tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAbusing Violet

Abusing Violet


You open the front door and see violet and her husband standing on the front step. You move to one side and invite them in. Violet makes an entrance with a haughty expression on her pretty face. She strides confidently into the room and her meek husband follows. Violet is obviously the boss in this relationship. Her wimp husband is under her control, and you're determined to bring the superior bitch under your control and influence. A task you face with obvious relish.

It has taken weeks and months of manipulation to get to this point. You knew as soon as you saw the apparently ice cold Violet at the wedding reception of a mutual friend that you had to have her, had to control her, and to had to bend her will to your own.

Violet is a true, elegant beauty of British aristocratic stock. She is tall and leggy, standing at least 5 feet 10 in height, with an exceptional figure of bosomy voluptuousness, her narrow waist emphasising her generous, ripe breasts and wide hips. Her long, chestnut hued, dark brown hair is thick and luxurious, and typifies the rich, full bodied beauty of the woman herself.

The mere sight of her causes your body to react. Your pulse quickens, your big prick thickens and grows, and the lust for her is fire in your veins. The time has arrived at last. The plotting and planning have come to fruition, and Violet is in your lair.

You offer your guests a drink and Violet asks for red wine. 'Give the man nothing,' Violet indicates her meek husband with a dismissive flick of her wrist. He remains mute, knowing his place and the scale of his insignificance

After a few minutes of inane chat Violet makes a comment about how warm the room is and Sue, your wife, takes her cue to offer Violet help with removing her clothes. It has all been arranged. Violet knew she was coming to your house to be used, but the stipulation was that she must be treated with a firm hand, that she must be dominated and controlled, and Sue wasn't forceful enough.

Violet looks at Sue disdainfully and declines. Violet is a lady that has been used to getting her own way since childhood, she's spoilt and arrogant, and has perfected the art of her withering stare over the years. Her look has been known to send grown men into a panic, especially those in a subservient role, and the high mannered woman gave Sue just such a look.

This is the moment that you recognise is key. Violet must be brought into line, and now is the time to establish your dominance. 'You'll let my wife undress you, you cunt,' you hiss threateningly.

Violet looks at you for long, drawn out moments. There is absolute silence in the room, and Sue looks from Violet to you, and then returns her attention to Violet once more. She is waiting to see just who will win in this battle of the wills.

Violet lowers her eyes and at that moment you know you've won. The triumph is apparent in your voice as you instruct your blonde wife, 'Undress the bitch darling. She'll give you no trouble now.' Sue moves towards the elegant bitch and pulls her to her feet. Violet stands meekly on her high heels as Sue unzips the long evening dress that clings to Violet's lush body. Sue pulls the dress over Violet's shoulders and the expensive garment falls in a heap around Violet's feet.

She stands disrobed before you, elegant, big bosomed and wide hipped, dressed in a lacy pink bra and suspender belt with stockings. Violet's body is gym fit and a pleasure to behold and your already interested cock thickens even more as the scene develops. Violet isn't wearing any knickers and you can clearly see her pouting labia beneath her trimmed pubic bush. Violet has taken obvious care in her appearance, and the hair of her mons has been razored into a tiny v at the top of her cleft.

Sue unclips Violet's bra and the big, tight, round tits spring into view. Sue cups Violet's breasts in her hands and offers them to you. You move to Violet and lick her nipples, causing them to pucker and stiffen.

'Oh yes,' groans Violet as you slurp at her exposed breasts. 'My breasts, yes, lick my breasts.'

'Shut up, bitch!' you roar at the excited woman. 'I'll tell you when to speak.' Violet reddens at your harsh tone, but offers no resistance. 'Go and secure that wimp,' you order your wife, indicating Violet's still silent husband.

Instantly Sue does as she is told and soon the man is tightly bound. Sue pulls his trousers and pants off, showing the man's limp cock, which lies dormant in his lap.

You push Violet back on the settee and part her legs. You can tell she's a little scared by the situation but she's getting aroused all the same. Her labia are gaping and you can smell the musk of her arousal as you move your face between her thighs, her syrupy love juice already seeping from her tight opening.

As you lick at Violet's moistening cunt you probe at her tight arse with the tip of your finger. Violet tries to push your hand away but Sue notices and takes Violet's wrists in her hands to restrain the struggling woman.

Violet begins to groan as you tongue her hard clit, wriggling her perfectly formed arse as her passion mounts.

Now you stand and strip yourself, your hard cock sticking out from your body. You introduce your cock to Violet, offering it to her to suck. Once again Violet tries to resist but Sue is at hand to grab a handful of Violet's hair. Sue twists the hair harshly, causing Violet to cry out in pain. Sue takes your stiffness in hand and forces it between Violet's lips, pushing the blunt head of your long, stiff prick against Violet's tight, painted lips.

'Suck my prick you arrogant fucking whore,' you command and finally Violet allows you to use her mouth, all her resistance fading as she sucks and licks your cock like the true slut that she is.

As you continue to fuck Violet's mouth you glance over at her husband. The sight of his beautiful, classy wife being treated so harshly has caused his cock to stiffen and grow. You are spurred on as you see the effect your treatment is having on the man. 'You like watching this slut getting used?' you sneer over at Violet's helpless husband. 'Take a good look at her slobbering over my cock.' Just to emphasise the point you take a big handful of Violet's shimmering hair and fuck your prick into her mouth. 'Oh yeah, just look at her take me in,' you continue, your face twisted with contempt for both Violet and her pathetic husband. 'Get the toy,' you instruct your wife, turning your attention to her after releasing Violet's hair.

Sue now strips down to her underwear. She is 49 years old, with a very pretty face, blonde hair, big breasts, and a comfortable body. She too has long, shapely legs, and favours stockings and high heels. Sue strides from the room on her high shoes, and you watch her sexy rump as it jiggles with her movements. Sue's big jugs also jiggle and bounce as she walks, bulging over the cups of her basque where she'd lifted them out as she stripped a moment ago. Sue returns a moment later with a strap on dildo and places it down on a table nearby.

You now want to fuck the gorgeous Violet so you lift her legs by hooking them behind the knees with your arms. You spread her wide and pull her forward so that her sopping cunt is exposed and at your mercy. There is no finesse as you put your cock head at her entrance and slam home.

'Ah!' you groan loudly with the pleasure as your thick shaft slides deep. Violet's gooey cunt offers no resistance because of her high state of arousal.

The shock of your cock pushing into her body makes Violet gasp, and she looks up at you with her dark eyes wide. Her mouth gapes open as she feels the size of you invading her body, and as you continue to hammer away at her exposed, hungry, pink quim.

'Please...' Violet pleads. '...Please, slow down. I can't take it so hard... Please, don't.' Her words only spur you on to increase the incredible pressure upon Violet's bulging cunt. Your determination to completely dominate and control this haughty bitch makes you use her as your fuck toy. You view her as an instrument of your own pleasure, and strive to humiliate her to bend her will to your own.

As you are slamming into Violet, Sue is rubbing her own pussy. Her fingers are coated with the slick juices gushing from her vagina. You look at your delectable wife and see her frigging herself. 'Over her face Sue,' you instruct your aroused spouse, and Sue knows instantly what you require. She positions herself above Violet, using the backrest of the sofa as support, and forces her cunt down onto Violet's face.

Violet struggles again, but realising she's trapped behaves like the true slut she is and licks and tongues your wife's hot, dripping pussy. After a few minutes Violet's face and chin are smeared with Sue's juices. It's as though Sue has pissed over the elegant slut's face, and the more Sue's viscous lust pours, the greedier Violet becomes. Violet is making soft mewling sounds as you now slowly fuck in and out of her, and as she savours your wife's sticky pussy.

The sight of Violet's face, with her immaculate make up now in tatters, hair in disarray and cum covered lips cause you to spasm and gush your hot seed deep into her body. You are so turned on that you pump jet after jet of spunk into Violet's womb. Sue sees that you're coming and lifts herself away from Violet's face. You bend forward and kiss Violet on the mouth, tasting the familiar taste of Sue's juice on your slut's lips. As you kiss and spurt our semen into Violet's belly, she too groans and hits her own climax. Her body is wracked by the huge wave of her orgasm, and Violet returns your kiss fervently, her breasts wobbling tightly as she shudders and shakes.

You pull out of Violet, your cock slimy with a mixture of your own cum and Violet's juices. You look down at Violet's pussy and notice that her opening is red and swollen from your assault on her cunt. Violet staggers to her feet, unsteady in her heels and drops of your spunk plop onto the carpet as it drips from her body.

There is no time for recovery though as Sue has strapped the dildo round her waist and then pushes Violet into a supine position on the settee again. Sue copies your example and pushes the thick rubber cock into Violet roughly.

'Go on darling,' you whisper to your wife as she stuffs Violet full of the rubber phallus. 'Give it to the bitch; she's not so superior now. Go on, fuck her.'

Once again Violet gasps, this time it's because she is getting 10 inches of cock shaped rubber slammed into her already abused cunt. In spite of the fact that she's been abused and that her cunt is already swollen and inflamed, Violet pushes back against Sue's onslaught. Violet wants more and more of the cock and her broad hips buck upwards in time to meet Sue's fuck strokes.

Your semen squelches from Violet's body as Sue slams at her with harsh strokes. Cum is running down along the crack of Violet's arse and is making damp stains on the material of the settee. Violet groans in pleasure in spite of the rough treatment and after minutes of frantic coupling, finally bucks and grinds against Sue as her second orgasm rips through her body.

Sue pulls the thick dildo out and pulls Violet to her feet. There is spunk and juice staining Violet's torn and tattered stockings. Violet's makeup is a total ruin now, and her breasts are covered in red finger marks from where she had been mauling at her heavy tits whilst being fucked by Sue. You sit down and hold your still erect cock upright. Sue guides Violet into a sitting position in your lap and you place the head of your cock at Violet's sodden cunt. She sinks down onto you and is soon impaled on your member, helpless as you lift her legs under her knees. Violet is forced to take your entire length inside her body, all her weight being supported in your lap.

Violet begins to sob as you lift her up along the length of your hard prick and then lower her back down so that she is fully impaled once more. Sue now moves between Violet's spread thighs and licks at the point your both joined together. You can feel your beautiful wife's breath on your balls, and Sue is tonguing madly at any part of your cock that is exposed, as well as slurping at Violet's clit and stretched labia.

As this is going on Violet gives an almighty sob and once again comes. She loves the rough treatment and groans and moans loudly, the room filled with her cries of lust and pleasure.

You look at the helpless man where he sits bound and useless. His cock is as stiff as iron and he can do nothing about the torment he feels. His wife is being used like a whore and his cock is aching for release. Unfortunately for him, there is absolutely nothing he can do but watch as his wife comes and cries out in her husky voice to be fucked by her two sadistic lovers.

As a final torment you lock gazes with Violet's husband and shout that you're coming. It's an added torture that you look right at the man as you fill his wife's clenching, already spunk filled cunt with your second bolt of hot spunk.

Once you and Sue have finished with Violet she lies in a bedraggled heap. Spunk leaking from her body. Her labia puffy, red and swollen from the battering she'd received from cock and dildo. You kiss Sue passionately and lead her from the scene, taking her upstairs where you can pleasure her like a lady.

You leave the slut Violet to untie her wimp of a husband, get dressed and leave,

Till next time...

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