tagErotic CouplingsAccident Grants Benefit Ch. 04

Accident Grants Benefit Ch. 04


Chapter 04 : Urging needs, leading over to a night of Debauchery

Dear Reader(s) :

This will be an 8-Chapters-story, a true story.

If you're new to this story, I would recommend to read the previous Chapters before proceeding here.

I want to thank the readers that have been getting in touch with me via eMail so far - your encouraging comments and compliments are urging me on, and I promise to answer everyone of you. Please be patient cause I'm writing on Ch. 05 already.

Special thanks to 'juicy' Karin ;-) Two or three of your ideas will be included - in the remaining chapters, of course.

Thank you all, and enjoy!



I looked back to the day we first met, and flashed through the months and years of our acquaintanceship, smiling with the remembrance of the precious moment Sylvia had realized that she already had allowed herself to melt into our friendship without even noticing the conversion. Still smiling I kissed the tip of her nose, "Do you remember our May of 2007, my sweetness?"

Sylvia sighed happily, and kissed me softly, before her eyes rose to meet mine, "How could I ever forget, my darling? You've just recalled that precious memories too, didn't you? May 4th, my 45th birthday, and our first? A whole life in just one day... an annoying, terrible workday, turning into a nice afternoon once you came in, leading to an exciting evening and a lovely night. The irritating morning, leaving me speechless, still struggling with the overdue awareness of our strong, close friendship." Sighing once more, deeper now she continued with a lovingly smile, "I... you... it was you, it has always been you to be here for me, you always came running when I called you, when I needed you most, to take care of me, to help me, to hold me close when I was struggling with whatever, you've never let me down. I learned... no, that's wrong, I had learned already and now I had to admit to myself that I could trust you, that you would never ever hurt me..." and she started sobbing again, quietly now, "...I knew it for sure..." she muttered sobbingly, "...I've been sure since years, and I can't forgive myself that I failed to tell you, my love."

I cradled her like a baby, my sweet baby, "It's alright my sweetness, you haven't been able to confess then, 'twas just too early, but your eyes showed me, your beautiful, expressive eyes, since about two years they showed me again and again, and that has always been enough to make me happy, for you, and for us," I replied smiling, planting soft kisses all over her sweet, wet face. I sank into her eyes again, when my left hand lowered to her blouse where it hugged her small, warm right breast tightly, the still hard, erect nipple poking my palm, she gasped with the unexpected sensation whilst her eyes widened shortly before the lids grew heavy when I whispered into her mouth, "I'm addicted to your beautiful eyes, my darling," My palm roamed over her breast like a feather, she moaned lowly, and her eyes squeezed shut when I softly nibbled her pouting lower lip, "Show me what you feel, my sweet darling," her eyes, glazed now, opened again though remaining half closed, the lids seemingly too heavy to follow the order totally, "Thank you, my heart..." my hand kneaded her breast tenderly in the rhythms of her low moans that grew louder, "Oh God I love you," I declared croaky, "I love you more than I can tell, my sweet heart..."

Though she was on her own route to seventh heaven she still wouldn't stop to tease me, "I bet you say that to all the girls," smiling so sweetly as if it was the greatest compliment ever. Before I had a chance to complain her hand in my neck grabbed my hair for a tight hold and pulled me even closer, and then she kissed me so feverishly that my toes curled. In revenge I took her nipple between thumb and index and pinched it a bit rougher before I pulled it outwards, she groaned loudly and had to break the kiss. We were both panting hard, dizzy with lust, when we stared into each others eyes, the love in her eyes was covered by sheer, unbridled lust, and her teeth sank into her lower lip, the sight was breathtaking.

I grew hard in no time, and she growled from deep within her when my erection pressed the rough material of my pants deep into her hot crevice, her pelvis started instantly to rotate and writhe in my lap. I grunted with the sensation and pressed back up to her even harder, sinking the hot pole's length deeper into her slit, she returned the favor with louder groaning whilst thrusting feverishly against me, and abruptly letting her teeth scratch all over the side of my neck in the rhythms of her body's hectically movements before sinking them nearly violently into the flesh, her hot breaths all over the sensitive area had me shuddering wildly, and I knew I wouldn't withstand this sweet torture much longer - I was dangerously close to cum in my pants. In my haze I let go of her breast, my left hand dove down, then up beneath her skirt and started to rub her clit's root with light pressure whilst my right dove beneath her butt from behind to cover her gaping opening, of course she was flooded and my fingers were generously coated in an instant, my hand went backwards, smearing the collected juices all over her dam and into the cleft, my middle finger found the pucker, carefully pushing and shoving in.

She puffed once, totally surprised, before screaming and cumming hard. She squeaked when my left hand backed away from her clit to grab her left thigh, lifting it up from the mattress where it had rested all the time, the side effect was that she slipped backwards thus impaling herself on the middle finger that had been probing her sphincter before to make her cum, the tight hole sunk over my finger, burying it inside her up to the hilt. Still sitting I turned around with her shaking, overheated body on my arms, or let's name it precisely on my left arm and that middle finger, and placed her in the middle of the bed, her flawless thighs parted widely, showing the delicious swell of her buttocks resting on the bright white sheet, skirt rode up high to her waist, I gazed in pure adoration, what a divine view, I feasted my eyes on her shaved, pouting labia framing the gaping crevice in full view, her widely splayed petals joining beneath her swollen clit that peeked curiously from under its hood, the mouth watering slit crowned by a neatly trimmed dark brown bush, altogether looking like a Bonsai miniature tree, the most enchanting tree I ever saw in my life, and high above the seductive treasures her big wide eyes, staring up to me in total confusion.

"Sorry lady this is an emergency." I managed to hiss whilst my finger tried to escape her asshole, 'twas difficult since she'd trapped my hand under her butt sitting on it, now she writhed like mad with my finger's thoroughly stirring inside the tight hole, and arched her back groaning and puffing, meanwhile my left hand fumbled with the buttons of her blouse, some more struggling and my right hand came free at last to help the other whilst she snarled loudly with the sudden loss, finally her blouse flew open, two lovely small breasts winked up to me, I so wanted to kiss and caress the sweet pair but I had no time to lose, so I just mumbled, "Sorry girls, see you later..." she giggled breathlessly whilst I stood up from the bed and removed my shirt hastily, my angel's eyes grew even wider when I opened my fly and got off my pants, leaving me in just my boxers.

"Ohmygaaawwwwd..." she gasped when she glued her glowing eyes on the obscenely salient tent, her tongue unconsciously whizzed like possessed all over her lips, I heard her swallow hard when I ripped off my boxers and my cock sprung free, jumping happily to point to the ceiling, whilst her eyes seemed to lift off their sockets, "...ooaahhh my gaaaawwwdd..." she repeated croaky, dark and low with lust, I jumped back onto the bed and fell to my knees between her slender, beautifully shaped thighs that fell to the sides unconsciously, and then I heard the most surprising sentence I've ever heard, when she gruffly explained, "No socks allowed in my bed! ...Sir!"

I froze, staring into her deep dark eyes, numb with disbelief. She stared back for a second, before she started to smile, shy and sweetly first, I watched her like transfixed as her smile turned brighter and brighter, till she beamed and bursted out laughing. I felt my face beaming likewise and joined in with her laughter whilst I hastily removed my socks.

The guffaw subsided and our small universe switched to slow motion mode when her expression changed to seriousness, and the uniqueness of the moment caused me to swallow hard, the prelude was history, now the time had come for the initial event. Sylvia's sparkling eyes, dark with love and desire seemed to gaze through my eyes straight into the depth of my heart, I gazed back likewise, none of us dared to blink. The sweet, relaxing moment calmed me down a bit, taking the sharpest edge off my longing, in an attempt to prolong the calming delay I asked quietly, "Say it my love, please invite me..." I was watching only her face.

"I... I want you to put... I want you to make love to me Bernd, my love..." I smiled at her in return, and mouthed her a kiss as I nodded. She gave back nothing but a light blush, my sweet seductress obviously had already forgotten how to smile, "...go slow, please, my love... it's been a while, and you are... huge..." she murmured as her hands reached up and caressed my cheeks, with her thumbs lovingly brushing over my lips as she whispered longingly, "...come up to me, my darling... and kiss me please, my sweet heart..." tears formed in her eyes when I moved over top of her, carefully avoiding abdominal contact to prevent cumming right on the spot. I lowered to sustain my weight on my right arm, the left moved to the far side of her head, the hand buried under her divine mane, slowly stroking her nape and scalp; and I kissed her, kissed her the way I sensed she wanted it now, ever so softly, yet a tender, deeply touching, lovingly kiss. Her lips caressed mine, and she sighed deeply, "Thank you my darling, I knew you would know... please make me yours now my love, it's time now... I want you so badly Bernd, I need to feel you, I've waited so long to feel you inside me..."

I groaned lowly, my eyes rolled back in my head with sheer anticipation; I needed to divert my mind... I tried to concentrate on technical formularies, on phone numbers, the code failure in my last program that still waited for a conclusion, Pythagoras... alone nothing would help - Li'l Brain was in full control. I felt the heat of her sex on my already undressed glans just an inch away, I felt her right foot caressing the back of my thighs, I felt her back arching a bit to let her left nipple slowly scratch over my chest, oh my God, that wouldn't help any, then I felt her left arm creep downwards between us, the plaster cast scratching over my belly but I couldn't have cared less, next her warm, shaking hand roamed southbound over my lower abdomen... "Be careful my love, don't touch my glans or you'll cause an accident..." I murmured huskily, she giggled lowly, "Please beware love - I'm so hard that it's paining, and so the angle is too steep, you gotta help me, push me down a bit to get the right angle..." I tried to make a move, to free my left arm, but she wouldn't let me.

"Sshhh, my love," she purred and kissed me lightly, her beautiful eyes caressing mine, "Your eyes show me... so much desire, burning desire, you are wonderful my love, you gave me so much, you're making this night a constant bliss for me, and I have been selfish..." her eyes faraway now but still wide with lust. Exactly with her last word her shaking fingers touched my shaft, luckily near the root, she gasped sharply, "Oh my God, you're burning..." breathlessly, her hips started rotating unconsciously, bellydancing though lying flat on her back, her right foot moved upwards on my thigh, opening herself wider, "Now my love, now... show me the way to paradise now..." her fingers crept forward on the upside of my pole, "Ooh God... you're length - will it ever end?" She groaned, I shook my head 'no' smiling brightly, but my teeth clenched so hard that I thought they might break.

"Careful now darling, you're closing in..." I grunted breathlessly, "... just push him down a bit, and I'll do the rest." I moved slightly upwards, her heat showed me the way.

"Pussy is waiting for you..." she panted, "Oooh gaaawwwwdd..." when my tip kissed her slippery opening first time, her small fist enclosed the throbbing pole, still pushing him downwards to keep him from escaping, I added a bit of pressure and felt the glans diving deeper, forcing the quivering muscle ring to give way, ooh God she was tight, and hot like hell, I fought hard to hold back, to not shift into second gear, I so wanted us to enjoy every quarter of an inch of progress, fast forward had never been my first choice, and most likely not right now.

Suddenly she surprised me with bucking against me, I felt my glans slipping through the guarding ring in total, and she yelled, "Oooaahhh my gaaaaawwwd..." her eyes grew even wider when she felt her entrance contracting hard over the sudden emptiness beneath the bulky head to close in on my shaft just beneath the slipped-through helmet, "Sorry my love I couldn't help it..." again her eyes beamed with excitement, "...please pause for a moment darling, mmmhhh, you feel sooooo good, oooahh my gaawwwd, you're spreading me wider than ever before... just let me get used to you, let me enjoy you..."

I agreed with her pleading, happy that she'd wanted a delay. I was still too close and didn't want to cum on halfway, I wanted the optimum for her, and for our very first time, "Just tell me how you want it to be my sweet darling, this is our very first, and I want it to be perfect for you, just let's go slow, will you my love?" I kissed her softly, again she wasn't pleased with it and kissed me back roughly, her chest heaving hard beneath mine, I lifted myself up a bit to give her room for deeper breathing but she wasn't really fond of that either, her arm went higher on my back pulling me closer again, so roughly that I felt her breasts flattening against my chest. I grinned into her mouth, "Dear Lord, we're going greedy, hey?"

She hissed, "Yes, yesssss darling... I'm soooo hot for you," rubbing her warm, swollen breasts all over my chest whilst biting my tongue tenderly, only to lick lovingly over the 'wounds' afterwards. After shoving my sassy tongue out of her wet cavern she cooed huskily, "Thank you, my darling, you're allowed now to feed me the first of... ahem, many inches," her eyes radiating with pure pleasure, before changing the expression to mindful concentration to not miss any of the ongoing moves.

"As you wish, my dear lady..." I kissed her lightly, "...you mustn't worry, it'll be just two, or three inches to go... given that I don't shrink in the meantime." I gave her a wink, and a lascivious grin.

She grinned back lewdly, that sassy bitch, "You rascal... you promised to never lie to me, remember? I needed five minutes to pass over your hot joystick before you stopped me, I bet you're burdened with at least eight inches, and it'll split me open like never before." Her eyes changed again, dreamily now when she whispered, "I can't wait..."

"Ts, ts, ts..." I replied, ashamedly casting down my eyes, "...well, I might have forgotten an inch or a half, you know I'm an old man, it's just hard to remember everything." I let my dick jerk once, twice only to give her a hint that I would move forward...now! ... she moaned lowly, before groaning loudly when I gave her the ordered inch, plus a sneaking half which I hoped she wouldn't perceive. In the end it was just a bonus, right?

"You're cheating, old man." Damned, she was still too attentive.

"Well, sorry dear, you're so slippery...err...inside that is - and I hit the brake too late, and my..." NO! - I shouldn't bring tires on display now, that would be unromantically. "Shall I pull back a bit to make even, my lady?"

I pulled back, and my lady yelled, "Nooaaahhh! - Don't you dare..." Sweet Sylvia was trembling, and sweating, and panting, "Gimme back the stolen inch, and then let me get used to you, will you, my sweet love?" I kissed her lovingly and obeyed her wish, gave back the inch, plus the usual bonus, and the fee for the cheating of course, another half inch, 'twas only fair, don't you think so?

"Bernd...?" murmured my lady, 'Oh no, here it comes!' I thought, looking into her eyes again, but her eyes showed nothing but love, deep love. She kissed me lovingly, and asked huskily, "Forgive me, my darling, you're feeling wonderful, and you are wonderful, but I'm too close all the time, my stomach feels like a stone with the tension, you're a wonderful tease, but I can't take any more now. Please make me cum darling, and I want you to cum with me, will you, I know you've been close throughout the evening, and you did a great job to hold back... all the time only thinking of me," her beautiful eyes welled with unshed tears, "I love you, my heart, please don't think..."

"Stop, please... my heart, before I start to cry with you," I kissed her tears away, "There's nothing to forgive, I've told you I'll do everything to make you happy, and I mean EVERYTHING." I kissed her tenderly, "You only need to tell me, see, I enjoy every second, you feel perfect on me like we've been handmade for each other, you are perfect my love, more...you are gorgeous; and I forgot how long your day has been, and how much you've suffered, of course you must feel like worn out. I'm so sorry my heart... I promise I will make up as soon as possible..." I swallowed hard, feeling guilty, "...now follow me my darling, just let loose, I'll make you a happy girl again, okay? And... please try to not close your eyes, my darling, will you?" She granted me her special sweet smile, stroking my back lovingly, tears ran down her cheeks though she sighed happily.

I moved slowly inside her, her vaginal walls held me in a tight, wonderful grip, I retreated until I felt the cooler air outside floating over my juice-coated dick, eliciting a sharp hiss from my love, I grinned and moved forward, very slowly but continuously until I bumped slightly into her cervix, I froze for a moment, hitting the cervix can cause pain for some women, but for Sylvia the impact seemed to trigger sheer excitement, "OhgodyesssBerrrrnnd, what are you doing... what a wonderful feeling, please give me one moment..." her hips rotated and her vaginal musculature worked full speed now, moving, vibrating all around me, an exciting massage, what a wonderful tight glove, so hot, so wet, so lively. Sylvia was pressing harder against me as if trying to push her cervix over my glans, all of a sudden she started to wail and I felt contractions rushing down her abdomen to her crotch where her pussy started her own rhythm, I felt my balls tighten and knew that the timing was just perfect, the wave built and started to rush, Sylvia, wide eyed, went wild, "Ooaahhh my gaawwd, you're growing any thicker... it's... Oh God Bernd I'm cumming..." she yelled, I was a second short to exploding, when I started to spurt she started to wail, "Yessss, darling, yesssscomewithme, ohgaaawwwd, now... NOW... BERRRNNNNDD!!! ...ooahh my gaawwd my love..." I didn't catch all of the expressions racing over her eyes, she was just gorgeous as she came noisily.

We panted like mad into each others wide opened mouths till my head was too heavy to hold it any longer, she turned her head left and kissed the tip of my nose, whilst my eyes told hers all about my love. Her lively pussy still worked wonders on me, her hips still moved though more lazily now, beneath my lower abdomen I felt her abdominal muscles moving to lighten the tension whilst our beads of sweat united in peace. By the way - sweat, I kissed Sylvia's glowing face and forehead clean, before returning to her wonderful eyes, "You are gorgeous, my princess..." I declared to her dreamily eyes, "...and besides I love you." I kissed her lovingly, "I might even like you one day probably."

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