tagNovels and NovellasAccession: CATU Book 5 Ch. 05

Accession: CATU Book 5 Ch. 05



Stone and Dupree reach the facility just shortly after noon. The facility sits next to a large crater with its solar arrays spread out from it in an arc. The crater itself has a large satellite looking dish built into it.

The two agents expected to see a place covered in snow or a sign that snow fell on it. Instead the entire area and at least fifty feet around the facility doesn't have snow. In fact, compared to the rest of the land it looks like a rain storm hit just place and only that particular area.

"Strange," Dupree remarks upon seeing the facility for the first time.

"That it is," Stone remarks agreeing.

"What do you think caused it?"

"If I were to guess? The solar power running through the place."

Dupree casts a look over the solar panels and the dish itself. After a moment of taking it all in she finally says, "I can't see the panels melting that much snow if any. They have to at least have workers to keep the snow cleaned off of it. Besides, what use is that big ass satellite dish for?"

"You know I was thinking the same thing myself," Stone muses. "If they're collecting solar energy then what is it used for?"

"Communications?" Dupree takes a guess.

"This far out? It's possible."

"Have you been able to contact Grines?"

"I have but have gotten nothing but static," he answers solemnly. "I'm actually surprised anything came through when he called us."

"Well if that is what that thing is used for then we'll use it," she says looking out at the large dish.

"Until then we need to get some rest," Stone suggests. "We sneak in just after dark."

The agents work fast to settle in for some rest. In the seating compartment of each snowmobile are three important items. The first is a snow white cover to go over the snow mobile itself. Equipped with tiny cameras it uses the surrounding area to further camouflage the snow mobiles from both the air and the ground.

The second and third is a thermal sleeping bag that totally encloses the person lying in it and a shovel. After digging a small ditch the agents put their bags down and cover them with snow. Then they slip inside and close the bag up. The bags keep them warm and well hidden while a small pump located within the bag pumps fresh air into the bag.

Neither of the equipment is meant to last for a very long time, just enough to get someone through a few days of a harsh arctic climate. They aren't planning to need them for very long. After a few minutes of settling in, both agents drop into a deep, cozy sleep.


The chamber is set my lord," the technician says as Typheryian steps into the room. He nods to the man but keeps walking to the far end of the room.

The room is built as a circle. The majority of it encased in an arc with large windows. It gives any viewer a panoramic view of the ocean. In this case it is a view of the ocean full of ice. For many, the view would be remarkable and a thing of beauty, but no one would chose to live here. For Typheryian, the beauty is beyond words and when he has his way the entire earth is going to share the same view.

The door suddenly opens, breaking his thoughts. He turns to see Sam stroll into the room. She is wearing a simple garment that covers her breasts and one that drapes over her waist. The garments leave her stomach and the majority of her legs exposed. What remain covered is easily seen through the thin, transparent material.

Ah. Typheryian says smiling. Good of you to join us.

Sam returns the smile curving her lips up slowly. She takes in the room, looking around as if it was the first time she has been there. Once everything is taken in she begins her walk toward Typheryian. She crosses the distance gracefully; her hips sway alluring the entire time. The heads of all the technicians turn to follow her until they catch the glare from the Asura. Quickly they turn back to their stations not daring to look up.

The demon is not at all allured by the woman's beauty. Like most of his race he despises demons that are born as Marids or Zombies. The Asura called them Remnants and deemed them unworthy. But a few of course didn't conform to the rules and fornicated with members outside the Asura.

Normally Typheryian or the rest of the Ternion would not allow such things to take place. They knew of Rythern's actions with Natalya, but like the need to use Sam, they tolerated it. Their toleration would only last as long as it took for their plans to come to fruition.

How do you feel? he asks when Sam takes her place at his side.

"Stronger. Powerful," she answers with a grin.

Good, he says gazing out the window. His face remains neutral but he smiles inside. You will only become stronger and powerful with each phase.

Her smile extends more deviously. Typheryian catches the smile from the corner of his eye and allows just a little one creep up onto his face. He does not worry about her betraying him. He takes the time to invade her dreams every time she slept and was careful to leave her never knowing his presence ever invaded her mind. Doing so kept her completely loyal and under his control. It would prove to be a vital necessity once she became more powerful than even him.

We must begin my young protégé. He motions with his arm to the chamber in the center of the room.

Sam nods and wordlessly seems to float over to it. She steps inside and the door seals closed behind her cutting off all sound from the inside from those on the outside and vice versa.

"We are primed my lord," one of the technicians informs him. "Everything is in the green."

Very good, he says without looking down as he passes between them and the chamber. We are going to move up our time table and continued with the next two phases. We will summon both Sterope and Celaeno consecutively.

The technician's jaw drops. He looks up dismayed at the demon's back as he continues to walk past. After a moment he recovers enough to talk. "But my lord," he stammers. "That is a lot for the vessel to handle."

She will be fine, Typheryian assures him without turning around.

"We don't know if she can handle it or even if the facility can," the man argues.

Typheryian spins faster than any of the men's eyes can fully comprehend. With surprising speed Typheryian is standing face to face with the undisciplined human. The rest of the technicians take an involuntary step backward.

I do not require any advice based on whatever knowledge you think you know. I am well aware of the parameters of both this facility and the vessel. He turns away from the man who now is shaking involuntary. Then just as quickly spins back around and gazes sternly. Next time you decide it wise to question me you will find yourself strapped to the bottom of the ocean. Typheryian lets the message hang in the air. It isn't just a warning to the man but one for all the technicians in the room. He walks over to another of the startled technicians and stands over him. His look contradicts the message he just portrayed. Are Natalya's teams ready?

"They are," the technician conveys. "Natalya herself is heading up one of the teams."

Then begin the next phase.

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