AC DC! Ch. 03

byUncle Pervey©

Bernie enjoyed the hot moist feel of Patrick's tight and succulent spincter muscle trying to hang onto his cock as it slowly got soft and withdrew. Bernie hated to have his cock leave the hot steamy sanctuary.

Bernie quickly dropped down onto his bottom and scooted back between Patrick's legs. He moved until Patrick's inflamed and swollen cock was brushing his very deserving lips. Bernie opened his mouth and sucked Patrick's cock inside with a ferocity he couldn't quite understand, but he had no need to. He just began moving his head back and forth, using his tongue til with a shocking explosion Patrick's cock was suddenly jumping and spurting gobs of hot creamy cum at the back of his mouth. Bernie felt Patrick's hot silky cock bumping against his throat entrance, as it spurted gobs of creamy, salty sperm down his throat. Bernie kept sucking hard til nothing more came out. Then he rested, and kept Patrick's cock inside his mouth til it got soft and Patrick pulled it out.

Chapter 12.

Jenny lay still, totally exhausted from her multiple orgasms.

Patrick flopped down beside her, almost as exhausted as she was.

Bernie barely made it to his feet long enough to fall back beside them. "Damn." Bernie managed to gasp out wearily. "I can't remember when I've been this worn out and tired!"

All Jenny and Patrick managed to do was nod their agreement. Both the kid's bodies glistened with a light film of sweat as they laid there. They thought they'd never be able to move again!

Bernie, looking over at Jenny and Patrick and seeing their swet glowing bodies, groaned and rolled over enough to begin licking Jenny's body all over. He couldn't help himself!

Jenny was so tired she never moved except to open her legs and raise each arm so Bernie could do her underarms and arm pits. She just barely manage to roll over with great difficulty, moaning and groaning like someone old beyond her years.

Bernie finally licked her clean, then did the same to Patrick. He was careful to do an extra good job with Patrick's cock and balls. Then he took special care of the boy's ass in the same way.

When Bernie finished, he rolled onto his back and got the surprise of his life. Both Jenny and Patrick moved over to him and began taking care of him in the same way. He just laid there, enjoying the sensations caused by both the brother and sister's tongues licking and probing all over his body. There was some sexual pleasure and excitement, but there was another kind of pleasure Bernie just couldn't quite put a handle on no matter how he tried.

Managing to finally raise up, Bernie reminded them, "Its getting pretty close to the time your stepfather'll be here. We better get busy. I have to explain to the both of you what to expect because you're both going to have to do some serious acting. That is if you want to pull it off in a way to nail Artie. This is the only way you and your Mama will get shut of him you see?"

Bernie told Patrick and Jenny to get dressed then come into his office. He'd tell them all about his plan then. He'd show them what he'd prepared!

About the time Bernie had grabbed up the VCR tape he'd made specially for Artie and inserted it into the VCR player, Patrick and Jenny had come in and sat down.

Bernie sat down beside them and picked up the remote control. He activated the machine.

Both brother and sister watched mesmorized and fascinated, as the TV screen lit up and figures appeared on the screen. They thought at first they were looking at themselves, but when they saw Artie enter behind the young people they knew it wasn't them!

Looking closer at the figures of the two young people, Jenny suddenly cried out in wonder. "Thats not us! But what's Artie doing there?"

Patrick was fascinated as he watched Artie walk back out of the picture while the two young people began removing their clothes. He watched them having sex with Artie but he just didn't believe it! Artie wasn't that stupid was he? He watched many of the sex acts he and his sister had done earlier in the evening.

"Well kids," Bernie grinned and chuckled at Patrick and Jenny's puzzled looks. "I'm a damned good phoTographer if I do say so myself. I'm probably the best in this state! Artie didn't know it but when I showed him my layout I made sure the camera was running! I'd made up my mind about what kind of shithead he was by then. I didn't know you yet, but he'd showed me pictures of you and I liked what I saw. I figured if you went along with me, I'd lend a helping hand to you. There are people that love young inexperienced people good, and there are those that love them bad, and Artie is one of the bad ones! Now I need you to tell me something else. What time is that little get together at your house?"

Patrick looked at Jenny for a moment then answered, "It's supposed to begin at 7 PM, but why do ya want to know?"

Bernie grinned wolfishly at them, "Because, my two lovely co-conspirators, I told Artie that I might not have the package ready before tomorrow. He can keep thinking that. I'll tell him to come around and pick it up at 6 PM. He'll bitch about it some because that's his way, but he'll come and he won't have time to look at it before its time for him to run it at the party!"

Bernie leaned back in satisfaction, "That, my friends, is when his goose will be cooked for sure!" Bernie looked at Patrick's and Jenny's grinning faces. "What I need to know now is can either one of you manage to invite someone to the party that just happens to be involved in some way with the local police?"

Both kids broke out laughing instantly, hugging each other in delight.

"Boy oh boy!" Patrick chortled. "Do we ever! This is gonna be so, rich!"

Bernie looked puzzled and Jenny explained giggling all the while, "One of the guests is Chief Sampson. He's not only the Chief of Police." She couldn't stand it any more. Throwing her arms around the old man With delight she wheezed with uncontroled laughter. "He, was our, Dad's best friend, and best man, at our parent's wedding! Oh, oh oh! I'm gonna pee, pee all, over myself!"

Bernie broke out laughing too. He grinned at the thought of Artie's look when the VCR began playing. Not just by the trick that was going to take care of Patrick and Jenny's major problem at home, but at the delicious young girl he held pressed up to him. He was loving every second her shaking body rubbed against him.

Jenny finally pulled away from him.

Sighing with an unexpected feeling of loss, Bernie reached out a piece of paper to Patrick. "I think this is what you want."

Patrick took it and looked it over, then gave Bernie another big hug. It was the address Bernie'd promised him!

As they sat there talking they heard the noisy sound of a vehicle pull up outside.

"Quick Patrick. I took a little run out to this address earlier today, you know, to look around, and its completely isolated! There's not another house within a mile of it. You can make your plans accordingly."

Bernie got another fierce hug from Patrick and Jenny before they headed downstairs.

Bernie called after them, "Good luck to the both of you!" He heard their giggles and laughter fade away as the door closed behind them and they disappeared into the night.

The end?

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