tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAbused by Her Boyfriends Ch. 01

Abused by Her Boyfriends Ch. 01


I spent the first 22 years of my life in Sicily, where I was born and grew up. After graduating with a college degree, I left to do my masters in California, where I've been living ever since. This story is about my sexual experiences when I first started dating men in college. Its strange for me now to think about those days because I received a lot of - what I know now to be inconsiderate and humiliating treatment by my boyfriends at the time. But I did not break up with them, in fact, I more or less accepted and grew to expect it from them. It is only after being out of that culture for a decade or so that I look back wondering why I accepted so many repeated humiliations.

My first boyfriend was the most popular guy in my high school.I was not allowed to date when we were in high school together, to the dissapointment of the many boys who were constantly asking me out. My athletic body, flowing black hair, and firm C-cup breasts, always pressing pertly against the sweaters I used to wear, brought a lot of attention from the boys and envy from the girls. But I could never do anything with the boys that I liked; my parents were quite strict, and never allowed me to spend time with my male classmates unless other girls were also present. The moment I was at university and had the freedom to do whatever I wished I began to date Roberto who attracted me with his popularity and his slick, stereotypical bad-boy looks.

We were soon having sex regularly. I would come over to his parents house when no one was home, and he would bend me over the kitchen table and plow himself into me. His penis felt a little bit on the small side, but what he lacked in size and girth he made up in enthusiasm. I really enjoyed having sex regularly, and I wasn't afraid to be vocal during it, always begging him to pump into me faster and faster until he blew his load into me.

One day he convinced me to do a striptease for him. I had never taken my clothes off to music before, but after a little encouragement I thought I'd give it a try. I got really into it, slowly unbuttoning my blouse and slipping it over my shoulders, taking of my bra with my back turned to him and teasing him with glimpses of my bare breasts until it was time to expose them and rub it in his face. I was down to just my shoes and panties when I noticed Dario - Roberto's brother - watching me through a crack in the door.

I quickly covered myself up with my hands, and started picking up my clothes. But Roberto stopped me.He calmly explained that he arranged this whole thing because his brother had never seen a naked woman before.

I called him a pig and tried to put on my clothes but he would not let me. He pleaded with me to expose my body to Dario. In response, I showered him with insults called him a low-life liar. He got angry and told me he was going to make me do what I was told, whether I liked it or not. He took my clothes and threw them up high up on a shelf where I could not reach them. He told me that unless I did as he asked, he would throw me out of the house naked.

That stopped me right in my tracks. I would not want to be caught in the streets in just my shoes and panties. Besides being arrested, I would bring shame to my family.

I really did not want to display myself to Dario. We all went to the same high school together - Dario was a year younger than us and was in his final year - and I had hung out with him on several social occasions. He was always making dirty jokes and jabbering nonstop about sports. But I guess I had no choice.

Roberto came over to me and took my arms and lowered them to my sides. Dario swore at the sight of my bare breasts and started rubbing himself through his pants. Roberto whispered to me to walk over to him, and ask him to pull down my panties. My face reddened with shame, but I went over and did it. It was a bit surreal to feel him slide down my panties and to stand in front of him as he gazed at my naked body.

Roberto had me lie down on the sofa in front of them and spread my legs. He then told me to masturbate as both of them pulled out their dicks and started whacking them.

I closed my eyes, and did my best to shut out their panting. I did not like being exposed this way, but the thought of letting someone else see me sexually was arousing. I just wish it wasnt Dario. I imagined exposing myself to a couple of hard-bodied, cute guys, who would stroll over in a gentlemanly fashion and propose a dalliance, which I would happily accept.

It wasn't long indulging in this fnatasy that I started emitting moans of pleasure. The boys must have taken a cue from that, because I suddenly felt hands on my body. I opened my eyes and saw Dario standing in front of me, cupping one of my breasts with his hand as he was beating off. I started to push him away, but Roberto came over and forced my hands back onto my pussy. "Come on," he said, "he's never touched a woman before, show him what breasts feel like."

I went back to touching myself, as both of them now started fondling me. I went back to my fantasy, and was getting quite close to cumming when suddenly I felt warm liquid on myself. Both of them ejaculated over my face and breasts.

They seemed to look over at me with smirks on their faces. "She looks pretty hot with cum all over her," said Dario. "See," said Roberto, "I told you she would enjoy it. Don't forget brother, you've gotta be insistent with women."

They handed me my clothes and told me to leave because their parents were coming soon.

Thinking back to it now, I don't know why I didn't break up with Roberto right then. But he called me to apologize; he told me he thought I'd be into it. I told him to go to hell, but he bought me some expensive gifts - I don't even remember what they were - and I told him I'd be his girlfriend again. He promised never to do anything like that.

Of course, this was a lie, and I did break up with him permanently after his next stunt.

Several weeks later we had settled back to our old routine. Every day I would go over to his house to be fucked. Roberto got off at doing it in different rooms, and I think there was hardly a spot in the house I was not fucked in.

One day he was doing me doggy style in his room when his brother walked in. I tried to stop, but Roberto just kept thrusting into me and would not let me go. "Come on," he whispered, "he has already seen you naked." After a couple of minutes I figured out I could not win and gave up to struggle. I hoped Roberto would just fuck me while his brother watched.

But Roberto had something else in mind. He used the opportunity to put my hands behind my back and hold them there. Meanwhile, he nodded to his brother who walked over to me and started to fondle my breasts. I tried to say something, but just as I opened my mouth, Dario pulled out his cock and slid it in my mouth.

It was the first time I was fucked by two guys at once. I can't say I enjoyed it much, though I did fantasize about being double teamed on other occasions.

Both brothers were quite rough with me. Roberto fucked me very hard from behind. Dario put his hands on the back of my head, and pushed me hard on his cock until I was deep throating all of it. He didn't let me pick my rhythm, just pushed my head onto his cock until he shot his load in my mouth barely minutes later. He then told me to swallow and slapped my face with his dick until I opened my mouth and showed him I swallowed all of it. He then grinned an informed me this was the first time he did anything with a girl.

Meanwhile, Roberto was still fucking me from behind. He kept talking about how he knew I liked it, and that I was such a slut he knows I enjoyed being fucked like a little whore. Eventually, he came too, and soon as he released me, I got dressed and left.

That was the last straw for Roberto, and I did not return any of his calls after that.

Little did I know that I would suffer gradually worse and worse abuses at the hands of every boyfriend I would have for the next four years before I left Sicily. Eventually, I even grew to accept and expect such behavior from my boyfriends. In the next stories, I'll recount more of the humiliations that I accepted from these men.

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