tagIncest/TabooAC DC! Ch. 01

AC DC! Ch. 01

byUncle Pervey©

Jenny, a lovely petite girl of willowy stature and standing barely 5 feet, let the screen door slam behind her as she rushed in from school. She immediately headed for her room, calling out, “Mom, I’m home.”

When she entered it she went to the desk by her window and deposited her school books. As she turned around she saw her step-father leaning against the doorjam of her bedroom door and froze. “Whuh, what, are you doing home Artie? The car was gone, and, and I thought, you were at work. Where’s, muh, my Mom?” Jenny was totally intimidated by her step-father, ever since he told her and Patrick about her Mom’s car, and how he’d turn it over to the police if they didn’t do what he wanted.

“Well little Miss Princess,” Artie grinned at her with a lear, “Your Mom has gone to do some shopping in the city, and ain’t gonna be back til around 6. I want you to do something for me.”

“Whuh, what do, you, want, me to do Artie?” Jenny somehow knew what Artie had in mind. She hoped it wasn’t what she thought it was, but he’d made her do it before.

Artie crossed over to her bed and sat down. “Well now lets see.” He pretended he was thinking about it by scratching at his head in a thoughtful manner, then said, “First of all Sweetcakes, I want you to take them clothes off. Right here in front of me, real close up so I can see, you got that?”

“Aw, Artie,” Jenny began trembling, and she blushed. “Do I half to?”

“Yeah, Miss High and Mighty,” Artie mimicked her, “you half to. I wanna watch you peel them tight jeans off, take that tube top off, and show me your titties. Then I want you to pull them sheer panties I know you’re wearing down, and show me that sweet cunt and ass. I wanna see that hairy pussy.” Artie giggled and snorted. He already knew Jenny’s pussy was almost without a hair on it, but he loved to embarrass her, and tormented her every chance he got. “Now you little Bitch, get with it!”

"Buh, but I, don't wanna, do it Artie!" Jenny was almost in tears. She was deathly afraid of her Step-Father, and even more scared of what he might do to her.

“Shut your whining and get going,” Artie snarled, his patience wearing out.

Jenny, her lovely cheeks wet from her tears, began slowly removing her clothes. She unsnapped her Jeans and pushing them over her hips with a wiggle, let them drop to her ankles. She used each foot to slip out of her sneakers so she could step out of her pants. Next, hesitating only as long as she dared, she pulled her tube top over her head and let it drop beside her pants. Reaching behind her in that special way girls have, she unhooked her 32 D cup bra, and let it slide off her arms to land on top of her other clothes. Finally, her skin glowing a hot pink, she slipped her panties off her hips and let them fall, stepping out of them. “Now whuh, what, do, you want me, to do Artie?”

Artie looked her over, enjoying the power he had to dominate her. He still found her small athletic body a marvelous sight. Her pubescent appearance made her look like she’d not even reached puberty yet, and his mouth began watering inside just from looking. “You’re looking pretty good gal. I think I want you to do a little posing for me. I’m thinking I wanna bust my nuts,” he grinned at her embarrassment, “you know, choke my chicken? Beat my meat! You understand now?” Jenny understood alright! "Please, don't muh, make me Artie, please?" She had tears running out of her lovely Amber eyes now. Her lovely and perfect, but small nubile body, was shaking with her sobs. Real tears were beginning to flow.

Artie was sitting on Jenny's bed, leering at her beautiful naked, and divinely formed body. "Well thats too fucking bad, ain't it. You know what'll happen if you don't? What do ya think they'll do to your Mama when they find out about the little boy she killed?"

Jenny began sobbing harder. "Oh, Artie, yuh, you won't tell. you promised Nuh, not, to, tell Artie."

Artie grinned with satisfaction. He had the little bitch right where he wanted her. He was getting tired of her Mama anyways, and although he liked having this control over Jenny and Patrick, Jenny was getting a little too long in the tooth, and dear loveable Patrick was already rebelling. He'd ruin their tranquility alright, but after he had his little fun.

He thought back to the day he'd set it up with a photographer he'd been sent to. He'd not much liked the fat little fucker, but he could put up with him for the fat old fart's expertese. And he was going to use the old fart's work to embarrass the Holy living shit right out of the two little nurds and their Mama too! Boy, was he ever.

He grinned, "We'll see, we'll see. Now suppose you quit that fucking whining and crying, and turn around and spread them beautiful legs of yours. I wanna see that sweet pussy and hot little asshole of yours in all their naked glory."

Jenny really hated this. She felt so degraded and the tears were still running down her lovely face. "Duh, do I, huh, have to Ar, Artie?"

"Hell yes ya have to, ya dumb little bitch!" Artie was getting a little pissed off at the sobbing girl. "After all," he reasoned with himself, "I ain't fucking her, ain't hurting her, Hell! I ain't even fucking touching the little slut! So why's she whining so much about it?"

Jenny, tears of despair and frustration still coursing down her lovely cheeks, turned slowly and faced away from him. "At least," she thought angrily to herself, "I don't have to look at his ugly face!" It embarrassed her to know he was doing what he was doing, and getting pleasure from looking at her nakedness, but she was helpless. He'd had a club over them all since that night Mama'd run over that little boy when she was drunk. Jenny wished now they'd not been so hasty about leaving the scene, but they'd all been terrified of what the police would do. They'd gotten out and discovered the little boy was dead, so in pure panic, they'd jumped back in the car and fled the scene just as fast as they could go!

"Alright Baby," Artie was breathing raggedly, and eating Jenny's lush loveliness up with his eyes, "bend over at your waist and open your legs some more. Farther. Now reach back and pull those ass-cheeks apart. Umm, oh yeah! Thats better." Artie unzipped his pants and pulled his rock hard, swollen, inflamed cock out and began jacking off, while his inflamed lusting eyes devoured every inch of the fragil girl's lovely sweet looking pussy and succulent looking rose-bud asshole.

Jenny had done just like he said. She'd opened her legs wider. Then she'd bent over more, and after taking one of her naked cheeks in each hand, she pulled her bottom crack open wide.

Jenny knew what he was doing cause she could hear him. "At least," she thought to herself with resignation, "he's not making me watch, this time!"

As Jenny stood there holding the pose as directed, she let her thoughts wandered to earlier in the afternoon when Artie'd first told Patrick and her about the photo session he’d lined up. "Boy!" She grinned, remembering, "Patrick sure went ballistic, didn’t he? I thought he was gonna actually attack Artie!" She thought that the only thing that might have held him back was his size, and she wasn’t too sure about that! “After all,” she reasoned to herself, “Artie's much bigger. But Patrick's fear of what might happen to Mama, if Artie went back on his word and Told, was probably the real reason Patrick held back.” She thought, "My brother does have a real temper when he gets mad!"

She heard the sound of Artie pounding away. He was really beating his meat now, and it sounded to Jenny like he'd be finished pretty quick. She really hoped so! She was getting tired.

Her thoughts went back to the proposed photo session, and she decided she'd at least go and see what the photo session was all about. “Maybe it won't be so bad after all” she thought.

In the meantime, in another part of the city,

The man's name was Bernie Bradshaw, and he was a 54 year old amateur photographer. He had cold blue eyes and puffy full lips, and a hairline receding from the front, and trying it’s best to meet up with the growing baldness on the back. Bernie was a slob “but a loveable one,” he grinned to himself, recognizing his short comings. He knew he didn't cut much of a figure being over-weight with a big pot-belly and sallow complexion. He used to have horrible smelling breath, but he solved that problem when he had all his rotten teeth removed at the same time, and the best false ones made he could afford. This action on Bernie's part solved another major problem he'd had to live with. His teeth were perfect looking now, and Bernie was a real happy camper. “Yes indeed,” he smiled and thought to himself. “A real, real, happy camper.”

Bernie Bradshaw was an excellent photographer. He worked hard at it because it supported his most important hobby, pornography. He sold some of his work to select clients, but that wasn't his main goal. As far as Bernie was concerned, he didn't give a good fuck, or damn, if he ever sold another picture again. His photographic subjects were his main goal! He only had one rule he wouldn't break, not for anybody. All his photo sessions had to have two or more subjects in them, and they had to be a mixed lot. He didn't care how it was divided, as long as sex was represented by both sides. Whether it was two males and one female, or two females and one male didn’t matter one wit to Bernie. He preferred couples though because that made him the odd man out, and Bernie really did liked being the odd man out. One more thing, perhaps the most important thing of all to Bernie’s way of thinking. He insisted in his own participation. That was the most important part of the price for the photo sessions.

Bernie was not only versatile as far as sex preferences went, but he was very liberal minded, about ages as well. Bernie did have some limitations though! While he saw practically no limitations to be set for youth, he found out by trial and error that he kind of lost Interest, after the 4 score plus mark had been reached. Even THIS had no set rule though as far as Bernie was concerned. He'd had a few exceptions come down the pike, and he sincerely hoped he'd have some more suitable old codgers in the near future.

Later, in the evening,

Bernie really felt great tonight. He hummed as he hustled around his secret studio, getting ready for a brother and sister team. He'd had a few cases of incestuous relationships in the past, but not enough to suit him. Not at all! To Bernie's way of thinking, there was something special about family members performing sexual acts with each other. It excited him beyond all reason.

Tonight's session had been set up by the kid's stepfather, and that was allright with Bernie too. The man, named Artie, who he’d taken an immediate dislike to, had shone him pictures of the two young people. The boy looked young and his sister did too, but they weren't twins, at least not in the legal sense. Bernie supposed they could be Irish twins though. They were both gorgeous and beautiful to Bernie's discerning eyes. They both had dark hair, perfectly formed bodies, and the most beautiful amber eyes Bernie had ever seen in his misbegotten life.

Bernie finally got the stage set to his satisfaction. The lights and camera's were on their respective try-pods. The last thing Bernie had to do now, was check his sound system out. He had hidden mikes all over his special studio, and his reel-to-reel Sony was synchronized to his movie camera's. Bernie was a perfectionist, especially when it was for his own benefit and pleasure. And tonight, would, most certainly, be that!

As he moved around checking his equipment for the last time, he thought about his first meeting with Artie. Bernie, knowing the little foibles and quirks of weak men, had enticed Artie back to his office and plied him with a damned good bourbin, getting him really soused, drunk enough to worm the story out of him.

Artie had been so full of himself, describing in graphic detail about how he had the two kids and their Mama under his control. How he came to have it, and even where he’d hidden the proof.

Bernie didn’t think much of Artie’s “I’m smarter than you” attitude, and didn’t care much for his pure obnoxious behavior either. He also frowned on Artie for blackmailing such lovely young people, but not because of the blackmail. Bernie didn’t like “Welchers” much, He didn’t like Artie turning on them for no other reason than getting bored with them. In other words, Bernie recognized an absolutely perfect Scum bag when he met one.

The stepfather had whined and wheedled about staying and watching while the session was being filmed, but Bernie'd put a stopper to that notion in a hurry. He flatly refused to allow it.

The man had argued about it, and even threatened not to bring the two kids, but Bernie knew his man. He just shrugged his shoulders and told him to suit himself.

The man finally gave up, and Bernie agreed to make the man a two hour movie of the brother and sister. Bernie saw that the man had no other choice but to be satisfied with that arrangement.

Bernie checked his watch for the third time. The man had agreed to drop the brother and sister off at 8 AM. and it was almost time!

He grinned with joyful anticipation as he heard the downstairs doorbell chime.

Chapter 2.

"Its show time!" Bernie chuckled to himself as he went down to let his two guests in.

As the two young people followed him up the stairs and into the room he'd set up, he thought to himself. "I just don't like that fucking asshole Artie! If things work out for me, I'll just fuck him royally, and give these young people and their Mama a real break."

Bernie couldn't help but notice his new friends didn't seem too happy with their situation. He could guess why, and his pleasure and joy was two-fold.

When the kid's stepfather explained to Bernie that they might not be real willing participants, Artie had to explain what he had over them. Artie, quite drunk by then explained. It seemed that the kids mother had really tied one on and gotten drunk one night. After stopping to pick them up at a friend's house across town, she'd accidently run over a small child on their way home, killing the little boy instantly. She'd been just sober enough to know she was in big trouble if she stayed around for the police. And the kids knew it too, so in panic they'd sped off, leaving the little boy crushed and dead alongside the highway. The stepfather had always had his eyes on the petite daughter, and now, he had his chance. He'd switched cars with his new wife, then stored the hit and run vehicle in a secret rented garage. He told the brother and sister about him preserving the evidence. When he'd done that, he began blackmailing the children without their mother's knowledge. He used her accident and their fear for her, to do what he wanted with them. That's why they were here tonight.

Bernie had the information now and he'd use it if he had to, but he really hoped it wouldn’t be necessary.

Bernie'd made a point to have the room temperature set at 74 degrees exactly. When they entered the room he wasted no time. "Okay kids." Looking at the boy he smiled and asked, "What’s your name?"

The boy was feeling a little nervous but spoke right up. "My name's Patrick."

"And how about you, Honey?" Bernie looked at the young girl, who looked quite a bit younger, and even more nervous than her brother.

"Muh, my name's Jenny." She answered shakily. She continued with, "Whuh, why'd, our stepfather bring, us here? Who are, you?"

"Well Jenny and Patrick," Bernie smiled confidently at the two young people. "You're here because your stepfather wants you to make some pictures for him. I know all about the threat he has over you, and now, I have it too."

Jenny's eyes flew wide open with shock. "You mean, Artie, told you? He swore to us, he'd never, ever, tell anybody!" This was just too much for Jenny and she burst out in tears. She buried her face in her hands and began sobbing softly.

Patrick didn't cry but he turned pale, and wrapping his arm around his sister's shoulders, he glared at Bernie fiercely. He pulled her closer to his side. "We knew he was a real bastard, and this just proves it!"

Bernie smiled in agreement at the young boy. "Good, good. I like your spunk boy, or I hope to do so soon anyways. You and I just may be able to come to some kind of agreement that'll please all of us. Except Artie of course."

Jenny's crying in the meantime had slowed down to an occasional sniffle. When she started paying a little closer attention to what her brother and the old man were saying, she kept quiet. She was smart enough to leave the talking up to Patrick.

"What do you mean?" Patrick was definitely interested. His eyes were gleaming brightly with a sudden hope.

"Well, it all depends on whether you kids do what I want tonight. "Bernie scratched his head thoughtfully. "You please me, and I'll make a deal with you I think you'll really like!"

Patrick was not only interested now, he was curious. "What kind a deal you got in mind?"

"its simple," Bernie chuckled. "You give me what I want, and I'll give you what you want more than anything else right now. I'm not even gonna make you tell me what it is. I'll just ask you a question, and I don't need to know the answer either. I already have a good idea. Here's my question. What would you do with a certain vehicle, hidden away in an unknown garage, if you knew where that garage was at?"

Seeing the dawning look of comprehension and joyous hope light up the boy's face, Bernie nodded and chuckled again. "You got it champ. I know where its at."

"What a we gotta do for this information?" Patrick thought he knew, but he had to make sure.

"Very simple." Bernie was becoming enthusiastic. "All you gotta do is what your stepfather sent you here for, plus a little extra for me of course."

Patrick looked into his sister's wet, beautiful eyes and Jenny looked back at him. "Well Sis, what ya think?"

Jenny turned her glaring eyes on Bernie. "Whuh, why, are you, willing to do this? You already, have us, in your puh power, so why, do this to Artie?"

Bernie’s smile turned into a grin. "To tell you the truth I don't like the son-of-a-bitch. He thinks he's better and smarter than us. I think he's an under-achiever, with an over-inflated, extended ego. And," Bernie winked owlishly at the two kids, "he's just about as smart as my pet rock."

Both kids began giggling nervously, then laughing, at the last statement Bernie made. They had to agree whole heartedly with the old man's opinion.

Bernie could still detect some reluctance eminating from Jenny though. She looked real unhappy with their situation. Walking to the door of the room, he casually closed it, turning the key in the lock and pocketing it.

"Why'd ya do that?" Patrick asked in sudden suspicion. He took a step forward, putting himself between Jenny and Bernie, protecting his sister.

Bernie raised his hands in a calming motion. "Cool it Patrick. We gotta do some serious negotiating here. I don't think Jenny's gonna be all that enthusiastic, happy, or pleased for that matter right away. I just want to make sure she's still with us when we’re finished, you know what I mean. I don't want her doing nothing stupid like taking off during our negotiations." Bernie glanced over Patrick's shoulder. "Just look at her and you'll see what I mean."

Patrick turned his head and looked at her face. "Yeah, I see what you're seeing." He stepped to Jenny and put an arm around her. "Don't worry Sis. Everythings gonna be alright, you'll see." He led her to the cushioned platform in the middle of the room and sat down with her. "Well?" He looked at Bernie. "What’s the deal then?"

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