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Academy Nite Bite


This was all so strange, adjusting to and understanding what had happened was far from complete. Raven found it difficult to comprehend the very wide scope of her newly discovered developing abilities and powers. It had been only a matter of weeks since she had turned into the creature she now was, her new form was thrilling, the young sheltered girl she had been now a fading memory. For her own safety it was still felt by her father and guardians that she would be safer if she rested at the manor. She had been supplied an odd mix of prostitutes and poor faceless unfortunates that had been brought from far and wide. There had been an ample supply for her to hone her skills on and ultimately consume. More than a few had died others lived secretly at the manor psychically bound to her, none of these returned to their former lives. On one or two occasions she would take a one that could prove useful for her in the future, tonight her target was one of those useful girls.

Raven had been tutored by her stepmother and experts in many fields but more so since her turning as she liked to call it. She knew that despite her developing powers that the power of money could get her almost anything including security once her benefactors passed away. Her stepmother had several priests brought over from the Far East who set up a temple long before she turned and worshipped her unborn power without her even knowing. They had schemed and worked hard readying things and setting up a complex infrastructure of support for her. Despite their concern and eagerness to appease her every whim Raven felt increasingly caged in by her lifestyle. Tonight she had broke away for a few hours after sleeping in the evening, it had been far too easy to slip out she realised as she leapt the wall adjoining her father's estate to the academy, after all it was set up to deal with five sensed mortals.

Her father had enrolled her at the academy as a day student, which up to now was unheard of, but after all they did live next door and he held the freehold on the academy's land, all of which was pre-planned of course. A long time back the school had been in difficulties, in return for his continued financial support he acquired the freehold and a sizable share in the business.

Stealthily she entered the main building through a rear door that she had been given the key for, it saved her the extremely draining and very painful business of shape changing, one of her new found skills that she struggled to master. Besides it lessened her chances of discovery, it would do no good at all if she were seen to materialise out of thin air totally naked or be caught changing to or from one of her other forms. Raven flowed through the darkened academy corridors unseen and unheard by even the mice, as she neared her destination her mind raced with the prospect of what awaited her.

There was no need but she checked she had the right room reading Jeannie McBride's name in its careful calligraphic script on the tiny slip of card that sat in its brass frame. Trying the handle she was delighted to find the door was unlatched and slipped into the room carefully closing the door behind her. It mattered not as her night vision was incredible but the curtains were open spilling moonlight across the small lightly fragranced room. Even in its washed out illumination she saw the fieriness of the redheaded girls tousled mass of curls on her pillow and shivered in eager anticipation. Turning away from Jeannie for a moment she carefully turned the key in the lock and applied the security chain to doubly make safe the door in almost total silence. The oblivious girl slept soundly with her back to Raven who moved to stand by the bed as she had done the previous three nights.

Over the past couple of weeks she had kept Jeannie under observation in class and around the academy all the time with growing interest. In the meantime she had gained information on her intended target from the academy administrator and other girls and decided that Jeannie was a excellent choice for her first conquest at the school. During the next few days she befriended the pretty scotch lass and gained her confidence easily without having to resort to using her powers at all. She sensed the girl's friendship as it quickly grew into love for her and manipulated her accordingly. Several times during the last fortnight she had caught Jeannie staring at her, the girl had blushed guiltily each time she caught her. At first Raven feigned disinterest but later held the girl's gaze smiling knowingly back at her. A few days ago Jeannie had invited her up to her room, Raven had readily agreed. That afternoon had almost ended in ecstasy but the risk of discovery had been too great.

On the first night she had visited Raven had been satisfied to pull up a chair to just watch her intended sleep, on the second she had probed the girl's unprotected mind with her still under developed senses as she slept and revelled at what she found there. Last night she had been so close to taking the girl but was disturbed by someone in the next room having a nightmare and waking in a screaming fit. She hoped it had nothing to do with her but the resulting commotion woke half the wing and she had to escape through the window and shimmy down the wall in the darkness it was good practice she had laughed to herself afterwards on her way home.

Tonight she hoped there would be no such setbacks, silently she slipped her nightdress over her head and dropped it to the floor. For a moment she stood over the sleeping girl and drank in her intended's beauty, then she slowly lifted the bedding at her side. Her heart raced expectantly this was her first attempt to seduce someone without consciously taking advantage of her extra abilities, as she slipped beneath the sheets and snuggled up to the girl's back. Still slumbering Jeannie mumbled something as she pressed softly against her but did not stir. Raven buried her face in the sleeping girl's dense red curls and breathed in her natural delicate perfume. Tense excitement tingled within her as she rested her hand lightly on the girl's hip feeling the hotness of Jeannie's flesh through her nightdress. The girl suddenly trembled at her touch and Raven knew she had awakened the girl.

"Don't cry out Jeannie!" she whispered urgently into the girls ear, "there's no need to be alarmed my love.

After a moment Jeannie quietly replied without turning, "It's you Raven isn't it?"

"Yes my love!"

"I hoped you would come, I've been waiting for you," she whispered softly pushing herself into Raven.

"Do you know why I'm here?"

"I believe so," came the meek unsure reply, "You want to make love to me."

"Yes make love and so much more my sweet!"

"Ohh Raven," gasped Jeannie "what shall I do?"

"For now do nothing just lay still my love," her hand slid over the crown of the girl's pelvis as she whispered, "allow me to bring you pleasure like you've never imagined in your wildest fantasy."

"Ohh Raven, that feels good."

Wasting no time Raven continued her advance, she slipped her hand up over Jeannie's waist and ribcage to cup the heated pliant globe that was Jeannie's small firm breast through the thinness of her nightdress. Jeannie sighed and trembled against her but made no other move. Meanwhile Raven's other hand had burrowed beneath the girl and began tugging up her nightdress. Working with both hands she soon had the garment crumpled up under the girl's armpits and set about her erect rubbery teats with her long nailed fingers. She relished the little sighs and gasps of pleasure that escaped the girl who was now writhing blissfully in her arms. With her arm that was beneath the girl she carried on toying with her breasts but explored Jeannie further with her free hand.

Still on their sides they ground together with increasing passion, Jeannie was so worked up her pale body trembled against Raven's. Casually she swept the long red tresses from the girl's throat and kissed her neck as her fingers roamed over her responsive victims quivering body. Her exploring fingers crept through the shorter girl's sparse pubic hair; in turn Jeannie whimpered pathetically as Raven's long fingers cupped her mound. The girl was more than ready thoughts Raven as she felt the swollen wet slippery flesh beneath her fingers suck wantonly at them. Arching her middle two fingers she applied pressure and sank them little by little into Jeannie's welcoming pussy. The girl wailed a little too loud for her liking as they disappeared slowly into her up to the knuckle.

"Shush Jeannie," whispered Raven urgently into the girl's ear, "don't cry out!"

"I'll try to keep quiet Raven but it feels so good I just want to scream!" sobbed the girl softly.

Working her fingers in and out of Jeannie she began to occasionally press the ball of her thumb against the girl's hooded clitoris, soon she had Jeannie past herself with excitement and had to act quickly. Without removing her fingers Raven rolled the girl onto her front and lay on top of her pinning the unsuspecting girl to the bed without effort. Her arm that had been pinned down by Jeannie's weight was now free, the first thing she did was to sweep Jeannie's red hair up away from her pale vulnerable neck. The girl below her writhed and bucked against the fingers that Raven repeatedly drove into her. Excitedly with her other hand Raven grasped the girl's skull firmly and bent her head to one side. Oblivious to the immense danger she was in Jeannie was very close to climaxing and writhed urgently against her lover.

It was time; the change overtook her, she had not got used to it yet though she coped with the pains a lot better it was the itching and discomfort as her body readjusted that piqued her the most. As usual her victims arousal grew in intensity as she let herself go and the influence of her aura overwhelmed her prey. Her temples throbbed as the blood lust rose in her, she would not be able to contain it for long though she could control it a lot better now and seldom accidentally killed one of her chattel. She lowered her mouth close to the girl's exposed throat and breathed in her vibrant essence. Burying her face in the pillows Jeannie wailed softly as her over excited body began to come to orgasm.

Her hunger was at fever pitch; Raven forced the girl's face deep into the sound deadening pillows as Jeannie finally came stifling her victim's cries of rapture. Feeling the girl's vaginal muscles spasm around her suddenly over moist fingers she twisted the girl's head further over to the side and sank her mouth over the pale exposed neck. Urgently nuzzling into the side of Jeannie's hot fragrant throat her tongue searched for the best place to strike. As soon as she located the heartily pulsing vein she drove Jeannie's face down harder still into the pillows and struck. The sweet metallic hot font spurted into her eager mouth and she drank heartily at first reeling with the intoxicating intensity of the over excited girl's blood. Despite the intensity of her excitement the girl struggled bucking beneath her and screaming futilely into the thick pillows for a moment, her cry of panic and pain effectively silenced as her vibrant blood was devoured by the creature that pinned her to the bed writhing in rapture above her.

As was the norm with her victims Jeannie soon quietened and lay supine beneath her aggressor gasping with deranged pleasure whilst she fed from her. Confident the girl was overwhelmed Raven relaxed her hold of her as she calmed and proceeded to drink leisurely from the wound. The pleasure it brought her prey was all too evident as Jeannie writhed and bucked beneath her begging softly for more. Actually consuming very little of the girl's potent sweet life-force from the tiny puncture marks Raven savoured the sweetness of her pure blood before freeing the girl. In no hurry she broke away after carefully sealing the twin wounds with coagulant secretions from her fang ducts. After all bleeding Jeannie to death would hardly serve her ultimate purpose.

Climbing from on top of the girl Raven rolled her willing victim over, she looked down on her conquest and smiled showing her bloodstained fangs to Jeannie. No fear or concern registered in the wounded girl's eyes, instead she reached up and urgently pulled Raven down on top of her. Raven had done enough to enthral the girl; this was when it could get dangerous if she didn't depart now. If she stayed from here her agenda was pleasure alone. For a short while she allowed Jeannie to control the situation, holding her mouth open she watched Jeannie examine her lethal fangs still tinged with the girl's own sweet blood. With both hands Jeannie took hold of her head and drew it to her breast.

"Bite me!" she whispered urgently, "please Raven bite me again and again I implore you!"

Only to happy to oblige her victim Raven sucked Jeannie's swollen teat into her maw and sank her fangs into the proud distended flesh around her hard nipple to feel Jeannie jerk in response and heard her soft cry of pain then following gasp of pleasure as she lapped up the trickling blood that spilled from the small wounds. She could draw little blood from such a wound, it was mainly symbolic, and in fact her victim received far more pleasure from such a bite than she could. After suckling on the wounded teat for a few moments she allowed Jeannie to drag her mouth to her other breast and here she gladly repeated the bite. Jeannie let go of her head and flung her arms wide grasping the bedclothes and languished in the delight the creature's attack brought her.

Raven knew that she should really leave now, lingering over such pleasures as this could bring great danger in a less secure environment. Unfortunately the strength of the desire she felt for the pretty girl that lay before her in a state of dishevelled semi nakedness overcame her basic instincts. Knowing she was safe, that she was not far from her guardians and that the girl's chamber door was locked she decided to tarry a while and amuse herself with her freshly conquered vassal.

Straddling the panting girl's hips she ran her long nails lightly over her upper body watching the girl writhe with excitement below her and cry out for more. Blue eyes gazed up at her imploringly; they soundlessly urged her on. How could she resist such an offering? Sliding down the bed she sank to lie on top of Jeannie and began kissing her breasts once more. The girl's heart pumped furiously inches from her fangs and Raven absorbed the exquisite emotions her victim released. Squirming lower she wriggled herself between Jeannie's thighs showering kisses and small bites down the girl's flat belly until her face was level with her fragrant pussy. The girl was incredibly aroused now; she writhed and bucked her hips expectantly without thought.

Taking the girl's unresisting knees in her hands she lifted and spread her legs to completely expose her juicy peach of a pussy. Sinking between her victims widespread thighs Raven caught her eyes, she held the girl's gaze. Like a mesmerised rabbit the girl gazed back with eager excited wide eyes at her as Raven opened her lips wide to show her fangs. She sensed the thrill of excitement that ran through Jeannie as she did so, it never ceased to amaze her how she clearly she could feel her victims emotions if she wished to. Her mouth was before Jeannie's rust thatched pubis now, her vicious fangs poised millimetres above the girl's ripe mound and the tension that built between them was incredible.

"Please Raven, please!" implored the redheaded girl staring into her eyes, "bite me, please bite me again!"

Thrusting her muscled tongue precisely she speared the girl on its power-driven tip tearing through Jeannie's hymen whilst holding the girl's gaze. Raven watched amused as Jeannie's eyes widened in shock as her long sinuous tongue invaded her cunt, slowly and deliberately she bit down to sink her fangs into the crown of Jeannie's naked mound. As she did so the girl squealed in perverse delight and thrust up against her mouth, clamping her lips about the bubbling font Raven drank the heady mix of sexual juices and rich blood from the frantic girl. Almost instantly Jeannie was coming again, this time even more intensely than the first. Doing just enough to ensure the girl an unstoppable orgasm Raven pulled away as she began to come. Diving on top of the convulsing girl she pulled back her head and clamped a hand over her mouth to stifle her cries seconds before sinking her teeth into the pale blood smeared, perspiration covered throat once more. Her effort to quieten the girl had been needless Jeannie squealed softly as she came with added intensity and this time Raven feasted on her pheromone rich blood till she allowed the climax to fade in her eager victim. Before releasing the girl's throat Raven allowed a small drop of venom to enter the wound.

The girl lay below her like a crumpled rag doll, she was weakly panting fast and shallow as Raven's venom did it's work. She was weak but her life was not threatened by her blood loss, the miraculous properties of Raven's venom would speed her recovery incredibly. With what might pass for loving attention to some one watching she drew Jeannie's nightdress down and straightened her twisted perspiration soaked body before covering her with the soft duvet and tucking her in. The girl murmured unintelligibly as she did so.

Turning away Raven found her own discarded nightdress and slipped it on then checked the girl once more before turning to the door. Casting the slumbering girl a last look Raven unlocked the door and slipped out. At the end of the corridor was the phone and emergency cabinet. Lifting the handset she punched in the three-digit code for the nurse, it rang several times before a sleepy voice answered.

"Hello Nurse Bains here."

"It's me," Raven whispered "Jeannie McBride is shall we say feeling unwell, see to the arrangements."

"Does the girl require attention?"

"No everything's fine," Raven joked "She is just feeling a little drained shall we say!"

"Of course, will that be all?"

"Yes, goodnight."

Replacing the handset Raven opened the cabinet and from the hook on the back of the door took a card that hung on a short chain. She read it and smiled "I am sick please don't disturb me", returning to Jeannie's door she hung it from the small hook on the nameplate frame. Happy that everything was in order she slipped from the academy and made her way home.

It was late the next day when Jeannie awoke, her head was woozy and she felt very weak. Apart from the fatigue and stiffness that seemed to cover her a fiery ache burned at her throat breasts and groin that some how felt good. Her mind was fuzzy and she had no idea what was wrong with her. As she tried to sit up she saw the tray on her bedside cabinet. It bore a light breakfast, a mobile phone and a folded note bearing her name. She reached for the note and fumbled with it as she opened it.


You have a minor infection Jeannie but its nothing serious, ring me when you wake and I'll come and tend to you.

Nurse Bains.

All that day Jeannie was confined to bed and actually spent most of it asleep anyway, the next day the nurse let her up but made her stay in her room. On the third day Jeannie was allowed to return to class. She spent most of the morning's lessons striving to gain the attention of that new girl Raven but couldn't work out why it was so important to her. At lunch she was in the toilets alone when the girl came in, she crossed straight to her. Butterflies erupted in Jeannie's belly and her heart raced excitedly as Raven seized her roughly and pushed her into one of the stalls. Raven kissed her passionately, Jeannie responded eagerly as her body erupted with desire, she kissed Raven back enthusiastically amazed at the strength of the arousal that overwhelmed her. The kiss was delightful but brief before the girl pushed herself away.

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