tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAbused at the Spa Ch. 04

Abused at the Spa Ch. 04


Cindy stepped down from the pommel horse and reaching down between her cum-covered thighs pulled the bottom of her leotard and redid the snaps between her oozing thighs. I slid my cock back into my jeans and zipped them up. We smiled and closed the door to the back gym and Cindy went to let Jim in. She greeted him with a big smile and he could smell the sweet scent of pussy and see her nipples as they stuck out against the sheer material of her leotard. As she turned to lead him into the gym, he watched her magnificent ass as he realized that she wasn't wearing anything under the sheer nylon leotard.

"What happened?" he asked as his eyes remained glued to her sculptured, young ass.

"Oh, you know, Lisa bumped her head on one of the weight machines and she's a bit spacey. We didn't want her to drive." Cindy said. He followed her into the office, his eyes riveted to her sweet ass.

"Where is she?" he asked when he realized the office was empty. Before she could answer, I stepped into the office and pointed the pistol at the back of his neck. Jim recognized the feel of the gun barrel and froze.

"You'll be joining her in a moment." I said. Cindy came up beside him and pulling his wrists behind his back, handcuffed him. I pushed him in the direction of the door and he followed her down the hall. We entered the gym and he could see that Suzanne hung suspended from the bar, her hips thrust forward, her legs tied open and her naked breasts, criss-crossed with angry red marks. He looked over at Lisa as she sat on the weight bench, her arms cuffed behind her, her legs open and a pool of cum on the padded bench below her open pussy. Jim felt himself being pushed into a chair and his arms were tied to the back of it.

"We started without you." I quipped. "We had hoped that the girls would tell us where all that money was but they claim they don't know. I'm not thoroughly convinced, but so far they haven't told me anything, in spite of some beatings and thorough and very satisfying fucking of sweet, little Lisa." I said. Jim sat impassively as he looked at his bound lover.

"Perhaps you need a demonstration of my resolve." I said. I picked up the lash and tracing it across Suzanne's beaten chest, I hit her once again. She screamed as her naked tits exploded in pain.

"Please stop this." Lisa screamed. "She doesn't know anything. Jim, don't let him do this to her. He's been torturing us both for over an hour. Tell him what he wants to know before he kills us." she pleaded. Jim sat impassively.

Reaching for my knife, I quickly cut the rest of Suzanne's shredded leotard away. Her body was really beautiful as she hung, naked and fully spread before me. I stepped up between her open thighs and let my ramrod tease her exposed pussy lips. Suzanne began to thrash about violently.

"Don't let him get near me with that thing!! Please!" she pleaded as she looked to Lisa.

"Don't you like men?" I teased her as I pressed my fingers between her open thighs and pinched her swollen pussy lips. I peeled her lips open and slid my fingers into her dripping quim. She grunted and turned her face from me. I probed deep between her open thighs. I stepped back and picking up the lash, laid a hard stroke across her upper thighs and her blonde muff. Suzanne shrieked. I hit her again and the lash curled around the top of her smooth leg and kissed her most tender skin of her inner thigh.

Lisa was becoming a bit frantic and Cindy sat down behind her and began to pinch and scratch at her tits and cunt. I lay a few more lashes across Suzanne's open thighs as Jim sat impassively.

Reaching down to the pole that held her legs apart, I clipped a rope onto the ring that was in the center of it. Threading it to the same clasp that held her wrist rope, I lifted her legs and began to haul her lower body upwards so that her legs were almost vertical with her knees even with her beaten breasts and her thighs spread wide apart. I ran my fingers down the inside of her satiny thighs and then pressed my fingers into her wet pussy.

"When was the last time you were fucked by a man?" I asked the bound beauty as my fingers probed her dripping pussy. Suzanne did not reply. "I asked you a question." I hissed as I rammed my finger up into the dry tightness of her asshole. The bound blonde shrieked with pain as she felt my finger shove deep into her asshole.

"A long time ago." she gasped as I twisted my finger in her bowels.

"Yes, but how long ago?" I taunted her as I shoved my finger deeper into her tight asshole.

"Years. At least six years." she gasped as her face flushed red with embarrassment.

"Well, that won't be true for much longer." I taunted her as I pulled my finger from her ass and then rubbed her cheek and lips with it. Lisa looked at Jim but he wasn't saying anything. I picked up the whip and lashed across the backs of Suzanne's raised thighs. She screamed as the lash cut across the tenderest flesh of her inner thighs. I changed the angle slightly and when I hit her again, the lash cut into her pussy as well. Suzanne was hysterical as I beat her open pussy. I could see that Lisa was fighting hard against Cindy as she plunged her fingers deep into Lisa's open twat.

"I need some help. I can't hold her down." Cindy said.

Laying down the whip, I leaned between Suzanne's open thighs and licked between her engorged pussy lips. "Don't go away. I'll be right back." I teased as I tasted her sweet nectar.

Cindy stood up and I raised the bench seat to an angle. I removed the weight cradles and replaced them with wider U-shaped brackets. Standing behind Lisa, I once again tied her elbows together. I lifted her up until her ass rested on the top of the raised bench seat. Pressing her upper body backwards, her legs splayed out between the brackets as her elbows came to rest on the slanted seat of the bench. Her head hung back, putting a lovely arch in her body as her huge tits were thrust upwards.

Cindy and I each grabbed one of her ankles and pulling her legs open, forced her thighs into the brackets and tied them there with the leather straps of the brackets. Her beautiful ass hung free over the edge of the bench and her cunt was spread wide open for our pleasure. Cindy straddled Lisa's ample chest and taking a handful of the young woman's hair, pulled Lisa's face up to her own pussy. As Lisa began to suck on Cindy's drenched quim, I pressed my cock deep into her exposed pussy. I took several thrusts into her wetness and then pulled my cock from between her legs.

Returning to Suzanne's suspended body, I picked up the lash and once again began to whip her most intimate flesh. Her cunt was raw and I pulled her legs up a little higher. Her ass was lifted above the pommel horse and she swung gently as her entire weight was suspended from the high bar. Her pussy was fully exposed but slightly above the level of my ramrod. I pulled up a chair and sitting down between her open thighs, began to tease the backs of her beaten thighs and then nibble on her exposed womanflesh. I pressed on her beaten thighs and her body swung backwards. Letting go, her suspended body began to swing gently from the bar. Her entire body began to shake as my tongue teased her open pussy. I traced my fingertips lightly over the backs of her beaten thighs and down to her puffy labia. I blew a cool stream of air across her blonde muff as her helpless body lay open before me. Pinching her swollen pussy lips, I peeled her quim open. It seethed before me and the aroma was intoxicating. Pointing my tongue, I sat motionless as her open love hole swayed up to my mouth and the tip of my tongue slid between her engorged labia. Her body shook as her pussy slipped away from my tongue. Several more times her pussy swung forward onto my tongue as it slipped between her moist folds. I slid it between her lips as her body shook with passion. My hands came up and palmed the creamy globes of her ass and I brought her seething pussy to my mouth.

Suzanne's body shook as my tongue explored every part of her seething pussy. I chewed on her labia and teased her clit. When my tongue descended between her magnificent asscheeks and prodded her tight asshole, she lost all control. Her body bucked wildly as she tried to get away from my oral caresses. I had great plans for the asshole but they would wait for later.

Standing up between her open thighs, I set her body swinging once again. Suzanne was truly helpless in this position. Her open pussy brushed across my cockhead a few times as the tall blonde realized what was coming next. I stepped back and slid a small trampoline under her body and glancing over, I could see Lisa's face buried between Cindy's quivering thighs. Jim watched in fascination as we enjoyed the two women. Stepping up onto the small trampoline, my cock aimed straight as Suzanne's open pussy.

"So you don't like men?" I taunted the bound blonde. "Too bad." I said as I pressed by ramrod between the wet folds of her spread pussy lips. I reached out to her huge tits and pinching her nipples hard, I twisted and pulled on them. Her body pulled forward and I shook her tits violently as she bit her lip. The pain and the fear was overwhelming. When I pushed against her huge tits, her body swung away from me. As the momentum swung her body back, her wet pussy enveloped the head of my shaft. I smiled at her and she turned her face away. I began to bounce gently on the trampoline and my shaft sliced deep into her suspended body. It only took a moment to develop a rhythm of her body swaying and my bounces on the trampoline and I began to skewer this beautiful, blonde lesbian. She was unbelievably tight inside as my cock rammed deep into her lush body.

Suzanne was screaming as my ramrod filled her tight pussy to the hilt with each thrust. It had been six long years since a man's cock had filled her tight pussy and her body thrashed violently as I fucked her. Holding onto her tits, I fucked her with all of my strength. Cum oozed all over my cock as her insides let go with all of her sweet nectar. I started slapping her already beaten breasts as I felt my own cum getting ready to cut loose. The beautiful blonde began to scream and throw her head wildly as I took my final thrusts and filled her pussy with hot cum. Pulling from her glistening body, I left her hanging limply in her bonds.

"It's always nice to make a lesbian cum." I quipped as I slid my fingers into her open and oozing pussy. The naked beauty gasped and thrashed as my fingers probed her violated pussy and became coated with our mixed cum. "This ain't all mine," I taunted her as I held up my cum-coated fingers and began to rub the powerful mixture on her face, particularly below her cute, little nose. The scent of sex overwhelmed her. Then pinching her taut nipples with my fingers, I shook her magnificent tits and then gave her a gentle slap on her ass. She screamed softly.

"You don't seem to mind watching your women being tortured." I said to Jim as he sat bound to the chair.

"She's not mine." he replied as he looked at Suzanne's abused body.

"Well, perhaps you will be more cooperative when I turn my attention to sweet Lisa over here." I said as I walked over to her. Cindy stood up to reveal that Lisa's face and her own thighs were covered with creamy cum. I put a wooden block on the bench in front of Lisa's head. Sitting down, I reached under her body and taking hold of her upper arms, pulled her elbows back hard. Her shoulders rose higher and her head dropped back between my thighs as my sticky cock hung only inches from her soft lips.

Closing my fingers on her taut nipples, I slid forward. My cock was covered with cum from Suzanne's' pussy and Lisa wouldn't open her mouth. My hands came down to her pendulous breasts and I closed my fingers on her taut nipples. Pulling up hard on her huge tits, I began to shake them and bang them against each other. We all watched in fascination as the meaty flesh of her massive tits bounced and jiggled with each contact. Then dropping her tits, I brought my hands to her sides and slapped both of her tits hard. Her huge tits were forced up onto her chest and smashed together as she screamed. I hit her that way again and then again before grabbing her by her nipples again. Pinching her tender nubbins between my fingers I began to roll my fingers as her aching nipples were twisted painfully. The naked beauty screamed and my cock slid between her moist lips. I rocked in and out of Lisa's mouth as I continued to torture her aching titflesh. I pulled and twisted her nipples as I stretched her huge tits as far as I could. She sucked on me as hard as she could.

"A little information please." I said to Jim as I shoved my cock all the way into Lisa's mouth. He did not reply.

I picked up the lash and began to beat Lisa's firm tits. Her body shook with each stroke as her tits turned a deep red. I withdrew from her mouth and then lay the lash over her exposed thigh. Lisa began to beg Jim to tell us what we wanted to know. He would not. I raised the whip and hit Lisa across her exposed thigh. The next stroke fell on her other thigh and then I hit her hard, right across her exposed clit. Her body jerked violently as I continued to beat her open pussy flesh. Again and again the leather cut into her soft love petals and across her erect clit. She howled in pain as cum gushed from her seething pussy and her lovely body trembled.

Lisa could not understand how Jim could allow her to suffer and be tortured like this without doing anything to save her. As the lash once again cut into her soft flesh, she realized that Jim must have figured out her plan to dump him and run off with Suzanne and the money. This was his opportunity to get even with both of them and not be responsible.

Cindy came over holding a special set of clamps. I toyed with Lisa's nipple until it stood up hard and erect. Opening the clamp, Lisa could see that there was a sharp spike in one side of clamp and a hole in the other side. Cindy pressed the clamp to Lisa's nipple, making sure the hardness of her nipple was centered below the spike. As she released the spring, the clamp closed hard around Lisa's nipple and the pointed spike thrust through her most tender flesh, piercing her beautiful nipple as she screamed. Her body began to thrash violently as Cindy reached for her other nipple. She then attached the second clamp to Lisa's other nipple.

There were thin chains attached to the two clamps and taking them in my hands, I pulled up on the chains. Lisa felt the strain on her tortured nubs as the pain in her nipples burned. I pulled harder and had it not been for the spikes in the clamps, they surely would have slipped off of her tender nubs. Lisa was almost hysterical from the pain in her chest.

Cindy slid a second set of uprights onto the bench and placed a crossbar over Lisa's aching chest. I attached the ends of the chains to the bar and as I turned the bar, the slack in the chains wrapped around the bar and Lisa's nipples were pulled up slightly. As the strain on her tortured nubs increased, Lisa arched her back even further. Her chest did look a bit grotesque as I slapped the sides of her suspended titflesh.

"I hope that hurts." I taunted her as I turned the bar a little further. Lisa screamed in pain as the strain on her suspended nipples intensified, the entire weight of her huge tits was supported by the clamps holding her pierced nipples.

"Please, Jim, I beg you. Tell him what he wants to know. He'll rip my nipples off if he fucks me like this." she cried. "Please. I'll do anything for you. Just don't let him do this to me." she begged.

I stood up between her open thighs and with the lash, hit her open pussy as hard as I could. Lisa shrieked in pain as the leather lash cut across her beaten pussyflesh. I lay my cock across her soft muff and then stepped back until the tip slid down between her engorged pussy lips. Leaning forward, I felt the tip slip between her drenched love petals and the wetness of her pussy coated the tip. I shoved forward into her tightness and her huge tits bounced on her chest as the chains held her tits high.

"Let's see, how many times have I cum today?" I teased. "Once in you and once in Blondie over there, not to mention once in Cindy earlier today. I wonder how long it'll take me to cum this time?" I taunted her as I slid my cock deep into her warm, wet hole. Holding onto the tops of Lisa's open thighs, I began to slowly rock into her writhing body. Her huge tits rolled gently on her chest. As their mass rolled back and forth, her nipples held tightly, placing greater strain on her tortured nubs. I increased the speed and depth of my penetrations and Lisa's tits began to bounce around violently and if not for the pins thrust through her bleeding nipples, the clips certainly would have shaken off. Lisa was babbling incoherently as I continued to pound into her abused, young body.

I stopped for a moment and watched as her huge tits continued to sway in her bindings. Nodding to Cindy, she threw a glass of cold water onto Lisa's face. She snapped her head and looked at me. "I wouldn't want you to miss any of the feelings." I taunted her as I shoved my cock back into her body. "Anything to say?" I asked.

"I don't know anything!" she cried.

"Too bad." I teased her as I started to move in her body once again. I watched her face contort with pain as her tits once again began to bounce and pull against the clamps that imprisoned her tortured nipples.

"Wait!" she screamed. I stopped. She turned her head slightly to look at Jim. "I know what you must be thinking. You think that I was going to go off with Suzanne and take the money." she said. "I admit it. I had it all planned." she admitted. "I was wrong. I'll make it all up to you. Please, tell him what he wants to know before he kills me on this damn contraption. Please Jim, I beg of you." she pleaded. Now I understood why Jim was letting us torture the two young beauties. I was getting even for him.

"Is that true?" I asked as I shoved my cock all the way into Lisa's pussy and she screamed.

"More or less." he replied with a smile.

"Shit!" was all I could say.

To be continued...

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