tagNovels and NovellasAccession: CATU Book 5 Ch. 18-19

Accession: CATU Book 5 Ch. 18-19


North Arctic

Typheryian stands in front of the chamber looking upon the naked woman. She gives him a nod saying she is ready and he turns to the technician to his right. Proceed with summoning Alcyone and Taygete.

The technician nods and proceeds. Within moments the chamber where Sam stands shakes and fills with light. The intensity is fierce and lasts only seconds before dying out. Sam drops to her knee breathing hard. Her moment of relief is brief and the chamber repeats with the same process.

When it is all over Sam drops to the floor and instinctively curls into a ball, shivering. Typheryian gazes at the naked woman and smiles. Remove her to her chambers, he orders a set of guards standing over the entry way to the chamber. Ready the solar array.

"Shall I notify NATO?" a technician questions.

Full screen. He transforms from his true demon form and into his human form just as the screens are coming online. Each screen has a view of each individual member that is part of the project.

"Gentleman, I want to thank you for trusting in my promise to deliver to you a state of the art weapon." He clasps his hands in front of his body. "I regret that the other weapon was stolen from my facility, but I am sure that with your help we will find the responsible parties and get it back."

There is a murmur of agreement from the parties involved. They are all well aware of the incident and are putting all available manpower to use in recovering the stolen weaponry.

"Now if you will please turn your attention to your computers. My technicians are uploading live feed from your new weapon. Above the Earth sits a simplistic looking satellite. For all intents and purposes that is all it is." There are more murmurs. He waits until they settle down before continuing. "Regrettably we did not have this up and running before but your various Special Forces teams were able to eradicate the threats before any real damage was done."

This time when he pauses there is only silence. None of the men or women on the various screens has sent any team or at least any team that is responsible for eliminating the sisters. Their silence works in a way that says they did but none are willing to admit it. Typheryian loved how humans thought. It makes it so much easier to manipulate them.

"We have found something peculiar about where these, ah, strange creatures are coming from," he continues. "There are various stone circles scattered around mostly Europe. How this happening is beyond our knowledge."

"From what our analysts tell us is some sort of beam is being sent out from your solar facilities to these places," NATO Secretaries Generals Daniels interrupts.

"Your information must be wrong then," Typheryian says blatantly.

"Maybe you would care to enlighten us then Ronin," the same Secretaries General says.

"The only beams being sent from, as you say, my facilities are to power up the satellite," he explains. "And if you will, allow me to prove the devastation of the weapon as well as eliminate these new threats that some are so eager to blame on me."

"Very well. Proceed."

The Asura signals to his technician who quickly gooes to work at his station. "As you will see on your screens are two fast moving targets labeled Target A and Target B. Both targets have originated in Ireland and are currently headed for what is presumed to a densely populated area. The program locks onto its targets and—"

On the screens is an expanded view of the Ancients flying through the air. The screens are filled by a massive beam of light that strike the targets. When the screen clears all they see is a clear sky, the Ancients are no more.

"—with a powerful beam of solar energy eliminates the targets completely atomizing them. With this weapon you can seek out your targets and blast them away completely erasing collateral damage."

"When will this weapon be fully operational?"

"Once we run a complete scan of the system ensuring there are no other bugs to work out, by week's end," Typheryian assures.

The others on the screens nod their heads, murmuring about the success of the weapon. They each congratulate the demon before signing off. The last one to do so is Daniels.

"I have known you since your first day as a Secretaries General, Ronin. That is why I helped to fund your little project, but the information I have does not look good for you. I only warn you because I'm your friend."

"Joshua," Typheryian says putting a smile on his face. He could really care less what evidence the humans have. By week's end he will hold the world by the strings and become the human's puppet master. "By the looks of things this weapon has cleared me of any wrong doings."

"That may be, but you still have a missing weapon system out there and it will only incriminate you further."

"Let whatever terrorist groups out there use it then. They cannot hide from a weapon this powerful."

"You walk a fine line Ronin. I hope for your sake it doesn't break."

The connection is severed. Typheryian smiles again as he peers into the blank screen. "It is not I walking the thin line my friend."

He doesn't care if the world figured out the summoning is by him or if the process is similar to the way the weapon is used. First the Earth would be his, then he'd use the weapon to open portals to other worlds throughout the universe and he'd rule them too.

Typheryian lets out a low chuckle that soon turns into a deep, bellowing laugh.


Sam slept, locked in her dreams of images. She dreams of her childhood; of days playing in the park with her parents and sister. Then those times turn to times of just her and her father. Her whole childhood flashes by with so many events and activities it is mind boggling.

Then there is college and the FBI. She is an agent fighting for the human race against evil. Then a man, tall and strong. He loves her and is responsible for the life she now carries.


Movement in her belly stirs shaking her dream world as it has every time she got closer to seeing the truth. She fights against the pull wanting to stay, to relearn everything she has forgot. How could the baby fight her? It is their child. Yes, she said it: their child. Spencer's and hers.


That bastard is using her child against her. He has been manipulating her from the beginning. She knows it, she can sense it. He told her she is more powerful because she is pregnant. No one and no demon knows the limits of a pregnant demon and neither does Sam, but she knows she has a heightened sense of everything. And she can sense Typheryian's hatred for her kind.

He even said as much and his actions speak volumes. She knows now who she truly is and she is no longer afraid of her mentor. There is going to be a day of reckoning and it is coming soon.

Sam's eyes shoot open as she lay on the soft bed. A smile creeps slowly on her face.


Undisclosed Location, England

Spencer and Julie were locked in a small, cramp, three foot by five foot, concrete room with a single windowless door. They were thrown into the room and left there, without a word being said. Neither agent knows what time it is, since they were stripped of everything but their underwear and shirts.

They sit against the far wall, close to each other in an attempt to keep warm. There isn't a bed, no blankets, nothing but emptiness. Spencer is wide wake starring at the door when it cracks open. A large man with a hint of graying hair steps in. "Colonel Pierson," Julie murmur as she lifts her head off Spencer's shoulder.

He nods as the door is closed behind him. "Julie." The two agents shuffle to their feet before Pierson continues to speak. "I have managed to convince the British government that you two are not terrorists."

"That's pretty good news to hear," Spencer remarks.

"Yes, but your boss Mike Grines isn't too happy to hear of your capture." Spencer frowns but doesn't say anything. "As a result I also managed to secure your release, however, the British government rather not either one of you to ever come back."

"That's a bit extreme," Julie says. "Hell we probably saved the damn country."

"Regardless of that Julie," he says with a resigned tone. "You two have wrecked havoc across the country and killed a few British soldiers. That in itself is enough for them to charge you with terrorism."

Julie lets out an impatient breath. "Ridiculous."

"Regardless, you two are leaving with me and getting onto a plane back to America," Pierson informs them.

"I'm ready to get out of here," Spencer says. He doesn't care about Julie's protests or the fact he is no longer allowed in the country. He has seen enough to not want to come back.

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