tagIncest/TabooAccident, But Sister Knew?

Accident, But Sister Knew?


Disclaimer: All persons depicted in this story are of 18 years of age or older.

Every house, condo or apartment you see as you go through life each contain many stories of life. Nobody can tell by the look of the person's residence what has actually occurred over the years in that residence.

Our house is a normal Chicago home. In a nice middle class area of hard working people. Even though we live in Chicago, many portions of the City including ours are very quiet neighborhoods while other areas are riddle with unemployment, gangs and drugs.

The story starts with my sister (Corry) and I (Kevin). The year is 1997. Ten years in calendar time but it seems like a short time ago to me. In 1997 I was 19 years old and my sister was 20 years old. My description at the time was a healthy young guy standing 6 feet one inches and weighing in at 195 pounds. I enjoyed working out throughout high school and played several different sports. I was told I have a surfer look. Dishwater blonde hair, blue eyes and sporting a very nice cock. My cock measures just over 8 inches and has a medium to thick girth. I am cut with a nice plump mushroom head and the shaft is solid and smooth. I also have a low hanging heavy ball sack that swing powerfully when I am pumping some hot wet pussy. You can hear the balls slapping off a woman when I am pushing my cock deep inside her with powerful thrust.

My sister, a former high school cheerleader and volleyball player. She is 5 feet 6 inches tall, 115 pounds of tight young body and sports a small chest. Having seen her bras on top of the hamper, I know she is a "B" cup. Also with her worn bras in the hamper were always the tiniest little see through thongs or G string undies. I would instantly get hard upon picking up a pair of her little undies and taking a sniff of that young sweet pussy juice on it. She has thick light brown hair and blue eyes.

Although I would enjoy the occasional feel and sniff of her panties, I never ever had any desires to be physically with my hot sister. The mental line drawn in my head was always just a pleasure of her under garments.

All of that would change in a few days to come. And the change would come strictly by accident which was fueled by the worse enemy we all know, ALCOHOL! They say a major incident is usually not caused by one thing but usually by a series of things. And this incident had a series of things that came to a major climax.

Our parents were up in Wisconsin at our summer cottage. While our parents were away, my sister and I were left to watch our home and to take care of the chores and errands that normally have to be done. It was not unusual for my sister to have a friend or two sleep over when our parents are away. Most of her friends were former volleyball players or cheerleaders with her in high school. Tonight it was a friend named Becky. A girl that had the same build as my sister and almost matching personalities. In my mind, my sister's friend was what I would say is "Smoking Hot!".

As the sun fell and our ordered pizza arrived, my sister and her friend had already consumed a few beers. I was busy in the garage working on my dirt bike motorcycle. I would make an occasional trip from the unattached garage back into the house for a beer and to sneak a peek at Becky. She was like most girls her age, loved to show off her hot body and ass. Becky was wearing a nice pair of fitted shorts and a tight t-shirt with a lace bra under the shirt. The shirt was not see through but tight enough against her bra to show that the material of her bra was lacey.

After finishing up the repairs on my dirt bike, I returned to the house to spend the night bullshitting with my sister and her friend. I had on a sleeveless t-shirt and a pair of sweat pants. I didn't have any underpants on and it felt great to feel my cock either sport a nice hard on down my leg or having a chubby as my cock dangled downward without the restriction of any underwear.

We all ate the pizza and drank beers as we watched a movie on cable tv. During the evening, my sister's friend Becky would love to flirt with me and we would take turns messing with each other as we grabbed each other in a teasing manner. My sister would joke and say, "why don't you two just get a room". And we would all just laugh about it.

But as we all laughed and had fun, it seem like my sister was jealous of the attention Becky was getting. Every so often my sister would jump between Becky and I and push us apart and tell Becky not bother with my loser brother. What I did notice was during all this joking and playing, I would see my sister and Becky sport some nice big erect nipples as we all joked around. Then during one of the times that my sister jumped between Becky and I, my hard cock pressed against my sister's bare leg. My cock was pressed downward in my sweat pants and my sister having a pair of shorts on, she felt my long cock press against the skin of her thigh just below the shorts. She looked right into my eyes and was looking like, what the fuck?

My sister then said, "holy shit!". Becky asked my sister what was that for and my sister made up some shit about how Becky and I were acting so silly. But I know what the Holy Shit was really for, the feeling of my hard cock against my sister. As the evening progressed, we all continued our beer drinking, shared laughs and also continued the teasing body touches between Becky and me.

Before long we were all pretty drunk and my sister and Becky decided that they were going upstairs to go pee and then clean up for bed. My sister was going to sleep in her room, Becky in the guest bedroom and I would sleep in my own room. Our parents bedroom was on the first floor with their own bathroom and shower. The three bedrooms upstairs all share one common large bathroom.

I let the girls go upstairs to use the washroom and wash up as I stayed downstairs and continued to have a few more beers, clean up the living room and watch some cable soft porn. I heard the girls finish up their washroom duties and go to the bedrooms.

I sat in the living room absorbing the porn on the television. I cock was now rock hard and dying for some release. I decided to turn the tv off and go up to my room for some self stroking relief. As I climbed the stairs and walked towards my bedroom I noticed that the guest bedroom door was ajar about a foot. I decided that I would go into the guest bedroom and see if Becky was up for some action.

As I entered the dark room, my eyes were blinded. I had just come from the brightly lit living room and was watching tv so my eyes were in a state of adjustment to the dark bedroom. The clock radio was playing some music and I walked towards the bed hoping not to walk into anything. As I approached the bed I could see that Becky was laying on the bed with her back towards my direction. I placed a hand on her shoulders to give her a brief gentle shake. I didn't want to make any loud noises and wake my sister sleeping in the next bedroom. As I gently shook her shoulder, I felt her hand reach around and grab my wrist and softly pull me towards her. I pulled my hand back and stripped off my t-shirt and sweat pants and climbed under the blanket next to her. I placed my arm around her as I spooned her from behind.

My naked body could tell that the only thing Becky was wearing was a bra and little thong. As I nuzzled her from behind I placed my hard cock against her warm, smooth and soft ass crack. My hands reached around her and fondled her tight small breasts. My fingers could feel her large erect nipples through her thin soft material bra. I began to flicker her hard nipples with my fingers as I pushed my ever hardening 8 and a half inch cock downward in her ass crack. I was had pushed the length of my cock so hard along her ass crack that my rigid cock felt the thong material nestled in her butt cheeks crack. Becky responded by pushing her ass back towards my hard cock.

My hands found her front bra enclosure and I popped it open easily even in the dark room. I slowly slide the bra off her and threw it over me to the floor. I flipped around so we were in a 69 position. As I pulled her sexy thong to the side, Becky flipped her body towards me. Now her exposed wet pussy was right in my face. I had left the thong on her but pulled both the front and rear portion to the side away from her pussy and beautiful sweet young tender ass. I made my mouth wet with spit and placed my tongue right on her clit. Even in the dark I could feel her small landing patch of hair on her pussy. It was about an inch wide and about 2 maybe three inches long of soft trimmed pubic hair.

As I began to lather her clit, pussy slit and lips with hot spit and my tongue I heard Becky let out a pleasant soft moan. Becky proceeded to take the head of my mushroom cock into her mouth and swirl her tongue all around the head of my cock as well as my shaft. I pulled Becky's legs apart far enough to place my whole head between her thighs and this allowed me to use various strengths of pressure against her wet steamy pussy. I was flickering my tongue on her hard swollen clit and also dipping my tongue into her sweet tasting pussy as I curled the front of my tongue up. I could tell what parts of her pussy she like to have licked the most by how she was responding on sucking my cock. I kept licking, teasing and flickering her sensitive pussy on her special spots to ensure the strong slurping on my throbbing hard cock.

After about ten minutes of mutual oral pleasures I flipped back around and again I was at her back. As I spooned her I placed my large hard swollen wet cock between her thighs and pulled it up long ways against her well eaten pussy. By now Becky was squirming like a snake as I teased her tight pussy with long ways strokes against her very swollen pussy lips and clit. I also was massaging her tits and tickling her hard as pencil eraser nipples. I was biting her neck and also licking her shoulders as I continued to tease her pussy with long strokes along her slick hot pussy lips.

As I teased her pussy with long ways strokes, Becky arched forward allowing my big swollen mushroom head to spread her love hole lips open and the head of my cock start to enter her vise grip like hole. I slowly pressed forward as Becky pressed backwards towards me. Soon my whole 8 and half inch cock was nearly buried into her. I could feel her stomach muscles convulse as the head of my cock hit rock bottom on her cervix. Becky's breathing became heavy and I started to really ram my cock in and out of her. Allowing almost my whole cock to almost leave her tight hole before slamming it back into her. My big balls smacking off her ass as my cock was plunging into the best pussy I ever had.

I heard muffle groans and moans of pleasure as she grab the pillow and held it tight against her face. Soon her body began to jerk, her nipples expanded to their fullest size, her ass check muscles as well as her tight stomach muscles began to shiver. I knew I was bringing Becky to a orgasm or even numerous orgasms. She actually started to leak fluids out of her pussy as I rammed her like I was doing a "hate fuck".

Becky's young hot tight wet slick pussy must of became very sensitive because she was pulling forward away from my dick instead of pushing back. I knew I had to cum soon and told her in her ear that I was about to cum and cum hard and with a large thick load of cum. She mumbled um-hum into her pillow and then I shot a load of cum oil into her tight ass pussy as the head of my cock was buried deep in her. Becky was squirming and squealing like a pig. I let my cock remain in her after I cum and did slow strokes in and out of her, spreading my large load of cum all inside her pussy. I wanted to mark my territory with my love spunk and leave her filled with my cum so she would remember my fuck very well.

Soon afterwards we both fell asleep with my cum covered cock between her thighs. Her pussy and thighs were soaked with our combined juices. And before I knew it, I awoke and it was morning. I wanted one last fuck before I snuck out of the guest room before my sister woke up in the next bedroom. I had a huge morning hard on. While still in the spooning position I decided to slowly place the head of my cock at Becky's still moist and tender pussy. As like last night, Becky pressed her ass back at me and soon I was all the way back into that sexy and tight pussy. Once again we fucked each other like animals. I continued to fuck her while in the spooning position and was making deep thrust into her. My thrust were so strong that her ass and body would move forward as I buried my cock into her. Soon I was spilling and shooting another load of hot cum into this pussy. After cumming into her, I needed to not only use the washroom to pee but also sneak out of the guest room before my sister awoke and found me in Becky's room.

I kissed Becky on the neck and shoulders and slide off the bed. The room was still dark due to heavy sun blocker shades on the windows to keep the room cool during the summer months. I had to feel around on the floor to find my t-shirt and sweat pants. After gathering my clothes I slowly opened the guest room door and walked quietly to the washroom. I too a race horse style piss, hit the shower and then threw on the same clothes I brought into the bathroom with me.

As I was exiting the bathroom, my sister's bedroom door began to open. Walking out was Becky and not my sister. I figured Becky went into my sister's room to let my sister know she was leaving. I gave Becky that thanks for the fun and sex look and walked up to her. I grabbed her and gave her a kiss as I pushed my semi-nard cock against her. Becky smiled and then kissed me back. I asked Becky is my sister was up and Becky said she didn't know. So I pushed open my sister's bedroom door and saw that the bed was made and nobody was in the bed. I said to Becky, well she must be up because her bed is made and she wasn't in it. Becky said that she slept in my sister's room last night because she want to talk on the phone before going to bed and the guest room didn't have a phone. My heart dropped. Becky asked me if I was ok and I said yes and quickly walked Becky out to the front door and watched her walk down the block to her house.

I immediately went to the guest bedroom and opened the door. I turned the light on and saw a bra and thong on the floor and looked to the bed to see my sister laying asleep on the bed with the blanket half off her. The blanket was actually like a thin sheet because it was summer. And I could clearly see that it was all stained up with love juices around the middle of it.

I turned off the lights, gently shut the door and went to the kitchen with my mind shooting off in a thousand different directions. While in the kitchen I thought about how I not only ate my sister's pussy, I fucked her twice without a condom and also placed a fairly large amount of her own brother's cum deep in her. As my hands shook, my body trembled, I sat at the kitchen table with my head in hands... wondering the outcome of this situation. Even though I showered and brushed my teeth, I could still smell my sister's pussy juices in my nose.

The outcome of this situation will come forward in the next story.

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