tagGroup SexAccident Grants Benefit Ch. 07a

Accident Grants Benefit Ch. 07a


Chapter 07.1 : Some sultry dispersal before the visitors cum, Part 1

Dear Reader(s) :

This will be a 12-Chapters-story, a true story. (This is a corrected prediction - for all of my readers following this novel from scratch, all the time awaiting 8 chapters as provided in my basic storyline - thank you so much for giving me lots of encouraging feedback and compliments, mostly thanking me for sharing, asking for more details, and pleading, even urging me on to continue writing. Well, I promise I'll do :-). And I appreciate your every input, very much.

I've made some good friends through the feedback and have found corresponding with them a real pleasure, mostly.

Very few of you are still awaiting my answer - please be patient, I'm writing on Ch. 07.2 already.

For those of you who are new to this story: I would recommend to read the previous chapters before proceeding here.

Thank you all, and enjoy!


Part 1: Friday Evening

"Ooh God yessss... please hurry darling - I want you Bernd, and I want you NOW! I need you my love..." ordered Renate, "and if that means that I am greedy I'll gleefully fit in with your words."

"Gleefully, huh?" I grinned down to her still heated, sweaty face, her beautiful, now sparkling eyes caressed mine, before she kissed me deeply till both of us moaned appreciatively; my left hand roamed all over her gorgeous ass-checks, caressing and every now and then lovingly pinching the quivering, firm globes till she broke our kiss, panting hard. Our eyes flew open, mutually, hers boss-eyed and deep dark with unbridled need. "Sweet heavens, daarrlinnng..." I managed to groan, "...girl... you're irresistible sexy... are you sure we can make it to the bedroom before you cum again?"

Sylvia giggled behind me, "Well... I wouldn't bet a fortune..."

I nibbled Renate's earlobe lovingly, and whispered, "you've heard our princess' voice - shall we prove her wrong?" My eager beauty shuddered with my breathing into her ear, and shook her head 'no', I smiled rejoicing and murmured, "Better not, huh? Then let me help you out of your skirt -- can you turn and get a hold on the table, my sweet cutie? I'll support you, okay?"

Feeling her smile on my cheek was enough for an answer, I lowered my right hand to support her sopping wet vulva, and was rewarded with a breathlessly sighed, "Ooaahhh daarrrling..." that made me grin; my trembling girl lowered her right leg to the ground and turned around to support herself with both hands on the table, thus sticking her perfect butt into my face in a most seductive way. Feasting my eyes on the breathtaking view of her firm, scantily clad ass-cheeks I couldn't withstand to let both hands roam up the outsides of her shapely thighs, following the garters till they disappeared beneath her trapped skirt, Renate let out some shivering moans and swayed her hips sensually when I grabbed the hem of her skirt to pull it down to enable me to unbutton it, then reaching for the zipper, I pulled it down as far as would go, took a hold on the now gaping waistband of her skirt and lowered it slowly, it went down with difficulties because of the tightness before it had passed the widest scope of her butt, from then on it slipped down easily, following the force of gravity till it clustered around her ankles.

"Geeze..." muttered Sylvia, short-breathed, "...what a chassis... girl, you are beautiful!" Meanwhile my hands were busy again, roaming up the curvaceous outsides of Renate's butt till softly stroking her perfect hips, before they reached inwards her belly to slip inside the waistband of her panties, the first skin-to skin contact elicited a yelling, "Ooaahhh my gaaawwwdd Berrnnnddd..." from my helpless victim, her left hand raced up to her tits to do things to those sweeties I only could dream of in this state of progress; alone having just two hands, like most people I know, I continued my ministration on her belly whilst licking and kissing my way all over the small of her back, "Ooaah daarrrlinngg..." Renate's low growling only added to both of her admirer's pure excitement.

"You're feeling fine Renate? You don't want me stop, or... do you my love?" I asked her quivering buttocks, before kissing and nibbling my way along the waistband of her panties, clinging to the enticing upper swell.

Her stifled wheezing was music to my ears, "oohgawd yessss... I mean NO!" She replied huskily, before she cleared her throat, "Eew...sorry, I mean YESSS - you're doing good my love, please don't ever stop!!!"

"I guess I can promise..." I chuckled, my hands on her front, still inside her panties dove deeper, thus pulling the waistband southwards with the progress, when reaching her oh so soft V-shaped pubes my hands split up and the fingertips followed the horizontal outline to the vertex points, then downwards till they met again, exactly at the lower abdomen's partition. "Perfectly trimmed, my sweetie!" I complimented my excited lady's enticing globes.

"Oouughh sweet heavens... daaarrrlinngg..." my violently trembling beauty growled, squirming and tiptoeing as if to force my hands to continue to where they seemed to be expected, but the obviously unaware hands split up again to roam to the sensually curved outsides of her butt, lowering and again pulling the panties further southwards.

"We should get rid of these sexy panties, don't you think so my darling?" I asked my panting victim in a playful tone, "...we don't want them to be soaked in case you happen to get aroused, right?" I continued whilst parking the waistband by the clasps of her garters.

"Ooh NO!" She snickered short-breathed, with her pelvis rotating most seductively, "...though I guess your fabulous idea came a tiny little bit too late..."

Sylvia giggled in the background... and swallowed audibly as I lifted my own butt and pulled my pants down to my knees with one hand, I grinned to myself and shook my legs two, three times till the pants gave up and fell to the ground, instantly followed by Renate's panties, then my knees, what brought my face in direct contact with her perfectly shaped ass, my nose pressed onto her slightly protruding coccyx. An excited scream, "Ooaahhh my gaaawwwddd..." rewarded my effort and encouraged my tongue to sink into the cleft of her ass, licking it in length, downwards as far as I could reach in this position, then up again whilst my left hand moved between her shaking thighs, just above the top of her stockings what coaxed a noisily groan from deep within her, the groan grew any louder as the sassy hand crawled upwards to cup her oh so slippery vulva from behind.

"Could you heave your right leg a bit darling, please?" I asked my now constantly groaning girl, deeply inhaling her thickening feminine scent, "while I support you and pull your clothes out of the way, we don't want you to trip in the end."

"Ooaaahh, ooh... okay, whatever you... Ooh my God...daarrlinng..."

My lively lips and tongue backed away from her amazing butt, hesitantly I honestly have to say, I sat back onto the settee, bent down to our feet and pulled her heel, then the skirt and panties off her right foot; stepped out of my pants then, laying them flat onto the ground before I set her foot upon the soft material. While my right hand raced up and round her waist to get a tight hold on her belly, just beneath her garter belt I ordered, "...now the left foot darling, okay?"

"Oh..kaye..." her shivering sigh delighted me beyond belief; my left hand hated my idea but I forced it to leave Renate's steamy crotch to remove the left heel likewise, before I put her left foot upon my pants too, and grabbed the skirt and panties to toss the pretty handful onto the settee to my left.

I leaned back to the wall for a moment, contentedly enjoying the enticing view of her 'Perfect Ten Butt', before I brought out, my voice huskily, "Dear heavens Renate, darling, you are more than just beautiful, you are gorgeous in every meaning of the word..." Turning to my right and bending down to softly kiss my sweetly smiling princess I asked her, "...or... what do you think Sylvia?" Only then I realized that her left hand was quite busy, and to be specific it had settled between her splayed thighs.

"I agree with you darling..." she replied huskily, "...though you are the expert here - I never cared too much about other girl's butts; nonetheless this is truly a view for sore eyes, indeed. But now don't let our pretty girl wait any longer, let her feel your tiny little prick at last..." escorted by a conspiratorial smile that I rejoined.

I stood up and closed in to Renate's quivering back, with holding her delighting hips pressing my upright standing pole full length into the cleft of her ass; she sighed with the skin-to-skin contact she had been waiting for, before she realized what was happening, "ohmygawd daarrrlinnng..." she wheezed, bucking, then pressing back against my crotch to feel more of me, "oohgawdyessss Berrnnnddd... ooouugh my gaawwdd, yessss my love..." her pelvis rotated like possessed as my hands closed in over her belly to hold her tighter; suddenly I needed to feel more of her skin and decided that her blouse had to leave. NOW!

I bent over her back and kissed, then licked her neck bow what caused her to hiss, before I kissed her right cheek and muttered near her ear, "Shall I take your blouse, my sweet darling? I want to feel more of your wonderful soft, satiny skin."

"Ohyessss darling, please... that's what I want too... please hurry my love, you're making me sooo hot my darling... sweet heavens, I'm burning for you... wait, let me help Bernd."

Her left hand interrupted the ministration on her chest and came down to reach for the lowest button of her blouse but I caught it on the way, lifted it up over her shoulder and kissed her fingertips, then her palm and the inside of her wrist, feeling her pulse hammering against my lips, "No Renate, my sweet cutie, you are my gift for tonight, my special and oh so precious gift, and I love to unwrap my gifts all by myself... please do me the favor love, you are here to enjoy, and just enjoy."

She gave a soft moan and an, "ooh, okay, yess my love... ooaahh gawd you feel good on me darling, soo good..." whilst I guided her hand back down to cup her left breast again; my palm still on the back of her hand, with our fingers entwined I continued to help her with caressing the fleshy softness, gently weighing, stroking, squeezing the delighting mound till she whimpered with desire, all the time bellydancing thus grinding her buttocks against my pelvis, and the greedily throbbing pole. My right hand let go of her hip to help out in the north, fingertips softly grazing up her flank till they approached the outer slope of her right breast, she inhaled sharply and wheezed with the unexpected sensation as the fingertips followed the underwire of the bra cup towards the heavenly valley in-between her breasts, till the luscious hill filled my palm and I cupped it entirely. Renate growled loudly and my other hand felt her left hand beneath mine working her 'own' mound over like fervently, so on 'my' side I followed the lead instantly before murmuring against her ear, "I love your pretty blouse darling, it's so wonderful soft... and whatever you're hiding beneath it fits perfectly into my hand, just perfectly my love... gawd what a great set you've got my darling..."

"Oooaaahhh gawd Berrnndd, daarrrlinng..." she replied panting, "take that damn blouse, pleeaaze, I need to feel your magic hands on me..."

I smiled about her demanding tone, though feeling right alike her, "heavens, I love you my sweet heart, thank you for ordering me to feel you up, my darling... now turn your head and kiss me whilst I'm fulfilling your wish my love, I missed your sweet lips much too long..."

"Ooh yes darling..." her deep sigh, whilst both of us followed each others order, was just too cute, "I'm missing your lips too, my love..." she murmured against my lips before her right hand came up and over her right shoulder to grab the hair in the back of my neck, she pulled my head closer. My hands roamed down her blouse, not missing to visit her pubes again, just for some mutual fun, before opening the buttons on their way upwards whilst our kiss grew from softly, lovingly to passionately, like feverishly, both our pelves in a frenzy of activities, grinding, thrusting, demandingly rubbing against each others till we had to break the kiss, both panting hard for air, our glazed eyes met, glowing with unbridled lust, passion swept away the patience and I turned her trembling body around to face her, she grunted short-winded, "Ooh yess... ohgaawwdd I neeeeeddd you daarrrling...", her doddering hands grabbed my ass-checks and she thrusted her front into mine, groaning noisily with the feel of my rock hard cock at her belly whilst my shaking hands pulled her blouse back over her shoulders, "...oh my arms, sorry ooaah gaaaawwdd..." she wheezed, tiptoeing with her need, her hands let go of my ass, allowing the blouse to fall down her arms and drop to the ground, flinging her arms round my neck she climbed up on me but it wasn't enough for letting her feel him where he was awaited, so desperately... a disappointed snarl escaped her, a yelled, "darling, daarrlinnnggg!! OOUGHMYGAWWWD DAAAAARRLING..." followed whilst her left hand fell down to grab my throbbing pole, panting, "...oohhh gawwddd you're burning...", both my hands grabbed the lower swell of her buttocks, with my fingertips inside her swollen labia splaying them wide open, I lifted the sweet weight, she wheezed, "Oh gawd yessss... yesssssss..." the head of my cock felt the heat of her sex as her shaking hand tried hard to center my pole in her overheated, dripping wet opening, I lowered my trembling lover slowly till her entrance put over the tip of the helmet and she yelled, "Ooh God yessssssss - NOW!! Oouuuggghhh my gawwwdd yessssssss daaarrrlinnggg..." her hand let go of my shaft and raised to join the other in the back of my neck, using her tight hold she thrusted her chest into mine and her legs came up and clasped my ass-cheeks thus pulling me a bit deeper, gawd she was hot, the tight muscle ring clenched my glans, fervently working it over as if to squish it; being unsure how long I'd be able to take this exciting treatment before cumming right on the spot I pushed deeper into her, I felt her belly quivering, then shuddering and became aware that she was close to cumming, the helmet escaped the enticing torture and slipped through in total, finitely, and with her clasping opening's search for a new grip on my shaft she bellowed out her climax, "daaarrrlinnggg... oooaaahhhh gaaawwwdd..." till she ran out of air.

A few minutes passed by while we just panted in unison, she kissed and licked my face like possessed, meanwhile I reveled in the feel of her excitedly vibrating, and every other second contracting vagina, massaging my cockhead quite pleasurably, thus forcing her boiling hot juices to trickle down around my shaft despite her tightly clenching opening.

"Ooh Bernd..." she sighed against my ear once she'd caught her breath, "you are wonderful my love... you feel sooo good inside me, will you give me some more now? Pleeaazze!!" She pulled me any closer and kissed me so demanding that my entire body started humming with the exciting prospect.

"Of course my lovely seductress..." I managed to wheeze as our lips unlocked in the need for some air, "...everything you wish for my wonderful lover... really everything to make this night a perfect night for you, as well as unforgettable - that's what I want - no...need you to feel my love..." My fingertips released her slippery labia cause I wanted to feel them gliding along my pole as I slowly lowered her butt to feed her more of him, her ass-cheeks tightened unconsciously and she groaned noisily, constantly whilst my bulky cockhead distended the depth of her sweet sheath with the lingering progress, enabling her vagina to familiarize with my wideness. "You feel good, my sweet heart?" I asked softly, before she got a sweet and tender kiss.

She kissed her way across my cheek before she whispered against my ear, "Ooh yesss my darling, don't move please, just let me enjoy you... ohgaaawwd, your heartbeat is drumming in my pussy, spreading out through my entire belly and down to my knees... what a wonderful feeling Bernd, my love." Her vaginal musculature massaged my prick in slow, like lazy waves, suddenly her breath shortened and her sopping opening varied between clasping and releasing, showing that she was due to cum again, soon.

My head backed away, a bit, and I kissed the tip of her cute little nose, murmuring, "Yes my love, let loose and cum for me... please try to hold your lovely eyes open, let me see what you feel when you cum again, will you?"

Her eyes flew wide open, she frowned and a light redness crept up her pretty face as she asked huskily, "How cou...ooaaahhhgaaawwwdd..." she sighed under her breath and tensed shortly, before wheezing, "...ooah geeze... Bernd, it's... ooh God I'm..." she stared into my eyes, bucked hard, her head fell back and her hold on my nape tightened before the slow wave hit her core, she shook violently with the impact, and started roaring, "Ooaahh gawwddd yessssssssss..." instantly followed by a high-pitched scream, "...daaaarrrrrlinnnng..." that left her with empty lungs; with bucking even harder, once, twice her pussy started contracting in spasms, her hot juices seeped along my shaft, following the force of gravity, whilst my adorable lover collapsed to my chest.

My shaking knees caused me to carefully feel my way back to the settee whilst desperately fighting for air, with feeling the edge in the bend of my knees I let myself sink back onto the pouffes and released my tight grip on Renate's hot, slippery buttocks, her knees fell to the sides like uncontrolled, what allowed me to lean back to the wall for support whilst Renate's weight caused her excited vagina to impale herself on me to the max... gawd, that felt good, the more so as I felt her cervix putting over the tip of my glans... perfect...simply perfect, what a wonderful feeling, her most intimate opening transmitted her womb's vibrations onto my sensitive helmet, whilst her vagina's tremors ran over my shaft, to and fro - I was in heaven, and allowed myself to relax, silently regretting that this wonderful woman missed all the sweet sensations.

My liberated hands raised, my left held my lover's lower back in place, the right came up to cup her sweaty, glowing left cheek - her tightly shut eyes confirmed what I already had noticed, namely that she had passed out, again... what made me smile; I kissed her slightly parted lips tenderly before gently resting her head in the crook of my neck, the back of her head held in place by my left shoulder. I kissed my meanwhile regularly breathing lady's eyelids before stroking her cheek and brushing some damp wisps of her dark blond hair off it to carefully tuck them behind her left ear, thus coaxing a little, stifled 'mmhhh...' from my cutie.

Just when I was about to turn to my right to look after the Queen of my Heart at last I felt her leaning on my arm, her sweet lips kissed my shoulder, I looked down to her prettily flushed face and asked softly, "Can I get a kiss my love?" and I got what I'd asked for, a sweet, tender, loving kiss that grew a frog in my throat in no time, I croaked as soon as Sylvia unlocked her lips, "...thank you my love, thank you for your understanding, and patience..."

Her left arm came up, round my neck to enable her hand to slowly caress my left cheek with heartbreaking tenderness, my right hand left Renate's cheek to cover the back of Sylvia's hand, turning my face to the left I planted a dozen feathery kisses all over her palm, then her fingertips, before my dazed brain got it, "Ooh..." escaped me, "Hi, Miss Pussy... what are YOU doing up here?" Sylvia tittered happily, and I turned back towards her brightly smiling face, her loving eyes rained sparkles over me. I bowed my head, in first place to escape the scratchy plaster cast in my neck, but mainly to kiss my princess lovingly to show her how much I appreciated her understanding. In the end we had to break the sweet kiss, and I nibbled her luscious lower lip, she shuddered... ooh so cutely, and I mumbled with a bright smile, "I'm so sorry my sweet heart that you had to take care of yourself, only there was no way to stop her, gawd Sylvia... this lovely beauty is a natural disaster."

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