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Accidental Cockold


It still amazes me when I look back on how I became an "accidental" cuckold. Unlike many men who write stories for Literotica, I have never had any desire to watch my wife with another man.

It all started when my wife and I rented a cabin with another couple, John and Susan. We had been good friends for several years, but there were never any indications that John wanted to sleep with my wife. She was a virgin when we married and I don't think she's ever even seen another mans dick. My wife Jean is very pretty. At 5'6" tall and 120 lbs she turns a lot of heads. She has a set of eye popping 36C breasts and legs that go on forever. John's wife is also very good looking with a nice tight ass and dancer's legs. Jean and Susan looked enough alike that they could have been sisters. The main difference is that unlike Jean, Susan has very small, petite breasts.

We arrived at the lake in the early afternoon and after quickly unloading the car, we got down to the business at hand - drinking and laying out in the sun. I must admit that after several hours of lying in the sun drinking, I was admiring Jean and Susan's skimpy bikini's out of the corner of my eye. We finally all went into the living room and watched a movie. After several more drinks Jean and Susan were very drunk and stumbled off to their rooms while John and I caught a skin flick on one of the cabin's cable channels.

After the movie was over, John and I were both sporting hardons. Although I could only see the outline, I couldn't help but admire John's cock. It looked to be at least 7" long. Unfortunately I was not blessed with a large cock. Mine was 4" long at best. John rubbed his dick through his bathing suit and went into his and Susan's room with the promise that he was going to get some tonight.

As I sat there imagining John and Susan having sex , I decided to walk over to their door to see if I could hear anything. When I got to the door, I could hear a whispering and rustling of covers and cloths. I was getting really hot listening and since there was no moon and the cabin was pitch black, I pulled my bathing suit aside and started stroking my dick.

I heard some moaning and a deep throated laughter of a woman getting excited and when she whispered "Bob, do me good" I had to laugh. My name is Bob and apparently Susan was calling out my name while having sex with her husband. I listened for a little more and continued to pound my cock. When she said "I've never felt so full", I started to get an uneasy feeling in the back of my mind. As drunk and horny as I was, there was a troubling feeling in the back of my mind. By this time he was really fucking her hard and making a lot of noise. I was jerking off for all I was worth when suddenly the door next to theirs opened up and a light went on.

I didn't know what to think. There I was with my bathing suit at my feet, jerking off like a ten year old and standing right next to me, still dressed in her skimpy bikini was Susan. She looked at me and I looked at her and time froze for a moment. We opened up the other door and turned on the light and to my eternal humiliation, there was John screwing my wife. She had her legs wrapped around his waist and he was slamming her for all he was worth. Jean looked up at him and then looked over at me. She seemed to be looking at my little hard on. John was still pumping in and out and after what seemed like a very long time (but was probably only a few seconds) she tried to push him off, but he was past the point of no return and after about four more strokes, he began to cum inside her. He was directly in front of us and Susan and I just stood there unable to move, staring at his pulsating balls while he unloaded spurt after spurt directly into my wife's pussy.

When he was done, he rolled off and my wife jumped up with his cum running down her legs and came over to me. She tried to cover her breasts and her pussy, but was unable to and finally settled for turning her back to him leaving him with a great view of her ass.

Susan said that we had better get in our own rooms and decide what to do. They went into their room leaving Jean and I alone. I was totally crushed. Although I might be able to give Jean the benefit of the doubt, I know that John must have known that he was having sex with my wife. There was no mistaking her huge breasts for his wife's smaller ones. Also, if I was being totally honest with myself, there was no way Jean could mistake John's big dick for mine. All I could do is look at Jean with cum running down her thighs. I was completely embarrassed. In the confusion, I hadn't pulled my bathing suit up and I was still sporting my hard on.

We sat there in silence for a minute and there was a knock on the door. I looked at Jean and she indicated that I should answer, so I opened it up a crack. It was Susan and she asked if she could come in. I stood aside, and now it was my turn to use my hands to cover up. Owing to my small dick, I was able to easily do this.

Susan said that John felt very bad about what had happened. She said that since John and Jean had sex she could only think of one thing to make this right - that I should have sex with Susan. I was completely caught off guard by this suggestion. I have never even had sex with anyone but my wife and I didn't see how my infidelity could make hers OK. Additionally, after seeing and outline of John's cock, I was sure that I wouldn't measure up. Before I could say anything, Jean spoke up and said that if that is what it took to make things right, that she would go along with the suggestion.

I started to say something and then just shut my mouth. My hardon had mostly disappeared and the last thing I felt like doing was having sex with another woman. Jean said that the only stipulation was that since Susan and I had seen her and John, that John and she would have to watch. Susan went to get John and Jean pulled the covers off the bed, leaving only the sheets.

Susan returned with John and laid on the bed with her legs spread as an invitation. I was obviously having a hard time getting an erection, so Jean came over to help. This was not the first time I had a problem like this and Jean knew the cure. Unfortunately, the cure is rather embarrassing - when I had a problem, she massages my prostrate. Jean had me lay on my back with my legs pulled to my chest while she went and got some Vaseline. She came back in the room and covered one of her fingers with the greasy stuff. She then slowly pushed her finger into my rectum and began to message my prostrate.

When John and Susan saw my little 4" erection, I'm sure they both realized that Susan was getting the "short end of the stick". Even though up to this point we hadn't really said too much, John made a comment about this not being fair to Susan. Susan obviously wanted to back out, but the situation was just too awkward. Susan took some vasoline and putting some into her pussy said that we should just get this over with.

I mounted Susan and was determined to do my best, but with Jean and John looking on and Susan looking bored, it was not easy to maintain my erection. Susan was very impatient and in less than a minute she was drumming her fingers on the sheets and asking how long this was going to take. At two minutes, she told Jean that she had better help out.

Jean reached over and stuck her finger back up my ass and began to message my prostate again. I'm still not sure why being so humiliated made me cum so quickly, but I only lasted about ten strokes and then had my orgasm.

Susan rolled me off of her and without a word she and John left the room. My wife and I sat there in silence and then she began to giggle. I asked her what was so funny and she said that she never new how small I was because she had never seen another mans dick before. Still giggling, she got up and took a shower. When she came out, she took a pointed look at my little dick and turned over and went to sleep. I knew that things would never be the same between us.

It took a long time to get to sleep and even after I did I woke up once in the middle of the night. Jean was not in bed next to me and I could hear the sounds of sex coming from the next room. I went to the wall and I could hear Jean, Susan and John and from the sound of it they were having an excellent time. I pulled out my little dick and jerked off until I had a few rubbery spasms that I guess technically counted as an orgasm.

When we woke up the next morning, John and Susan had left the cabin. Although Susan and I finished out the week, we didn't have sex again and said very little to each other.

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