tagGroup SexAccident Grants Benefit Ch. 07b

Accident Grants Benefit Ch. 07b


Chapter 07.2 : Some sultry dispersal before the visitors cum, Part 2

Dear Reader(s) :

This will be a 12-Chapters-story, a true story. (This is a corrected prediction - for all of my readers following this novel from scratch, all the time awaiting 8 chapters as provided in my basic storyline - thank you so much for giving me lots of encouraging feedback and compliments, mostly thanking me for sharing, asking for more details, and pleading, even urging me on to continue writing. Well, I promise I'll do :-). And I appreciate your every input, very much.

I've made some good friends through the feedback and have found corresponding with them a real pleasure, mostly.

Very few of you are still awaiting my answer - please be patient, I'm writing on Ch. 07.3 already.

For those of you who are new to this story: I would recommend to read the previous chapters before proceeding here.

Thank you all, and enjoy!


Part 2: Friday Night

My bladder's urgent request to be emptied seeped into my subconsciousness, causing me to hesitantly open my eyes. The smooth, warm weight of Renate's pelvis, settled upon my lower abdomen was the answer to this problem, up from where we were intimate connected her front covered mine like a cosy, shallowly respiring blanket with her still glowing face nestled into my right neck bow, her arms still crossed in the back of my neck; thereunder I felt the damp heat of her sex encasing mine, both our sexes in resting state - a pleasantly comfortable feeling, despite the cool dampness of our leaked juices on my wonderful warm crotch. Silence filled the kitchen, and the last remain of twilight, shining into the windows created a calm, peaceful spirit; the glint of our three slightly dancing candlelights only added to the coziness... I silently reveled in grateful satisfaction, and overwhelming bliss.

Sylvia seemed to sleep, as well as Renate, and I smiled amused. My mouth was dry, and I bethought how to reach for the wine glass without startling the sweet burden in my lap, but then I thought of the better, lifted my hand from her left hip up to her slender waist to hold her safe and in place, and straightened slowly to have a look around at first. In the dim light I spotted the wine glass at first view, it seemed to be in reach, but all of a sudden I realized that my thoughts had been idle, and I silently laughed over my unnecessary deliberations - I had no free hand... my right hand still rested on the right side of Sylvia's chest, seemingly short beneath her right breast since I could sense the warmth of the lovely mound on the side of my index finger - and on no account I could remove my hand without waking our princess.

Huh! And...what now?

My rambling thoughts let me know that no acceptable solution was in sight; meanwhile my left hand was lazily roaming over the damp delicateness of Renate's back, without deliberate intention on the way up to my lover's well defined shoulder blade, continuing higher to the back of her soft and tender neck, before sneaking beneath the fragrant silkiness of her shoulder length hair to rest on her nape in the end, my thumb slowly and feathery stroking the hairline and up the vertical valley above the topmost cervical vertebra. She mewed softly, and her head shifted a bit, now she was exhaling against the side of my neck, a wonderful warm, gentle breeze; she gave a cute little sigh that made me smile, a few moments later murmuring some almost inaudible words...no chance to understand any of them, followed by some more mewing sounds. A warm wave of endearment flooded me, I buried my nose in her hair, feasting on the ambrosial scent; and alike numerous times before I asked myself why all those little, typical female noises had this always unfailing effect on me, nobody had ever been able to explain that to me. Besides the meaning of a woman's moan, of course - being by far the loveliest sound in the world... that was all too obvious, and needed no explanation. Of course.

Renate's fingers, lazily stroking my nape ripped me out of my thoughts, and I bent down to lean my cheek on hers, delighted as I felt her smile building, she heaved a soft sigh when her opening gripped the root of my cock softly, "mmhhh... you're still inside me, so sweet my heart, thank you." She yawned quietly, then rubbed her cheek on mine, softly and slowly, her low voice still sleepily, "Ouughh...it's dark... gosh, I must have dozed off... huuh, how long...?"

I smiled and turned my head a bit to kiss her cheek softly, "I was so spent that I fell asleep too, my sweet little baby. My bladder startled me, about ten minutes ago; I guess it's past nine, twilight is still shining in, so I'd say we napped for an hour, about that..." I murmured, "...ahem, you're feeling good, my sweet heart?"

"Yes...yesss I do, my love!"

She plucked at my hair, softly, and I lifted my head to face her, her eyes must have been wide open cause a lonesome candlelight was reflected in the right one... heavens - reflecting?... suddenly I was concerned, "Renate, darling... you are sobbing, what is it my love? Please tell me..."

My lovely lady shook her head, slowly, before her hands descended on my back to hold on tight, her lips brushed over mine, before she gave a trembling sigh and whispered against my lips,, "it's nothing my man, my wonderful man, please don't worry my love... it's nothing but happiness my darling... pure, overwhelming happiness."

My hands lowered, my fingertips grazed down her spine, she sobbed harder now, I kissed her softly and murmured into her slightly parting lips, "Thank you my sweet heart, I love to hear that, it makes ME happy when YOU are happy my heart, and that will never change, Renate." I was not a bit surprised to feel rivers of tears running down her cheeks now, dripping from her chin in the end to pool on my chest; her soft, small form shook wildly, my hand flattened and roamed slowly all over her quivering back. "You are the greatest friend we could have wished for, Renate, and we are grateful; the more so as you are a lovely, beautiful, wonderful woman my love, an impressing personality... and last but not least an exciting lover."

My tongue parted her slightly quaking lips tenderly, lovingly and roamed slowly along the luscious lower lip, back and forth, she gave a few quivering sighs between sobs and her hands on my back stroked me forcefully, and, "Ooh daarrling..." she sobbed quietly.

I smiled to myself, licked her lips 'goodbye' and kissed my way over her generously wetted cheek, sucking at her earlobe I whispered, "I know my sweet baby, and it's okay - let it out my love, you need to reduce tension. So many emotions, wonderful, exciting emotions, some of them totally new and unexpected; you had to take a lot today my love, and it's overwhelming, I know my darling. And I'm here for you, to support you my love, to help you to come to terms with what we've been given so suddenly and unexpectedly... you are not alone my sweet heart. We love you Renate, dearly and deeply, and we will be by your side... we will never let you fall my darling - you will know that already, don't you my heart?" A weak nod was her only answer, followed by a... well, tittering sob - that was new, and I loved it instantly; to hide my bright grin I lifted my head up and buried my face in her rich hair, before I lowered my mouth to nibble my way down her auricle, a soft bite on her earlobe ended the lovingly trail. She gave a cute little sigh and I felt her smile on my cheek, the steady stream had already lessened, and was about to subside now.

She sighed again, deeper now and straightened a bit, a little, disappointed grunt escaped me with the sudden loss of the sweet, warm pressure of her breasts on my chest as her right hand lowered to stroke my left cheek, so softly and lovingly that I nestled my cheek into the soft palm to hide my watering eyes from her. Meanwhile the twilight had gone at last, and it was entirely dark outside, but the dim light coming from the candles allowed me to watch her nearing eyes whilst her fair face closed in to mine till our lips met for a soft, lovingly kiss, before her tender voice adulated my ears, "Seems you're missing something you liked on you, my darling? I'm sorry my love, they're missing your warmth too, already, and will return to your chest soon, I just had to straighten for a moment." She giggled under her breath whilst arching her back a bit, the tips of her breasts brushed slowly over my chest, a soft sigh escaped her with the tender touch and I got my next sweet kiss, "mmhhh, so good my love... soooo good..." I agreed with a low moan of approval, and felt my still half hard prick growing, a bit. She didn't seem to notice, I got my next soft kiss and she continued quietly, "I feel like being under a charm my love; in this calm, peaceful atmosphere, encased by your love my darling... your words of love, the loveliest words I've ever heard in my life, still echoing in my head... and in my heart..." Her hand returned to my nape to caress it ever so slowly, and she again melted into me, another kiss, a swift one and she leaned her cheek on mine like before, "...thank you for leading me to this magic place, my sweet love, thank you for letting me feel this, Bernd... I wished we could stay here forever my love..."

I smiled, she purred softly with the feel of it on her cheek, and I whispered against her ear, "Yes my love, I share your feeling... this is a wonderful place, and I want us to return - but then we will beg our princess to join us, sweet Sylvia should feel this too. Oh, by the way, my sweetie - I apologize for being so scratchy. You know dear, I wasn't aware that Sylvia would need me to stay with her round the hours, so I wasn't prepared properly."

"That's okay my love, you couldn't know, indeed. Don't worry about it Bernd, it's minor. Say, didn't you mention before that you need to pee?"

"Well, yes darling. But... it's a bit difficult in the moment, so it has to wait; Sylvia must have fallen asleep as well, and because she's leaning on my shoulder I need my right arm to hold her, you know... to keep her from sliding. So I'm immobile in the moment, kind of; I couldn't even reach for the wine glass though I was thirsty when I woke up - it's in reach but I had no free arm..." I chuckled lowly, "...but don't expect me to complain my love - having a beautiful woman in each of my arms is so much lovelier than a sip of wine."

She giggled happily, and I got a quick peck on my cheek before her neat little tongue entered my auricle, she cooed into it, "I love your way of looking at the world my love... you'll always strive to get the best of it all, right?" Sweet pussy seemed to be fond of the theme, and tightened a bit, Li'l Dicky showed his appreciation with a twitch, and some growing.

"Mmhhh..." I complimented Renate, smiling brightly, "...is it possible that sweet pussy woke up again, what do you think my lovely beauty?"

She moaned lowly with feeling my growth, her vaginal walls clasped me with advanced verve, as well as her opening, geeze... that felt good, nonetheless my sassy bitch snorted, "I can' tell, sorry Bernd, she doesn't signalize anything to me... except being filled up with our juices, of course..." her small form shook slightly on my chest, most likely because of suppressing some silly giggling, "...maybe if you'd grow a bit...?"

I chuckled, "well... that's not what I'd hoped for to hear..." I could feel her bright grin on my cheek whilst the tip of her tongue teased the entrance to my auditory canal, I shuddered wildly, and croaked, "...but it's nice to be confirmed that being busy will be worthwhile in the end..."

She couldn't hold on any longer and laughed quietly whilst granting me a peck on my cheek, "well, what I can say my darling..." she planted a series of feathery kisses across my cheek before capturing my lips for a demanding kiss whilst her thighs tightened, a second later her sex, and her hips began to rotate, slowly and seductively, my hand descended to the small of her back to caress the sensitive region what caused her sex to clasp me any harder, I groaned my appreciation into her enthusiastically sucking lips whilst we wheezed into each others mouth and my cock grew to full mast with all the lovely attention.

She broke the kiss, leaving both of us panting hard, her head fell back as she felt her vaginal walls massaging my shaft in earnest, what caused her to arch her back thus pressing her pelvis harder against mine, her arms straightened and her hands grasped my shoulder blades to hold on for dear life, and she wheezed, "Ooh daarrling, that was amazing... I never felt something like that..."

My eyelids had shut with the sensuous delight, now they flew open and I murmured in return, "Yes darling, it was... it felt... well, weird, kind of, as if I created a bow wave with my cockhead pushing up... oh darling - geeze, tell me that you don't hurt..."

Renate lowered her chest to rest it on mine again, nestled her head on my left shoulder and purred against my neck, "heavens darling... I can't get enough of you." She sucked my earlobe, "mmh, soo good..." lowly giggling when she felt my shiver, "...mmhhh how I love to torture you my love... you're wonderful Bernd, and you are a wonderful lover. Ooh - what did you mean with 'hurt'? Why should I hurt? I was delighted, and it was... outstanding, and I want that again... what a feeling... I wished you would shrink, and again grow inside me..." sweet pussy seemed to be delighted as well and showed her appreciation openly, and lovingly.

I needed a few moments before I made out what had been going wrong, I chuckled, "I guess we talked at cross purposes darling - I only was concerned that you might hurt with me compressing our juices while there's no chance for them to run down my shaft because you're clasping me so tight. I'm relieved that I've been wrong, my sweetie."

She shook her head lightly, tittering, "Geeze, you're ever so thoughtful darling, but no - there was no hurt, not a bit. Though you're right Bernd, I'm filled up to the max meanwhile... with you, and what we worked so hard for, but it feels nothing but great my love..." She chortled lowly, "...now that I think about it my darling - you better don't shrink, not before we can make it to the toilet in the end. Or we'll leave a wet, a very wet trace on the way, you know?" And we chuckled in unison.

She lifted her head a bit to kiss me sweetly, her hands roamed slowly and softly down and up my back whilst she rested her cheek on mine to whisper near my ear, "I love you Bernd, I love you soo much. And I thank you for this wonderful evening, you gave me so much, and it was perfect. Everything was perfect my love, and it was pure bliss all through the evening, from welcoming me so gently and lovingly, then seeing our sweet Sylvia so happy, and totally changed..." tears began to flow down her soft, warm cheek, and my hand raised to stroke her nape lovingly, "...the delicious meal, the charming, almost magic atmosphere... and your way, the very special, almost... artful way of making love to me," she fought down a sob, I smiled, kissed her cheek and hugged her tighter, "...you... oh God darling I do hard to find words for what you let me feel, my love... but I want to let you know Bernd..." she shook her head, slowly, and gave up, for now. My lips brushed over her damp face and let her feel how much I loved her, she gave a shivering sigh, then purred softly, her arms crossed in the back of my neck and she pressed her slightly trembling body into me like a second skin as she sobbed quietly, "...oh yess darling, so good, never stop my love... that's part of it Bernd, I've never felt loved like this before my darling... it's the way you show, and let me feel your love, with your beautiful, wonderful eyes, your magic lips, your loving hands, your stimulating voice, and..." she tittered lowly, and cooed, "...I shouldn't forget your wonderful, and eager cock, right my love?"

I grinned, and chuckled, "No darling, of course not... it's certainly not that easy to forget about him -- not in this moment..."

She giggled, and gave a contented sigh then, "Well, my love..." her sweet lips drew a path of pure endearment all over my face, "...it's not just a case of this moment Bernd - my head is reeling since your half-hardness stirred and began to grow inside me... I was excessively aware of every second of the progress, so forgetting his presence is simply ruled out, the more so as he's drumming your heartbeat throughout my entire core." Meanwhile her lips had approached mine, and now her sharp little teeth nibbled all along my lower lip, thus causing sweet pussy's best friend to jerk a few times. "Je-susss-Chriieesst..." she moaned loudly, then cawed, "...you'd better omit that, Bernd... I'm already overheated, and I'm sure you know very well that I'm close again, very close!!" I tried hard to suppress the urge to chuckle to myself, but failed miserably, she hissed, "Gawd... you are such a bastard..." she meant to hold her voice sternly, but I could 'hear' her smile, she leaned her cheek on mine like before, and sank her teeth into the lobe of my ear... in revenge I flexed my cock one, two, three times, she tensed and gave a breathless whisper, "Ooh God NO!... Berrrnnndd..." her intense reaction let me feel that she'd face a hard hit, so my hand descended to her butt to hold her safe and steady, my middle finger buried itself deep in the splayed cleft, too late I felt that the tip of my finger was pressing into her crinkled pucker, with the feel of her suddenly quivering abdomen I realized that exactly that had been the one drop too much... no chance to correct anything, so I concentrated on holding my vibrating cutie as tight as possible without hurting her. Her thighs tightened, she panted hard before she expelled a wailing as sweet pussy clamped down on my throbbing member, hard as if trying to squish him, more panting, interrupted by a low groan, "ooaahhgaawwdd... Berrnndd..." that escaped her wide opened mouth, then she started bucking in rhythms, elevation rising, she fought so hard for air that streaks of saliva escaped her mouth and dribbled onto my neck and collarbone, "ooaahhh daaarrlinng..." her breathless sigh when the bucking subsided tightened my throat and almost moved me to tears, my hand left her sweaty cleft and slowly caressed my sweet cutie's damp back to help her to calm down.

I knew she'd need a few minutes, since her pelvis still jerked with her pussy's orgasmic spasms, that ran along my grateful pole, back and forth... what a highly delighting massage. My ears feasted on her breathless sighs whilst I mumbled sweet words of appreciation into her hair, she moaned lowly as I lowered my lips and continued with explaining her all about my love against her ear, then her glowing cheek, some quivering sighs mixed into her cute little moans, my chest widened and I smiled when I felt her weak little smile against my caressing lips, I rewarded her with a soft peck on her lips before I leaned my cheek on hers, softly and slowly rubbing I declared mumbling, "I love you, my wild beauty... I love you sooo much, my sweet, beautiful, wonderful woman. Thank you for making me so happy my love, with feeling your warm, delicious softness on me, in my arms... I'll never get enough of you, gorgeous, and I'll never stop loving you, Reni."

"Ooohh darling... daarrlinng..." her trembling sigh moved me deeply, I tortured her glowing cheek with feathery kisses till she purred contentedly, her left hand caressed my nape whilst the right lowered to stroke my back lovingly, "oh God Bernd, my love, have mercy on me... I feel like bursting with love and happiness, already, and still you won't stop to make me even happier..."

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