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Accidental Discovery


When writing erotica, I live and enjoy the story as much as the sex. What a great way to spend a little free time, but being stimulated mentally AND physically. If you like what follows, please let me know. If you don’t like this piece, I need even more to know why. Thanks for sharing your precious time with me and I sincerely hope you enjoy Accidental Discovery.


Another drop of the clear yet surprisingly viscous liquid grew and grew, until it’s own weight separated it from the glass condenser. It dropped through the air for a distance of more than a foot, and should have continued down through the tunneled opening of the glass beaker at the base of the laboratory stand. Instead, it plopped noisily into the scientist’s paper cup of coffee. He’d only just placed it there while readying to test the results of yet another attempt.

His assistant, standing at the end of the lab table, began to raise her finger to point out the dangerous coincidence, and prevent her boss from possibly drinking the contaminated liquid, but she was shocked by his sudden outburst.


Then his shoulders dropped, his lip curled, and he said, “No go, Marlene, again. Damnit!”

Marlene Donner, meagerly paid, student intern/lab assistant, was surprised by the sudden reaction from her “boss.” She’d worked for him in the late afternoons and evenings for three months now, and it was entirely out of character for the usually calm and composed scientist to flare. Thinking he might do something even more rash in his frustration, she reached to take the beaker of liquid from his hand, “Here, let me take that.”

As she pulled the beaker loose from his fingers, she looked into his crestfallen face and felt sorry for him. He was trying so hard. He’d been working on a formula for muting certain sections of the brain, testing it in mice. One particular test he had devised was to emulate a natural protein, drop it into a neutral solution like purified water, and then detect a precipitate of some sort. Obviously, though Marlene was a first year student and knew little of the whole project, she too could see that the precipitate didn’t occur in this test.

What she did know however, was that Doctor Charles P. Massey, PhD in bio-chemistry, was one hot looking guy who obviously worked with weights and took care of himself – not her stereotypical scientist. And this made it very difficult to work with him, instead of fantasizing about what he would be like in bed.

Each day she finished class and walked across campus toward his lab, she felt that familiar twitch between her legs, a slight moistening of her thighs where they meet, and a deep down desire to get laid. Then again, she needed the job to help finance her education, and therefore did her best to maintain control of her emotions. She worked hard, usually kept her eyes on her work, and helped the good Doctor dutifully.

At night in the dorm however, it was a different story. It was then, whether her roommate was around or not, that she let her fingers wander over her body and finally relieve all that typical pent up demand for release, greatly aggravated by her frequent proximity with her sexy boss. The daily tension and release scenario’s were becoming more and more a part of her life and she found herself plotting and scheming to find a way to have the real thing.

Marlene was no slouch among other girls at the school when it came to looks. She was bleached blond, heavy breasted and with wide hips. Her full, rich lips and big round eyes, accented by darker eyebrows, accounted for the constant ribbing she took for looking like a cross between Madonna and Anna Nicole. And though she didn’t mind the comparisons, she wished she lived up to the fun such women were supposed to have.

Instead, Marlene was saddled with an introvert personality, a shyness beyond all expectations, and a sexual appetite that was painfully juxtaposed to her looks. Boys were always making jokes, or trying to grab her tits. It hurt! How could they be so cruel! No one appreciated her for herself, only her looks, and that left Marlene feeling like she was leading someone else’s life. She wondered if she’d ever find the right guy, one who would treat her the way she wanted, the way she deserved, instead of like a tramp with overbuilt parts.

So far, this new boss of hers, Doctor Massey, was the first man to treat her with respect. He never even made a pass. He taught her lots of things in the lab, and expected lots in return, professionally. Marlene was happy here, and confused only by strong emotions about Charles Massey.

She set the disappointing beaker down on the end of the lab table and turned to face her boss. As she did so, she saw him taking a sip of coffee from the contaminated cup. The first thing that went through her mind was, “It’s already too late!”

“Marlene,” Massey said, standing against the table and holding the cup in his hand, “I want to…”

Marlene watched in a growing horror as Massey hesitated. Was it the drop in the coffee?

He shook his head and continued, “Marlene, I want to take….” He stopped again.

“Doctor Massey! What’s wrong?” She approached him, taking the coffee from his hand. His face went blank and he stood motionless, staring at her.

Then he spoke, “Tingling.”


“Tingling!” He answered louder as if she didn’t hear him.

Again, “What? Tingling? Oh my God!” She grabbed his upper arms and felt like shaking him, but held them tightly instead.

“Yes,” His eyes continued to stare at her, almost robotically.

“Doctor Massey! You are scaring me! Will you please stop?” She hoped, desperately, he was joking.

“Yes,” Again, his only response. He was alive, but….

She stood back for a moment, not letting go of his arms, but trying to look up, more deeply into his eyes. They seemed, well, fine, “Doctor Massey. Do you feel tingling? Where?” She wanted to tell him what he had drunk from the coffee cup, but couldn’t, at least not yet. Something was wrong, of that she was sure. But it might be anything, she thought.

Massey said, “In my arms, and my crotch.”

Marlene dropped her hands from his arms as if they’d suddenly caught fire. The words from her boss were no longer just uncharacteristic. They were outrageous! “What?!”

He repeated calmly, “In my arms and my crotch. I have tingling in my arms and, well, around my scrotum.”

Marlene instinctively brought her hand to her mouth as if she were the one speaking so plainly. The Doctor simply stood there, robotic, as if there was nothing wrong. She took several seconds to sort through the last few words from each of them and only one explanation kept coming to the surface – something from the experimental liquid he’d consumed in his coffee, was impacting his mind.

How could that be? To do whatever it was supposed to do to a mouse’s brain, it was supposed to precipitate some solid from the two liquids he was mixing. And no precipitant had appeared. Could it be that the liquid actually worked? Was the requirment for a precipitant wrong? Or had something else been developed by mistake? She needed to find out.

“Doctor Massey, what have you had to drink?”

“Just my coffee, since lunch. Before that, I had a soda with my lunch…”

She cut him off. “And do you know what was in your coffee?”

He looked at her with his first real expression since the tingling was first announced, “Nothing.”

“Doctor Massey, I think a drop of your liquid fell into your coffee. I was about to tell you when you uh, blew up at the lack of results. The next thing I knew, you were drinking it! Oh my God! Do you think that’s what’s causing this… this strangeness in you?”

To her repeated amazement, he simply said, “Yes.”

Marlene was both confused and concerned. On the one hand neither of them had any idea how serious this mistake could be. On the other, his actions resulting from the mysterious liquid were staggering to her, if not more than a little intriguing.

A new thought, one of absolutely curiosity arose. It had been lurking just beneath the surface, held back perhaps by the fear of consequence of what danger Massey might be facing. The Doctor, again quite uncharacteristically, was responding specifically to her questions, and only to her questions. She tried another, “Doctor, will this wear off?”

He hesitated, then said, “I do not know.”

Not exactly what she wanted to hear. “Why not?”

He was staring off into space, “The formula is for an organic compound. It should be consumable. It should disappear over time. But because it is untested, unprecedented as far as I know, I cannot say for sure.”

She thought she saw the start of a smile on his lips, but his eyes came back to bear on hers and he went robotic again. An idea was forming in her mind. The Doctor was responding to her questions without deviation from their meaning, or hesitation for any reason. Were there any other symptoms? Would he respond to anything else? Like a command?

“Doctor Massey, I think you should sit down… uh,” She looked around, then put her hand on the high lab table’s surface. “On the table here.” She stepped away to give him room, though unfortunately, he did not move. She considered this and replayed her words in her mind. She had not asked a question, or given a command. She had merely stated an observation! “Doctor! Sit down there!” She was immediately shocked at her own aggressiveness, but before she could soften her words, the man turned and hopped up to plant his butt on the black marble surface. He continued to stare down into her eyes.

Marlene looked at him with her mouth open. What the hell was going on? Her mind was spinning, while his was apparently reeling from the effects of the liquid. She pushed back a sudden pang of concern that he might be ill as a result of ingesting the fluid, and replaced it with a bit of false security in the fact that the stuff was being developed for use in mice, with the ultimate goal of helping humans. Perhaps….

“Doctor Massey, how do you feel now?”

“Still tingling,” He answered, “In my arms and …”

“…in your crotch. Yes, I know.” She couldn’t help but smile. This was too much. Another test. “Doctor, do you mind if I call you Charles?”


“Hmm… was that ‘No,’ you don’t mind? Or ‘No,’ I cannot call you Charles?”

“No, I don’t mind.” He sat motionless, still staring.

“What would you prefer I call you, Charles?” She stepped in front of him as she spoke, her voice dropping a bit and her words slowing as she gained more confidence.

“Charlie.” He said simply.

With his high perch on the lab table, his knees were just below the level of her D cupped breasts. She’d always been proud of her rather full figure, highly accented by its hourglass waist and curvy hips. Some men might consider her slightly overweight, but all men would call her sexy as hell. She shrugged off the next thought, that nagging feeling that sex was all any guy wanted from her, as if that was all she had to offer.

Doctor Massey on the other hand, was just the opposite. He had displayed absolutely no interest in her body or any other part of her other than her contribution as an intern assistant. He paid her for the help, but never even suggested they have coffee together, let alone hop in the sack. This was the kind of man she wanted, successful, smart, and with his priorities in the right order. The only caveat of course, was whether he even held that other priority. What man could work with such a woman, five days a week, and never even blink an eye?

“Charlie, do you find me attractive?” She regretted the impulsive question before she asked it.

“No,” He responded immediately, as if waiting for that very question.

She asked, “No? So do you find me… attractive?”


Again with the specific answers. She twisted her body slightly to accent her next question, “Just how attractive do you think I am, Charlie?”

While she waited for his response, she suffered a reality check and was suddenly embarrassed by her childish questioning, even taking advantage of her boss’s vulnerability.

“Very.” He hesitated, then added, “About as attractive as I can imagine.”

She looked up into his eyes to see them glaring right back at her. Could it be there was something good coming from this mistake of a drug already? A man who was that attracted to her, and yet able to remain a gentleman? This was highly unusual! Hell! It was insane!

“Charlie, why haven’t you made this known to me before?”

“You never asked before.”

Incredible, she thought, and asked, “Are you saying that you will answer any question I ask you?”





He said nothing.

This was most intriguing, she thought while she formulated her next request. “Charlie, will you answer any question I ask?” Keep it in the form of a closed ended question! What was this, a game show?

“I may not know the answer,” He continued to answer robotically, the last remaining hurdle to what otherwise was turning into the most fascinating conversation she could ever have imagined.

“Charlie, have you ever thought of asking me out, or uh, touching me?” Before he could answer, she added, “I would never tell anyone, of course. I am just, well, curious.” She thought she saw that slight sign of a smile again.


Damn! She had to get better at asking questions! “You have thought about asking me out?”


She was only slightly disappointed when she remembered again, ask the right question, “Have you ever thought about touching me?” Her face went pink and she bowed her head slightly, when she suddenly saw an unmistakable bulge in his lap.


Marlene’s temperature rose instantly. The answer came with proof. Both the man’s brains were speaking to her! This was unbelievable. Her mind began to outrun her inhibitions, “So, hmmm.. have you thought of touching me often?” She continued to watch her boss’s crotch.


“Uh, how often?”


She was sure she saw his bulge move. “Daily?” She asked distantly. I’m only here five days a week, she thought.

“Yes. Everyday of the week since I met you.”

And now she was sure she saw a pulse of that lovely muscle move against his pants. She pulled back again, suddenly realizing what was happening. “Doctor Massey, I don’t think…. Well, I don’t want to take advantage… Are you going to remember any of this if that drug or whatever it is wears off?”

“I hope so.”

She was so happy with his answer she glossed over the fact that it was not quite as direct as the others. “Are you going to fire me?”


“Are you going to be unhappy with me?” The coyness was returning, along with the blush.


“Charlie, if I let you touch me, are you going hold it against me… I mean are you going to … that is, is that going to change our status as Doctor and Assistant?” She thought through the question again, to be sure the answer would give her the information she wanted.

There was some hesitation, but the Doctor eventually did come back with a rather emphatic, “No.”

Suddenly she was longing to be handled. The feeling was intense, unlike anything she could remember. Each night when she masturbated, she dreamed up the usual fantasies, some handsome guy making love to her, or some older guy treating her to a wonderful evening before softly massaging her to sleep. Hell, she even considered being taken forcefully on an occasion or two, just to liven things up and add some variety. But she had to admit, she’d never considered having this kind of control over someone, let alone someone she respected and was attracted too. It was almost too good to be true.

Marlene turned around and backed up to the Doctor’s knees. He let them separate until she could slip back further, eventually touching her back to the edge of the table. “Charlie I want you to touch me, please. Feel my breasts.” A bolder move, she thought, she could not imagine. In for a penny…

To her utter amazement, and sheer pleasure, Charlie’s hands slipped under her arms and around to her front where each wrapped around the meaty flesh of a breast. Then they withdrew.

“Charlie! Did I do something wrong? Why did you stop?”

“No, and I believe I did what you told me, touch your breasts.”

Of course! How could she get used to someone actually doing exactly what she asked? She looked around at him and said, “Charlie, I meant for you to feel me, to touch me and manipulate my breasts. Next time I’ll try to be more explicit.” She looked back to her front and raised her elbows to enable him easier access. “Now massage my breasts, and if you feel like it, exercise a little of that doctoral incite of yours.”

Immediately his hands approached, but this time moving slowly over her body. She lost her tension quickly as his hands began to knead her breasts, softly yet firmly, turning her on in a most luxuriating way. She leaned back against the table more firmly and suddenly felt his engorged mass in her back. “Why Charlie, you seem happy.” Question, Marlene, she reminded herself, “Is that right Charlie?”


She smiled and closed her eyes. “Yes, I can feel it is right. Just what is that poking me in the back, Charlie?” Her body was swooning under his gentle caress.

“My cock.” He said quite factually.

Marlene’s eyes opened wide at the term coming from her respected boss. She thought about it, and admitted she had no idea how else he might have answered her, and asked, “Is your cock hard because of me? Is that what you are saying?” She smiled, knowing he couldn’t see.

While his big hands continued to fondle two of the most delectable and large tits they had ever handled, he answered, “Yes.”

Marlene was in heaven. She realized that as long as she remained there, and short of giving the Doctor orders to the contrary, she was going to be breast massaged until either she or the Doctor passed out. And that would be such a waste. Abruptly, she turned her head half way around and instructed, “Charlie, undo the buttons of my blouse.”

She had only realized that she’d given a command rather than asked a question, when confirmation came in the form of his hands suddenly coordinating their assault on the buttons. One by one, they were undone and the lapels of the garment allowed to separate. She undid her front clasping bra while he took care of the last two buttons on the blouse, having pulled the remaining material from her skirt’s waistband. “Now touch my tits again, Doctor, like you mean it.”

She was either getting beyond strange circumstances of their situation, or clouding her judgment with lust. In either case, the sensations and pleasure were the same, and she loved it. “Pinch my nipples, Charlie, as hard as you like.”

He did so, and evoked a high pitched gasp from his assistant, who proceeded then to put her own hands on top of his and smash them all into her breasts that much harder.

She looked up at him and said, “Open your pants for me Doctor.”

Marlene stood before him with her breasts bulging out between the lapels of her blouse. The Doctor was slow to pull his hands from her tits, not wanting to release her, and that pleased her immensely. He did however, perform as instructed, and brought them to his lap to work his manhood free. Finally there it was, longer than she’d expected, fatter too, and standing straight up. As it pulsed under the pressure of the blood that engorged it, she suddenly dropped her head and dove on his cock.

At first she pumped her head up and down with abandon, like a child overplaying the capabilities of a new toy. She was conflicted perhaps more than ever, amazed at her boldness, and yet wanton for more. Eventually, as the conflicts resolved and her mind began to take advantage of the circumstances, she slowed her pace and began a series of long, deep strokes with her mouth and hand. Her other hand found his balls and began to explore their perimeter and then roll them gently in her fingers. For the first time since drinking the drug-laced coffee, a sound emitted from his mouth, other than a response to any question, or any command. This sound was one of deep satisfaction, one of emotional anticipation that could not be held back, even by the effects of his bio-chemical concoction. He groaned loudly at her long drawing sucks on his prick.

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