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Accidental Lover


Let's be clear, I had no intention of ever talking about this, nor did I ever feel like I would share it with strangers but after being introduced to this site I could not help but be compelled to just put this out there.

Many years ago I married my Highschool Sweetheart Mallory. I was 19 and she was just 18, I know for many people that seems young but we were a very real couple. Our Passion and love was amazing, and the sex was excellent. As a blooming couple we tried everything, the usual stuff, Oral, Anal, Vaginal.... We also tried out a few threesomes, her with other women, her with other men, even watched two of our friends fuck her to passing out while I watched and fucked her best friend. So just from that it should be clear when it came to sex we were on it.

After being married about 5 years Mallory decided she wanted one thing more than me, and that was a child. Slim down the story to say we had in the span of 22 months 2 children, a boy named Winston, and a Daughter named Cassie. Winston was about 5,7 155 and loved soccer, but was pretty average. My daughter on the other hand had become my reason for owning firearms. She was a knockout, 5'6 tall thin-ish about 130 nice curves and from the laundry I was forced to keep up, was a 34c. Understand I did not have the hots for my daughter and had never before thought of her in any kind of sexual way, but this is a story about paying attention.

My Daughter has a best friend in high school named Aubrey, she took a knock out. She was 5'6 125 and a natural 34c. She got my attention right after she turned 18. The swimsuits that summer when from modest one pieces to barely covering bikinis. Now before you judge me or think I am some pervert, my wife and I have pretty much always kept an open relationship, the rules are simple don't fuck anyone that will either a> get attached, b> become a drama issue, c> be someone that you would feel the need to hide. It is that simple, and we keep it that way but the one thing it does not change is our passion.

Aubrey was having sex a lot sooner than Cassie, and I only know this because I caught her and her boyfriend fucking in our pool house two summers ago. I was pissed, but mainly because I did not want my daughter thinking it was ok. Aubrey and I on the other hand started having sex about a month after her birthday. ( I need to explain this so I can explain the reason for this story)

Aubrey was at our house so much she practically lived there, meaning she came and went as she pleased. Over the summer of their freshman year to go to college Cass And Bree just pretty much camped out at the house. Well Cass got a job working at a clothing store for hippie kids, and bree was a part time swimming instructor, and also a Cocktail Waitress at a gentlemens club. I hated that part but as long as she was not stripping i guess it was cool.

On thursday afternoon, I came home early from work, and was expecting to be alone. I had not had sex in about two weeks because my wife was having female issues, and I understood. So as I headed into our kitchen to pour me a drink, I glanced out of the back porch window that was right above our kitchen sink. Bree was laying there naked in the sun, and DAMN was a sexy body. Normally, even though i am a sexual being I would have been turned off at the thought of her being so young but at that moment my cock was saying something completely different. As I watched her laying there my hand just went straight to my cock.

I suddenly caught in a daydream thought i saw her touching herself and calling out my name, and in a slow but purpose full masterbating moment I was caught!

"Mr Justice, what are you doing?" Slammed into my ears snapping me into reality, by this tiny little girl, standing naked in front of me staring at my fully erect half beaten dick.

Note: at this point she makes no attempt to cover up.

"Well Bree to be frank, I saw you naked and was lost in the moment, and I could not help myself" I replied.

"Mr. Justice, you don't have to do that in private if I turn you on, you could just ask me to do it for you."

At that moment I grabbed this little hottie, and started kissing and fondling her ass, and holding that tight body against mine, with in minutes I lifted her into the air and rested her soaked pussy over the head of my cock. And I paused, "are you sure this is a good idea?"

"Matt, please just fuck me, if you stopped now i will kill you!"


With that I impaled her with every inch i could force in her. (I know most of you want all the steamy details, and I swear I will write those too, along with a way more full version of this story, but I want to get on with my confession)

For approximately 3 hours I fucked my little girls best friend in every way but anal. I must say I had nearly forgotten how tight, wet, and hot little teen pussy can be, but for an 18 y/o she had the sexual ability of a much older woman.

Our sexual life had begun,and it was awesome, I told my wife everything, and she would make me tell her every detail while she would suck my cock, but only closely following a Bree fucking. My wife would tell you she loved the taste of that girls cum more than I did. Even at one point My wife and I had a three some with Bree. This big secret would eventually get us caught, and so My confession!

On a Summer night, while holding a pool party with some of our friends, and friends of our daughter, my sexual games with Bree had become a serious time consumer. Between she and I, and her and my wife we were all sneaking off to do whatever and keep from being caught, it was exciting, but things were about to get weird. Let me explain.

Bree's parents were over and she really had them convinced she was a good little angel, if only they knew about the wonderful little slut they raised. She wanted our game to continue even with them there, so she would in passing tell me to meet her somewhere for whatever and then a time. 8:15pm she blew me to completion in my office overlooking the pool while I watched her parents talk to my wife. 9:46pm she ate my wifes pussy while I fucked her from behind in the pool house while our guest swam and laughed and talked. At 11:04 I fucked her on my kitchen counter in our dark guest house on the other side of the pool, while her parents laying beside the windows by the pool. Then at 11:53pm she tells me to meet her in the cabana bathroom behind the pool house, she said be quiet, and just do whatever I wanted.

Well, in the next few minutes the following occurs, I slip into the cabana and see the sexy silhouette of a sexy body in front of me with the back turned, I quickly slip my hand over her mouth and whisper SHHHHHHH into her ear. I feel her body go rigid, and I assume she is playing along. I quickly with no hesitation or build up shove my hand into her swimming top, i hear a gasp, and feel her tense up even more, but still thinking she is acting. I notice her tits feel a little fuller than normal, and her ass is just slightly less firm, which again I think is because of all the action. Her body seemed frozen, but i knew she would crack any second so I slid my hand down her belly and into her bottoms, and then slid them down. with one hand still over her mouth holding her tight the other was pulling my very engorged cock out and when the head touched her ass skin, she jumped a little. Still frozen she let me continue to touch and I was ready for that hot young pussy. I bent her forward and lined my dick up with her pussy and eased forward, as my head parted her lips I knew something was wrong. I eased forward a little more and a little more until just the head was in. This was a very tight pussy indeed, but I was against something, something forward. Confused I reached for the light switch.

When this light came on my world flipped, her I was with a full inch of my 8 inches buried in my own daughters apparently virgin pussy. I moved my hand off her mouth but frozen left my dick where it was. Into the cabana mirror in front of us we looked into each others eyes for what seemed like a year. Finally I composed myself and started to back out, when everything flipped again.

"I didn't say stop" she nearly whispered.

My dick nearly dove in by itself but i held firm.

( I want to finish this, but I want to know if I should please respond if you would like me too)

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