tagBDSMAccepting Her Master

Accepting Her Master

byjosie girl©

The “fasten your seatbelt” sign was no longer lit and the pilot was speaking on the intercom, telling everyone to have a great day. The weather in Minneapolis was a pleasant 82 degrees and sunny. But Tess found herself shaking as if chilled; her heart was pounding in her chest, her breath was catching in her throat, her nipples were so hard they almost ached. She was a nervous wreck and desperately trying to hide it.

His instructions had been very clear. Pack her toiletries and two outfits – one for her return flight and one suitable for going out to dinner, and her toys. Only bring a carry-on bag. Wear whatever she wanted to wear on the flight in with two restrictions. She was to wear no panties or bra and she was to wear her highest heels. She had chosen a salmon-colored suit with a jacket that would help hide her large bosom. She was grateful she had made that choice, considering how obvious her naked nipples would be without the jacket to hide them. The short skirt came just above her knees and looked presentable with her black strappy high heels. If you didn’t look too closely, Tess looked like a professional flying in for a business meeting.

In fact, Tess was a professional. But the weekend “meeting” she was here to attend was not business. It was purely personal. She was meeting her Dom. Her Sir. Her Master. After almost seven months of on-line submission, she was going to meet Phillip for the first time. She was eager and anxious. Scared. Excited. And more than a bit apprehensive.

Phillip was a confirmed dominant and had trained several submissives. He knew exactly what he was doing. This was her first dominant/submissive relationship. She had met Phillip in an erotic chat room. She had sought him out when she saw his onscreen nickname – Dom Gent – and read his profile.

Tess knew she was submissive but had never acted upon it. She had kept that part of her strictly hidden… even from herself. But she began wanting to know, wanting to experience, wanting to admit and be what she truly was. She had begun to read and investigate D/s on the internet. It had led her to Literotica and the chat room. She quickly found Phillip and took a step back. Phillip had gently, loving, firmly led the way.

She had been eager to follow.

Questions and answers, emails back and forth, slowly created a friendly relationship built on trust. He asked, she responded. He never demanded; she never refused. Phillip – as all true Dominants are – was patient beyond her understanding as he delved into her secrets and discovered what it was she truly wanted. When the time was right, he asked if she wanted to be trained by him, for him. It had taken her a day to decide.

Phillip had not pushed or rushed her for an answer. He knew her hesitation was not due to her feelings for him. Rather, she hesitated because she was unsure if she could please him, if she was “right” for him. He gently stood by, waiting for her to come to the correct conclusion… in this time and place, they belonged together. When she wrote to him and told him that she wanted to be his, he was overjoyed and delighted. Tess had all the signs of becoming a true and dedicated submissive. But she would have to be trained carefully, gently but firmly, to bring it all out in its fullest glory. He did not want to break her; he wanted to make her into what she desperately needed to be.

He was gentle and caring as he took her as a willing student through the first tiny steps of submission. She started each day with an email, telling him what she was wearing and what her schedule was for the day. If he had given her a task involving a particular outfit, she confirmed his instructions. Soon she was going about her day with no panties on at his command. She had brought several toys to her office and used them to bring herself to climax at his direction. She had learned to live for, thrive on, his commands. For the first time, she felt like a real woman: sexy, powerful, alluring… all because she did what he wanted her to do, what he commanded her to do.

And now, months later, they were to have their first meeting. He had made all the arrangements. All she had to do was hop on the plane, get off and walk into his waiting arms. He told her that he would take care of everything else.

Tess was almost the last one off the plane. As her eyes nervously scanned the area beyond the security line, she saw him. Phillip wasn’t the tallest man standing there. And if the truth was told, he wasn’t the most handsome. But he was the most commanding. His eyes pierced her and she knew… she KNEW.. that he saw inside her soul and could tell how scared she was. He smiled at her. She smiled back, wondering if it was as tentative as she felt it to be.

Phillip smiled on the inside as he looked at her. She was nervous. He knew she would be the kind who unconsciously bit her lower lip when she was unsure. And there she stood, her teeth catching at the corner of her full lower lip. Ah, she was just what he knew she would be: full hips, large bosom, honest eyes. He was delighted with her already. But he knew this long weekend was more than just their first meeting. It would set the stage for their future. In fact, it would determine if they had a future.

One of the first demands he had made on Tess was that she call him Sir or Master. Only if a social setting demanded it was she to call him Phillip. She had easily fallen into the habit of calling him Sir. But he had noticed a reluctance to call him Master. Indeed, he sensed reluctance in her to consider him as her Master. This weekend would determine if she would give herself freely to him as her master or if she had gone as far as she could, as far as she would allow herself.

He loved her in his own way. But he needed more from her. Could she give it? Did she even want to?

Tess shifted the strap of her carry on case on her shoulder and started toward Phillip. He waited patiently and when she was but a few feet from him, he opened his arms to her. She walked into him as he wrapped her in a hug. He kissed her forehead and whispered for her ears only,

“Welcome, pet.” She pulled away slightly so she could look into his eyes. She saw kindness there and more. She saw the eyes of a confident man who knew his place in the world and stood his ground. She saw the man who had trained her, molded her and guided her for the last months.

She smiled, “Thank You, Sir.”

He turned her in his arms and took her bag from her. With his hand on the small of her back, he guided her out of the airport. He didn’t try to talk as they sidestepped the crowds; he just kept moving along at a steady pace and soon they were outside the terminal. He gently directed her toward the parking lot and smiled down at her when he felt her eyes upon him. She returned the smile, but he saw the smile leave her face as she bit her lower lip again. He grinned to himself at that.

Soon they stood beside his car. He unlocked the back door and tossed her bag in. “Would you like to smoke?” he asked. Tess nodded. “Well, let’s take a moment and let you smoke a cigarette,” he said. “I would rather you didn’t smoke in the car.” Tess looked and saw his pleasant and open smile. She reached into her bag and pulled out her cigarettes. Although Phillip was a gentleman, he did not offer to light it. Her hands shook slightly as she held the lighter to the end of the trembling cigarette in her mouth

She smoked rapidly while Phillip just stood there, patiently waiting and making no comments. She finally dropped the unfinished cigarette on the pavement. She crushed it beneath the toe of her high heeled shoe.

Phillip looked at her and smiled again. He then opened up the passenger door so Tess could slide in the front seat. She sat still as he walked around to the driver’s side and got in. “Buckle up, pet,” he smiled.

“Yes, Sir,” Tess answered. She was annoyed with herself for allowing her nerves to show through her unsteady voice. But perhaps he hadn’t noticed.

Phillips again grinned to himself. Ah, poor pet, she’s a nervous wreck, he thought. He glanced over at her as she sat so prim and proper next to him. Her skirt was hiked up to mid-thigh; he could not see the tops of her stockings. Did that mean she was wearing pantyhose? Hmm, he thought. He noticed the jacket of her business suit kept her bosom covered. It was obvious to him that she was not wearing a bra but she had preserved her modesty and not allowed anyone to see her full bosom sway freely as she walked. He would deal with the pantyhose issue in his own time.

As he smoothly brought the vehicle into the traffic, he started a conversation. Small talk, really, designed to put his pet at ease. No sharp or probing questions, just things about weather and work, the arrangements she had made for her dog while she was out of town. He could see her relaxing as the conversation continued. Good, he thought. He wanted her at ease with him and her surroundings.

The car headed up a secluded drive way and Phillip parked beside a rustic but attractive cabin. He had selected this particular location with care. It was fairly isolated but not completely. The cabin was luxuriously furnished with comfortable furniture, a king size bed, and a Jacuzzi in the huge master bath. The carpeting was deep and plush and the entire cabin spoke of a lovers’ tryst. It was perfect for what Phillip had in store for the long weekend.

As he reached in the back seat, he told Tess to get comfortable on the porch in one of the huge rocking chairs. “I’ll bet you want another cigarette,” he teased. This time, Tess laughed aloud. “Yes, I would,” she smiled. “I’ve got a surprise for you,” he said. “You sit here and enjoy your smoke and I’ll be right back.”

Tess sat in the rocking chair and took advantage of the moment. She reflected over the last hour. Phillip was everything she thought he would be. He was kind and mannerly, attractive and sexy. He was doing his best to put her at ease and she appreciated it. She was getting comfortable with what the weekend might hold when she heard the door opening.

He came out with a tray and 2 mugs on it. She could tell the mugs held steaming hot liquid. She caught his eye and Phillip laughed. “It’s fresh coffee,” he smiled. “I thought we could both use a cup.” She smiled and took one of the mugs. Slowly sipping, her eyes opened wide. “Yes,” Phillip laughed, “it’s your favorite.”

He had remembered! She had told him months ago that her favorite coffee was Costa Rican. Her eyes warmed up as she looked at him over the rim of her mug.

Phillip had used the time in the cabin not just to make the coffee. He had unpacked her bag, putting her toiletries in the bathroom and hanging up her clothing. She had brought the two outfits as he had instructed her and a silky bathrobe as well. He clucked softly to himself. He knew she wasn’t being deliberately disobedient; she simply had not learned the fullness of complete obedience. This weekend would determine if she could.

Tess had kicked off her shoes and had her feet braced against the bottom rail of the porch. Her skirt was again hiked up past mid-thigh. Phillip appreciated the line of her legs as his eyes traveled from toes to hip. He looked up as another car made its way up the driveway and past the cabin. Both he and Tess nodded to the driver and passenger as the car slowly made its way by.

“We’re alone,” Phillip said as he smiled at Tess, “but not completely.”

When they had finished their coffee, Phillip stood up first and held his hand out to Tess. She placed hers in his warm palm and he closed his fingers around hers. He gently pulled her to her feet. “Why don’t you go get freshened up? I’ve laid out your toiletries in the bathroom. When you get out of the shower, I’ll have what I want you to wear waiting for you.” His smile was warm and gentle and Tess was completely undone by this man she had served for the last several months. He was just as wonderful as she thought he would be.

He led her to the doorway of the master bedroom and let her find her own way to the bathroom. She was amazed at the luxury of the cabin and pleased that he had thought so much of her to find such a place. As she stepped into the bathroom, she was impressed with the luxurious touches everywhere – a towel warmer had thick fluffy towels waiting to be used, shelves surrounding the Jacuzzi held oils and lotions of all sorts, the shower was large with 6 shower heads waiting to spray a pulsing beat across her skin. She quickly stripped off and stepped into shower, adjusting the water to perfection and letting her skin feel the pulse of the water massaging her.

She lathered her body with a fragrant soap, making a rich foam that she spread over her breasts and hips. She paid special attention to her pussy and ass, knowing that soon Phillip would want her. She wanted to be ready for him in all ways.

While Tess was showering, Phillip slipped into the bathroom. He picked up her discarded clothing. Yes, he had guessed right; she had worn pantyhose. He left the items he wanted her to wear on the center as he quietly made his way out of the room.

Tess turned off the water and reached for the warm fluffy towel and dried her body. She smoothed on a creamy lotion and checked her makeup and hair. Then she looked around for whatever Phillip had laid out for her to wear.

All she found were two sets of cuffs - one set for her ankles and one for her wrists - and a collar.

Nervously, she buckled the cuffs on her ankles and wrists. She put the collar around her throat. Each band of leather had a D-ring attached to it. She felt her heart lurch at eth sight. She looked around the room one more time and then thought that he had probably left clothing for her in the bedroom. She relaxed as she opened the door and stepped into the bedroom. The bed held nothing but pillows. There was no clothing of any kind lying about.

“Pet,” Phillip called to her. “I’m waiting for you in the living room.”

Tess’s legs felt leaden. How was she to walk brazenly into the next room wearing nothing but scraps of leather about her wrists and ankles? But that is exactly what he wanted her to do. She squared her shoulders back. If that is what he wanted, then that is what she would give him.

She walked through the bedroom into the front room on shaking legs. She stood in the doorway for a moment and scanned the room. Phillip was sitting in the large arm chair. There was a huge, fluffy cushion at his feet. Tess smiled and walked over to him, sank to her knees on the cushion and rested her hand upon his knee. Phillip reached for her cheek and stroked it softly, “Ah, my pet, you look lovely,” he softly said. He reached forward and she heard a soft “click” near her ear. She realized that Phillip had just padlocked the collar in place. He reached for her hands. As she laid them in his, he dropped them onto his knees, took small padlocks from his pocket and locked the cuffs on her wrists. He then motioned towards her ankles. Tess raised each foot to him and watched as he locked each of the ankle cuffs in place.

“Now, you are perfectly dressed, my little one,” he smiled. He pulled her on his lap and loosely wrapped both arms around her waist. “I’ve been waiting for this moment a long time,” he said quietly. “I’m glad it is finally here.” Tess looked carefully into his eyes and saw only truth reflected there. He pulled her face to his and kissed her, soft lips brushing against hers. Ever so slowly, he deepened the kiss, stroking her lips with his tongue, nipping with his teeth until she opened her lips and allowed him entrance into her mouth. And then he sucked the breath from her and filled her with himself. She felt herself melting into him, body and soul.

One hand slowly made the trip from her waist to her breasts. He gently fingered one nipple and felt it harden under his fingertips. He slid his hand across her chest to her other breast and brought that nipple to attention as well. Only then did his lips pull away from her. He smiled broadly at her and pushed her to her feet.

“Wait here, pet,” he said.

He got up and walked to the dining room table. He grabbed one of the heavy chairs from the table and brought it to the center of the room. “Sit here, pet,” he smiled as he patted the seat. Tess took the few steps to him and sat down. He stepped behind her and kissed her on the shoulder as his hands traveled down her arms. When he had both her hands in his, he brought them behind her. She heard a soft click and realized that her wrists were now bound together behind the back of the chair. He quickly stepped in front of her, spread her thighs and knelt between her knees. Placing her legs on the outside of the chair legs, he bound each ankle to the leg. She tried to pull her legs together but her knees were caught over the sides of the seat; she could not close her legs.

“This is how I want to see you when I come back into the room,” Phillip smiled. He stepped behind her and Tess felt the blindfold drop over her eyes. She could not see a thing. “You are open and waiting for me, pet. The way you should be.” He reached down and tweaked her nipples. By the soft muffled sound of his footsteps, Tess determined that he was walking away from her and into the bedroom.

The sense of touch and sight were now denied her. She listened carefully; was that the shower running? The smell in the room – she had not noticed it before – was that vanilla? She leaned forward a bit to see how tightly she was bound. She could only move her torso a few inches; her hips were immobile because of the position her legs were bound in. She was a prisoner in the chair. But she felt no fear, only intense emotion washed over her that she could not define, could not name.

She sat there forever. That’s what it felt like to her. She was comfortable as long as she didn’t strain against her bindings. The temperature of the room was just cool enough to keep her erect nipples pebbled. Or were they reacting to something else? She wasn’t sure. But she slowly became aware of a fullness in her lower belly. She was becoming aroused! The realization startled her.

Phillip had barely touched her. And she was completely alone now. How could passion be rising up, she wondered.

She thought she heard a sound. She forced her mind to still so she could concentrate. Her head was slightly tilted as she strained to hear another noise. She had no idea of the picture she presented to him as Phillip quietly came back into the room. He stood there watching her breasts heave with each breath she took. He saw the dewy wetness forming on her pubic hair. With her hips titled just so, he saw the pink slit peeping out. He smiled. She didn’t know it but her body was beckoning him.

He quietly walked up to her. “I’m here, pet,” he softly said. But she jerked anyway; she had no idea he was that close. She felt him touch her breast, her nipple. No, it wasn’t his fingers against her. What was it? Then she felt a rivulet of water as it found its way away from her nipple and toward her belly. Her nipple was hard as she felt him pinch it. No, again it wasn’t his fingers. It was a clamp. He quickly rubbed the ice cube over her other nipple and clamped it when it responded to the cold.

He gently pulled on the chain that connected the clamps. She arched her back in response. “Lovely, lovely, pet,” he murmured. “I knew you would respond just this way.”

He removed the blindfold from her eyes. Tess blinked while she adjusted to the light. She quickly focused on him. “That’s right, little one,” he said. “Look at me. We need to talk.”

“Yes, Sir,” she whispered.

He turned his back and walked the few steps over to a padded, armless chair and sat. They were now facing each other. He lounged back comfortably as he looked at her. She lowered her gaze. Tess did not want to meet his eyes.

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