tagNovels and NovellasAccession: CATU Book 5 Ch. 06

Accession: CATU Book 5 Ch. 06


Castlerigg Stone Circle, near Keswick, England

Rythern stands calmly with his hands at the small of his back facing the stone circle before him. Standing around the entire circle are the soldiers of the Black Dragon. Each is armed with a XM8 Carbine. The entire Black Dragon was equipped with the new rifles when a train carrying a shipment of the guns was high jacked once it left Germany.

What makes the weapons even more dangerous are the rounds of ammunition they are using. These new types of bullets are hollow point rounds that contain a synthetic Mythril that causes far greater damage against demons than anything created before.

"Commander? The time please," Rythern asks without taking his eyes off the center of the circle.

"Thirty seconds, sir," the commander answers back with a thick Russian accent.

Rythern slowly counts down the seconds and when his countdown reaches zero, for just the briefest if seconds when nothing happens he thinks it might have failed. Then a bright, near blinding light drops from the sky into the center of the stone circle.

It is a small, tight beam at first. Then as abruptly as it descends it expands. Slowly a figure begins to materialize in its center and once it becomes apparent that Sterope is there physically, Rythern gives one simple command: fire.

The Black Dragon soldiers open up without so much as a second's hesitation. The hollow point Mythril rounds tear through the air and into the awaiting Ancient without giving her the chance for thought.

Sterope's body drops to the ground. Black blood oozes and soaks the ground. A cease fire falls upon the soldiers along with the light, now fading, from the sky. They stand slightly as Sterope breathes her last few breaths before her body slowly disappears into nothing.


Stone and Dupree drop their thermal sleeping bags when the dish in the crater abruptly and unexpectedly flares. Heat pours from the facility, radiating outward engulfing the area briefly before everything returns to silence.

"What the hell just happened?" Dupree asks. Surprise covers her face. Stone's face matches hers but he doesn't have an answer.


The intense light lights up the London sky reaching into the shadows of the city and for a few moments gives it the appearance of day. The light shoots through the room interrupting Spencer and Julie and bathes them in light.

"Another one," Spencer comments then bolts from the couch to the window.

Julie grabs the remote and turns up the volume on the television to see what the news is going to say about another incident.


The light from Sterope's summoning slowly fades in the night's sky over the horizon. Natalya sits quietly with her men watching and waiting. She dreads having to play run around assassin for Asura, but it is something that has to be done. She has plans and even though the Ternion promises power, she doubts it is to come. Regardless, they are a means to an end and in the end it is her that will come out on top.

Underlying her dread is worry. The Ternion is playing with fire and if they get burned so would she. The Asura are bringing to Earth demons of considerable power; power that not only surpass her, but surpass the Ternion themselves.

It is speculated that that power could be greater than any Demon Lord. Most demons doubted that though. It was the Demon Lord, Vectivus that banished the Ancient, Tancheres the first time. So Natalya shared the same belief it was all propaganda spread by the Asura to strike fear into all the other demons.

"It's time mistress," her second in command says softly. He is aware she has drifted into her thoughts and thought it wise to not make it aware to any of the other men.

Natalya doesn't like humans but there are a few that proved their loyalty and usefulness more than once. "Thank you Rolan," she says casting him a pleasurable smile. "Let's get this over with so we can do something more productive."

"Ma'am," he says with a coy grin before turning and giving the signal to the men.

Human males are so easy to control and demon males aren't much different. They think with the head between their legs and if coaxed just right they will follow that head venerably and do whatever they are told.

She watches him up until he jumps up into the .50 Caliber M2 Browning machine gun mounted atop an American Humvee. It is one of six the Black Dragon has in its possession. In fact she has all six sitting along the shore. She isn't taking any chances.

This may be one of the weakest of the sisters but Natalya always lived by the rule: whether someone is stronger or weaker than you, never underestimate them as an opponent.

Each gun is loaded with .50 BMG cartridges made of solid synthetic Mythril. It has enough stopping power to put anything in its place and kill any demon stupid enough to step in the way. It is a costly expenditure but with the amount of black market goods they stole and sold, cost isn't a worry.

Natalya takes her eyes off Rolan and then looks to each of her men. By the time her gaze sweeps back to Seahenge the sky opens up to spews down light from the heavens.

The thin beam hits the ground without a sound. Then it rushes out expanding. Within a few short seconds, she can see the form of a woman beginning to take shape. As soon as that shape becomes solid, all six M2 Brownings and XM8s opened up. Thirty seconds later the guns stop, as instructed by Natalya before it began, there is nothing of a trace to ever suggest something was ever there.

No sooner is Celaeno gone that the light disappears all together ironically leaving no trace of her behind either.


Within minutes of the first sighting another sprang up, this time in the opposite direction. The news is reporting what is happening, but not really giving any useful information. Julie gives a huff then pulls out her phone and quickly dials.

It is answered on the second ring. "Sternigan," the voice at the other end says.

"It's me," Julie says simply. Her uncle would know it was her because she is the only one that has the number. In case someone else got a hold of it, he'd recognize her voice.

"I'm still working on getting agents out there," he says taking a guess at what she is going to say.

"I know that, but I need a direction to go with," she answers ignoring the agitation building up inside her.

"From what we can analyze the primary light hit somewhere near Keswick," he tells her.

"And the second?" Julie asks impatiently.

"Never one for patience," Sternigan berates. When a silence follow he smiles to himself then continues. "The secondary was in Norfolk."

"Any idea where the targets are headed?"

"They either never came or they were destroyed," Sternigan says. "My guess is because of two beams of light instead of one, the first failed and they attempted a second. It must have failed as well."

Julie can hear the uncertainty in his voice, but she doesn't believe for a minute the Ancients weren't summoned. "Then why not try the summoning again in the same place?"

"Maybe because of drawing attention to the one spot," he assumes. "Authorities are already headed out to both places."

"Fuck," Julie mutters. "What the hell are we supposed to do then?"

"Sit tight," Sternigan instructs.

"Sit tight?" she repeats not really certain herself she heard correctly. "We're not getting anything done just sitting around here."

"Not true," he says smiling. Julie could tell he was smiling just by the way he spoke. It always irritated her. He continues. "Lucius Magnus, the head of True Energy, is making an appearance in London to make a statement."


"True Group is falling under attack, more specifically True Solar."

"And they are under True Energy," Julie surmises.

"So everyone's suspicions are falling to them."

"They will just slither out of it," Julie says.

"Probably, but I have you in London so find something."

"I'll see what I can do."

Julie hangs up and looks up to see Spencer looking at her. She is about to open her mouth to say something when Spencer starts.

"There's still no contact from Stone and Dupree, but we do have a lead on Baldur Flosadottir."

"Head of True Merchants?"

"The one and only," he confirms. "He's supposed to be in Australia in a couple of days."

"Makes sense," she comments flopping down onto the couch. "There is a facility there. He'll need to represent True Group."

"Grines is going to send Stone and Dupree there provided they make contact. In the meantime..."

"In the meantime, we're going to stay in London," she says picking up the subtle hint. "Tomorrow Magnus is giving a statement, so we're going to go check it out."

"Sounds good," Spencer says. "You want the couch or the bed?"

Julie looks at him for a few seconds before reaching up to grab his hand. "How about we start here on the couch," she says pulling hard on him.

Spencer, caught off balance, falls onto her. He braces himself at the last second to keep from dropping his weight fully onto her. "I can't," he says a moment later when their eyes lock.

"I won't say anything if you won't," she says with a smile. Before Spencer can protest, Julie has her lips locked onto his. She had no interest in Spencer other than to lull him in for when the time came to save his lover, Sam.

Spencer pulls away wanting to plead against what was happening. Julie sees the look in his eyes and quickly reaches down to grab his cock through his pants. Immediately it begins to swell at her touch. "Come on Spencer," she moans. "I have been in need of a man for some time."

Spencer jerks back and lifts himself from the couch and her. He turns to leave her when Julie leaps from the couch to wrap her arms around him. She spins him around. "I know you think my bad of my methods and that is to be expected."

"It's not that," Spencer interrupts. "We have a working relationship and I am committed."

"I know commitment, but you are human and you have needs. Needs that need to be fulfilled." Julie lifts her shirt over her head revealing a pair of luscious breasts. She just as quickly follow suit with her pants. They fall to her feet and she carefully steps out of them and presses her body against his.

Julie presses her lips harder against his, this time shoving her tongue into his mouth. Spencer is intoxicated as he tries to find reason to break away from the woman. She continues to plunge her tongue in deep then she starts to suck and nibble on his tongue. She parts slightly only to suck lightly on his lips.

Julie breathed heavily against him and he wanted to taste every part of her as he could. He starts to feel passion stirring inside him that he hasn't since the last time he was with Sam. Yes he didn't agree with Julie's methods, but here she is giving herself to him. She is beautiful and intoxicating and he isn't going to let the opportunity pass. It is just sex, he reasons.

Spencer embraces her, pulling her naked form against him. Julie moans into his mouth. She grabs the back of his head and pulls him in deeper just as he presses harder into her mouth. She is on fire. Her pussy begins for his attention. She moans deeper into his mouth as their passion grows stronger.

Spencer starts to think of how wonderful she feels inside of his mouth. Their kiss deepens as their excitement for each other increases. Spencer lets his hands travel down to her waist. She moans in response, enjoying his touch. Spencer pulls off his shirt and pants wildly, letting them drop wherever, then he gently maneuvers her back onto the couch. She opens her legs to allow him to settle his body on top of hers.

His mouth parts her lips then he begins to leave a trail of warm moist kisses to her neck. He sucks and nibbles on her warm flesh. He grabs one of breasts and kneads it in his large hand, running his thumb over her hard nipple. His cock is rock hard and he starts to grind his cock onto her mound.

"Oh yes," she moans out when she felt his hard cock grinding directly on her clit. He pushes his hips into her harder. "You're going to make me cum if you keep doing that," she whispers into his ear.

Wordlessly he starts to grind into her even harder and faster. Julie raises her legs and thrusts her hips to match his rhythm. Both of them panting and kissing wildly. He squeezes her breasts.

"Oh yes! Don't stop!" she groans. She grabs him and brings his body as close as she can to her. He increases his rhythm and presses into her clit even harder. He pulls up his head to look into her face. Her eyes are shut, her teeth clenched, her voice caught in her throat. "I'm cumming!" she screams. Her body trembles uncontrollably beneath him. He gives one last push onto her pussy to insure he gets every drop of her orgasm.

Julie opened her eyes as relief floods out of her. She looks directly at Spencer and kisses him deeply. He returns her kiss feeling more relaxed about his decision.

He lifts himself off of her body and smiles down at her. He then extends his had to help her off the sofa. "How about we check out the bed?" Julie smiles and follows his lead into the bedroom.

Once in his bedroom, he puts his arms around her and lowers his head to meet her lips. He now explores her mouth with his tongue. Julie is now starving for him. He equally matches her pace and her hunger, which is now growing stronger.

Spencer turns Julie around so her back is pressed against his chest. He reaches around to grab both her breasts. As he does so he plants a mixture of kisses and licks along the side of her neck. After a moment he peers over her shoulder and watches his hands knead her breasts. "You have amazing breasts," he whispers in her ear. Her nipples harden quickly under his touch. He pinches her nipples hard, causing her to wince and gasp in both pain and pleasure.

He motions her to turn around to face him. He has to bow a bit more to kiss her succulent lips. He kneels on one knee before her and has her sit on the bed. He stares at her intensely, as if he was studying her every curve of her body. Now on both knees and his hands grasp her hips, his lips trail deep kisses along her stomach, to her belly button. He takes a moment to inhale her scent. He knows how wet she still is. He buries his face into her pussy without wasting another second and again inhales her scent. It is so strong and sweet causing his cock to get harder.

He opens his mouth and begins to suck on her clit. "Oh, oh!" she groans deeply. She digs her nails into his shoulders. He sucks harder and harder on her clit forcing it to grow thicker inside his mouth. He loves the taste of her wetness that is now seeping out of her pussy. He feels her legs tremble from the orgasm he is building for her.

Suddenly he stands up. He stares into her eyes watching as she bites her lower lip. He watches as she lowers her eyes and gazes at him. She has no interest in him except sex, but his body makes her body shiver. When he takes his cock into his and he begins to stroke it, her pussy throbs.

Julie slips off the bed to sit between his legs with his cock pointed straight at her. She positions herself so she can have full access to his throbbing cock and she begins to stroke it. It is so thick that she could barely get a full grip of it in her hand. He lifts one of his legs and raises his hips allowing her more access to explore. He closes his eyes briefly when her finger trails the area of his asshole and massages it gently. He relaxes for her when she presses her middle finger to enter his ass. "Mmmm," he groans when she presses her finger into his asshole.

She pushes her finger in and out slowly, going deeper with each stroke until her entire middle finger is deep inside. With her other hand she grabs his hard cock and lowers her lips onto his throbbing cock head. She opens her mouth widely to take in all in and sucks on his head. He feels as if he could explode at any moment. He feels her hot mouth around his head, her tongue licking the length of his shaft. Her hands squeeze the head of his cock while she dips down and sucks on his balls.

"Oh, fuck," he stammers. "You're going to make me fucking cum."

She presses her finger deeper into his ass and says, "What's stopping you?" She sucks his smooth balls deeper down her throat while continuing to stroke and squeeze the head of his cock. She feels his balls tighten and she knows he is close. She hears his breath quicken and feels his body shake beneath her.

"Aggh fuck, I'm cumming!"

She quickly moves her mouth to the head of his cock so she can catch every drop. She pumps his cock and he shoots a massive load that hits the back of her throat. She hears him let out a groan from deep within his throat as she sucks and swallows every drop. His cock spurts juices with ever jerk of his body as she milks his balls for everything they have to offer.

He pulls her up to his lips, before she had a chance to swallow the last of his cum. She pushes the last bit of his cum into his mouth and he sucks her tongue hard, ensuring nothing is wasted. Amazingly, he feels his cock start to grow again. He places her on her back and towers over her.

He lifts her legs and holds them up and opens with his large arms. There is no need to wait anymore, neither of them wanting anything else but his solid cock to be inside of her. With one massive stroke he buries himself deeply into her pussy. They shiver with excitement and lust. He slowly begins to pump his cock inside of her. Using long deep strokes he forces his cock to go in as deep inside of her pussy as it would allow.

Spencer starts fucking her harder. He lifts her ass slightly to get maximum penetration. All she can do is feel him. He grabs her by the hair and leans down and kisses her lips hard. She bites his lips and tongue but it doesn't hurt.

He pumps his cock into her so hard she thinks he'll go right through her. Then unexpectantly he explodes inside of her. His body shudders as he pumps his hot juices deep into her pussy. After several long bursts he collapses on top of her.

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