Accident Grants Benefit Ch. 01


Another bump at the door, and Renate looked in, "Are you ready to see the Doctor on Duty, Syl?" We didn't even notice before that she'd left the room, probably she'd felt like being out of her element, or bored.

Sylvia frowned, "What?"

Renate looked back over her shoulder, "Doctor?" she fluted, then came in shrugging, "Ooh, I must have lost him on the way," drawing a wheelchair in. "He pretended to be your gyno you know, and he seemed to be sooo concerned..."

"Re-na-te!!" yelled Sylvia. She seemed to be concerned, too.

"What? He was sooo cute," grinned Renate, shoving that wheelchair closer, looking dreamily now, "He had so wonderful long, slender fingers you know ... and I was near to ask for an examination, with his ..."

"Re-na-te!!!" yelled Sylvia, a bit louder now. Didn't I hear that sentence before? Again, that was an interesting dialogue.

"What? Not so loud, everybody's sleeping ... except that doctor, of course..." Renate didn't seem to realize that she waded in deep water, "I just thought ... with all that hormones, and pheromones you're..."

'Well,' I thought by myself, 'that'll be the one drop too much.' I was highly amused, though careful enough to not let it show openly. Instead I thought of sliding under that bed, just in case ...

"I'm gonna kill her," mumbled Sylvia.

"But ... dear! ... I've heard that!" Renate brought out, her voice kind of girlish, "You couldn't do that ... or, could you? I'm your friend, your best friend ... how could you?" then she frowned, continuing defiantly, "And ... after all it was all your own fault!"

"My .. Own .. Fault?" Sylvia asked, her voice extraordinary sweet -- and frightening calm, "would you please be so kind to continue, in detail? My dear ... Best ... Friend?"

"Well ... you know, Sylvia ...," Renate answered hesitantly, standing like a little schoolgirl in front of her angry teacher, legs clamped tightly, hands clasped, bending her neck to hide her face, her girlish voice near to a whispering, "Like you were jumping him...err...Bernd, and started like making out, and all that, here - in a hospital - in the emergency room ... well, sure, I suppose it was kind of emergency, well, I was sooo embarrassed, and I, being a virg .." she coughed, "Oops, sorry, wrong line ..."

I couldn't hold on any longer, and burst into laughter, wishing that ambulance was already here.

... will be continued in Accident grants Benefit Ch. 02: Nightly Caring inflames her Glow

Author's EndNote:

Thanks for reading, please be fair and don't forget to vote :-)

This is my story, I wrote it, and stealing is lame. If you don't like it, don't read it. This story is now perfectly self-edited (bring it). All of my characters, in all of my stories, are over eighteen, or older, any time they get naked and have intercourse. Thanks to all the favorites and feedback, hope you enjoy.

Your feedback and favorites, comments (and additional ideas) will be helpful, so don't hesitate.

Copyright © 2011 Bernd Glaesing. All rights reserved.

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