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Accidental Fuck of Sandhya


I am narrating a true story happened in my life some years ago. I was married for almost 10 years then and well versed with women and sex. I was 35 years old . We were staying in a small place like Mysore and there was not much scope for extra marital affairs there.

This tale is about my sister-in-law whose name was Sandhya and how I chanced upon an opportunity to fuck her. Sandhya was 28 years old then and married to Dr.Raj who was an aloholic person. They were staying at Delhi and their marriage was on the rocks. Sandhya had come to Mysore during Dasara festival. She had a sexy figure of 38C-24-38. She had long black hair, dimple cheeks and beautiful eyes. She was so beautiful and anyone who looked at her once use to turn his head at least once to look at her sexy figure again. When Sandhya arrived I did not have any wrong feelings about her but when I saw her from near for couple of days, my erection was unstoppable. I used to smell her bra and panty when I was in the bath room immediately after her bath and used to imagine how she will be in the bed like.

On her arrival, she was very depressed and not talking to anybody. However after couple of days she started telling me and my wife her marital problems with Raj. We felt very sorry for her but we really could not help her situation. One day evening I returned from the office in the evening and entered my bed room. I saw my wife with her back to me wearing my favorite saree. I thought of giving her a surprise and went from behind and held her tightly and started kneading her boobs and kissing at her neck. I had closed my eyes and murmuring to her that since her sister had come to our place, I feel very horny and wants to have sex every moment. She turned her head to me and within fraction of second I realized that Sandhya was wearing my wife’s saree and standing in my bedroom and by mistake I had embraced her from behind and kissed her all over. Her face had turned into red and one of her blouse button had come off due to my rough handling. I was so embarrassed and could not even say sorry. She had just ran out of my room. I do not know what to do and wondering whether she will tell this incidence to my wife. But to my surprise she had not told my wife anything on that day. I was ashamed to see into her eyes from that day and I was not looking at her at all. However I think that she was thoroughly enjoying me doing that thing to her.

Next day, my wife had to go to Bangalore for some urgent work for couple of days and she asked Sandhya to join her. However Sandhya replied that she was in Mysore especially for dasara and would not like to go out. My wife had asked me to take care of her younger sister and left next day early morning by 6 am. I decided to make amends for my holding Sandhya and kissing her and decided to make morning bed tea for her. I prepared the tea and took it over to her room. I was about to knock the door and I heard weak moaning sound coming from inside. I bent and put my eye to a key hole. I could see Sandhya lying on her bed and her night gown was up to her waist. She was finger fucking herself and moaning slowly. I started getting a hard one. I decided to interrupt her pleasure session and knocked at her door. She opened the door after couple of minutes. I said Good Morning to her and she was blushing. I told her that I have myself made morning tea for her. She said that was not necessary and actually she will do all these things what my wife used to do. We had morning tea together and I told her that I will be coming early from the office to take her around in the town. I asked her to be ready by 5 in the evening. I reached home in the evening and Sandhya opened the door. She was wearing a blue color georgette saree with matching blouse. All her sexy body contours were so clear that I could not believe my eyes. Sandhya seems to be enjoying my oogling at her. We went out for some shopping and decided to have dinner outside.

After finishing the shopping we went to a five star hotel for dinner. I took her there as I was feeling guilty for the incident happened the day before. I decided to take a small peg of whisky and asked Sandhya will she mind trying some alcohol? She was surprised and after lot of perusing said she will take some mocktail. I ordered a gin for her and whisky for me. After finishing the first drink she ordered couple of more shots of gin. She seemed to be enjoying the light feeling she was getting due to alcohol effect. In between I went to toilet and came back and noticed that she had finished my cocktail of Rum and Whisky. I was worried now as I knew that this combination will be too much for Sandhya. I quickly ordered for dinner. She was very high and not willing to have dinner. Somehow we managed to eat something and we left for the house. We reached home by 10.30 in the night.

By the time I reached home, Sandhya had slept in the car. I opened the house door and tried to wake her up but her eyes were not opening. I pulled her out of the car, lifted her in my arms and took her to bedroom. I came out, locked the car doors and then house door. I went back to her bed room and removed her sandals. I was in two minds whether to change her clothes or not? I decided not to and got up and switched off the light in sandhya’s bedroom and was about to leave, but she quickly held my hand and pulled me on her. Her eyes were still closed. She was pleading me to make love to her. An electric current ran through my body. My cock was rock hard by now. Suddenly it started raining and the power went off. The night was very chill. The nature has created a very erotic environment for me and I was getting sucked into the blackhole. I bent and put my lips on Sandhya’s lips and out tongues entwined. My hands were searching for her blouse hooks and I ripped her blouse and bra. I removed my clothes and slept near her. She was kissing me ferociously and was not letting go my lips. Her nails were forced into my back and she was holding me so tightly as if her life was dependent on it. My hands were kneading her boobs and caressing her erect nipples. I started pinching her erect tits in my thumb and index finger. She had shaved her pussy clean and her cunt lips were already oozing with honey. I twisted her cunt lips roughly and she sighed. I put my middle finger in her cunt and started finger fucking her slowly. She was enjoying it thoroughly and responding by inserting her tongue in my mouth and slurping. She held my cock and started shaking it. My cock was getting harder and harder.

I decided enough is enough and mounted on her. She spread her legs to welcome me. I pushed my cock deep into her cunt with one single thrust and she almost screamed. I put my lips on hers to muffle her voice and screams. By now I had started pumping her like a steam engine. I fucked her for almost half an hour. During this period she had hit climax at least 3 times. My balls were tingling by now. I was sweating like a dog in a heat screwing a bitch. I shot my load deep into her and collapsed on her body. My cock was pulsating inside her cunt for almost couple of minutes. I tried to remove it but noticed that it is becoming hard again so decided to pump her further. I started with slow strokes. My cum was flashing out of her cunt along with her juices like a fountain with every stroke of mine and it was making a plop sound very nicely. That sound has further turned me on and my cock size become monstrous. She was having difficulty in accommodating my huge cock inside her and screaming. I had muffled her voices by closing her mouth by my hand. I pumped her for almost 20 minutes but count not shoot. I was feeling frustrated. Both of our bodies were drenched with sweat. While fucking her, I was biting her tits and kneading her boobs. She reached peak on couple of times and was behaving like a bitch in a heat. At last I shot my load inside her and fell off. It was 2 in the morning. We were playing with our bodies for almost 4 hours. She was fast asleep now. My semen mixed with her juices were flowing out of her cunt smoothly. Her hands were above her head and her boobs were lifted enough for me to knead.

I fucked her once more before leaving her room. I could accidentally fuck my sister-in-law which I will never forget in my life.

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