tagGroup SexAccident grants Benefit Ch. 08a

Accident grants Benefit Ch. 08a


Chapter 08.1 : Sylvia's Nurse Pack cums, one stays overnight, Part 1

Dear Reader(s) :

This will be a 12-Chapters-story, a true story.

For all of my readers following this novel from scratch, all the time awaiting 8 chapters as provided in my basic storyline - thank you so much for giving me lots of encouraging feedback and compliments, mostly thanking me for sharing, asking for more details, and pleading, even urging me on to continue writing. Well, I promise I'll do :-). And I appreciate your every input, very much.

Very few of you are still awaiting my answer - please be patient, I'm writing on Ch. 08.2 already.

For those of you who are new to this story: I would recommend to read the previous chapters before proceeding here.

Thank you all, and enjoy!


Blood, Sweat and Tears, Part 1: Saturday, late morning to the dinner

A look to the clock showed that it was a quarter to five, what left us one more quarter-hour to finish the preparations. Now...time hadn't been on our side all day, so it wasn't too surprising that I heard the chiming doorbell just a minute later. Suppressing a curse I hasted down the hallway to let our dinner guests in. The trio waited in line, and I smiled amused - the shortest, about 5'6" stood closest to me; the second girl was about an inch taller, her eyes, of an attractive dark chocolate color looked just above the first girl's chestnut brown hair and met mine with a knowing smile; and Cat, the wheat blonde beauty we'd met on Friday's wee wee hours in the consulting room was the last in line, another inch taller. And again, like in that night her expressive, violet blue eyes created an intense, almost intimate connection as if to cast a spell over me while they watched mine mindfully.

"Hey - you look a bit alike The Daltons...when they stood in line." I joked, my eyes still glued at Cat's, she only rolled hers. I winked back to her and continued smiling whilst directing my attention to the closest girl, holding my right hand out to invite her in, "Good evening, and a hearty welcome... you must be Andrea - and it's a special pleasure to meet the team's fledgling in the first place." She granted me a beaming smile whilst nestling her small, soft hand into mine which enfolded hers with a soft, appreciative pressure, before I leaned forward to kiss her left cheek lightly, murmuring, "By the way, Andrea, I love your chestnut brown hair - does it show red sparking when catching the last sunbeams?"

Andrea obviously wasn't pleased with the polite peck, surprisingly she turned her head left to swiftly kiss my lips whilst her beautiful, emerald green eyes met mine with a more than just friendly expression. "Yes they do, Bernd - so I've been told. Do you want to make sure? We could try out, later - you have a balcony here, right?" Her soft alto voice flattered my ears.

I returned her tender look likewise, none of us seemed to be willing to break our eye contact as I replied softly, "Thank you for the sweet kiss, dear... mmhhh, tasty lips are my favorite, too." My instant reward was an awfully sweet smile in return, and I added, "I'll nail you...ahem, down to your promise, Andrea - you know that, don't you?"

Her smile grew brighter whilst she gave me a sassy wink, "I always keep my word Bernd, and besides it'll be my pleasure too, as well as the kiss. Now... would you be so kind and take my coat? Thank you."

"Well, we'd better, I guess, before your colleagues push out roots..." She gave a quiet laugh while I savored her delicious scent. Deeply inhaling her sweet smell of vanilla and honeysuckle I took her coat to hook it on a coat hanger whilst Andrea took a step forward to make room, what caused me to hold my breath... the one-time swing of her hip was enticing enough to capture my eyes, which fascinated roamed down her flared skirt, from where the ivory material clung tightly to her sensually curved hips, from the perfect hips downwards wheedlingly following the curvaceous outsides of her firm butt, before it spread out in a bell-shaped curve, ending about four inches above her knees; her black stockings emphasized the perfectly rounded calves and tender, feminine ankles before disappearing in evenly black Hush Puppies with semi-wedge heels. The quilled, plum-colored blouse completed the alluring ensemble. "Holy Shit!" I heard myself murmuring, "...what a chassis - truly a sight for the gods! Hell...where are my blood pressure pills?" Andrea turned her head back, tittering under her breath, and glanced up at me through the veil of her long, dark lashes whilst mouthing a 'Thank You!'. I rewarded her seductive look with a sly smile, and an indicated polite bow before I turned around to welcome the next girl in line, trying to remember the second girl's name -- C..? Cat? - nonsense... C..? Damn it! ... aaahh, Claudia! Thank God... eeww that had been close...

I had expected Claudia to remain at the door, but my left underarm brushed over some soft lushness once my turn was almost completed, a heartbeat later my eyes met that pair of dark brown eyes again, glancing up at me, still holding this knowing smile, and so close that the tips of our noses almost collided. "Geeze!" I brought out, huskily, "...err...welcome, Claudia - and I'm terribly sorry... I, ahem, I wasn't aware..."

All of a sudden she leaned even closer, stabilizing herself with gripping my shoulders, and kissed my left cheek lightly before she cooed against it, "Sshhh Bernd... they are massive enough to overcome your indecent attack..." she giggled impudently whilst pulling herself up to whisper into my ear, "...and it felt nice enough to forgive you..." the soft breeze flowing into my ear made me shiver and grew goose bumps; the slight pressure of her obviously amply equipped chest against mine was anything but helpful and I was just about to back away when she continued whispering, "...am I supposed to kiss you now - you know...as well?"

Now - finally - I managed to break away, but still she wasn't willing to loosen her grip on my shoulders. Whatever... I smiled down at her pretty face, her slightly reddened cheeks, and her suddenly soft eyes though a flash of confusion appeared, then disappeared as she grew a shy smile when I said lowly, "Thank you for your promising offer Claudia... but as far as I still can remember I am supposed to do MY duty..." and I leaned forward to kiss her tasty, sensual lips. She tensed, but just for a moment, before she tightened her grip on my shoulder, gave a soft 'mmhhh...' and returned my kiss eagerly, parting her lips thus allowing her tongue to slip out and lick along my lips. She let out a cute little, disappointed grunt that made me grin when she noticed that I was by no means willing to open my lips for her... and she broke free, breathlessly, frowning mustering my bright grin, then my vigilant eyes.

Suddenly her eyes widened, and showed understanding, she grew her shy smile again and drew a deep breath, "Soo... that was your revenge, huh? And I stepped right into your trap?" I nodded, slowly, and kissed the tip of her neat nose, my bright grin faded to an approving smile. She lowered her voice to a whisper, "Well - I guess I deserved it, huh?" Her left hand came up to stroke my cheek, "I'm sorry Bernd... please forgive me, will you dear?" My nostrils began to flare as her earthy scent waved up, adulating my good nose, her eyes grew big and a light redness crept up from her throat. My smile grew brighter when my hands enfolded her bounteously rounded hips to pull her close, closer than appropriate I have to admit... I wanted this lovely seductress to feel what she had done to me, and she did, fetched a nice strawberry blush before she leaned her head on my shoulder to hide her glowing cheeks from me.

Her shortening breaths sent soft breezes to the left side of my neck when I let go of her hip to stroke her left cheek, descending along her jawbone to her chin, she gave a shivering sob and I lifted it up, sinking my eyes into hers when I mumbled, "You are forgiven, my tempting beauty..." her quivering sigh tightened my throat but I continued huskily, "...it's just that I wanted you to feel what you've done to me... seems to be fair enough, huh?" Her stockings rustled seductively when she squirmed and urged forward, softly pressing her pelvis against mine when I added, "...you are a dangerous girl, Claudia... oh sorry - woman of course, and you know it, don't you?"

"Yes, darling..." she replied with a soft sigh, "...you are right, of course, in more than one way." She kissed my cheek and continued, muttering, "But stick to the girl, please; and you mustn't be sorry..." she giggled quietly before she added, "...see, in my age I'm very happy to be called a 'girl', you know?"

I replied, chuckling, "In your age? After all I could see you can't be much older than 25, 26 -- in full bloom, if I may say so."

"Ooh God - you know how to get into a girl's panties, huh?" She snorted, "And you dare to call ME a dangerous girl?"

"Well... you really can't say that I am the dangerous girl here?"

Claudia shook her sides with laughter, "No darling, certainly not..." She thrusted her crotch out thus pressing her vulva ahead, slowly and slightly rubbing it on my half-hard phallus - her suddenly darkening eyes grew big and round and her laughter died instantly when she wheezed, "Ohgawd Bernd...Berrnndd..." She quivered in my arms, nonetheless adding some more pressure.

'Enough is enough!' I chided myself as I pushed her hip away, breathing hard and starting to sweat we stared into each other's eyes; we needed a minute to calm before I managed to croak, "Baby, sweet baby... we'd better give it a break here... I'm almost on the verge of losing control..." I drew a deep, strained breath, "Geeze you are one sexy cutie, Claudia!" I kissed the still shaking girl gently, "Let me take your cardigan before we face the others, okay?"

"Okay, Bernd, and... thank you..."

Brightly smiling I turned her to the left and shoved her gently towards the wardrobe while she undid the front buttons of her cardigan, I reached for a clothes hanger and peeled her out of the garment to hook it on before I turned back, feasting my eyes on Claudia's knee-length, cherry red pinafore dress, hanging well while accentuating her womanly form without being too tight. The back neckline was cut so low that the taffeta-like material barely covered the black chest band of her bra, presenting a generous portion of flawless, slightly tanned skin and two well defined, softly rounded shoulder blades just below the loosely cascading ringlets of her dark blonde, shoulder-length hair. I stepped closer to her back, but not too close, my hands lightly on the fine material covering her shoulders I inhaled the aromatic, peach-like fragrance of her bare skin deeply before I whispered against her cheek, "Please allow me to take the 'girl' back, my sweetie - you are nothing less than pure, alluring womanhood..." Her deep sigh was the sweetest music to my ears, "...and your charming dress underlines your perfection impressively." The unexpected feel of a small, warm hand covering the back of my left hand had me smile, but it faded instantly when I sensed that she was about to turn around, my grip on her shoulder tightened to avoid that fundamentally, lowly chuckling I bent down to place a swift kiss on the back of her hand, and suggested lowly, "No, my sweet heart - you won't turn around... not now. I can't guarantee for decent behavior if your front is evenly low cut..." her narrow shoulders shook almost violently, and I continued with a bright smile on my face, "...and now go on, sweet Claudia, six steps and you'll enter the living room, okay? Well, with your heels you'll probably need one or two more - I'll see you later sweetness..." and I shoved her forwards, bravely withstanding the urge to give her right buttock an affectionate slap, instead turning 'round instantly to face the next, and certainly most strenuous threat.

"Hi, sweetest phone voice ever..." I lured the 'Cat' in whilst bridging the distance with three steps to stretch my left arm out for her, "...and no! - I will NOT use one of those cheap Cat-jokes." I sent her my sweetest smile when her right palm nestled close in mine with a soft, appreciate pressure, and for a moment our eyes glued to each other's before we looked at our respective opponent's appearance.

Last but one night she'd been just a nurse, though a beautiful one; now she was a woman, and she was more than I'd expected. Her delighting, wavy hair framed the cute, pretty face and her lovely smile as she straightened after putting the bag she'd brought along with her to the ground. It was obvious that this hadn't been her plan when she smiled brighter now, and cooed, "Well Bernd... like what you see?"

I couldn't help myself but to nod slowly as my eyes traveled down her slender, though curvacious body. Her dark blue bolero diverged and her bright white blouse strained against her obviously braless breasts, causing little spaces to appear between the buttons as she drew a deep breath. Her evenly dark blue skirt covered not more than about six inches of her thighs, and her almost endless legs were bare, and tanned; long, and shapely... and more than inviting; they ended up in matching sneakers.

Starry-eyed she followed my examination, and her bright smile changed to a sly grin when I raised my left hand to give the back of her hand a swift kiss before lifting our hands up to the ceiling, she sensed my intent and with an elegant, flowing rotation she fell into my arms. "Ooh... you know how to twist a girl's head, huh?" she whispered into my lips before hers captured mine for a long, sweet kiss whilst our hands, still high in the air parted to close in on each other's nape.

My right hand pushed the still open door and it clicked into place while our tongues began to besiege each other's, both of us pumping and moaning till we had to break the kiss in the need for more air, our eyes flew wide open to glue on each other's, again, "Ooh God...your lips..." she panted, "...more! I owe you more Bernd..." her left hand found a rest on my chest, pushing whilst she urged against me, thus pressing my back against the wall, her svelte body followed suit, instantly melting into mine. Now that caught my southern comrade's undivided attention, his reaction was of ancient nature, and I froze.

She tensed immediately and we stood there, holding each other lovingly close whilst quietly resting for a minute or two till our deep breathings normalized, and I was just about to relax and loosen my body tension as she gave a soft sigh and her pelvis began to rotate in slow motion mode.

My body fell limp and I smirked, thinking by myself, 'The signs on the wall were too small to pay attention, darling?' while my left hand, still quietly caressing her scalp, grabbed a handful of her silky, wheat blonde hair to pluck softly, and in conjunction with my right which gripped her left hip to carefully push it aback it was convincing enough to force my ravishing amazon to become aware that something didn't work to her favor, no longer that is. Her now dark blue eyes flew wide open and met my attentive, alert look, she asked huskily, "What?... why?... Bernd, why - for heaven's sake... WHY?" Her sweet lips remained half open, her eyes were questing.

I reached my hands out for her, and she nestled hers into them, I let myself sink to the carpet, my knees in the air thus building a 'V' for her, before I said softly, "Come sit, my sweetie... we have to talk..." She stepped to the side and looked down in search of a stable hold, her choice was my knees and the right hand, and her hands leaned on both when she settled down into my lap, facing the far living room door, before she supported herself with reaching round my neck to get a hold on my right shoulder. My left hand cupped her left shoulder and she snuggled close to my chest, emitting a deep, contented sigh when her left hand rose to cover the other on my shoulder.

My right hand took a hold on my knee when I said quietly, "Now, my playful kitten..." I kissed the tip of her cute little nose, "...we'll have to clear some basic points, okay?" She gave a little nod, her beautiful eyes now attentive, "At first: Don't feel rejected - you aren't, please believe me. Will that be good enough to convince you, sweetie?"

She gave a quivering sigh and relaxed immediately, and tangibly, her eyes grew soft, "Yes, Bernd, it is...and I thank you, my dear. I know that you are an honest man, and to my own surprise I believed Syl without hesitation. I love her, you know? And I trust Sylvia... more than myself."

I nodded thoughtfully when our eyes reinstalled our 'usual', intense connection. "Yes... I know, Cat - and the latter is your concern, right?...Or rather... your problem?"

Her eyes widened, but still they were soft, "Oh God... you... you know? Already?"

Again I tortured her neat nose with a swift kiss, before I leaned my forehead on hers, "Sweetie - why are we sitting here like this, so lovingly close - what do you think? Or - do you expect that you will be utilized instead?"

She gave a cute snort and grew a coquettish little smile that reached her suddenly sparkling eyes, "You could have had that much easier I suppose. And... don't tell me that you weren't aware of it! So you talked with Syl? Ahem, about me I should add..."

"Yes my sweetie, we did. You wouldn't believe it, Cat... but we talk lots, indeed. Now, seriously again - Sylvia loves you evenly, and she is concerned - so concerned that she begged me to offer her little one a chance to talk. You will know that she loves you like the daughter she alas never had, don't you darling?" Her eyes had already moistened through my speech, now the floodgates opened and her pretty face sank to my neck bow, she was crying bitterly. My right raised to cup her left cheek, slowly caressing the wonderfully soft skin, my left stroked her shoulder, trying to calm the weeping softness in my arms down while I murmured into her delighting hair, "It's okay my sweet little baby, it's okay... let it flow, take your time. I am here my little darling, and I'll support you." I rocked her in my arms like a baby, whispering unintelligible words into her hair, knowing that my soft, calming voice meant more to her than any words at this moment.

I was so concentrated on the miserable maiden in my arms that I almost jumped when Reni's sonorous alto voice asked lowly, "Ooh gawd, darling... what happened? Sylvia was a bit concerned and asked me to look after you two..."

She crouched next to my knees and stroked along Cat's vertex before she turned back to me to kiss me swiftly. She leaned her cheek on mine and asked softly, "How can I help, my darling? I suppose she'll need some time, huh?"

"Yes my love..." I replied murmuring, "...she's already calming, though slowly. Do you think we have some twenty minutes before dinner is ready?"

"Oh yes darling - we have much more than half an hour. Listen, Bernd... I'd suggest you to bring her over to our bedroom, this is not the right place here, don't you think alike? I could give you cover when you pass at the living room door."

"That's a great idea love, thank you. Let's go then."

"Kitten?" I murmured into Cat's quaking lips, a quivering sob, 'mmhhh?' showed that she was addressable, "Don't scare my sweets, I'll lift you up to bring you to our bedroom, okay?" She nodded sobbing, and weakly... gawd soo cute... I stood up, her shaky left hand changed its hold, now on my nape, and we followed Reni till she stepped aside to guard the living room door for a moment, before she overtook us to open the bedroom door.

"Please take her sneakers, darling..." I asked Reni before I took Cat's bolero and laid her on the comforter, slowly and carefully, before I sat down next to her slim waist, stroking her slightly curved, womanly belly in becalming circles what attracted an appreciative sigh from her, and a soft, grateful look.

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