tagErotic CouplingsAccidental First Time Ch. 04

Accidental First Time Ch. 04


Although this story can stand alone, it will make more sense if the reader starts with Chapter 1. I appreciate all the positive feedback, apologize for the long delay of Chapter 4, and may try to write a different story next , unless readers want this series to continue?

After you have removed all your clothes you again get shy, and await my directions. I offer that I wish I could do more but in my condition, ask that you please again mount my head with your legs on either side, your hands on my chest. You cautiously comply, and soon I am again looking into your open dripping beautiful pussy. I lick from just below your asshole to the soft hairs above your slit, and you moan your approval.I then start to explore your pussy kissing licking lightly biting and sucking. Concentrating where I get the most intense moans or movement. I insert my tongue and "fuck" you as best I can. As you start to get more erratic, I slow down trying to extend your pleasure this time. After teasing you for what seams like a long time but was probably only 10-15 minuets I suck on your clit and you push into my mouth freeze then spasm, as liquid gushes onto my face. I lick all around trying to prolong your pleasure. As before you collapse onto my chest your pussy still close to my mouth.

As you recover and start to sit up you notice my again almost hard cock only inches from your face. You move slightly forward, and again take my rapidly hardening cock into your mouth, this time with more confidence. I gasp and groan as you suck me deeper then you did the first time, taking half of me into your mouth till I reach the back and you cough. I apologize, but you keep sucking, licking playing with my balls as I bask in the pleasure, lasting much longer, having just cum. I then realize I am still an inch from your dripping pussy and move up to lick you. You moan on my cock, as I start to again lick, suck and explore your pussy. A classic 69, as we pleasure each other. With our newfound confidence we slow down and gently tease and please each other, taking our time, exploring. After what seams an eternity we both start to build to climax. I suddenly realize that by concentrating on your pleasure, and having already cum I have lasted a long time. You cum first as you clench my head in your legs and spasm over my mouth which in turn pushes me quickly over the edge and I start to erupt once again into your loving mouth. You swallow all of my cum and then collapse again onto my torso, limp from two back to back intense orgasms. I too am exhausted, and welcome the freedom as you gently move off and to the side of me laying down by my side. You snuggle up next to me and we drift off into a soft relaxing sleep, still nude basking in the afterglow of a new and exciting experience.

You wake with a start, quickly looking at the clock, not sure how long we have been asleep. This wakes me and as we always think alike I also look at the clock. Realizing we still have some time, you look into my eyes, your eyes still with a glaze. You lean in with a gentle kiss. Soon we are kissing deeper, but you suddenly stop get up and announce you have to pee. We both burst out laughing as you rush to the bathroom. I request that when you return could you help relieve me, and with a newfound boldness, announce that some time when I can walk I want to watch you pee, since you have watched me often. You poke your head out of the bathroom, and stick out your tongue then quickly retreat leaving the door open. I hear the rush of your relief and wish I could watch. You quickly return with the pan position me take hold of my limp penis and help me go, this time watching my penis closer then in the past satisfying your curiosity with your newfound confidence. As I finish you look up realizing how closely you were looking and blush/grin.

You then state you are famished, and ask what I want for lunch as you start to dress. I sheepishly ask if you would leave them off a little longer, and add something simple like soup would be great. You stop dressing, stick out your tongue again saying I am a "dirty young man" then proceed to the kitchen, nude, to fix lunch. After eating, you note we really should get dressed, my mom might get home early again and then proceed to dress me then yourself. We watch TV, read some, and then you again stay for dinner, with us returning to our normal banter, but with an occasional wink, smile, glance, or blush that would never have been there a week ago.

The next day you arrive early smiling, happy and with a confidence I have not seen in months. As my parents leave you ask what I want to do today with a big grin on your face and offer TV, reading or................you are still to shy and unsure and just can not say it. I burst out laughing as you move closer and lightly punch my good leg. I admit I have been thinking about you all morning, and as tired as I was had a hard time falling asleep thinking about you last night. Your eyes get glassy telling me how much that means to you as you lean in with a kiss. That soon becomes a long wet open mouth kiss as our hormones engage. As you break the kiss and look into my eyes you request if you can ask a few questions. I of course grant your request saying we have always been open and want this to not harm our friendship or ability to discuss anything. You start then stop, having a hard time finding the words, again losing your confidence blushing and noting there are some things we never talked about before. I try to open the discussion, to get you to open up and relax, by asking is it related to what we have done the last two days. You say kind offff........., and again struggle with your words. Finally I ask bluntly is it about sex, us making love, oral, trying to ease your self-consciousness. You giggle realizing my attempt to make you more comfortable, and then blurt out you want to know more about what pleases guy's, you have herd that we masturbate and want to know if I do, if its not to personal, and what I think about when I do, how I do it. You have caught me off guard and I stare for a second, then realize you have opened up trusting me with your inner thoughts, and that I must not harm but honor that trust.

I think for a moment then blush, admitting as I look away that I do masturbate, hoping you will not think less of me, that I think about a sexy picture from a magazine or female star in a sexy scene from a movie, and think about doing all kinds of things with them. I start to tell you I have even thought of ........ but trail off because I was going to say you when I saw you in your wet T shirts while swimming, but realize I should probably not say that. You now sense my discomfort lean in kiss me tenderly and thank me for sharing, then ask my what was I going to say before I stopped, and that whatever it is you will not be upset or offended and want so much to be able to share our thoughts and feelings on sex as we have on everything else. I gulp, then look away quietly admitting of thinking about you, and those perk little cute beautiful breasts and hard nipples of yours when visible under your wet T shirt when we swam together. I am afraid I have offended you when you make no comment and are so quiet. I look up into your teary eyes, you then lean in and give me a very sensual long wet slow kiss, tears running down your face. You tell how much that means to you, that I would think of you and be excited by you, you always thought no one could be excited by your thin flat chest. Then you ask/want more details, so I fill you in on my masturbation techniques, and that one image that always got me excited was thinking of watching you masturbate or "jill" off. Your turn a bright red look away, and then admit you have touched yourself before but never achieved an orgasm before. I get bolder and state that hopefully some day you would be willing to let me watch ----- like now. You look down and see the tent under the covers and realize how this discussion has affected me, tease me about it, then admit you are wet.

Then to my surprise you start a slow strip, and after you have removed all but your panties ( you never use a bra) you reach over and pull off my covers and bottoms leaving my hard penis standing at attention, leaking precum. You look it over closely, subconsciously lick your lips then step back turn your back and slowly pull your panties off, bending over and giving me a good look at your ass. You then pull a chair over close, prop one leg on the bed spread your legs wide, and start to play with your nipples, while looking me in the eyes with a glazed lust filled face. Then you admit your not sure what to do but slide your other hand down to your very wet pussy and slide a finger inside as you continue to play with your nipples. My cock is pulsing with precum flowing down, my eyes wide watching every move. I tell you I never dreamed this could be sooo sexy, and that I am so turned on I will probably explode at any touch of my cock. You smile, and finger yourself faster starting to build a feeling you have never experienced before by touching yourself, but having me watch, and seeing the effect you are having on me is driving you to levels you did not know existed. You then slide your very wet finger over your clit flick it several times and are overwhelmed by a powerful and unexpected orgasm, shaking twisting, and squealing in pleasure.

As you start to come down, momentarily drained you open your glassy eyes, a bit confused, a little shy, lightly biting your lip looking to me for approval, your finger still lazily circling your pussy, the chair and your legs soaked with your juices. I am wide eyed, a huge grin on my face with my cock straining for relief, wet with precum. You take your foot off the bed (ending my wonderful view of your almost obscene display ) and while looking me in the eyes place your open mouth at the tip of my cock and blow on it as I groan. Then leaving your open mouth at the tip you wrap your small hand around me and I explode into your mouth. After multiple squirts half in your mouth some on your chin/face and the rest dribbling down my cock you lick the tip. Then like I told you earlier how porn stars do, look up into my eyes open your mouth to show me my cum then close and swallow. My mouth is wide open, my shy quiet girl has in a short time become a "vixen". You then quickly regain your teasing impish self stick out your tongue at me and say we better get cleaned up as you walk to the bathroom. I lay back basking in this almost dream condition, watching your cute ass sway away. After cleaning us up you ask if we should get dressed, already expecting my answer. Of course I ask that we stay nude for awhile if your ok with it as you pick out a movie for us to watch.

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