Accidental Nude Day Noonie


"Hi dickhead! Jealous much? You know we delay denuding until noon. Why don't you all join us after that?" All seven, especially the males, took lingering notice of the only bare ass and pussy exposed - my wife. They resumed their walk with a wave, but without committing to a later visit. I turned to my sexy wife to answer her question.

"Umm, honey, didn't you look in a mirror before running out here? You know Rita loves her pranks. The tard she squeezed you into is totally sheer. Your swim actually made it worse. They're staring at your fully exposed, plump and pink pussy. I know you know your groin cover is open and I have to assume you're loving it. This is part of your secret fantasy isn't it? I don't hear you denying it." Her silence was deafening.

She stared at my straining groin and directed me to join her in the pool. Rita jumped in with us. Her top fell to her waist when she hit the water and she chose not to fix it. I dove under her, intending to pinch her ass hard when I noticed her bottoms sinking to the pool bottom. As she rolled, I slipped my hand between her legs and caressed her bald lips, careful to cup, but not grope. She pulled her legs up and curled up in the water.

I headed for Safa who already had guys swimming closely behind her. Before I could reach her, I felt hands clutch at my cup and pull it away. As I turned, a hand went inside my jock and squeezed my dick before pulling it out of the cup. As I expected, it was Rita. She didn't expect what happened next.

I called out to her dad, "Glenn! Someone is striping and groping me under water." Rita surfaced and Glenn whistled shrilly at her. He ordered her out of the water and into the corner. She climbed out, naked except for her top around her waist, so he told her, unflinchingly, to sit facing the pool with her legs open. Family nudists, or more?

As Safa swam past me, I noticed a lot more pink skin than before. I caught her and by sight and braille, noticed the overly stretched tard had retreated farther up her body. It was already at her ribs, so her ass was fully exposed as were her navel, pubes and sweet pussy. I petted her ass and cupped her pussy before pulling her to the pool side near Glenn.

She knew what was next and deliriously anticipated it. She was about to be fucked in public while several strangers and a friend watched closely. She held the wall and I held her waist from behind as she bent and pushed against me. Glenn slid off his lounger to appraise us, but that raised his trunk's leg and exposed more than six inches of his beer-can-thick rod. Safa saw it and moaned at the impossible sight.

Rita was behind him, swinging a leg open and making her thick pussy gape apart for me. Watching Rita's enticing twat swing open and her DDs dancing in sync with its rhythm made me dizzy. I bit Safa's neck and groaned as I entered her velvety, warm, welcoming quim under Glenn's hungry, watchful eye. The three strange couples surrounded us, watching closely as I fucked Safa and yet avoided violating the rules with my plundering dick. Despite the chlorine, I felt the joy of her heat and slick, slippery wetness.

Glenn, watching us thru the undulating water, bolstered a stronger desire in both of us to perform, to cum for him. He pulled his shorts up and exposed more than ten inches of thick cock. We watched it throb and swell, untouched. Safa groaned and shuddered on my much smaller, but apparently adequate, cock. I grunted and pumped my seed into my wife as she showed Glenn her most private, cum face.

He was flushed and checked the time....almost noon. Still holding his trunk leg up, he turned toward Rita. She stared hungrily at her dad's nearly horizontal shaft and licked her lips.

Helen came out again and asked why the grill was still cold. Bolstering my courage to not cover up and by Glenn's obscenely displayed monster cock, I shouted that I'd do it and climbed out of the pool with my abbreviated 7+ inch dick stiff again and swinging outside the cup. She casually looked me over and surprisingly said, "Don't let Glenn's huge junk scare you. Rita and I are the only two who could take that huge tool, and it took ages to adapt. The size is nice, if you can take it, but the magic of the owner counts much more. I saw what you did in the pool and it looked like you know how to handle it. Now light my fire." If there was any doubt that they were an intimate family, her shocking confession and innuendo locked it down. I quietly lit the grill.

Glenn called out "COUNTDOWN 10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1.. NOON!" and whistled. He pulled off his suit, "First one naked! I should get a prize." Rita shouted 'YAAA WHOO' and jumped up and pulled her wandering top off. The six in the pool climbed out, hollering, but didn't strip though the bare assed girl was still bare. Why hadn't I noticed that when she turned around, the front was also below her labia so she had been bottomless for nearly two hours?

Glenn, his massive plank directly over her head, eagerly helped my panting Safa out of the pool by pulling her up where she stood. She reached up and deliberately grabbed his twelve-inch rod to hold and help pull herself out. I wondered if she planned to tackle it while we all watched.

Before anything happened, she turned to the bare assed girl and meekly asked permission to fully strip the beauty, and got it. After unhooking the stoic top and peeling it off a beautiful, bountiful rack she kissed and lapped each nipple, making me more than a little jealous. She then knelt before her, tugged on the bottoms front and rear, ensuring that her hands explored the gorgeous ass and furry fanny. When she got them to her ankles, she put the back of the beauty's knee on her shoulder and angled it out.

The knockout and her boyfriend grinned at the attention while Safa stared intently into the gaping, moist, fragrant and lusty pussy. She pointed to the tenting bulge in her boyfriend's boxer-briefs and pouted. Safa took the hint and worked his briefs down, letting his dick slide along her cheek. While we all watched, she pulled his balls forward, squeezed his stiff cock and kissed it on the moist head.

My beauty pushed her nose into the stranger's open, tempting vulva, and I moaned. We watched her spread and lap the swollen, and apparently tasty, twat while fingering it and her clit. Just before climaxing, Safa asked her to turn around and bend over. She again spread wide the pretty pussy and pushed two fingers into the wet cunt, let the next finger bump her clit while she fucked the hottie.

Her boyfriend held her up and she chased his stiff, springy dick a few seconds before capturing it in her mouth. As the beauty started panting again, this time around the thick cock, Safa leaned forward and also kissed then licked her attractive anus. She grunted, shuddered and came. Her vibrating on her guy's dick made him grunt loudly and fill her mouth with his seed.

First open, public exposure, now oral sex on both ends! I was confidant Safa wasn't done fulfilling fantasies and surprising us. She wasn't. She went to Glenn and, giving him a wanton look, squeezed his huge dick.

Since she still had the tard on and stuck at her nipples, two guys went to help Glenn finish stripping her. They slid their hands up her legs, ass and pussy though that was all exposed already. Hands went under the tard and pinched her nipples to hold her tits steady while other hands tugged at the elastic tard. Ultimately, they had her bend over so the two guys wrestled it over her head, while Glenn, with his huge cock between her legs, bent over her back and held her by a hip and her twat. She loved being handled and stripped naked by strangers.

Helen turned me around, and pointing to my straining groin, proceeded to finish stripping me. She started by firmly gripping my cock and pumping it a few times before stretching the elastic waist over it. She took her time tugging and folding my jock strap over my balls and down my legs. She stayed on her knees after removing the strap and spun me so I could again see Glenn.

He was still behind my wife with his wiry pubes against her little ass, but Rita was holding her head down low. I heard her instruct, "Bend a little more and you can kiss his dick this way. You'll love it." Safa's hands were on her ankles and Glenn's dick was throbbing against her vulva and between her gyrating tits. "All the women here and several others have done this. You'll have a video souvenir to keep too."

Yes, one of the guys was shooting her getting tittie fucked from behind. Helen led me to her by my dick and pumped me while Safa watched us. That was likely to mollify any guilt she might feel about going so far without discussing it first with me. I had Helen stand so I could remove her swimsuit. Once I peeled it off, she knelt on it and continued jerking and licking my dick.

Safa stood up to stretch her cramping muscles, but instead of escaping, she bent over again and smiled sheepishly at me. The camera moved behind her and shot her beautiful pussy. Glenn reached over her back and spread her lowest cheeks to open her glistening labia and expose her asshole too. The videographer pushed one then two fingers into her wet, still sticky snatch with no resistance. As he finger fucked her, he asked her to relax, enjoy it, and allow it to help her reach Glenn's stiff dick.

I heard her moan, but before climaxing, Glenn got behind her again. He slapped his colossus hard against her vulva and she moaned once more. As he fucked her tits again, he held his huge veiny cock up so it rubbed across her clit as he pumped it. She moaned loud enough for the neighbors to hear. A low cheer went up when her tongue contacted his glans. She licked away the Cowper's and managed to get half his dick head into her mouth before he started slamming against her ass with bone crushing force. I know she loves the anal stimulation that gives her, but she usually bruises me when she slams back hard against me. Shortly, SHE was holding the monster against her clit as Glenn slammed her.

As I pinched Helen's nipples and caressed her big, soft tits, she comfortably swallowed all of me and easily slid my stiffness into her throat. No surprise, if she could suck Glenn's serpent. When she started humming the national anthem, I got the shudders. Just before she peaked in the first verse, she pushed a finger into my ass and twisted it just so. I came immediately and loudly. Safa and the others watched me shake and speak gibberish while pumping my seed down Helen's throat.

As my vision cleared, I saw the other girls fall onto their backs on the grass, all in a precise row. They held hands and tossed their legs up into a wide V as the boys decided who to fuck first. Looking at three animated, lovely, young, supple, moist and gaping pussies was mesmerizing so it was a struggle to turn my attention back to the household trio. When I did, I saw Rita on her knees with the head of Glen's thick dick in her mouth. Safa and I stared, stunned. Helen smiled proudly saying, "That's my little girl. She's only just begun."

I staggered toward the three lovelies as one of the men took my place in Helen's throat. Another pinched Safa's tit and filled her mouth with his stiff cock. Glenn had the last guy's dick in his hand and was jerking it smoothly as he impossibly pushed his monster cock deeper into Rita's throat. The three lonely pussies waited for my desires and I desired first to taste them all. I found them all fondling and pinching nipples, so when I knelt before each one I found them all wet, plumped and with stiff, demanding clits.

One had very large, but firm labia and a tall clit. She tasted as sweet as the others and was quickest to cum on my tongue and cunning fingers. Another squeaked when she came. The former bare-assed beauty came hardest. She convulsed and groaned loudly, getting everyone's attention, just as she pumped three long pulses of delicious cum on my face and already soggy fingers. I LOVE this holiday! I spread the precious juices all over my face to prevent my broad smile from breaking it. Yeah, that's it!

With my face resting on a leaking, denuded, puffed pussy, I glanced to the other group. Helen and Safa were pinching each other's stiff nipples with their mouths against the hairy pubes of their partners. Rita had about ten inches of her dad's dick deep in her throat. Helen waited for Safa's partner to begin to peak before repeating her finger-in-ass trick so both guys came together. The third guy saw them and spurted in Glen's hand and onto Rita's face. Feeling the warmth spurts made her moan and suddenly suck Glen deeper into her belly. Incredibly, his pubes flattened against her nose and he twitched his release directly into her gut. She gulped and coughed and abruptly ejected her dad's leaking monster serpent.

Though tired, I noted that neither Rita nor Helen had cum and I took on the mission to rectify that. I licked and kissed each sweet pussy with a promise to return with my dick ready for them a little later. Safa was already eating Rita's pussy, so I decided to feast on Helen's. Using my agile fingers, I was soon able to navigate thru the extra folds in a fifty-two-year-old, healthy looking pussy and find her engorged G spot. She lurched and came like a virgin! When her spasms slowed, I decided to sample how a wet, older pussy tasted. She was surprisingly savory. Licking her long, fattened lips wasn't enough, but stretching her clit set her off again.

As I rubbed my nose in the well-aged elixir, I noticed Safa, Rita and Glen smiling broadly at me. Helen caught her breath and began laughing madly. Finally, she gasped, "That was amazing. Glen hasn't gone downtown in years and that was the best oral I can remember. You two will have to come by much more often! How about we eat some FOOD now?"

                         FIN           ===================================
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Seminal image for part 1: true image of wife in too small, tight, transparent friend's tard exposed to me, friend and her dad + his reaction                                                         [g ck 6/25/12]          6/26/12 0300     42 hrs

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