tagErotic CouplingsAccident Grants Benefit Ch. 05

Accident Grants Benefit Ch. 05


Chapter 05 : Waking her up around noon shows to be sooo exciting...

Dear Reader(s) :

NEWS! This will be a 12-Chapters-story, a true story. (This is a corrected prediction - for all of my readers following this novel from scratch, all the time awaiting 8 chapters as provided in my basic storyline - thank you so much for giving me lots of encouraging feedback and compliments, mostly thanking me for sharing, asking for more details, and pleading, even urging me on to continue writing. Well, I promise I'll do :-). And I appreciate your every input, very much.

Very few of you are still awaiting my answer - please be patient, I'm writing on Ch. 06 already (The delayed 'Visitors are expected, will Renate cum too?', originally planned to be Ch. 05).

For those of you who are new to this story: I would recommend to read the previous chapters before proceeding here.

Thank you all, and enjoy!


Friday, around noon

I awoke from a snoring sound; still dazed while reveling in a sweet dream I wondered momentarily how that could be - I had slept alone in my bed for years, and I'm not snoring myself usually - before I noticed that the wonderful soft, warm cushion I held so close to my entire front down to my knees was reeking of sex, hot sex... what a lovely way to wake up!

I tensed for a moment, asking myself why a cushion would breathe and quietly snore from time to time, before remembering that this special cushion was called Sylvia, my insatiable loved one that had completely drained me before we finally fell asleep at the crack of dawn.

Thinking back to what the sweet tease in my arms had done to me, pretending to kiss 'tonight's best friend' - as she'd called the joystick of her choice - goodnight had me instantly hard whilst my penis jumped and pressed himself deep in between the lovely swell of her thighs. A sharp breathe in rewarded my movement, and her trembling thighs opened a bit, trying to reduce the urging pressure, her slightly quivering buttocks tensed and pressed back into my lap, she moaned oh so cutely and her hips started moving lazily as my hard-on throbbed with her motions. Sylvia snored once more, a bit louder now, and grunted when she felt the wetness of my pre-cum on the delicate skin of her inner thighs, she opened them wider unconsciously to avoid the incommoding feel, what left enough room now to let him follow his tension, the wetted tip slipped effortlessly upwards to her center where he actually wanted to be in first place. Held in place in between the lower swell of her now heavily quivering buttocks, reminding me a bit of notch and bead sights, he seemed to know exactly where to land to elicit a heart warming squeak from my lover, her buttocks clenched the shaft hard as the damp, already undressed glans poked around in her vaginal opening, she bucked once, groaning loudly whilst he was sucked into her opening with her backward lean, thus poking up the reawakening fire in her womb. Sylvia's hips danced lazily, once more fetching a groan and a low 'Mmmmhhhh...' whilst pressing back against my lap harder to feel more of the indecent invader inside her clasping vagina.

I grunted appreciatively with the feel of the sweet wet heat around me once my glans had passed the guarding muscle ring, and moved my head up to kiss and lick the side of her neck, upwards to the extraordinary receptive spot beneath the lobe of her ear. "Mmmhhhh..." she murmured into the palm of my right hand where her cheek had slept in, "...what a wonderful way of waking me up, my darling, please give me some more, I want to feel all of you whilst you're taking advantage of my helplessness - I knew you wouldn't forget about it."

I chuckled, reveling in the aromatically scent of her hair before I breathed into her cute little ear, causing her to shudder, "Good morning, my lovely, I couldn't withstand your earlier pleading, and you will get the same treatment every morning, as long as you want it, my sweet darling."

"Be careful what you're saying, you sassy teaser, cause I might nail you down to your promise," she snickered before groaning loudly as I shoved my throbbing pole deeper into her violently contracting vagina till my pubes hit the cleft in between her buttocks, Sylvia gasped, "Ohmygaawwd YESSS, please don't move, you feel perfect inside me my love, let me enjoy you for a minute, don't move or I'll cum on the spot..." My shaft throbbed hard with the prospect and I fought evenly hard to hold back, the more so as I felt her vaginal walls' contraction running in waves over my shaft, to and fro.

I lifted my right hand with her embedded left cheek, replaced the brace with my left arm to rest her head on later, and turned her sweet, glowing face back to me to kiss her lovingly, "Good morning again, my sweet love. Do you want me to make you cum now, or shall we just feast on this wonderful feeling? Tell me what you want, or need my love."

Her beautiful, sparkling eyes made love to mine, and she kissed me back harder, panting, "Let ME do YOU now, just relax... ooaahh my gaaawwwd, you're already growing... cum for me love and I'll follow suit," that was too much to bear and I growled loudly with the sudden orgasm she'd given me, likewise triggering her own just a few seconds later whilst I was still in my final spurts, "Oooh my gaawwd, daaarrling," she curled forward to enhance the friction on her clit and came violently, "Ooaahhhh good Lord, ooaaargghh... daaaarrrrling..." I didn't shrink much with my climax and was hard again in no time being more than excited with her orgasmic spasms, I started to move inside her seething pussy ever so slowly, causing her to moan steadily until I pulled back to her entrance, eliciting a few noisily growls from her, and a sharp hiss as my glans was stopped by the quivering muscle ring, before invading her up to the hilt again, she gasped sharply when my lower abdomen hit her butt with a smacking sound but instinctively pulled her knees up to her chest to shorten her vagina, she was rewarded with her cervix' kiss on my glans, "Oh God... oohmygaaawwwdd... again..." she panted, adding breathlessly, "...dear heavens Bernd my love, you're wonderful, please stay like... oh my gaawwwdd I'm cumming again... Berrrrnnnd... oooaarrgh, YESSSSS - NOW!!...oooouugghhh my gaaawwwddd..." yelling, and shaking violently, I reached out for her chest and pulled her sweat-covered back close to my chest, kissing her forehead and her closed eyelids whilst softly, lovingly kneading her left breast.

My teeth and tongue plundered her pouting lips lovingly, "Dear heavens, how I love your sweet, encouraging noises, my ravishing temptress," licking my way over her chin down to her throat, before following her jawbone upwards to her near ear, eagerly nibbling the lobe. She shuddered helplessly to my sheer excitement, rising goose bumps and every tiny hair all over her sweaty, still trembling body.

Her pulsating pussy rewarded me in a most lovely way, causing my pole to twitch happily, my right hand let go of her now erect, throbbing nipple, she muttered huffily with the loss whilst my hand roamed the outside of her right thigh down to her knee bend to grab it and raise the leg, opening her sweet snatch any wider to shove my pole any deeper into her still lazily clasping pussy, her sharp breathe in made me smile and encouraged me to fuck her with slow, long movements, she wheezed, then growled out a few unintelligible words when I pulled back completely, eewww... 'twas cold outside, I didn't like it. Sweet Sylvia seemed to dislike the idea either, and yelled, "You bugger... what?...why? ... you could have warned me..." she giggled when I shoved my tongue deep into her cute ear to clean the auditory canal, "Eeeewww STOP!! That tickles!!" yelling whilst shaking her head wildly to get rid of that threatening tongue. I submerged my throbbing pole into her vaginal opening again, she forgot about that tongue immediately, "Oooh my gaawwwdyessss, shove that tiny little prick of yours back in... I neeeeed yooouuuu, daaaarlinnng, PLEEEAAAZZE..." she screamed, bucking back hard to catch my pole, like trying to suck me inside her wanton sex. I pulled back to her entrance and followed her every move, refusing her pleading, and fucked her quivering opening with short, hectically impacts till she went absolutely wild, puffing and huffing, even swearing, "YOU BASTARD!!!" she yelled helplessly, being at my mercy, "PLEEEEAAAZZE... daaaarrrling, you're making me crazy."

"Thank you my lovely..." I wheezed back, "...that's exactly what I wanted to do to you!" whilst I was short to cumming but somehow managed to hold back, and I moved her heavily trembling right leg to let it rest on my hip, enabling me to let my liberated right hand tenderly stroke her lower abdomen, wandering any lower to tease the root of her clit with two fingertips, the attention seemed to be highly appreciated measured by my love's noisily groaning and her rotating hips. When I reached a bit lower to ever so softly rub directly over the throbbing bundle of nerves peeking out from under its hood she started to wail, "Oouugh daaaarling... oooughh gaaawwwd, yesssss," and now I fulfilled her urgent wish to enter her again in total, burying myself in her clasping vagina in one swift thrust till my glans kissed her cervix good morning again, I was so overloaded that I climaxed instantly with the impact, she bucked hard against me wailing, then yelling, "Oh God... aaarrgh... ooouugghh... gaaaawwwd oohmygaaawwwdd... daaaaarrrrling... yesss, YESSSSSSSS ooouugghhhmygaaawwwd..." Sylvia shook and panted and sniveled and wailed, altogether, and I hurried to hold her sweaty body close, lovingly close to my evenly sweaty chest.

I bent forward, leaning over her shoulder to plant feathery kisses all over her flushed, glowing face, "Oh God, my sweet angel [kiss] I love you [kiss] I love you [kiss] I love you [kiss] my sweet [kiss] beautiful [kiss] wonderful girl... I can't get enough of you my sweet love, I never will." One - the right - heavy eyelid rose hesitantly, half way, whilst Miss Pussy showed her appreciation of this morning's interpersonally encounter, lovingly vibrating all over my shrinking shaft, the mentioned organ jerked thankfully - several times, causing my loved one to breathe in sharply, and jump.

"TGIF!" Stated my suddenly big wide eyed girl, "Are you through with me now, you sex driven monster?" Her left arm rose and her hand grabbed my neck, pulling me closer to kiss me hard, and persevering - the only reason why we still live today is that we breathed in each other's exhalation.

"Would you call the emergency team, please, the one with the oxygen apparatus?" I panted when her left arm fell powerless to her side at last so that I was allowed to fall back to my side, finally being able to catch some fresh air after all these hours. She giggled, breathlessly - why would that be? And had I ever heard of a giggling assassin? No, definitely not. Probably all of her former victims had died instantly, and couldn't report.

"You felt good on me through all the hours you've raped me, my sweet, dangerous amazon," I complimented her lovely backside, before licking my way down her spine, my eager tongue thoroughly cleaned every vertebra on the way, her entire backside shivered, it was great entertainment. "Ready for the next bout, lovely assassin?" I asked nonchalantly. "By the way - I love that taking advantage thing you just did to me, tomorrow morning I'll try that on you, okay dear?" Her pussy clenched my shaft hard. Another attack, or reawakened greed? I moved a bit inside that lovely, lively, hot wet tunnel, motivated by the prospect of taking advantage now that she seemed to be helpless... I moved a bit more determined, my hand stroked her lower abdomen in circles, Miss Pussy clenched again, harder now, Sylvia's hips rotated lazily, softly rubbing her lovely buttocks all over my lap - my shaft grew any harder with her motivating movements.

She growled, before bursting into laughter, "Oh God, you oaves, I tried to calm down a bit to be able to pee finally, but now you've made me hot again my love. But... before I forget it - thank you for the wonderful morning call, the sweetest morning ever, my sweet heart. Come over to me now my love, please, I want to hold you close, I need to see your loving eyes."

"But..." I replied sheepishly.

"Yes, I know love, we'll make up for it later, promised, after finishing our morning duties, OK?"

I sighed deeply, and removed her beloved pussy plug slowly, very slowly, feeling pity for her and for me. Sylvia moaned lowly, like already regretting her strict order, before joining in with my sighing. Cruel world.

I shifted back and rose to help her to lie down on her back, before I stood, removed the supporting pillow to store it where I'd found it that night, and walked over to the window to open the curtains, and the window to the half to let the thick, musky smell of sex escape. "Some people out there will wonder why they're getting horny once they catch a sniff," I chuckled whilst returning to the bed, where I knelt down between her knees.

My sweet girl looked up to me, and giggled, "We'll hear when somebody is running into a lantern, or the postbox adjacent to the entrance." Her eyes were glued on my half hard penis, her tongue flitted all over her lips.

My greedy girl...

My eyes feasted on the breathtaking view up her beautiful body whilst my hands lazily stroked her kneecaps. "Dear heavens, you are beautiful, my love, sooo beautiful." I declared, my voice croaky, she held her breath momentarily, and her big wide eyes caressed mine lovingly. My hands left her knees and roamed upwards, the thumbs caressed the insides of her quivering thighs, "Oh my God, your skin is a silky dream, my sweet love, made to caress and stroke tenderly," her eyes kissed mine, deeply. My thumbs drew tiny circles all over the enchanting swell of her inner thighs, "Oh God, this is the court yard to heaven, this wonderful swell is made to lick and bite... it's a pity that I have to follow your strict order, my sweet seduce," her eyes made love to mine, with a saucily smile sitting in the corners, now she breathed in sharply, anticipating what inevitably would come next. I lowered my head a bit, my thumbs had reached the shallow valleys outsides the swollen, pouting labia, "Oh, and what do we have here? Eeewwww... it's reeking of sex, hot sex, what a wonderful scent, this must be the hidden cavern waiting to be explored, and conquered, aahh, and it seems to be the well of that fabulous, tasty white cream with the intoxicating scent you always use on me, isn't it my sweet heart?" Her smile was encouraging lewd, and her eyes fucked mine, beaming with pure excitement, her tongue was busy again, licking her lips like possessed. "Dear heavens, look at all that beautiful folds, and curves, and valleys, and the delicious swell of the buttocks, what a sophisticated construction, impressing, delighting and mouth watering." Meanwhile all my fingertips were busy with exploring, though it turned out to be more and more difficult because of the trembling underground. Out of the corners of my eyes I caught a movement down below, and I yelled, "Look at that, some of that white cream is trying to escape, I need help - ah, tongue - catch it."

'OK, boss.' and tongue disappeared, waiting on a horizontal rim below to catch the refugees.

A giggle from the far north, followed by a sharp hiss, and a yelled, "Oooaahhh NOOOAW!!", a minor earthquake later tongue reappeared, "Got them, boss." licking the lips, "Really tasty, boss!"

I wanted to take a closer look to that rim and lowered my head a bit, accidentally (well, not really) rubbing my nose over the peeking clit till another scream from above caused me to freeze, "Ooaahhh my gaaaawwwd." what scared me a bit, nervously I protruded my tongue to lick my lips, only the tongue disappeared unexpectedly in an entrance, hot and wet, all of a sudden narrowing as if to catch my tongue - a trap? A new noise - a whimper, "Ooaaahhh my gaaawwwd, this man is too much..." obviously wasn't meant for me, so why should I care. Retreat seemed to be blocked, so my tongue moved bravely deeper into the totally dark, suddenly heavily shaking cavern. "Ooahh gaawwwdyessss, daaaaarling - deeper!" what sounded encouraging, and I followed the advice instantly, crooking my tongue to reach out for the cylindrical walls, a tunnel? My tongue roamed forward, as deep as can go, proving the roof of the tunnel where the tip sensed a slightly bumpy zone above an almond shaped, hidden lens beneath the flexible wall. Trying to find out more about that mysterious device I added some pressure, when an extremely loud yell startled me, "oooh gaawwd... ooaahhh my gaaaawwwd... what? ... ooouugghhh myyyyyy gaaaawwwwd..." somebody was panting like a steamboat, my hands found a tight grip on the lovely buttocks to support my head when the yelling grew any louder, "...YESSSSSSSS... oaaahhhh mygaaaawwwdyessssss, oooaaahhhh gaaaaawwwd..." and a tidal wave drowned me, I was forced to swallow hastily to save my life, whilst my cheeks outsides were splattered all over, some spurts of that juice attack even disappeared up my nose, all that whilst caught in the center of an earthquake that nearly scared me to death - I still wonder how my neck made it through that natural disaster without breaking.

Some whimpering sounds from my strained panting and heavily shaking girl caused me to raise my head and look up into her wide, questioning eyes which met mine beneath a cloud on her brow like being at a loss. I licked my lips lewdly and slid upwards over her belly to embrace her and hold her close, asking, "What is it my love?" I kissed her lovingly, stroking her flushed, glowing cheek softly, "What's wrong, my sweet heart, did I anything..."

"No - my love, of course not... well, to be honest you sure did something," she panted whilst her eyes caressed mine until she sighed deeply, "...but I never would hold it against you, you've granted me a sensational climax, and I'm still shaking and leaking - anyway, the question is what I did to you my heart; I can't believe what happened to me, it felt like I shortly lost my bladder through this earthshaking orgasm..." She broke up and sniveled so cutely that my heart was short to melting, and I hugged her tight, moving my hand upwards, reaching under her mane to stroke her scalp, and smiled back pacifying, but she didn't lose her expression of concernment though tenderly kissing me back, and to my surprise licking around my mouth and over my moustache then, all the time frowning, "...but you don't smell or taste of urine, what... what...?"

My smile turned brighter, "You never lived through something like this, my lovely, and you have no idea?"

"No, darling, I only remember that your tongue, my gaawwd that tongue of yours, so skilled and determined, made me almost explode, with a release harder than I ever had one before, I felt as if I were fainting. When I came back to my senses I peeked down to your dripping wet face, and remembered that I had felt a frantic urge to pee just before my climax, and at first I was embarrassed and concerned, but then you smiled up to me like the dog with two dicks, and came up to cuddle me so lovingly that I calmed down instantly, you only taste a bit different..." she blushed a deep red and I kissed her hard, she continued gasping, "...now then my love, please tell me what happened Bernd - I have no clue..." she pleaded with big wide eyes.

I kissed her again, and my eyes made love to hers, "You're making me burst with proudness my sweet girl. I longed for hours to eat you, my love, but never expected to be able to lead you to ejaculation in our very first night... and that I'm obviously the first ever to let you feel and live through this makes me even prouder my sweet heart, and I promise to..."

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