clit.

"A little respect, cunt." Cindy hissed. I nodded to Cindy and she slid back on the bench, pulling her fingers from Lisa's open twat. She reached down for the two sets of handcuffs attached to the uprights of the bench. She attached the cuffs to Lisa's wrists, binding her to the weight bench. She then released the bindings above Lisa's elbows. I stepped away from Suzanne's suspended body and began to tease her titflesh with the lash as the beautiful woman paled.

"Please don't hurt her." Lisa pleaded. "She really doesn't know anything about the robbery and she can't tell you anything,"

"I know that, but you can." I said softly as I hit Suzanne's naked breasts with the leather lash. She screamed as the soft leather cut across her milky white tits.

"Please, I'll do anything but don't hurt her anymore. She hasn't done anything to you." Lisa pleaded. I smiled as I once again hit the blonde's magnificent tits with the lash.

"I'll tell you what." I said as I lowered the whip. "You and I have time for a quickie before your boyfriend arrives. If you give me a good fuck, perhaps he'll arrive and provide me with the information I want before I have time to finish beating Suzanne's beautiful tits with this lash." I said. Lisa nodded in defeat, all of the arrogance leaving her face.

I handed the lash to Cindy and walked over to Lisa. I placed my hands on her magnificent tits and squeezing them tightly, pulled the bound beauty to her feet. "Step between the poles." I instructed and Lisa obeyed. She now stood astride the bench with her arms bound slightly behind her. I reached down and sliding my fingers into the front of her moist panties, grasped them firmly and ripped them from her beautiful, young body. I looked down at the soft, dark hair that covered her mons. It had been carefully trimmed to fit into a very small bikini. I lay down on the bench, resting my face below her open thighs.

"You know what to do." I said as Lisa slowly lowered her quivering pussy to my lips. When her warm, wet pussy neared my face, I pointed my tongue and let it slip between the wet folds of her seething pussy. Her body shook as she gasped aloud. I guided her intimate flesh to where I wanted it and proceeded to eat her out. Buckets of cum oozed from her love channel as my tongue went after her clit. Lisa fought for balance as I sucked on her clit and her body shook uncontrollably.

Meanwhile, Cindy unsnapped the crotch of her own leotard, climbed up onto the pommel horse and straddled Suzanne's beautiful face. Taking handfuls of blonde hair, she guided Suzanne's lips to her own steaming pussy. I could hear her moan as the beautiful blonde licked her creaming pussy. Pressing upwards on Lisa's ass, she lifted her pussy from my face. I slid my body along the bench until my cock stood erect under Lisa's dripping pussy.

"You make this good or I'll beat her until she bleeds and then do the same to you and more." I threatened. I pinched her nipple hard to emphasize the point. Lisa's face contorted in pain as I crushed her tender nipple. She looked up at her hanging lover and then down at me. Realizing that as long as she kept my cock busy in her own body, I would not be able to abuse her lover. She maneuvered her juicing twat over my ramrod and lowered her body until her open and very wet pussy lips grazed against my ramrod. As my cock spasmed, she quickly thrust her hips and trapped the head of my cock between her drenched labia. Using her arms for balance, she pulled her hips back slightly and when my cock stood straight up, she lowered herself slowly until I filled her juicy quim to the hilt. Her face flushed as her erect clit finally touched my body. She ground her hips hard against me as she felt her tight pussy stretch to accommodate my manhood. I felt her powerful love muscles clasp around my stiff cock as I invaded her dripping pussy.

"Let's see just how good a fuck you are." I challenged her as Lisa looked at me with a mixture of lust and hate. I watched her lift her body off of mine and I looked at my rigid cock as it stuck out of my jeans and eased out of her drenched love channel. Arching her back, she dropped down hard onto my cock. Her huge tits bounced and thrashed as she impaled herself over and over again onto my cock. I didn't move. I made no effort to help her with the fucking. I felt her powerful inner muscles clamp and massage my ramrod as she plunged again and again onto my rigid tool. I was really enjoying this.

With her arms pulled slightly behind her, Lisa's tits were thrust forward and I watched them as they bounced violently with each plunge of her body onto my ramrod. She had cum several times and I could see and feel her sweet nectar as it bathed my cock.

I was getting pretty close to exploding in her tightness and I reached up for her bouncing titflesh. Taking a firm grasp on her tits, I began to punish them. She was so lost in lust that she didn't even stop. She only shifted her movements and began to grind her hips hard against mine as she skewered her tight pussy onto my cock. When I let go of her panting tits, she once again rose high over my body and then she dropped hard for the last time, her powerful inner muscles squeezing as hard as they could and I cut loose with a flood of cum that sprayed deep into her loins. Lisa gasped as yet another powerful orgasm wracked her beautiful, young body. She leaned forward and collapsed onto my body.

"Pretty good." I said as I looked up at her spent body. She was magnificent. Glancing over at Cindy, I could see that her hips were moving a mile a minute as she smothered Suzanne's beautiful face with cunt and cum as she had done so many times with me. That girl had one of the most responsive bodies I ever had the pleasure to enjoy.

I pressed the point of the knife into the soft underside of Lisa's panting tit and she rose off of my body. She sat astride my hips, my cock still buried deep in her quivering pussy. I nodded and she lifted her hips from mine and stood over my spent cock. I slid out from under her body and she sat down astride the bench. I stepped forward, rubbing my sticky cock across her lips. Realizing she didn't have any choice, she opened her mouth and swallowed my cock as I slid it between her soft lips. I felt her tongue caress my shaft as I filled her mouth to the hilt.

"Well, your lover hasn't arrived yet. Are you going to talk to me or do I start to work on those beautiful tits of hers?" I taunted Lisa as my cock filled her mouth. Easing my cock from between her lips, I looked down at her panting tits and her rock hard nipples.

"I don't know anything and neither does she." Lisa confessed. "Jim wouldn't tell me anything."

"Why don't I believe you?" I asked as I released my grip on her head and stepped away from her body. I picked up the lash and walked over to Suzannes' hanging body. Suzanne still hung by her wrists from the overhead bar, her legs spread wide by the wooden pole, her chest exposed but with her huge breasts pressed firmly together by the panels of her leotard. Cindy stood above her, straddling her neck as the beautiful blonde's face was buried in Cindy's oozing pussy. Cindy's legs were pressed behind Suzanne's shoulders and back as she forced the blonde to pleasure her oozing pussy. Suzanne could not see me approach. Without warning I raised the lash and gave her one hard stroke across her naked breasts and she screamed as an angry, red welt appeared across her creamy, white tits. Before anyone could react, I hit her again across her naked breasts. Suzanne was in pain and Lisa was anguished about her helplessness to save her lover. I laid a third stroke across those beautiful breasts and then a fourth. Suzanne screamed as the leather cut into her tender flesh and her creamy, white tits turned a deep shade of red. The two women sighed with relief when they heard someone pounding on the front door.

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