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Accidental Rape


The whole thing wasn't really my fault you know. It was more just one of those unfortunate accidents that can happen despite one's best intentions. If there was any blame to be cast, I'd point the finger at my wife and her odd sexual fantasies.

Riana and I had been out for the evening. We'd had a couple of drinks and we were both feeling free and easy. We weren't drunk, by any means. Just relaxed. I could have passed a breath test if required, unless it was in one of those places that required a zero reading.

It was nearly midnight when we arrived home. Jeanie, our baby-sitter, was watching TV. Apparently a late night movie had just started. Now my wife and I had seen this particular movie before. We'd hired it when it first came out. It had an 'R' rating but it wasn't too outrageous. Anyway, Jeanie was of age and those ratings are just a guideline.

Both my wife and I remembered the movie from the first time we'd seen it and that particular night had been a lot of fun, partly due to the movie. We sort of just looked at each other, remembering, then joined Jeanie on the couch to watch.

Like I said, I'd had a couple of drinks, and I was sort of watching the movie in a half doze, remembering it more than watching it. At some stage someone said "coffee?" and when I nodded they headed off to make some.

Then the movie reached a real fun point, the reason for its 'R' classification. There was a rape scene. Not a violent rape, more a determined sexual scene where the heroine yields with a struggle, protesting but not, in my opinion, fighting over-hard.

The scenario was that a young couple had been kidnapped. They were being held in separate places in some sort of ranch. The girl managed to grab a gun and threatened the villain with it. He laughed at her, bared his chest and showed her where his heart was so she knew where to aim.

Her hand is waving all over the place and he eventually just reached over and took the gun off her. A sensible thing to do as the idiot had no idea of what to do with one.

Then as a penalty for being a naughty girl he removed her jeans while she wriggled and squealed, and after that one thing led to another until he was lustily teaching her who was boss.

Now we get to my wife's sexual fetish. She just loves a good non-violent rape or seduction scene, and really likes acting them out. That's where some of my pleasant memories of this film came from. Now here I am, sitting on the couch, with her beside me, in jeans, mind you, as per the film's requirement. I'd completely forgotten that Jeanie was even around. I just went along with the scenario as dictated by the film.

I reached out and snapped open the button on Riana's jeans and unzipped. She squealed and protested, as expected, while I ignored this and peeled her jeans down. Tight they were, and it took quite a bit of effort to get them peeled down to her ankles, what with her squealing and wriggling around. We finished with me standing up and hauling on the jeans while she was flat on her back on the floor, legs lifted high while I yanked on the damn things.

With the jeans down, I then pushed up her top and bra. I didn't bother undoing anything. I just shoved them straight up and over her head, her breasts popping out of her bra in a very pleasing way. (Hey, normally I'd be gentler, but the file was showing a rape scene. Blame the producer for the way the villain undressed the heroine.)

Now with her jeans tangled around her ankles and the rest of her naked except for panties I naturally turned my attention to them and let them join her jeans.

Next stage was to settle on the floor next to her and start molesting her, catching and holding her hands out of the way while she struggled and squealed and protested. I had her wrists held in one of my hands while I started running my fingers through her curls, squeezing her mons.

That's when a little voice said "Wake up, you idiot. Something is wrong." What was wrong was that I'd been stirring my wife prior to our going out as she'd been shaving her mons. She liked to have a smooth mons, and I didn't exactly object. So how had she managed to grow a nice crop of curls in the space of a few hours?

I pulled away slightly and viewed my victim. Jeanie was looking back at me, slightly stunned. I knew how she felt. Well, I suppose I don't really. I wasn't the one who'd just been roughly stripped by a man. But I did feel a certain degree of unpleasant shock. I heard a laugh and looked around.

There was Riana, lounging against the doorway with a cup of coffee in her hand.

"I see you remember this movie," she said. "I was wondering when you'd realise that you had the wrong girl."

My eyes travelled back to Jeanie and looked her over, and she was well worth looking at. She was young and nubile, fit and shapely. Her breasts were a marvel to behold, even flattened by gravity, as she lay there. It seemed to me that seeing her naked was worth the embarrassment of stripping her in error.

"Ah, um, sorry, Jeanie," I muttered. "I, ah, made a slight error. Won't happen again. Terribly sorry and all that."

I was continuing to look at her, liking what I saw, while she was pulling at her wrists, which I was still absent-mindedly holding.

"I understand," she said, although her tone of voice asked what sort of idiot would undress the wrong woman.

"Oh, sorry," I said, letting go her hands.

She was about to sit up, probably to pull up her panties, when Riana spoke.

"Aren't you going to finish the scene before you let her up?"

The three of us glanced at the TV at that stage and the villain was kneeling between the heroine's thighs and preparing to take her.

My cock was already half erect, but now it jumped to full erectness with an almost audible twang.

Well, of course I couldn't really finish the scene using Jeanie, or with Riana, while Jeanie was actually there. Before I could comment on that fact, Riana was speaking again.

"I mean, Jeanie is expecting you to take her. Just look at her. Her nipples are erect, she's flushed and breathing hard and her legs are parted, waiting for you. She's ready and waiting. She's protesting, but only because she feels she should. You can't disappoint her now."

My hand drifted down and cupped Jeanie's mound. I could feel the heat there. Jeanie was shaking her head slowly, saying "No" in a soft voice. I just watched her face as I undid my trousers and pushed them down. She continued to shake her head slightly from side to side, but she made no real effort to stop me as I moved her legs wider apart.

Then Jeanie was dead still, just watching as I moved her lips apart and positioned myself so that my erection was pressing lightly against her slit. She started to squeal as I pushed slowly home, her voice rising as I went deeper. I was only halfway home when her squeal broke off for lack of breath.

She watched the rest of my penetration in silence, finally giving a little gasp when I sank that last little bit into her.

"Oh my god, you're really doing it to me," she moaned. "How can you?"

Quite easily, actually. She felt wonderful, wrapped around my cock, tight and hot.

Afterwards I decided that Jeanie had been too shocked to realise that I was really taking her until after I was in her. When I initially entered her she had been quiescent, just letting it happy. Now it was finally registering and when I started pumping it hit home with a vengeance.

I withdrew and plunged back in and Jeanie shrieked and bucked under me, squealing a loud protest.

"Ahhh. What are you doing? You can't do this to me. I'm just the baby-sitter. OH MY GOD! Riana, tell him he can't do this. Eeeeee. Don't do that. OH my god, that thing is huge. Take it out."

That was just the start of it. Fortunately I was moving slowly to start with, giving her a chance to get the feel of me moving in her. Eventually I tired of her squeals and protests. I paused the action and placed a hand over her mouth.

"Hush down a bit and provide more action," I told her. "Don't you know that when I do this," demonstrating with a vigorous thrust, "you're supposed to push up to meet me? Let's try it together."

With that I gave another vigorous thrust, and this time Jeanie lifted her hips a little to meet me.

"And again," I said, driving in hard, and again she raised her hips to meet me, this time with a bit more vigour.

"That's better," I told her, rewarding her with a gentler stroke which she met easily. "Now try to keep up."

I took it slowly for a while, letting her get the rhythm. Soon she was moving smoothly under me, no longer complaining but getting a real feel for the action. It was rather apparent to me that her boyfriend had been lacking in educating her sex-wise. Maybe he'd be in for a surprise when next he talked her panties off.

I was slowly increasing the tempo, and Jeanie was keeping up with me with no problems. She seemed to have decided that as this was happening, she'd make the best of it and follow my lead. I felt her legs come up and wrap around me as she clung to me, her hips moving urgently. Strange sensations were building rapidly within her, her arousal was complete and she was eager to see where it all led.

She clung and bucked under me, while I rode her hard, driving her up towards the heights, hurrying her along now as I was rapidly scaling those same heights. Her breasts were soft beneath my hands as I steadily thrust my hardness into her yielding flesh. We were moving faster and faster, both of us ready for the finale.

When the climax hit me I accelerated, pumping madly into Jeanie, emptying my gonads into her, while she wrapped herself tightly around my cock and did her best to milk me dry.

Jeanie just sagged down on the rug afterwards, apparently out for the count. I looked across at Riana and she was watching us intently, flushed and breathing hard. I had a suspicion that she had come just watching me ravish Jeanie.

"I'm not sure she was as willing as you thought," I observed.

"Apparently not, but you handled it well. She certainly yielded willingly enough at the end."

"So what do we do now?"

"Oh, that's easy. I'll point out that if she wasn't willing she should really have made that plain before you started screwing her, not after. Indeed, she should have been firmer when you started taking off her clothes. You are my husband, after all."

I blinked at that. Tell the victim that it was her fault. It would probably work. Riana would probably even get Jeanie to apologise. Women are ruthless at times.

I'll lay you odds that if Jeanie is ever silly enough to sit for us again, Riana will hire some videos with choice scenes for Jeanie to star in.

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