First, let me say I am NOT a pervert! I am serious, I really am not.

Not one bit of that was my fault.

But things happen sometimes, I guess. So on to my story.

It was just a party, I happened to run into my friend Jerry at the tavern. That was an accident too, I was just down there to shoot some pool and see if there were any girls around.

You know, to talk to and stuff.

Anyway he mentioned they were having a get together at he and his wife Marie's place up by the lake. They had two kids, boys, both of them brats and about 10 or 11 or so. Bunch of noise, running around, shooting at me with water pistols, stuff like that.

Me? I am Dan, everybody calls me Danny. 5' 10", 175 pounds, I check myself out in the mirror and the ladies could do worse.

Plus even though I am not huge and overly muscled, the good Lord did bless me with..well, down there, if you know what I mean.

It's not so huge that it's actually a weapon, like I see on some of those guys when I accidentally end up on a porn site on my computer.

I never actually go to any of those, but it's tough in today's world when a guy just wants to check out the latest beach fashions or maybe brush up on his massage techniques.

One never knows when things like that might come in handy, plus it's nice to look one's best.

Family type parties bore me, I always preferred the beach with cute girls running around.

Since I am getting to the age where I should be thinking of settling down, you know, kids and things like that?

What better place to look than at a beach, I mean, you wouldn't buy a car without looking under the hood, right?

I often see the guys down there, over muscled Ape types wearing those thong type suit bottoms. The only thing missing is the feathers splayed up out of their asses, like the Peacocks we see on the Green channel.

Those thong type suits look funny to me on those huge guys, the material outlining their you know whats.

Mine is black.

Hey, it's the style!

A few times I even managed to get lucky, a few beers and some nice chat works fairly well. Not that I ever go down there to prey on any of the girls, after all, I am not a pervert.

But no, a family party? Not my thing once Jerry told me his brother Mark and his wife Jennifer would be there. Mark was OK but they had money and Jennifer always made sure everyone knew they did.

That kind of drove me nuts, I had been to some of their parties before. I had been to the lake also but that was for fishing, everyone said there were monsters in there but all we ever caught were those stubby tailed planted Rainbows about 8-9 inches long.

The fact that Mark's wife Jennifer nearly always wore those silly looking Wicked Weasel sun bathing outfits didn't even enter into it, I don't pay too much attention to older ladies.

"Oh, come on! My buddy Bob and his two cousins will be there, you will have fun!" Jerry pressed me.

"Two cousins?" I asked.

"Yea, Sandy and Brandy, they are twins. Just wait until you get a load of that pair! Plus Marie's Mom is taking the kids, they can be a bit bratty, you know." He was grinning now.

No shit.

Bratty, like the time they put that foaming denture cleaner in my beer while I was dozing?

Or the time they caught two Chipmunks and stuffed them into my VW Beetle which I discovered halfway down the hill?

The last part of the road up to the lake is about a half mile long and if it was any steeper one could just step off the top of it.

"Oh? Like why?" I asked.

"So it can be just adults. They are eighteen, stacked like you won't believe, the only bad part is Bob raised them by himself after his brother's old lady split and he took off for Australia to get out of paying alimony. Bob watches them like a Hawk so both of them are probably untouched. Still, it's worth it just to look at them, trust me!"

I meant why was he leaving his kids and going up to the lake, they always had their kids with them.

"Just Adults?"

The one party maybe six weeks earlier flashed into my mind, Jerry had been dancing with Jennifer and Mark was dancing with Marie. No kids that time either, things got friendly.

So OK. I got that.

Probably he wanted to look at Sandy and Brandy himself without worrying about his brats.

"Stacked?" He had said? Why not?


That is how I ended up herding my ratty VW Beetle up the steep dirt road to the lake. I barely made it, foot to the floor in second gear because first didn't work.

Kind of steep, which I remembered after the Squirrel incident.

I mean, the lever went into first but it was like there was nothing in there?

Maybe that was what the noise was, it sounded like gravel or something when I tried it.

Oh, well. I made it. I got my car parked, stuffed the block of wood I carried in the trunk up front behind a tire.

The emergency brake didn't work any more since I damn near tore the handle off of it after that Chipmunk hopped up onto my shoulder.

And yes, you can too shift into low gear going downhill at 35 MPH.

I had my fishing pole just in case things got too boring, a case of brew in the back and a blanket, plus my bathing suit.

The black one.

I wasn't real sure I would put it on, but I brought it just in case.

If it was any hotter out the road would have melted. I think the pavement part farther down actually did.

The first thing I spotted was Jennifer sitting on the porch in a pink bikini that barely contained her store bought boobs.

That suit was the same one she had on at a backyard pool party I went to at their house, she was fun to look at in it. I had put on my own suit that day and noticed she acted like I was fun to look at too.

Not that I would be too interested in an older lady like that, after all, she must be around 35 or 36 or so.

Of course she had on huge diamond ear rings, several expensive looking rings on her fingers and a couple of bracelets.

Plus she was so dark from the spray on tan that she could have passed for African except for the blond hair piled up on her head.

She was fully made up, lipstick, colored cheeks and fingernails and toenails that were fire engine red.

"Hi, Jen!" I said, hopping out after making sure my car wouldn't leave all by itself since the thing kept jumping out of gear.

"It's Jennifer, Danny." She instantly corrected me, then she glanced down at my crotch.

That happened every single time I saw her without fail, I always called her "Jen".

I mean the correcting her name part, not looking at my package. I had on my baggy shorts anyway, things are not quite as obvious wearing those.

Yea, I did it deliberately, mean of me, huh?

"Where is everyone?" I asked her.

"Jerry and Mark are out back trying to get the barbecue going, Marie is in the house, Bob and the girls haven't arrived yet." She reached out and picked up a long stemmed glass that had something pink in it, her fingers splayed under the bowl of it, took a sip.

I used the moment to take a look at her big black nipple, when she turned like that it always slid right out, then right back when she turned again.

Yep, it popped right out like I had seen a half dozen times before, I think because her tits were made of concrete and didn't move at all. She always wore that top with it laying on her, she obviously didn't need any support at all.

Then when she sat down the cups bulged forward. Jen also spent a lot of time looking away so anyone interested had lots of time to check her titties out.

I figured since they were close to perfect, they cost around $5000...each. Like I said, Mark and Jennifer had money. I had parked my VW right next to their silver Cadillac, you know the kind I mean. What are they, 60 or 80 grand?

I finally wandered around back, the two guys were standing back looking at the barbecue, I could see why since they had flames going ten feet in the air.

No worries about setting anything on fire, I had helped them trim the tree branches back after the last barbecue.

Those were dead, anyway. I like Jerry but he isn't exactly the smartest rock in the box.

"Got her going!" Jerry grinned at me.

"No shit." I laughed, setting down the beer.

"Cold ones over there." He pointed at a cooler nearby, then I spotted the other cooler full of ice so I loaded that one.

"How has the fishing been?" I asked, figuring I would end up down on the dock before the day was over.

"Too hot, probably nothing biting. Maybe later this afternoon?" He said, starting to saw away with one of those Chinese made steak knives at what looked like half a Cow sitting on a huge platter.

"New York's, got this down at that Grocery place that sells to restaurants." He said, as much to himself as anyone else. He was busy trimming off huge layers of fat.

"Half price!" He added. I looked, he was going to whack half of it off anyway, he might as well have bought the trimmed ones.

I went and plopped down in a lawn chair. Then I heard voices chattering away.

A large man came around the corner carrying two big sacks, right behind him were two young women.

Women? Maybe girls would fit better. I took one look and almost fell off the lawn chair.

Good Lord, good God almighty! Blond hair, long and straight and parted down the middle, flat brown tummies, cute pixie type faces, those round behinds that every female on the planet would die for and some spend one hell of a lot of money to get.

Titties that sure as hell were not store bought and the largest part of them sticking out the sides of what pretended to be tops.

I was glad I had on my baggy tan shorts, otherwise I was going to demonstrate my reaction very clearly.

Jerry was not kidding one bit.

There were introductions all around, Sandy and Brandy were going to be a problem to know who was who because not only did they have on identical suits, they wore their hair the same and both of them had a tiny little diamond in their navel.

I already knew they both had bald beavers, those suit bottoms left no room at all for any hair. There was also four identical bulges out each side of a tiny little triangle of cloth that pretended to be a bikini top.

I also knew they spent quite a bit of time in those outfits since those round butt cheeks had no sign of lighter color on them.

Easy to tell since I could see all of them, the string went right down the middle and was not in sight.

I was thinking that "Uncle" Bob was probably a very happy man.

"You girls stay out of the beer!" Bob told them, pretending to sound stern.

"Yes, Daddy." They answered in unison, each of them grabbing one the instant he turned his back, then they both disappeared around the corner, giggling.

I thought Jerry said that Bob was an Uncle but they called him Daddy?

Oh, well.

I snickered to myself at that, they saw me catch them at swiping some brews and just grinned, then they vanished into the bushes.

I was on my second one when they came back a half hour later. I watched as one of them went over and said something to Bob while the other one grabbed two more bottles.

The one that was distracting Bob made sure she had his attention, she reached out and put her hand on his bicep, sliding it up and down as she said something.

I realized from watching them work together that they had done things like this many times.

Then Jennifer came around the corner, sat down close to me and started telling me how well they had done in the stock market.

Her suit top was hanging open, there was that big black nipple again.

Marie came out with a huge salad, mercifully got Jennifer sidetracked so I slipped away. I got my fishing pole and some of those little red fake Salmon eggs and headed for the dock.

I also had some blue rubber worms, why they were blue beat the hell out of me but the guy at the store told me that was a killer bait this year.

I cast out into the lake, watched the bobber sit there for awhile.

Then Mark was calling that the food was ready so I stuck the butt of the pole into a crack between the boards and went up to eat.

I noticed that Sandy and Brandy were sitting off by themselves but they kept looking my way.

Jerry was right about them being fun to look at but I was 30 and they were barely 18, and their Daddy..I mean Uncle.. was right there doing his best to keep an eye on them.

But he wasn't doing that well, I knew they had managed to get at least three beers each and they were showing it, whispering and giggling over there. They kept glancing my way, too.

Sitting with their legs crossed, not that I was looking really. Two identical pieces of cloth barely covered them, I could see perfect sets of inner thighs.

How women manage to get brown all the way up there amazes me. Well, I guess I know how from my trips to the beach. Females all want to tan their inner thighs, that is why they sit around with their legs splayed out like that.

Not that I am a pervert or anything but that's hard to miss.

When Bob turned to glance their way they somehow coyly had their knees together, then when he turned his back those knees popped right open again.

That was fun, I had seen young girls do things like that before but with their being two of them and exactly alike, it was a kick.

I finally slipped away at one point to my Beetle, tugging on my blue jeans to keep my legs from getting sunburned. It was close to 100 degrees out.

When I got back, both of the girls were gone, Mark was rubbing lotion on Jennifer while Jerry, Bob and Marie were playing cards.

Mark had Jen's top undone, she was lying face down, her tits pressed against a blanket.

"I better go check my fishing pole." I said.

"OK. Get a big one!" Jerry said, then stuck his nose back into the cards he was holding. I noticed Marie had changed into shorts and a halter top, she had a soft looking little roll on her tummy, not bad. She had a nice looking pair of jugs that sort of nestled neatly into the top and moved around when she did.

Not bad at all.

Marie caught me cold checking out her tits and gave me a big smile. I grinned to myself as I left, Marie was quite a MILF.

It popped into my head that I was always the odd man out at their parties yet they nearly always invited me? I just figured part of that was Jerry and I being buds, we liked to play pool and sometimes go bowling.

Having two younger girls around was different, there was only one time that a gal my age had been there.

Her name was Jeanie, she was cute but had two front teeth that were big and square and she was as flat chested as it is possible for a female to be. Jeanie was side hill related to Marie, I found out later.

We just didn't hook up, well once but that was uneventful. Nice gal but skinny, no boobs.

I like boobs on my lady friends.

Plus those big teeth scraped me some, but I guess she couldn't help that. We just sort of passed by in the night and I never saw her again.

The one funny thing about Jeanie was she sounded just like that damned Chipmunk when she climaxed.

The one I made the mistake of grabbing when it hopped up on my shoulder while going down the hill?

There were still marks on my hand.


I headed down to the dock, just as I got to my pole which was still sitting there, my foot caught and right into the lake I went.

Let's just say that cleared up my being a bit tipsy real quick.

Shit! Just shit! Now I was soaked, all I had with me was my baggy shorts, I wasn't about to wear my bathing suit in front of those two girls.

Not with their Dad...I mean Uncle...around, anyway. He was kind of big.

Back to the VW I went, stripping off my jeans and underwear, then I tugged on my dry baggy shorts.

I went back down to the dock, reeling in my line and replaced the bait. It looked like something had nipped at it, that gave me hope.

I cast that back out a little farther and sat down to see if anything would happen.

The Sun was warm, my belly was full, and I had four beers down me.

I fell asleep in no time.


The dream was actually pretty nice, it was about Jennifer and she was finally shut up because she had my cock in her mouth, her big black nipples hanging down.

God that felt good, but I was wishing she would just work on it and stop giggling.


I opened my eyes, two blond heads were sticking up over the end of the dock about three feet away.

"Oh, shit!" One of them said when she saw I was awake, they both took off with a splash.

"Nice one!" One of them yelled over her shoulder as they took off swimming.

What was that all about? I wondered. Then it hit me that I not only had a full woody going on, but it was sticking almost completely out the leg of my shorts!

And my hand had been busy down there.

The two girls had been looking right up the leg of my shorts at my cock, which was as full as it was ever going to get.

With me encouraging it in my sleep.

I quickly adjusted things, looked over to see both of them headed for the house on a dead run.

Oh, man? Now what was I going to do? If they said anything to their Uncle, I was probably toast.

Bob was kind of big.

I had no idea how long the two of them had been there staring at my naked dick but from the looks of things, it was long enough.

I grabbed my pole and reeled it in, the bait still untouched.

Nothing to do but face the music and try to explain, so I headed up there.

Maybe they hadn't said anything?

Bob was fast asleep in a lawn chair. Jerry, Marie and Mark were playing cards so intently they didn't even look up. Just then Bob snorted and looked over at me.

"Catch anything?" He asked.

"Naw, too hot." I went over and grabbed a cold beer.

I didn't see Jen, she must have been in the house. Then the two girls came out, they looked at me and snickered, then one of them walked over to get Uncle Bob's attention while the other one innocently slipped by the open cooler, grabbed two more bottles of beer and took off for the bushes.

The first one headed after her seconds later.

I spotted their heads pop up from behind the bushes, some more giggling, then they saw me looking their way so off they went.

Jennifer came out of the house, she looked around, then walked over to me.

"I think we need to talk, Danny." She whispered.

I just looked at her, I had no idea of what to do or say.

"Come with me, please." She turned and headed for the house.

That wasn't a request. I looked over at my Beetle, thinking of just making a run for it.

But hell, she could give me a 1/4 mile head start and run me down in 60 seconds in that Caddy.

I felt just like I did when my Mom caught me with my hands in the candy sack, and I denied everything. Then of course she dug about 20 pieces of it out of my pocket.

Pretty obvious, it's hard to talk with your mouth full.

"Back here." Jennifer said, holding the door to one of the back bedrooms. I meekly went in.

"Now. What is this I hear that you were exposing yourself to those two little girls?" She asked.

"I wasn't. I was just fishing."

Besides, those two were not exactly "little" girls.

"They said they saw your...thingie? And you were..rubbing yourself?" Jennifer didn't really sound mad.

In fact, she had a grin on her face?

"Hey, look. That was an accident, I was fishing and fell asleep. I didn't know.."

I was reasonably sure that those two little girls were not exactly very innocent but I kept my mouth shut about that.

"They said you were playing with it? Honey, I know how you men are when you get..uncomfortable, but we just can't have that going on around here, OK?"

"I...uhh...OK. It was just an accident, I will be more careful." What was I going to say? I was doing my very best to sound perfectly innocent but I knew my face was bright red.

"Anyway, here, I am going to take care of that little problem for you, honey, then you will feel better."

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