tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAcademy of Sexual Arts-Ava's Diary

Academy of Sexual Arts-Ava's Diary


I was a little nervous walking into class this morning. Today began the practical testing on the first chapter in our Positions book. I wasn't worried about failing, but I've never been in a situation before where I was being watched and evaluated by a group. I had been partnered with Rico for the presentation and was glad, because we had been friends for a while, and I knew that if anybody could make me feel comfortable that first time, it was him.

It seemed strange when we walked into the classroom to see everybody there in bathrobes. It felt like we should all be drinking coffee and ordering breakfast, but it did tend to put us at ease to be dressed so casually. Professor Stroker came in and everyone quietly took their seats.

"All right class, here's how this is going to work. I have the names of each pair of students written down on slips of paper. We're simply going to draw the names to determine the presentation order. Is there anyone whose partner is not here today?" The class was silent. "Ok then. We're going to begin with.... Ava and Rico," he said as he drew a slip from the container in front of him. "Each pair will have 15-20 minutes to demonstrate the 3 basic positions. Bonus points are awarded for each climax. In addition to the required positions, extra credit can be earned for demonstrating a 4th position of your choosing."

Oh My God, I thought. I can't believe we were chosen first! Rico and I made our way to the head of the classroom where a small bed had been placed next to the podium. Rico looked into my eyes and the rest of the classroom fell away. "Piece of cake," he whispered, smiling at me.

We dropped our robes and lay down on the bed facing each other. I may have been nervous but as soon as he touched me my body responded and I could feel moisture gathering between my legs. Rico was rock hard as well and I relaxed considerably. He moved above me as the first position was missionary, and it was a nice comfortable way to start. My body was very excited and as he slid his cock up and down my slit I coated his cock in my hot juices. When he pushed into me, I gasped. I love that feeling. The first thrust, being filled with a nice thick cock, a long slow stroke. I wrapped my legs up around his hips as he began to move inside of me, building the pace a little. It really didn't take very long before I was cumming, head thrown back and moaning my release. Rico smiled at me. "God Ava, you're so hot when you cum. I almost lost it there."

We rolled over for the 2nd position. Woman superior was one of my favorites, because I loved being in control of the pace. I usually like to take my time here, but since we had a time limit, I knew I had to hurry. That can be fun too. I began to ride in earnest and felt my juices seeping, bathing Rico's cock and making a nice slippery ride. As I bounced in his lap, my body reacted again and I cried out another orgasm.

Rico sat up, wrapping his arms around my back and telling me to unfold my legs and wrap them around him again. I looked at him questioningly... "Lets do the extra credit now, I know that you can cum again very quickly like this." he said. I did as he asked wrapping my legs around his middle and my arms around his shoulders. He grabbed my ass and began to rock me slowly on his cock. Oh my God. He was right, the heat and the friction with the slow rocking of our hips had me cumming again in no time. My back arched as I screamed out my pleasure. I didn't know how much more I could take and I know that the 3rd required position, doggy, was also one that was particularly satisfying. Rico and I separated our bodies in order to get into position.

"You're at 15 minutes," Professor Stroker's voice chimed in.

Rico nodded in acknowledgement. I centered myself on the bed on all fours waiting for Rico to move into position behind me. I felt the bed dip as he took his place, his hands on my hips and I eased back against him. I was so wet he slid right in with no resistance until I felt the head of his penis right up against my cervix. I loved how deeply I could be penetrated in this position. I began to move first, rocking back against him on my hands and knees, slamming my ass against his hips, feeling his balls slapping against my pussy with each thrust. I knew that if I was going to achieve another orgasm quickly though, I would need some help. I reached down between my legs and began to circle my clit with my middle finger. Rolling the little hard nub around and building my pleasure. I could hear Rico groaning behind me, his release approaching too, as my pussy tightened around his cock.

"I'm gonna cum," he said. And I increased the movement of my fingers and started to cum too. Two final pumps and Rico pulled his cock out of me and spilled his semen all over my ass. I collapsed on the bed and Rico covered me, both of us needing a minute to catch our breath.

"Very nice," came Professor Stroker's voice. He spoke to the rest of the class. "Rico and Ava have set a pretty high bar. Hope you can all keep up."

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