tagGroup SexAC DC! Ch. 03

AC DC! Ch. 03

byUncle Pervey©

Chapter 9.

Bernie looked up and watched Patrick as he rubbed the head of his red swollen cock against Jenny's tightly clinching rose bud opening.

Patrick slowly pushed it inside until he had it buried all the way. "Oh God, Jenny," He gasped at the warm and velvet caress of Jenny's clinging anal canal. He moaned again at the Heavenly feel of her asshole. It was stretched to it's limit as it surrounded his inflamed shaft like a tightly fitting glove.

As he watched Patrick slowly fuck his sister in her ass, Bernie stroked his own hard and tingling cock. He thrilled at the sensual sight of Patrick's swollen cock sliding in and out of Jenny's tight shithole. He saw that her sphincter muscle was stretched tight and looked inflamed. It had a beautifully glowing bright-red, flush to it that made Bernie's mouth actually begin watering in anticipation.

Patrick picked up some speed when Jenny relaxed a little. It was obvious he wouldn't last long. He was too excited. "Oh Jenny!" He groaned as his cock slid in and out, his hard cock tingling as it felt the friction of Jenny's tightly grasping shithole. "Yuh, you feel so, hot, and silky! Oh yes, I'm, gonna fuck, your, sweet asshole, til I cum, and cum, and cum!"

Bernie reached up to Jenny's shoulders and urged her to lowered her head.

Jenny took the old man's hot swollen cock into her mouth. With an audible moan of surprised pleasure from Patrick's hot cock sliding around inside her ass, she switched her attention to Bernie and began sucking and licking his cock. She held it tight between her lips and began bobbing her head up and down. She was making an unconscious sound of "Umm, umm," deep in her throat.

Bernie stroked and played with Jenny's lovely small tits for awhile before shifting his attention to Patrick pumping in and out of Jenny above him. He reached his hands up between Patrick's legs and began fondling his tight balls. Then he began playing with Patrick's silky smooth ass. He caressed the boy's warm silky cheeks. He let his fingers slide up and down inside the crack of Patrick's ass. He moved one hand to the boy's balls and began gently squeezing and fondling them some more. Then, sticking a finger of his other hand in his mouth to lubricate it, he raised it to Patrick's tightly clinched asshole and pushed it slowly inside. He held it still for awhile, fascinated at the clinching movement the rectum muscle was making. He began moving it in and out in time to the boy's movements, finger-fucking Patrick's tight silky asshole with a pleasure that almost drove him insane with lust! As Bernie watched in a sexual daze of delight, he saw Patrick start to stiffen up. He watched closely as Patrick pulled his sister's cheeks apart. He totally exposed his inflamed and swollen cock penitrating Jenny's rectum opening. This was pure rapture to Bernie's devouring eyes! He watched Patrick push his cock in as far as he could get it, then wrap his arms around Jenny's waist to help hold it tightly inside.

Patrick cried out in unconscious joy. "Oh yes! Goddam! Fuck! Fuck fuck! Oo Mama! Fuck that tight, suh sweet, asshole! Oo, Jenny! Jenny Jenny Jenny! I, luv, love you! I luv, fuh, fucking, your, tight, hot, fuck, fucking asshole! I'm cum cumming! Oh God, I'm fuck fucking, cumming! Aiee, aiee aiee!" He felt his cock buried deep inside Jenny's ass, jumping and spurting shots of hot juicy cum over, and over again, and again. Too soon he was completely drained. He held her pressed tightly against him til his cock finally softened enough to pop out on its own with a final squeezing caress of Jenny's inflamed spincter muscle, as it attempted to close back up.

Bernie in the meantime was experiencing his own orgasmic climax. He had his finger firmly buried inside Patrick's tight hot rectum as far as he could push it. He was feeling the involuntary clinching spasms caused by Patrick's jerking and jumping cock shooting its load. His own cock was squirting humongous amounts of warm creamy cum into Jenny's greedy devouring mouth, and feeling thrilled at the wonder of her swallowing every creamy, salty drop. "Oh yes Jenny," He moaned. "Yes dear girl! Swallow my cum Baby! Swallow it all, to the, last, drop! Oo boy, eat it Jenny!"

As soon as Patrick's cock slid out, Bernie reached up and pulled Jenny's luscious ass down toward his face and fastened his hungry lips to her rectum opening. He began licking and gently sucking at the slightly open hole. He used his slippery wet tongue to massage her tender and sorely inflamed spincter muscle. He licked and sucked the entire area around and inside Jenny's asshole.

Jenny unexpectedly began squirming and moaning with erotic pleasure from the feelings Bernie's tongue was giving her.

That's just exactly what Bernie wanted! He wanted Jenny's inhibitions completely and totally gone.

Jenny was in a complete daze! She felt good. Her body felt real hot but relaxed too. She felt like she was melting right into the old man beneath her. Whatever he was doing, and she could easily feel what it was, it felt so good she wanted to show him how pleased she really was! She began licking all over his cock as it lay against her flushed face. She licked it thoroughly as she hummed in gratified exhuberant unconscious pleasure. She began sucking on it. She pulled it all the way inside her hot wet mouth and felt it respond to her feverish warm fire, her smooth sliding lips and her caressing tongue. She felt Bernie's cock slowly begin growing hard. "Good" She thought to herself. " He likes it!"

Bernie couldn't believe it! The lovely little Vixon had actually gotten his cock to make the fastest recovery it had ever made. He was really pleased! Now he could speed his time-table up a little. He pulled away from her succulent and tasty asshole just long enough to moan, "Damn it, Jenny! You, better quit, it, before I, explode, in your, mouth, again! God but that, feels so, so fucking, good! Hev, Heavenly delight!"

Jenny lifted her mouth off him long enough to giggle at what he said. She was pleased he liked it. "Yum yum! You, taste so, so wonderful!" She moved her head back down and slurped his jerking hot cock back inside her hot mouth, pulling it all the way in until it's burning head actually curved down into her throat.

"Its time to move around a little now." Bernie was reluctant to move from what was happening. He really enjoyed eating Jenny's asshole while she sucked him dry, but he had to get on with it. "Jenny. Move off me, but stay on your hands and knees." She did, and Bernie rolled over and got up behind her. "Patrick. Go to the front of Jenny and let her give you a really good blowjob!"

Patrick who'd been watching the action between the old man and his sister, had another prize boner to deal with, so he was happy to follow the old man's instructions. He crawled over to his sister and getting to his knees, presented his stiff and jumping, hard cock to her waiting lips.

Bernie got to his knees behind Jenny, and pulling her Heavenly cheeks open wide, he moved his mouth to her perfect inflamed looking rectum hole, and sucked and licked some more, getting it ready, and making Jenny more receptive to what was coming.

Jenny felt really strange down on her knees like she was. Her naked brother Was in front of her with his cock ready for her to suck on. Then the old man pulled her cheeks open and began sucking and licking her butthole again! She couldn't help herself. She arched her back unconsciously and hummed ecstatically at the unexpected erotic pleasure she was feeling. Her eyes glazed over with pure sensory ecstacy as she opened her mouth and took her brother inside.

Chapter 10. Bernie moved his mouth away long enough to scoot closer. He took his now rampantly raging cock in his hand and guided its red inflamed head to Jenny's sweet tasting asshole. He touched her hot moist opening with the tip of it. Then he pushed just hard enough for it to slip slowly inside. He stopped for a moment to savor the feel of it clinching muscle movement, as his cockhead slid passed the spincter muscle. Bernie loved the unique squeezing way all spincter muscles have when they're trying to cut off a turd. Then Bernie pushed it in the rest of the way, pausing again when he was inside all the way, just to feel the hot moist feel of Jenny's ass-hole's insides clutching his inflamed burning cock. He trembled with pleasure at the feel of it on every inch of its tingling surface. He waited patiently though, not wanting to move til he felt Jenny completely relaxed.

Jenny began moving herself inside, clutching at his cock by squeezing her rectum muscles. "Oo, Buh Bernie!" She pulled off Patrick's cock long enough to gasp. "It fuh, feels so, so good! Oo, wow!"

Bernie knew it was okay then so he began moving back and forth real Slow. He felt like he would almost go blind from the pure erotic pleasure. The sensations of Jenny's steaming slippery inside skin rubbing along the full length of his hot tingling cock was about to make Bernie go crazy. It caused his skin to feel like it was burning with fire and being peeled like a grape at the same time! Bernie wrapped his arms around her body and played with Jenny's pert little breasts and fucked her. Oh HOW he fucked her! He'd never felt such a good feeling before in his entire life. "Oh Jenny!" He moaned. "You feel, so, so tight, and hot! Feel it! Feel, my hot, hard cock, inside? Oh yeah!"

When he got close to his climax Bernie did just like Patrick had done before him. He pulled Jenny's cheeks apart and pressed his cock inside as far as he could push it. He wrapped his arms around her, holding her tight against him as his over-heated cock bucked and jumped completely out of control, spraying gob after gob of hot sticky cum deep inside Jenny's hot steamy bowels. He came even more, at the milking sensation her clutching asshole muscles were causing him. "God. Oh Goddam. Sweet Holy fucking Christ." Bernie tried to press himself completely inside Jenny. Cock, balls, body and all! He wished he could climb right inside her and lick and suck on her for the rest of his fucking life. It felt so wonderful he actually felt tears forming in his eyes.

Patrick was in the middle of his own orgasm at the same time. His sister had licked and sucked on him so hard he literally exploded inside her mouth. "Oh yes Jenny! Suck me! I'm cum, cumming! I'm cumming, in your mouth! Oo yes! Suck me dry, Jenny, please? Oo yes, eat my cum! Swallow it, all down! Arg, oh! Aiee, aiee aiee!"

If Jenny hadn't taken a good breath right before her brother began cumming, he'd have smothered her for sure! She did just liked he asked though, and gobbled and gobbled, swallowing every drop of creamy hot cum she could.

In his excitement Patrick had grabbed each side of Jenny's head with his hands and forced his raging and pumping cock in all the way. It went in so far the end had curved down into the back of her throat. It was jerking wildly, and shooting spurt after hot spurt of his salty creamy cum straight down her throat. Somehow, and Jenny didn't quite figure out how, the old man had made her cum too. She'd had one orgasm after another til she thought she'd lose her mind. "Oh yes! I'm, so, so tired! I've cum too, too much!"

Bernie finally stopped moving his jerking and spurting cock, sighing with his completed sexual gratification.

Both kids were breathing hard from their sexual exertions and Bernie was too. He was so worn out it was all he could do to stagger over to the cooler for another Coke for everybody. He knew he needed it and he had no doubt in his mind the kids were more than ready for one too.

His wobbling stagger back to the platform was so comical, Patrick and Jenny both broke out giggling.

Bernie grinned foolishly as he handed the pops around. "You two rascals just Wait! You'll be old and decreppant just like me one day. Then see how funny it is." Bernie laughed at his words so the kids would know he didn't really mean it.

Patrick was growing a little curious about Bernie's earlier remark. "What did ya mean earlier? About a special gift?"

"Yes!" Jenny smiled at the old man coyly, teasing him mischieviously, "what is it? Please tell us! Oh please do!"

Bernie sat between the naked brother and sister. He laughed and threw an arm around both of them and hugging them, gave in, "Oh, alright. You know why your stepfather sent you here?"

Patrick glowered and growled. "Yeah! He wants a VCR of Sis and me doing sex acts together. The lousy pervert probably wants to use it to jack off!"

Jenny blushed at her brother's words about their stepfather, but she agreed with what Patrick said. "I think, you're, right Patrick."

"Well," Bernie paused and smiled, "that may be the impression he gave you two, but when he was here making the arrangements, we did a little drinking and I made it a point to get him drunk enough to talk. I found out what he really wanted to do with the pictures from this photo session with the two of you." Bernie took a drink of pop, then continued. "Its not what you think. He wants to use the movie as another club to beat down your Mama."

"The dirty bastard!" Patrick hissed as Jenny murmurred, "He's totally Evil!"

"Thats right," Bernie continued, "he's planning on using this to embarrass your Mom at some kind of fancy party coming up. Do either of you know what I'm talking about?"

Both kids suddenly turned very pale. Jenny whispered in horror, "The PTA, is meeting, at our house, tomorrow night! Oh God." She buried her face in her hands just shuddering at the mear thought.

Bernie gave her a squeeze. "Don't worry Honey. This dirty old man's gonna get that ugly bastard out of your life once and for all. Out of your Mama and brother's too! Take my word for it."

Chapter 11.

While he'd been talking Bernie'd let his hands slide down both kid's backbones. He loved the smooth silky texture of their warm skin. He joyfully caressed both their asses and laid back, pulling both kids down with him. He turned them so one was laying on each side and half-way on him. Bernie kissed Jenny first with his tongue thrusting deep, then he did the same with Patrick. He really enjoyed their flickering tongues dancing with his. He had a hand on each perfect, smooth and firm backside. He was moving a slippery finger into each tight rectum opening. Bernie slowly eased his fingers in and out, as he hugged their naked warm bodies up against him. He loved the way their silky-smooth skin felt against his. Bernie was breathing hard with lust from their hot groins pressing against his sides. Jenny's pussy felt moist and steamy, and Patrick had grown another king sized boner.

"Our last act of the night. Are you kids ready?" Bernie didn't know if he was happy or sad about what was going to happen. "Because," Bernie told himself gloomily, "It would be over all too soon!" He guessed it might be a little of both.

Patrick and Jenny both smiled. Patrick had really gotten into sex, and Jenny, although still feeling a little strange about some things, was at least willing to try now, and just maybe enjoy some of it too.

Bernie hoped so! He was beginning to care for this brother and sister quite a bit. "Okay kids. Jenny, how'd you like to have your sweet pussy eaten real good one more time?"

Bernie had to grin at her enthusiastic, "You bet! Unh hunh!"

"Okay. That's settled then," Bernie instructed her, "Lay down on your back now and get ready. Just like the first time you did it, over by the edge."

Bernie turned to Patrick then. "I hope your tongue's rested up some Patrick. I want you to eat Jenny, real good! The best you've done so far. I believe if you do it to pleasure yourself though, she'll get pleasure out of it too, but make a real special effort, alright? Make her have multiple orgasms if you can. I guarantee you'll enjoy them as much as she will!"

Patrick, grinning and licking his lips moved over between his sister's lovely legs. He started to drop to his knees but Bernie stopped him.

"Nope," Bernie breathed with short breaths as he informed him. "Not THIS time. I want you to bend over from your waist and eat her. I got plans for that tight sweet ass of yours."

Patrick no longer hesitated at any instructions Bernie gave him. He did as he was told. He was so anxious and hungry for the sweet taste of Jenny's delicious and hairless yummy pussy it was all he could think about! He fell to his job with a joyous pleasure beyond any thing he could imagine.

Bernie first dropped to his knees behind Patrick, and after caressing his ass cheeks, pulled them apart and fastened his mouth to Patrick's hole. He sucked on it til he'd managed to pull the spincter muscle ring inside his mouth just next to his teeth. He began licking and plunging his tongue deep inside. As he played with Patrick's balls with one hand, he stroked his own throbbing and twitching cock with his other hand. He kept this up until he saw that Patrick's anal opening was at last about ready. He saw that it was swollen and puffy looking. Patrick's spincter muscle had turned a dark red color. It was looking agitated and hot with desire. Bernie's own cock was highly inflamed by this time. When he stood up behind Patrick his cock was jumping and twitching like fire-ants had been crawling on it!

Bernie lubricated it real good first, then put his cock's head against the swollen hole, and pressed it slowly inside all the way, til it bottomed out against his pelvis bone. He wrapped his arms around Patrick's middle. He held him steady with one arm and began sliding in and out, fucking his tight sweet ass while using his other hand to pump on Patrick's cock, but not enough to make him cum. Bernie wanted that hard young cock inside his mouth when it shot it's load.

Jenny felt Patrick's hot slippery tongue sliding over the inner skin of her pussy. The friction from his hot tongue and warm breath brushing her inner secret place felt so delicious. But when her brother's tongue began working its way down and inside her pussy's hole, she felt her inner being kick into high gear! She knew her juices were flowing copeously, and she knew with an inner certainty, Patrick was lapping them up, like bees on a honey-suckle blossom. "Oh Patrick, you're your doing, it, so, so good! Eat me Patrick! Eat me, real good!"

Finally his tongue and lips worked their way up and began caressing her feverish, sensitive clit. The touch alone was enough to start Jenny's orgasms firing off unchecked. "Oh yes! Oo, my God yes. Eat, me good, Patrick! Suck, all my juices, up! Do it good. Eat my, pussy raw! Please Patrick, oh, please eat me up. Oo, oo oo!" Each sentence came out in little bursts of breathless wondrous delight, as Jenny flung her pretty head side to side in ecstacy, glorying in the wonderful multiple orgasms she was experiencing. They were firing off one right after the other! She cried out, "Aiee. Aiee aiee."

Bernie was at his own point of no return. The hot grasping asshole of young Patrick, clutched at his cock with a pure demonic stubbornness. Bernie felt it grasping its full length every time he pulled back with his hips. Bernie completely lost it then. "Oh God Patrick! Oh yes! Your, shithole is, burn, burning me up! Sucking me, dry! I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum!"

Bernie barely managed to spread Patrick's cheeks wide apart. He rammed his hot throbbing cock inside all the way. It began jumping and twitching with spasmotic jerks, and filling Patrick's asshole up with hot steaming, creamy sticky cum! Bernie held Patrick's backside tightly clutched against his naked inflamed groin as his inflamed and jumping cock emptied itself completely.

Patrick was confused. He loved eating Jenny's pussy, and he liked what the old man was doing too, and that's what confused him. It felt so good to him to feel the hot cock inside his ass, twitching and shooting globs of hot cum deep inside. He could actually feel the cum as it splashed against his inner canal.

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